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UPDATED: 03-17-01

Happy St. Patricks~!

It's the weekend *CHEER~!!!* and I finally have the time to really update my site.. Hopefully I can get all my pages updated this time around. This time, I have a new Final Fantasy 9 fanart up~!

In the meanwhile, please be patient with me~! I'll have my links updated soon, my Culture SHOCK! comic rescanned, and this entire site revamped~! *crosses fingers~*

*STILL* in the works:

  • AX2K log with Khanh
  • Rescanning of Culture Shock strips
  • Comic projects with Well of Souls and Ketsurui!

    As before, all works are © copyrighted by A. Furuichi unless otherwise stated~!  (So please be courteous and don't steal.)

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