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XOP Ultra Bundle

XOP Ultra and XOP Black Ultra, two awesome 2D
shoot-em-ups! Shoot through multiple themed levels
with varied weapons and modes!


A turn-based puzzle game, where you move marbles into groups of 3 to clear them from the board,
while fighting and evading enemies.

Power Bundle

Perspective and Mastery, two action puzzle games!
In Perspective, you can rotate the 3D-to-2D view.
In Mastery, use your abilities to evade the enemy.

Brain Bundle

Rotator and Runner, two action puzzle games!
In Rotator, you move around and rotate the screen.
In Runner, use arrows to guide runners around a mine.

Zero Cross

An action shooter game, where you can shoot at and hijack enemies, create black holes, and shadow swap while completing each level goal.

Sphere Shift

An action puzzle game, where you move around a sphere, collect and use items, and shoot at enemies while warping through dimensions.

Twin Reaper

Possessor and Purger, two action shooting games!
In Possessor, you possess marines and eat their souls.
In Purger, you must destroy an army of enemies.

Strat Tech

A turn-based tactics game, where you control 20 different classes with 5 abilities each, to complete each mission objective!


A psychedelic paint program that lets you draw pretty colors, apply realtime effects and 3D view effects.


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