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The Power Bundle is a collection of two action puzzle games,
Perspective and Mastery.

Perspective is a 3D-to-2D perspective changing game, where you can hit switches to change the level's perspective, while destroying enemies and activating orbs.

Mastery is an overhead ability-based game, where you must use the abilities given to you to destroy or evade the various enemies and hazards in each level.

Perspective Features
  • 20 perspective shifting levels.
  • 4 bonus levels.
  • 25 unique game elements.
  • 8 enemy types.
  • 3 skill modes.
Mastery Features
  • 30 challenging levels.
  • 6 bonus levels.
  • 17 unique game elements.
  • 11 player abilities.
  • 11 enemy types.
  • 3 skill modes.

Perspective : O O O O
Mastery : O O O O


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Download Power Bundle for Mac


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