TACo General Rules

In a nationwide effort to abolish illiteracy, We WILL delete anything that violates the rules below, so take care to read them.

  • rTACo is not your personal Photoshop. We'd appreciate it if you would not use the forums solely to create/post your guild banners, site graphics, commissions, paid/bartered requests for other people, etc.

  • DO NOT abuse the save-to-board function. DO NOT save a picture to a board if you intend to continue it later, UNLESS you are actively seeking critiques/constructive criticism so that you can change and improve the picture. Otherwise, save it to escrow until it's finished and ready to be saved to a board as a completed oekaki!

  • Post to the right board! TACo is divided into different rooms for a reason.

  • Grammar and netiquette! Typing stuff like OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMG COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL (or longer, etc) will stretch the oekaki board, so please don't do it - we will delete your comment. Also, u can type LiKe ThIs if u wantz, but dun be SuRpRiZ3D if ppl say U R IMMATURE AND TREAT YOU LIKE A KID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
  • NO SWIPES! Credit and/or link all references used while making your oekaki.

  • 1 Oekaki per day limit per board. Everytime an oekaki is added, someone gets pushed off the board. For the reason we must be courteous of quantity.

  • Put EFFORT into your oekaki, no matter what room you put it in.

  • NO insults, comment fights, uninvited criticism, or pity parties. These ultimately hurt only yourself.

  • Oekaki subjects and comments may not go above PG-13, due to the fact that there are younger viewers who frequent the site. No tasteless nudity, excessive swearing, or violence, please. Try keeping it G-rated most of the time.

  • No advertising or spamming. DO NOT post on the oekaki for the sole reason of plugging or linking an external URL.

Thanks for your cooperation!!!

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