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TAC oekaki BBS Rooms

TACo is divided into these different oekaki boards:

  • The Drawing Room. This is the main oekaki room. It is NOT for random scribbles, unfinished oekaki, or first-timers testing the tools. We ask that you spend at least 30 minutes on each drawing here.

  • The Polished Room, for refined, polished works that took especially long to draw. We ask that these be at least 1.5 - 2 hour oekaki works, or at least look like it. Here are some typical [Examples] of Polished Room works.

  • The Sketch Corner is for first timers, testing the tools, doodling around, and general brainfarting. Mods love using this room to unwind, you're welcome to do so too!

  • The Hall of Fame. Nobody can post into this room; only administrators can retroactively move pictures into this room for permanent showcasing. This is where TACo staff put community and moderator favorites, or 'five-star' oekaki works.

  • The Gift Room. Gifts and art trades for people go here. Gifts should be polished (logically) so there is a 45 minute minimum on all posts here. Commissions, "avvie" art, and graphic design for the sole purpose of creating layouts for external usage is discouraged.

  • The Theme Room. The Theme Room, like its name says, is meant for themed oekakis. Each month or so, a new theme will be chosen, and you may draw pictures related to that theme. Theme Room is about a collective theme. Pictures that have no connection to the theme will be moved. (i.e. "I decided that the theme for my oekaki is "Red" so it goes into Theme Room!") We ask a time limit of around 45 mins.

Pictures that are unfinished or inappropriate for their room placement may be moved to a more appropriate room. Pictures that blatantly disregard rules may be deleted entirely.

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