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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(1820) (link) Oekaki by golden_ataris, total drawing time 1 : 12 : 50

golden_ataris 2004/8/7 - 9:38:48
I really hope this is polished room worthy because I tried to really put effort into this one and experiement a little for a change and try a side view. I have only done side view maybe one other time. I feel like I'm improving though. C & C appreciated. Sorry for lame background I stuffed up on layers. ._.
bbh 2004/8/10 - 3:2:29
I like the effect inside his glasses! :O

(1819) (link) Oekaki by ienjoydrawing, total drawing time 1 : 52 : 40

ienjoydrawing 2004/8/7 - 2:51:52
Hope this one's good enough to be in Polished.

I recently played Soul Calibur II and thought it was pretty fun. There's probably gonna be more of these in the next few weeks. ^_^

Constructive criticism about coloring would be appreciated, but style-wise I drew him this way on purpose.

Soul Caibur II (C) Namco.
sabaku-no-gaara 2004/8/7 - 20:37:28
why will there be more? XD I like this, I don't know what it is, but I do like it :P
ienjoydrawing 2004/8/7 - 23:0:42
Yeah, I'm gonna try to include each of the main characters in an oekaki. There's about 20 in all, so I'm gonna be busy for a while. XP
ri-su 2004/8/8 - 1:29:0
yoshimitsu is the most annoying character, but that works for an advantage when i go him XP. i really like the colouring in this, its so sofy and squishy!
bbh 2004/8/8 - 1:35:49
OMG Yoshimitsu!!! I want to have his little ninja babies!!! XDDDD
heavenlystrike 2004/8/8 - 14:18:42
omg EVIL THING! I can beat every character except yoshimitsu, he somehow freaks me OUT...Talim n_n do talim next, I love talim shes my favorite and I always beat my brother with her mouhahah this is uber cute n_n
draco_plato 2004/8/8 - 22:1:1
Ooo I rock in that game!! Love the pic, I keep seeing it as a demon Noh mask.
enshoku 2004/8/8 - 22:40:15
I didn't know it was possible to see a cute Yoshimutsu. XD;; Wow, I relaly like the coloring and the watercolorness. XD

(1818) (link) Oekaki by sifer, total drawing time 9 : 45 : 4

sifer 2004/8/6 - 20:21:47
Took me awhile but...honestly...I thought it would turn out a little better. I almost put this in the doodle room, only because I don't really like it...

Anywho, It's a character I created years ago. C&C If you'd like to. Thanks in advance for any comments :) - Suz

rakiru 2004/8/6 - 21:5:39
Whoah! So cool! XD So vibrant and bold! *drools over the background* This is amazing stuff! This is reminding of Tenchu 4: Wrath of Heaven o_o;;
senobdec 2004/8/6 - 21:10:33
Wow. Nice job on those colors. The foremost hand looks a bit off... I think cause it looks too big (and the knuckles look good, but are too even). The style is incredible.... and that BG is sweet. Er... yeah.... the only even conceivable problem is that hand... the rest is perfect... even that pointy lovely shoulder.
luck 2004/8/6 - 22:26:30
Wow O.O So cool. I love the pose and the colors and ... everything. Very pretty...Don't be so hard on yourself ^_^
ienjoydrawing 2004/8/7 - 0:46:34
I like it! The background's cool and the character looks pretty neat too. Nice work.
syzygy 2004/8/7 - 19:28:10
Two words: Wow and incredible. Acutally thats three, but you know what I mean.
purple-panther 2004/8/8 - 18:23:3
Immediately when i saw this my mind whent "WOW HOLY .......moly" then it tuned off again.
I couldnt stop staring at this seriously!
I dont no why you would want to put this in doodle room!
This is the best oekaki i think ive EVER SEEN I SWEAR!
embo 2004/8/8 - 18:23:21
your background is really incredible. I think what impresses me the most is the meticulous detail on the snowflakes. And your overlay of semi-warm colors on cool bg makes for a good effect. nice job.
enshoku 2004/8/8 - 22:40:55
Wow, the background is awesome and the coloring on the swords are so cool. She has a cute outfit too.
peanutsweeper 2004/8/9 - 20:58:35
Dynamicness-woot! Haha, isn't she quite chilly though? Ahh, nice work though! shiny+smooth+awesome background!
sifer 2004/8/9 - 21:44:30
Wow o_0; - Thanks a tonne for all the feedback. I must say I was a little surprised. Anywho, I really suck at backgrounds and often have troubles on drawing people in dynamic angles, so I was trying to kill two birds with one stone. I was actually really worried that the BG looked like garbage, so I'm a bit relieved to hear that it doesn't, lol.
Hmm...so the hand's too big? darn. I always get that stuff screwed up somehow. Thanks for the input. :) Much appreciated ^_^
aikara 2004/8/10 - 17:58:16
Holy crap this is gorgeous! I lov ethe coloring and her awsome pose. You did great on everything. She is really pretty, and the background is just gorgeous like everything else O.O

(1817) (link) Oekaki by monkeyman, total drawing time 11 : 32 : 19

monkeyman 2004/8/6 - 18:6:27
hm...i like the sword, and the some other randon stuff. i dont like alot.
every minute is true...
c+c welcome...
cinder303 2004/8/6 - 19:56:56
wow! that's beautiful! i like how you do the highlights and the sword. I also like the things at her elbows, they're very cute XD
coleslaw 2004/8/8 - 9:40:7
she reminds me of zidane (FF9), but i don't know why XD maybe it's because he's the freakin best FF character ever made? lol.
purple-panther 2004/8/8 - 18:24:53
I definetly love the outfit!
enshoku 2004/8/8 - 22:41:48
I really like the design. =3 The outfit is great and the coloring is soooo good!! The sword is so nice as well. I really like the shading. =D

(1816) (link) Oekaki by dolly, total drawing time 8 : 24 : 51

dolly 2004/8/6 - 14:10:59
In 1999, Marilyn Monroe was voted "Sexiest Woman of the Century" by People Magazine.

In 2003, Johnny Depp was named "Sexiest Man Alive" also by people magazine.

Perfect match? Geddy thinks so.

The writing in the background, a simple little poem I thought of. I mixed up the words a bit.
If you want to know what it says, just ask. Or try yourself reading it.
I lost my link to Johnny. Here is Marilyn, [link]
To My Love
dolly 2004/8/6 - 14:17:26
Oh and I didn't want to add too much detail, I just wanted to make a point, a point that no one will understand except for those who already know what it is.
mika-kun 2004/8/6 - 15:48:12
Wonderful stuff indeed...I think you caught them both beautifully..I love the tonage on his shirt....was your name chosen as homage to Doris Day?, another great 50's star....
dolly 2004/8/6 - 16:52:46
no, I am told I look like a doll, barbie, (and marilyn..*stands tall*) so thats how I got dolly, but I hate that name...Doris Day is wonderful.
embo 2004/8/7 - 0:41:43
wow, you juxtaposed them perfectly. I love the writing in the background, and who can say no to a spectacular johnny depp picture?! <:O
cutie_1 2004/8/7 - 1:28:53
JOHNNY! ooo I l=think they r the perfect couple! great job, it looks awesom. I really like marolines, I cant spell!, face

(1815) (link) Oekaki by fid99, total drawing time 1 : 27 : 14

fid99 2004/8/5 - 23:1:44
her hands are a lil big but she's pretty cute like that XD !!
C&C welcome !! ^^
rock_n_roller 2004/8/6 - 1:16:36
aww this is really cute :) i LUV hair...its sooooo beautiful..lol yeah the hands are too big, but i suck at drawing hands, and mine are always 2 small! well keep up the good work =D
heavenlystrike 2004/8/6 - 12:47:14
omg so ADORABLE! I love her look and the flower in her hair is très très pretty n_n and Awww I just love her, keep up the good work n_n
pie 2004/8/6 - 14:6:40
I looove how you draw hair. And I'm a sucker for roses. She's so cute ^.^
dolly 2004/8/6 - 14:25:53
very nice, the hair is nice, I love curls! so cute!
mika-kun 2004/8/6 - 15:50:24
I love the hands and eyes that you do, they add loads of style to the pics, that hair is awesome too!
milkshake 2004/8/6 - 16:14:31
Awesome-ness! she's sweet ^^;; I just love your art.
padalyn 2004/8/7 - 14:31:57
this is so adorable and im in love with the hair! its so cute :D
purple-panther 2004/8/8 - 18:27:47
AAAHHHH THIS IS THE CUTEST CHIBI EVER! (she is a chibi right?)

(1814) (link) Oekaki by steve_aero, total drawing time 1 : 10 : 41

steve_aero 2004/8/5 - 20:40:30
My newest Oekaki. Based off an Roleplay Kyo the Mercenary-Knight and Lianna the Queen. Don't always get along but seem to have feelings for each other and are a strong team.
mika-kun 2004/8/6 - 15:52:0
I wish I had big hair like his....a real nice 'feel good' pic....:)
cinder303 2004/8/6 - 20:9:1
Once more, good use of colour! I like how the yellow eyes and the attention to details! Good work!!! :D
saturnraven 2004/8/7 - 3:7:56
You know that looks an awfull lot like a Fushigi Yuggi Picture. If you used a reference you should probably give credit to the creator, Yu Watase.

(1813) (link) Oekaki by kodocha, total drawing time 1 : 12 : 47

kodocha 2004/8/5 - 12:18:38
It didn't come out how I wanted. Oh well. Goodbye Summer... Hello School. Darn.
sabaku-no-gaara 2004/8/6 - 13:29:56
haha sucker :D are you already going into school!? XD XD XD

haha, the way you draw her waist reminds me of how they draw chicks in one piece, so very thin :P super
pie 2004/8/6 - 14:8:15
I have a month of vacation left, and I already don't want to go back. I love her purse.
mika-kun 2004/8/6 - 15:54:29
Aaaah, you'll soon get used to going back...wait till you get a job, then life really sucks....
purple-panther 2004/8/8 - 18:28:42
I'm already back in school. Pity me!
troubled_youth 2004/8/12 - 18:44:58
i love school. i must be a freak. we dont have art or drama though, talk about deprivation. hrmph. im probably just excited because its my first year of jr. high (so young, I know. I feel very young to be on this site)

(1812) (link) Oekaki by sabaku-no-gaara, total drawing time 1 : 57 : 41

sabaku-no-gaara 2004/8/5 - 0:9:11
This took way too long (=_=;;) Ah well.

Here is a Rei!

and some of her clones. I couldn't really remember what the clones were like so I guessed :D

and oooo she can wipe her blood across the glass ;) hahaha meh

mika-kun 2004/8/6 - 15:56:54
Very nice Rei!, nice contrast between her clothes and the background, the blood looks good too!
draco_plato 2004/8/8 - 22:3:43
Ahhhhh, that was so creepy >_< Why did I buy all of Eva, why?!? Very cool pic, those colors in the bg are awe inspiring. Rei was just so......

(1811) (link) Oekaki by mika-kun, total drawing time 2 : 9 : 6

mika-kun 2004/8/4 - 17:19:49
Memories of an old soldier.
kyo_kusanagi 2004/8/4 - 18:44:43
That is very awesome. I love old pictures. They have such a wonderful feeling when you look at them..which makes them sublime. This is so freaking cool! :D she has that beauty...it's wonderful. I can't believe no one has commented on this beautiful piece. Great job.
embo 2004/8/4 - 21:10:59
oh wow, the face and expression are very haunting. Spectacular, i love the mod appeal. the background might look a little better if you brightened it up though.
mika-kun 2004/8/5 - 0:48:53
Reff:- 2nd picture.
syzygy 2004/8/5 - 2:6:2
oh.. oh wow.. how did you do that? It looks exactly like a photograph.. the shading is amazing.. the hair is amazing.. omg... *bows*
dolly 2004/8/6 - 14:16:11
I love older things!!!! wonderful work!! shading of her face, and her hair, Wonderful!!!! I love this!!!
senobdec 2004/8/6 - 21:11:21
Very lovely.
obscure 2004/8/8 - 22:54:5
let me say i love this.
patrickm 2004/12/20 - 1:46:5
Wow. It's awesome. I love things from the 1920s era.

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