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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(2683) (link) Oekaki by ikakeo, total drawing time 3 : 58 : 12

ikakeo 2007/6/28 - 17:45:34
Just a little something since I havn't drawn in here in a while. :)
lorelai 2007/7/1 - 9:34:16
Welcome back! =D Love the colors in this one.
eraserhead 2007/7/2 - 13:2:53
Love that haircut, and one of my Sims has that lipstick pattern lol.
jakusama 2007/7/5 - 11:0:19
Lipstick rocks. I love how the red stands out so brightly. The red usage is wonderful.
jakusama 2007/7/5 - 11:0:20
Lipstick rocks. I love how the red stands out so brightly. The red usage is wonderful.

(2682) (link) Oekaki by angie, total drawing time 1 : 20 : 0

angie 2007/6/27 - 11:26:14
Maryl, from my comic, her hair is awful.. I like the way her face turned out. C&C always appreciated.
embo 2007/6/27 - 13:1:55
this is a really pretty picture and there's really nothing to critique about it. any suggestions would only be stylistic changes which wouldn't help you as an artist. I guess the only thing I could say is that the shading of the hair by the chin is a little hazy.

the eye is really beautiful. I almost wish you didn't put the bangs in front of the other one so we could have two gorgeous eyes instead of one. ♥
lorelai 2007/6/27 - 18:24:9
aw but i love her hair! and it's even gorgeous shrunk down into a thumbnail :)
sabii 2007/6/28 - 0:32:10
i really like that stylization. perhaps a bit more contrast? and if we're talking about critique, i don't see a particular light source.
i love purple :D and how her eye stands out
maemay 2007/6/28 - 13:25:32
She has pretty hair and a lovely eye colour. I love the colour purple. Her neck is really long but that only adds too the picture. In my opinion especially cause of the choker.
jakusama 2007/7/3 - 6:34:52
Shes so pretty and I really love her eye..
angie 2007/7/12 - 12:42:48
thankyou for all the coments ^.^
ellinora2 2007/8/5 - 7:46:8
I LOVE HER!!!!!!!"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ehm... yeah!

(2681) (link) Oekaki by chrislagace, total drawing time 1 : 23 : 49

chrislagace 2007/6/26 - 22:53:16
this is a drawing of my girlfriend ^^ i want to improve real bad so c&c is most welcome!
embo 2007/6/27 - 0:37:52
I think this is some really great lineart and the composition is nice as well. Your proportions are spot on but I think, especially for the face, maybe you could try using more color values to convey the shapes of the nose, lip, mouth, and eye sockets. on the eyes, you want to zoom in a lot so you can get the lower lid, the eye lid, and the bone structure of the skull which juts out at the eyebrows and casts a shadow which shows the bone structure of the cheeks.

hope this helps! keep drawing; your work is gettingg cleaner and better every time.
jakusama 2007/6/27 - 6:12:10
I really like the colors on this and the expression... I think embo really hit on everything... I think I'll just re-emphasize that your pictures could go from really really cool to ungodly good if you just added more depth with the colors, pronounced the shading more... not that my artwork is a good example of it Hehe. I really like the expression though, excellent job!
lorelai 2007/6/27 - 18:24:28
dorothyblueeyes 2007/6/28 - 18:22:2
uh...yeah,this is cool; beautiful face and expression.Nice impressions.
golden 2007/6/29 - 5:57:43
the proportions are great. I rather like it without any deep shadows, I think. just some more details in the face, especially the eyes, would make the picture even better.
lorelai 2007/7/9 - 22:51:55
Also, is there any reason this really really really reminds me of Rinoa?

(2679) (link) Oekaki by jakusama, total drawing time 1 : 9 : 47

jakusama 2007/6/25 - 9:52:39
I probabaly had too much fun with this. I think I've been listening to too many meditation CDs lately...
z 2007/6/25 - 13:49:48
My main chakra is orange. :)
dorothyblueeyes 2007/6/26 - 19:42:0
But you illustrated the chakras very well; and the effect of the meditation,too.nice.
chrislagace 2007/6/26 - 21:13:50
io only have kyubi chakra! this drawing does look fun though! and it gives a positive message

(2677) (link) Oekaki by zestroy, total drawing time 3 : 27 : 56

zestroy 2007/6/20 - 1:53:8
another boring potrait, a fanart of my WoW character. If any of you are actually playing, i'm Krylx on Shu'halo.
I can't believe how many times I screwed up in this simple pic x_x
C&C is always welcomed.
elolinon 2007/6/20 - 4:37:33
AWESOME HAIR o.O It looks all... fiery :) I love it.
purrdy 2007/6/20 - 10:34:11
mmm pretty BE *pet*
z 2007/6/20 - 12:12:24
Hehehe, blood elf.

I'm Zornei on Haomarush.
chrislagace 2007/6/20 - 12:21:53
really cool hair! i cant figure out how to do that *_*
purrdy 2007/6/21 - 6:31:26
Snolane(alliance) and Snobaer(horde) on Black Dragonflight =D
z 2007/6/21 - 21:10:21
*Oh yeah, I'm an orc warlock. Haomarush is PVP.
maemay 2007/6/22 - 12:6:2
Love elves. This is really nice. I like his eyebrows and his eyes. The hair is really nice and flowy like.
dark-angel 2007/6/22 - 16:31:20
You've inspired me to paint my own character. *goes to find canvas* awsome job (Shadowmaiden Peronolde)
zestroy 2007/6/23 - 3:46:52
thank you ^_____^

Aww.. no one is on the same server ;_;
dorothyblueeyes 2007/6/23 - 4:45:45
yeah, great hair
blacklight 2007/6/23 - 23:11:26
oh nice! The bright glowy eyes really got my attention.
eraserhead 2007/6/24 - 2:47:44
I'd love to play but it costs way too much over here (UK), so I have to play by myself on single player games instead of hanging around with awesome dudes like the one pictured.
jakusama 2007/6/25 - 9:53:42
The hair is amazing.. I love the hair.. very nicely done!
lorelai 2007/7/9 - 22:53:38
there are like a kajillion servers in each time zone ;_;
also, HELLOOOOOOO WELCOME BAAAAACK! haven't seen you in forever!

And finally, my Tauren is on Doomhammer and her name is Kalbi. I'M SO CREATIVE! (and hungry)

(2676) (link) Oekaki by z, total drawing time 1 : 1 : 26

z 2007/6/19 - 20:15:5
"Envious Yet?"

I think this is my first ever post to the Polished Room--I'm just really proud of how it came out. D: I call her Lily. :)
chrislagace 2007/6/19 - 23:21:32
congrats on ur first polished picture. green just happens to be my fav color
blacklight 2007/6/23 - 23:11:47
those cheeks are pretty neat.
eraserhead 2007/6/24 - 2:44:57
I can't help but feel there should be a nose-piece between the two green ovals making them cool sunglasses, which of course would be on a cool green haired chick.
lorelai 2007/7/9 - 22:54:7
loving it!

(2674) (link) Oekaki by naty, total drawing time 3 : 25 : 54

naty 2007/6/6 - 15:55:55
Hello TACo crew, it's Captain Jack Sparrow! <3
Doesn't look exactly like the ref, different angle and such.. but I tried :O..
Ref: [link]
gleeful1 2007/6/6 - 21:9:49
hi naty! <33 i love that shading - that hollow - under his left cheekbone. he looks so good *_*
kougra_girl 2007/6/7 - 10:1:23
very nice job x3 i think it looks a lot like him, mostly cause you got the face shape and the eyes just right. -nod nod-
jakusama 2007/6/7 - 13:44:18
The fact that you drew Jack Sparrow makes you wonderful, just so you know. And you drew him very well! The expression, and I agree, the eyes are fantastic! I love his eyes.. both in this picture and in real life. Very well done!
embo 2007/6/7 - 13:45:46
long time naty! good to see you are still drawing well. :D~<3
blacklight 2007/6/8 - 13:53:5
way nice!
naty 2007/6/8 - 20:2:14
Omg.. Gleeful1, Kougra_girl, Jakusama...Embo!! Glad to see you all still come here :D <3! It _has_ been a long time x3!..
jazzy92105 2007/6/10 - 13:38:56
This is amazing, it ishard to capture facial expressions such as this, but you did a wonderful job! if you ever want to see any of my drawings, let me know :) i have alot saved, just not on here. you are an amazing artist. keep it up!
dorothyblueeyes 2007/6/16 - 2:32:53
Hey,very good,I could tell even at a long distance that it was Jack Sparrow,the Captain.Yow-za!
eraserhead 2007/6/24 - 2:36:48
Ah, I still haven't seen any of these films, but still recognised the dude so it must be good, in fact it is, good job on capturing Jack Sparrow (in art form at least)

(2673) (link) Oekaki by mika, total drawing time 2 : 24 : 33

mika 2007/5/29 - 12:42:55
Sally buys her underwear from a store that no-one goes.
She makes it big in photographs on the strength of what she shows.

ryoanna 2007/5/29 - 15:39:22
This is absolutely gorgeous! Nice work. The shading on the skin is wonderful. And I love the bubbles ;)
jakusama 2007/5/29 - 17:32:45
Your rhyme confused me a little bit.. but I love your realism... it's absolutely amazing. And I always love how well you do with black and white. Its incredible. o.o
dorothyblueeyes 2007/5/31 - 6:23:22
I can dig the ryhme very much.And I love the picture.Wonderful. like the sense of irony.
mika 2007/5/31 - 8:28:28
You only get a single chance, The rules are very plain
The truth is well concealed inside, The details of the game
You can see it coming, You can hear it from afar
It's pale and it flickers, Like a faded movie star
And up there in the castle, They're trying to make us scream
By sticking thumb tacks in her flesh, And cancelling the dream
Can you find the valium?, Can you bring it soon?
Lost Johnny's out there, Baying at the Moon
The time has come for you to choose, You'd better get it right
Berlin girls with sharp white teeth, Are waiting in the night
But you oughta really get some, It surely can't be hard
There's always trouble waiting, When you leave your own back yard
And underneath the city, The alligators sing
About how the puppets cannot dance
Since someone cut the strings
Run and get the morphine, For God's sake make it brief
Lost Johnny's out there, Looking for relief
Now Simon looks so evil, And you know he really tries
But every time he makes a play, That vital number dies
And Sally buys her underwear, From a store where no-one goes
She makes it big in photographs, On the strength of what she shows
And here inside the waiting room, The radio still screams
And we're all taking Tuenol, To murder all our dreams
Run and fetch your credit card, Try to make it quick
Lost Johnny's out there, Trying to turn a trick
golden 2007/6/1 - 9:37:47
OMG her eyes. I'm in love with those eyes :D
gleeful1 2007/6/5 - 17:47:23
did you write the poem, mika?

i admire the transparent effect that you achieved with the straw and the bubbles are perfect bubbles that should never be popped for their perfectness. of course, the girl herself is very perfect too <333
naty 2007/6/6 - 16:5:59
Mika! You haven't lost your touch I see ;D! Awesome face she has there o_o!
chrislagace 2007/6/20 - 12:23:14
ooo nice straw! i can see right through it
mitsu 2007/6/29 - 22:36:16
Best durn floating head I've seen in a long while. This is a very snazzy little piccy, if I may say so. And you drew it on my birthday, so extra coolpoints (may be redeemed for a sense of coolitude) to you.

(2671) (link) Oekaki by jakusama, total drawing time 244 : 10 : 10

jakusama 2007/5/27 - 5:25:24
I never know what to say about my own oekakis.. other than the timer is way wrong. >> I hope this is polish quality. :/ I just got fed up with it and finished it off.
sankyu 2007/5/27 - 7:6:0
.... you are a GOD. I absolutely LOVE this.
sankyu 2007/5/29 - 11:59:32
Eh, sorry, got a little carried away there, forgive me =P
mika 2007/5/29 - 12:45:50
This totally reminds me of a style I seen recently on a computer game......pah but I've forgotten which one......either way it still rocks...:D
lorelai 2007/5/29 - 15:42:57
I love how she glows!
dorothyblueeyes 2007/5/31 - 6:27:54
Yes,this is one of the nicest pics of this type that I've seen.Very good style and execution.wings and glowing is very good.--and the characters around the edge.
gleeful1 2007/6/5 - 17:48:46
i wish i could make my pictures glow like this! i love how she really seems to be ON the crystal/glowing thing and you made it seem so natural.

(2670) (link) Oekaki by truthofheart, total drawing time 3 : 25 : 26

truthofheart 2007/5/26 - 20:7:41
little devils type
jakusama 2007/5/27 - 4:38:31
Awww cute! I love the facial expression
lorelai 2007/5/29 - 15:43:22
super neat, love the style!
dorothyblueeyes 2007/5/31 - 6:25:45
I like the background with the lettering very much.Nice!Nice picture, too.
dark-angel 2007/6/22 - 16:34:37
so is it Koaru or Hikaru? *glomps the pic*

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