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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(moved) (link) Oekaki by raspberryjam, total drawing time 2 : 23 : 49

raspberryjam 2005/8/12 - 19:43:3
gaia art
lorelai 2005/8/12 - 23:7:5
Request? commission? Please specify more, given your track record I'm going to move this to the Gift Room :)

(292) (link) Oekaki by bananarana, total drawing time 1 : 15 : 28

bananarana 2005/8/6 - 2:39:28
Reference: [link]

Accidently saved over my old file, hence her expression.

For Bandersnatchsm. :D You and I should have a nice, long geek talk some day. >D
(zomgar cn i pls haev a tnk pls??)
bandersnatchsm 2005/8/6 - 3:7:19
HAHAHA!!! That is awesome!! love the frillies and the eyebrow(s)!!

You use creative uncut? I love that site! Till I got the Disgaea bonus CD with all of the full size pictures and sprites... :P

hael plz!!
lorelai 2005/8/6 - 12:13:12
so cute!!!! XD
ienjoydrawing 2005/8/6 - 15:58:56
Oh, neat - another Creative Uncut fan! XD I love that site and its resources.

Something random - I have never played Disgaea or Phantom Brave, but I've heard that both are good. And Takahito Harada's srtwork and style is pretty awesome stuff too.

Anyway, nifty drawing! Liking the coloring, the costume detail, and the expression. X3
bananarana 2005/8/7 - 0:8:17
Actually, I just googled "Flonne" and that picture popped up. xD;; I did spend some time looking at all the pretty Disgaea pictures though. X3 <3

Bandersnatchsm, which server do you play on? I'm Loki; PM me sometime if it's the same! ~Akis~ or LilyAn (my afk merch <333).

(291) (link) Oekaki by bandersnatchsm, total drawing time 1 : 51 : 24

bandersnatchsm 2005/8/5 - 2:55:9
This is for YOU banarana!!

Justice Flonne!!!!
bananarana 2005/8/5 - 3:43:37

Oh man... I can't stop laughing here. Today I finished up the human world (didn't even know I was on the last chapter in it), and then the game ended. >_< Don't know if I should cycle through it all again (I hated getting the Assembly to give me Cave of Ordeals and Human World... such a painnn), or keep my old file but minus the levels gained from that battle... ::sobs::

Anyway. I shall draw you a nice picture in return, now that you got me thinking of Disgaea. :D <3
lorelai 2005/8/5 - 15:34:8
*falls out of chair* XD
ienjoydrawing 2005/8/6 - 16:2:37
Ah, so that's why bananarana drew the gift for you. I saw hers on the main page and commented on it without checking the actual room. -__-

I've heard that Flonne is a pretty interesting character? Anyway, I like this piece, expecially the colors. :D

(290) (link) Oekaki by pure, total drawing time 1 : 8 : 58

pure 2005/8/5 - 1:23:17
Because life is better in color!

To all the TACo artists and then some.. just because :)

<3 Pure
pure 2005/8/5 - 11:20:5
...youre absolutely welcome.
lorelai 2005/8/5 - 15:33:46
Awwww so cool!! I love the eyepatch and the hair coloring! :D almost like a pirate >_>
phil 2005/8/5 - 18:20:3
bright colour overload but they blend so well together awsome:D
sugarcoma 2005/8/5 - 22:54:54
I like the background.
it makes me giggle!!!

and her bear ears are great! I want a pair! xD

pure 2005/8/6 - 22:59:32
thanks ^^; and sorry 'bout the second comment.

(289) (link) Oekaki by ultraviolet_raiz, total drawing time 0 : 50 : 39

ultraviolet_raiz 2005/8/4 - 16:10:20
Because she drew me something lovely <3
We'll be okay :)

(288) (link) Oekaki by snog_the_bunny, total drawing time 1 : 25 : 40

snog_the_bunny 2005/8/3 - 22:15:24
I suck at this but... For someone special. You're always on my mind, sweetheart. < 3
lorelai 2005/8/4 - 11:30:23
Awww baby you shouldn't have <3 <3
...oh, not me? :( bah :(
It's very cute! I love your handwriting!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by raspberryjam, total drawing time 1 : 43 : 8

raspberryjam 2005/8/2 - 11:8:25
gaia request
lorelai 2005/8/2 - 12:30:12
This is very gorgeous!! I love the shades of red on the stark white background. I'm moving this to Gift Room because it is a request/gift/commission type of artwork :)
snoopywar 2005/8/2 - 16:46:51
She's so pretty. I like her dress a lot. <:D
carrath 2005/8/3 - 21:4:36
Her dress is simply lovely. I like her neck and shoulders very much, also.
monique 2005/9/29 - 20:52:33
THAT is one hell of a style! Awesome job. This picture first struck me as kinda creepy, but then I watched the animation and I started to think it was really beautiful.

(287) (link) Oekaki by artanis, total drawing time 9 : 47 : 22

artanis 2005/7/24 - 10:0:19
harry potter scarves.... x333
giftie for a gaian.
snoopywar 2005/7/24 - 11:22:25
Nice scarf. x3
Cool hair. <:D
happywaterbottle 2005/7/24 - 11:42:12
aah those skin tones are awesome! and the texture on her coat is great :D
lorelai 2005/7/24 - 12:33:4
Wow! super well done!! i love the texture on the coat and the scarf very much :)
mitsu 2005/7/28 - 22:45:48
I should stop by Gift more often, 'cause I miss byootiful works like this. Lucky Gaian indeed! :D
spoonalshmee 2005/7/31 - 12:19:7
i always love the smooth rendering, it's super lovely! also, the nose is very cute (i almost wrote that in a combination of french and shitty spanish by mistake XP )

(286) (link) Oekaki by truthofheart, total drawing time 16 : 46 : 20

truthofheart 2005/7/20 - 12:14:53
spik-vii. this is for my friend steve who says he's the human form of spike and i disagree to prevent aquard situations because i <33333 spike and would jump him in an instant :D
c&c wanted
lorelai 2005/7/20 - 13:49:54
Very nice!! I love the setup of this picture! :) With this particular style though, I would have liked to see some sharper lines in general, seems to fit with the style. his shoulder sloping seems a bit strong and uneven, and i think the diagonal lines could be cleaned up a bit. Great job.
blumeaniandglove 2005/7/22 - 15:38:46
that's hawt. I love the spots in the background...heck, i like the whole thing.

^(._.)^ hail to spike lovers everywhere
artanis 2005/7/24 - 10:1:6
stylish. :0 I love the lines and spots in his suit ^_^

(285) (link) Oekaki by sugarcoma, total drawing time 1 : 51 : 17

sugarcoma 2005/7/18 - 0:12:8
Wooo...it's 12:07am...o.o

Cinderella for Happywaterbottle...because she made a comment about her being her fave (...err used to be her fave... actually...)

sooo...I'm on a Disney Princess kick so I figured "What the hey?" :3

now I'm off to bed x.x;

mitsu 2005/7/18 - 2:9:32
Feeling too lazy to comment on all your pics in Gift, but they're all tres spiffy. :3 Yesh, very clean and stylish.
sugarcoma 2005/7/18 - 9:30:9
Thanks Mitsu. :D
heavenlystrike 2005/7/18 - 16:57:58
ahhh she is beautifull <3 your solids are so awesome :D you should do a seriess! like i know angie did a zodiac signs series, you could so a princess series XD like mulan, snow white and all the rest ...its always so kewl to see your pictures x3
sugarcoma 2005/7/18 - 22:47:38
Thanks. :3
Maybe I will do that! :D
lorelai 2005/7/19 - 8:16:52
Ooooh i'd so love to see a disney streak at TACo..though i'm tempted to say you should save it for a Disney theme in the Theme Room sometime soon O.o i wonder how that would go over?
heavenlystrike 2005/7/19 - 11:44:24
i would ADORE a disney theme! it's a really open theme that could go from pirates of the carabeans to winnie the pooh, its kewl XD
sugarcoma 2005/7/19 - 14:10:32
That would be great!

And I agree, a Disney theme in general would cover a ton of characters. :3

But I can save the rest of the princesses/heroines for later.
There's still Aurora, Mulan, Snow White and Tinkerbell for me to draw. Plus the princes. *is dying to draw Eric* xD
zestroy 2005/7/20 - 13:2:18
lolz, if disney theme I am so going to draw captain hook XD
happywaterbottle 2005/7/22 - 15:30:35
oh wow! thanks a lot! she's so pretty! I really adore this pic ^^ the solids are awesome!
sorry for being late haha, I was away for the week and didn't have a decent internet access...
*hugs sugarcoma*
artanis 2005/7/24 - 10:2:56
Gorgeous~ I love your shading, especially on her headband and lips ^_^
A Disney room at TACo would be fun x3
artanis 2005/7/24 - 10:52:15
*theme. I said room ^^;;;;;

(284) (link) Oekaki by ultraviolet_raiz, total drawing time 1 : 23 : 26

ultraviolet_raiz 2005/7/16 - 20:23:14
For my Dani <3
I'll miss you likeWOAH

(283) (link) Oekaki by sugarcoma, total drawing time 3 : 2 : 38

sugarcoma 2005/7/15 - 13:18:41
How soon is "soon"?! xD

Bwahahaha! Ariel Banzai!!! :3

For Lorelai...because she requested it and she leaves me super nice comments!!!!
snoopywar 2005/7/15 - 13:22:54
I like her hair. :3
This is really nice and pretty. :D
neko_lee 2005/7/15 - 13:28:45
I like her fins, her expression and her tan! =^-^=
blumeaniandglove 2005/7/15 - 13:47:2
ah HA! So cute and good... plus, that is some mighty fine cleveage, if i do say so myself. Nice seashells.
happywaterbottle 2005/7/15 - 18:50:31
awesome solids o.o gosh I loved the Little Mermaid when I was a kid. Cinderella used to be my favourite though...
hehe, awesome job on her face ^^
heavenlystrike 2005/7/15 - 19:10:42
omg I looove the hair o_o so flowy like the real ariel o_O and the bg is so kewl XD wonderful work as always <3
lorelai 2005/7/16 - 2:31:48
sugarcoma 2005/7/18 - 9:29:29
*ish late*

Thanks everyone!!! :D
I really appreciate all your nice comments.

And I'm really glad that you like the pic Lorelai! XD

(282) (link) Oekaki by sugarcoma, total drawing time 4 : 0 : 37

sugarcoma 2005/7/13 - 20:22:56
Bell for Stefanie-chan! aka Heavenlystrike.

I hope you like it. :3

P.S. lolz...I never really noticed that Belle was soooo fair. I wanted to give her a tan!!!! xD

heavenlystrike 2005/7/13 - 22:13:28
omg omG! *faintS* I love iiT <3 this is...gorgeous. i saw this and I was like who drew belle so i can love them foreVER...then i realized it was for mE ^^ I am soooo HappY! she looks different yet the same...i see you added your little personnal touch ;)...wah I can't believe it's for me ^^! plus you spelled my name right...I love you even more...I owe you something ^^ tell me what you'd likE! i'll draw itt just for you... Thank you soo soo much again ^^<3
lorelai 2005/7/14 - 11:39:42
She *IS* really fair~ o_o I never thought about it. Now that I am thinking about it, Aladdin and Ariel had some sexy tans.. >_> a tan on a fiery redhead, wow! I request an Ariel oekaki from you sometime. Soon. >:3
sugarcoma 2005/7/14 - 19:43:21

No problem, I'll draw her soon :3

(281) (link) Oekaki by phil, total drawing time 1 : 4 : 34

phil 2005/7/13 - 17:52:45
for those of u who commented on this picture:


u will know what this is i (hope) big thanks for all your comments!! phil ^_^
snoopywar 2005/7/13 - 18:30:56
Hey cool!! The hair thing. :DDD
Awesome. :3
That is one great design.
mika-kun 2005/7/13 - 19:3:28
Dude! not only are you improving with each pic....but you've gone into overdrive...truly excellent!....:D
lorelai 2005/7/13 - 20:28:13
Phil, I think this is one of your nicest works, EVER. I am so wow'ed by it, and it makes me giddy to know what it is! >:D
happywaterbottle 2005/7/13 - 21:2:42
*glomps the hair thing* miiine!
seriously, this looks so real o.
it makes me want the thing even moooore!
heavenlystrike 2005/7/13 - 22:14:37
*jumps on HWB and steals* bwuhahaha *runs away* i recognized it the second i saw it ;)
phil 2005/7/13 - 22:39:27
im grinning so much right now:D hehehe

(279) (link) Oekaki by snoopywar, total drawing time 0 : 57 : 50

snoopywar 2005/7/7 - 1:9:36
Hey everyone! :)
I've miss you all, though I'm sure none of you missed me.

Soooo! I made you all a gift. :P
He's a panda/monkey if you're wondering. :)
Sorry I haven't been around, been having issues with myself. :X
lorelai 2005/7/7 - 2:1:21
I wondered where you disappeared off to.... :( Cute cute cute!
zestroy 2005/7/7 - 12:10:23
I believe that many of us here would remember you. ^^
Sometime ago I saw quite a number of commentless pictures and I did wonder where is the one who drops some nice comment on almost every picture is...
Anyway, welcome back =D
happywaterbottle 2005/7/7 - 15:44:17
heey glad to see you're back :D
what a cute panda boy ^^ we had panda girls not too long ago. now is the Link-madness lol.
I really like that star for some reason oO
heavenlystrike 2005/7/9 - 10:19:1
I've missed your happy comments ^^ I was like...something is missing...were is snoopy war...
welcome back home XD <3

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