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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(2692) (link) Oekaki by umi-chan, total drawing time 2 : 23 : 33

umi-chan 2007/8/18 - 18:35:48
i call this "hell hath no fury". Well i was pretty pissed off for awhile so i decided to draw something to vent and thus this was produced o.O ...
blacklight 2007/8/19 - 8:52:7
It's really pretty. Like seawead from the lake of fire.
lorelai 2007/8/19 - 13:58:16
i love it too! Drawing is a great way to vent frustration.
jakusama 2007/8/20 - 10:17:52
I really like all the black, and the texture on her arms rocks
embo 2007/9/23 - 13:1:32
ITS CHEEEEER. buahahah
awesome bg <:O

(2691) (link) Oekaki by sabii, total drawing time 1 : 6 : 21

sabii 2007/8/4 - 13:19:21
ah, paintbbs like the good old days. oekaki used to be so quick and easy.
i have a huge eating obsession that is really getting me down, third year now.
leave out the atonomy crits, i know the hands are whack out of shape. i know i can do better, i'm just being lazy. i spent enough time on this as it is. the lighting and values are also... wonky. pah. whatever.
dorothyblueeyes 2007/8/5 - 14:57:29
this is a beautiful painting, very expressive of the subject.I am overweight,but Often get very depressed,and do not want to eat.So,I know how it is,I deliberately bake goodies I like,so I can make myself want to eat. I've been an over-eater,but,yeah,not being able to eat is worse.I had to "make friends" with food,and learn to eat things I enjoy.(It DOES help me that I learned how to cook,and bake,and this helped me relax more with food.) Good luck,keep painting, I love this.
candy_bird 2007/8/7 - 14:0:12
whoa...totally get what you mean.
I love all those hands, really stresses your point! And I like the shiny hair!! <3
Okay, don't take the eating thing too seriously!! :D
lorelai 2007/8/16 - 17:55:36
Seriously amazing work! :) love it!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by umi-chan, total drawing time 3 : 11 : 47

umi-chan 2007/8/1 - 13:36:36
its suppose to be the idea of "eve"and how she choose knowledge over paradise. A little more than half of her hair is dipicted of the universe representing "knowledge" while the smaller half is representing eden. the little wings on her represent "divinity"... im pretty happy with it but C&C is still appreciated ^^
umi-chan 2007/8/1 - 13:39:6
this was suppose to go in polished but i guess its ok here too
maemay 2007/8/1 - 14:31:22
I love the lips and how the hair goes into space and everything. This is really cool concept.
jakusama 2007/8/1 - 23:6:38
I really, really like this! Its absolutely gorgeous, and I love the concept behind it. I don't know what to look at.. her eyes... or her hair... or her wings... and I love the apple... wow it's just... wow... its gorgeous.
golden 2007/8/3 - 15:13:50
great concept, I gotta say :)
dorothyblueeyes 2007/8/5 - 15:0:13
this is very pretty, especially in the concept; great.
dark-angel 2007/8/6 - 9:23:43
absolutely gorgious
blacklight 2007/8/6 - 20:40:49
I think I prefer the universe. Very nice making it into her hair. I also like the tear drop.
embo 2007/8/7 - 19:7:29
I moved it for you, hope that's okay. I love the side of her hair with the galaxy, pretty eyes too.
lorelai 2007/8/16 - 17:56:12
Nice rendition of the ancient story! :)

(2690) (link) Oekaki by golden, total drawing time 1 : 37 : 39

golden 2007/7/18 - 7:41:54
To maybe ego a little but not spamming the whole damn internet with 234512 annoying pictures, that's the answer.
elolinon 2007/7/18 - 11:5:53
*Rofl* You are a genius xp I wonder what Shakespeare would have said, haha ;)
And about the egoes spamming internet; so true. Makes one wonder what kinda lifes they've got o.O Or more likely, IF.
embo 2007/7/18 - 16:6:49
outfit = hottest hipster EVAR :3
yay heartz! ♥
candy_bird 2007/7/19 - 12:44:46
love the colors!! and shading!!!
dorothyblueeyes 2007/7/19 - 16:27:41
Yeah,I like this a lot; great texture colors,combines,and everything; great message.Shakespeare wrote"if the dull substance of my flesh were thought,/I would fly/to places far remote,/where thou dost lie." I always thought that he envisioned what would happen far into the future.Genius.Even before Star Trek,he saw it. Beautifully made picture. And, funny.
lorelai 2007/8/16 - 17:56:38
....Why do I just LOVE that outfit? XD I have a thing for legwarmers. I think they are super awesome.
blacklight 2007/8/19 - 8:54:32
It's because she's so scene in a cute (not scary) way! with the skinny pants and bright colors.
baeduxai 2007/8/30 - 13:12:32
I'm in love with the shirt.... ah the colours and shading :D
naty 2007/9/7 - 12:53:23
This is such a fun picture! And so myspace XD!
Great job!
senobdec 2007/9/28 - 18:25:25
haha, superb solids. The loose socks and tights give it a really retro feel too.

(2689) (link) Oekaki by candy_bird, total drawing time 6 : 4 : 3

candy_bird 2007/7/14 - 22:34:11
haven't been here for a long time...anyway, not really my style. kinda decided to end it here--enjoy.
happywaterbottle 2007/7/15 - 15:45:1
I love the hair, it has so much texture. i'm jealous of your hair drawing skills >:(
maemay 2007/7/16 - 7:51:33
I love your style and her eyes. Her hair looks really good. That picture is just so nicely done.
golden 2007/7/16 - 9:20:43
that hair's really nice.
dorothyblueeyes 2007/7/19 - 16:29:5
I like the expression of the eyes and the face a lot;very eriey and effective.
naty 2007/9/7 - 12:40:40
The eyes are frigging scary.. like she's thinking.. "I wanna eat your soul!" I agree though, about the hair x3! Great job!

(2688) (link) Oekaki by quentara47, total drawing time 0 : 50 : 15

quentara47 2007/7/14 - 19:53:51
Yay Dolphins! Ok so when you all thought my tucan was cool, I got this major burst of inspiration. I drew out a whole bunch of Hidden Mickeys and this one was my favorite ^^ I should have drawn more fish...
happywaterbottle 2007/7/15 - 15:43:39
That is adorable :3
The number of fish is fine, I would only have drawn less rays of light, or made them fade away at the bottom of the drawing. but it doesn't matter, the underwater effect is really well captured :D

the mickey is upside-down! muhahahaha!
embo 2007/7/16 - 2:0:19
wow! this is awesome! by far one of your best pictures. I like the light and all the texture of the sea surface + sky, and the fishes getting smaller and smaller. great details. :]
dorothyblueeyes 2007/7/19 - 16:31:4
Very gorgeous; I love the water above,the floating white cloudiness,and all that effect.Very subtle,too,not overstated. Even down to the fish.Wonderful,detailed,and well done art piece.
dark-angel 2007/8/6 - 12:53:10
I love this and the upsidown mickey shape it makes

(2687) (link) Oekaki by quentara47, total drawing time 0 : 55 : 55

quentara47 2007/7/10 - 17:21:49
I'm not sure if this is polished room material but, I really like it and I want everyone to see it. I was remembering my trip to Disney World. Can you spot the Hidden Mickey?
bandersnatchsm 2007/7/10 - 18:11:1
Haha... I see it!

Nice job with the sign!!
maemay 2007/7/10 - 18:40:38
I don't , or i'm not sure. I really like your colours.
lorelai 2007/7/11 - 11:30:12
I SEE IT!!!!! =D =D nice job!!
kaira 2007/7/11 - 19:7:57
It's so bright and happy. ^^
jakusama 2007/7/12 - 11:26:59
I see it! I think! So cute and colorful! I like it
rae 2007/7/12 - 12:1:57
teehee- he's upside down... right?
quentara47 2007/7/14 - 18:58:54
Yah, the mickey is upside down. I've got more ideas for hidden mickeys, maybe I'll post a new pic.
dorothyblueeyes 2007/7/19 - 16:33:6
ha ha, I'm not very good at puzzles,but I really like this picture a lot anyhow.NICE!!

(2686) (link) Oekaki by xhewasnt--x, total drawing time 5 : 40 : 3

xhewasnt--x 2007/7/7 - 13:3:36
Young severus snape....I'm rather proud of this piece...
jakusama 2007/7/8 - 4:19:3
Teehee. Spiffy. Omigod Harry Potter is coming out soon. Yay. I'm quite taken with the shading.. its very spiffy. Nice job!
jazzy92105 2007/7/8 - 19:4:50
this is good. i like the hair. :)
maemay 2007/7/9 - 0:2:34
I really like it especially the hair.
lorelai 2007/7/9 - 22:48:58
I never figured him to be so neat with his hair... i like the style! :)

(2685) (link) Oekaki by jakusama, total drawing time 1 : 28 : 50

jakusama 2007/7/5 - 12:20:1
Solar Plexus: Ego identity, oriented to self-orientation


(Anatomical C&C is always appreciated; or any other kind too.)
enshoku 2007/7/5 - 19:57:33
Wow I really like the movement of this piece, and I love the color yellow. :3 I believe that the pelvis should be moved down a tad bit lower, but other than that, I believe it looks quite nice. :)
lorelai 2007/7/9 - 22:50:38
You've got sort of an anime figure going there, as in, legs that are super long and a short torso. (i think the artist of the Sailor Moon series did that very often). Also, the curvature of her breasts are going clear into her armpits, you need to scoot them towards the center more. :)

If you're interested in anatomy, then it's time to really dig into joints, muscules and shading!! :)
dorothyblueeyes 2007/7/11 - 3:6:59
very beautiful;anatomy can be improved with "figure drawing"class,or just studying good figure drawing books,and practicing;drawing people from life,too. Figure drawing classes can be very entertaining,and interesting;you might like to try one.Obviously,you are good at drawing,you only need some practice.

(2684) (link) Oekaki by bleau, total drawing time 6 : 3 : 31

bleau 2007/6/30 - 17:38:4
Alright. I finally did it. I got my computer at my boyfriends house and I have time to draw all I want now.
I really owe it to Dorothyblueeyes for her comment on my other picture. I don't know why, but it hit me and helped me to just calm down, take my time, and let it flow. So thank you very much, dorothy :)
first time i've ever used textures, too. i hope they look okay.

golden 2007/7/1 - 6:13:9
the textures look good. in fact, everything looks good. I really like that yellowsh glow if the match.
lorelai 2007/7/1 - 9:33:35
that's wonderful. it's good to see you bleau. :)
blacklight 2007/7/1 - 14:16:40
Bleau! your art always makes me smile. :)
eraserhead 2007/7/2 - 13:5:4
How do you always manage to make deformed people look so cool?
Anyways, glad you can post more!.
jakusama 2007/7/3 - 6:37:18
I absolutely love your style. Its so cool, and I'm glad youre making pictures again. Very cool
senobdec 2007/7/3 - 19:10:5
Superb use of colors and textures. I can't believe you make green look so good.
dorothyblueeyes 2007/7/4 - 1:58:46
Glad I could help with any coments.This is great;wonderful colors,and shading,and nice style,and mood. I love the attitude and handling of the cigar and the matches, cool.
enshoku 2007/7/5 - 19:58:41
Great use of textures, it gives the feeling of pencil shading but not. You also produce nice line work too. :)

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