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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(1954) (link) Oekaki by fid99, total drawing time 4 : 47 : 44

fid99 2004/10/27 - 20:52:47
didn't draw here for a long time..had to use a different mouse though...a lil witch for halloween ^^
C&C welcome ^^
kaye 2004/10/27 - 22:13:25
unmistakable style! :D I love the kitty!!!
jakusama 2004/10/27 - 22:17:31
Waaaah all your pictures are so cuuuute.. so being so dern good!!! >< >< Anyway, I love the costume; she's really, really cute. Too cute. Good job, as usual. *hearts*
keko 2004/10/28 - 0:14:49
You certainly do have a very recognizable style. :D And soo cute. Very adorable clothing. The little silver cloth is a really great accessory. And the caat! <3
mika-kun 2004/10/28 - 15:57:22
Had to be Fid99, she looks great in your style...and that cat rocks....awesome outfit!.....*dies of too many cute witchs overload*....:)
coleslaw 2004/10/29 - 6:25:11
I'd recognize one of your pictures from 2 miles away!! I love your style, and this picture is no different--the hair is wonderful as always, the pose is beautiful as usual, and the outfit is perfect!! Ugh, I love your pictures! :O

(moved) (link) Oekaki by coleslaw, total drawing time 5 : 19 : 41

coleslaw 2004/10/27 - 17:16:20
Timer: -80 minutes

Thanks so much for all the hints, I'm REALLY proud of this one!! C&C welcome! :D
coleslaw 2004/10/27 - 17:16:41
oops, meant to put it in polished :3
hanna 2004/10/27 - 17:34:43
I the overall green theme in her clothes, eyes andbackground- brings the whole picture together. I esecially love her hair! It stands out from everything, and just the ay you drew it is aweosme!
Is she holding a piece of Azte gold like in Pirates of the Carrib. or a a pocket watch? Maybe a necklace? lol, sorry I love POTC. XD
happywaterbottle 2004/10/27 - 18:2:42
wow, this is awesome! I really like the colors, and her clothes! her eyes freak me out lol
i have some lil C&C... her left arm is weird... her shoulder looks somehow dislocated... and also, i'm not pretty sure about that one, but I think her head is too small. but maybe it's just the pants that give me the illusion that her body's big... anyways.
I love the transparency of the cloth on her waist o.
awesome job on the hair by the way ^^
yup, you can be proud of this picture ^o^
mika-kun 2004/10/27 - 18:37:38
Moved to polished.
Now that's the style we are more accustomed to, glad to see you back on form, and glad you're happy with it........love her knickers by the way....:)
kaye 2004/10/27 - 18:46:29
me too! It's like..she looks tough on the outside, but she's still wearing pink knickers. lol xD Really such a lovely pic. The line art and shading and...everything <3
orange-wishes 2004/10/27 - 19:33:40
Very lovely piece of oekaki. Really love her clothes. Only thing I'd C&C on is her left arm, her shoulder seems to be pasted on, not very natural. Overall, the picture is great.
jakusama 2004/10/27 - 21:58:2
Wow this is awesome.. I really love the pose; and the hand. The little transparent thingy around her hips is uber nifty... *bows to the greatness*
keko 2004/10/28 - 0:13:17
Adoorrable. :D Her outfit is amazing and the green with the red hair is really nice. Not to mention, those eyes are incredibly hypnotizing and lips soo smoochable. X3 Mmmm, hips.
caym 2004/10/28 - 8:56:0
These eyes are beautiful indeed ! Apart from the general smoothness and delicate use of transparency, I particularly like the subtle colouring of the skin and the way you drew the hand. And the mouth. And the movement. And the hair. Actually I like pretty much everything in this picture !
kiwi 2004/10/28 - 10:1:19
It's green! *explodes* I love the design of her outfit a lot!! Her shirt is really cool with that gem-ish thingie there and her pants are great too! Wah! pink undies! Her eyes are so beautiful! I love how you put so much detail into her eye lashes and her lips are so shiny! Love the hair and that little star on her arm XD Awesomeness she even has green nail polish! w00t!
coleslaw 2004/10/30 - 10:34:48
Thanks SO much for the comments! Ugh, now I regret the left arm >< Thanks for pointing it out, though! I actually do this pose quite often and haven't ever noticed it before <.< Thanks so much, I'm really glad so many people like it! o_o

(1953) (link) Oekaki by kaye, total drawing time 3 : 12 : 0

kaye 2004/10/26 - 20:39:6
A lot of people have been doing Halloweenish type pics so here's mine xD (Kind of...) Maybe she's a witch...not sure. Anyway, *rubs eyes*
shanwang 2004/10/26 - 21:14:54
She looks like a vaudeville performer. Anyway, this is brilliant.
viva 2004/10/27 - 3:28:36
What's a vaudeville performer? ^^

But anyway, yes, it is brilliant. Awesome shading especially on the whites. Brilliant!!
mika-kun 2004/10/27 - 12:53:46
Very nice, very very nice!, love the black and white contrasts, and that pinstriped waistcoat is the business, the birds shadow behind reminds me of a promo pic of Vincent Price he did for the 'Raven' excellent!!!..:)
remi-187 2004/10/27 - 17:30:54
great looking face, and i like the black jacket with white stripes.
one thing though, and i'm saying this only as a common person who looks at he picture, either the shading on the cheek on hte left dont match the shading behind her, or the vica versa, and the shading on the shirt also doesnt corespond the other shading, its as though she had two light sources and you forgot to draw another shade on the right behind her head, then it would make a lot more sense.
kaye 2004/10/27 - 18:3:52
lol! It's true =w=. I did the face first, then flipped it, so the face shadings don't match and I was lazy ;_;. Maybe there are multiple light sources or she's actually "glowing" ._. *hides*
mika-kun 2004/10/27 - 18:42:10
Glowing...lol.....I like that one...;)
keko 2004/10/28 - 0:15:45
I love ravens. XD And girls with pale skin.
Her clothing is really nice. It makes me think of something though I can't place what.. It just makes the picture all the more pleasing to look at. ^^
anjiira 2004/10/28 - 1:28:10
I love the shadow of the bird, it's so...like a shadow!! the girl is really cool looking, her hair was done very nicely (soft!). n__n
jellybean 2004/11/3 - 20:39:25
oh i love it!!! i love the painty hair and especially i love the shadow of the bird...because you cant seee one! for some reason its the emphasis of the pic! oooh just all around bee-u-tee-ful

(1952) (link) Oekaki by mika-kun, total drawing time 2 : 47 : 35

mika-kun 2004/10/26 - 12:17:27
You can't compete with concrete!
The anim has a mind of it's own....:)
keko 2004/10/26 - 12:49:8
The animation is all messed up at the very end. ;3; Still, it was a pleasure watching it. The water is gorgeous (and your technique on getting it that way was amazing XD). The shading is really nice. The only thing that caught my eye as 'off' is the right arm. It looks almost disconnected from her shoulder. It could just be me though.
As always, you astound. ^_~
tenar 2004/10/26 - 15:37:25
:0 awesome...the water is great. The...left leg looks a bit odd..but i think its just me, awesome job though./applaud
coleslaw 2004/10/26 - 17:19:22
Awesome, awesome waves!!!! Very foamy, and I love the color of the water, reminds me of my good old Florida beaches! :D Awesome awesome!
kaye 2004/10/26 - 17:19:35
Whoa! Now that's dynaaaamic!!! That water is looking super spiffy. Awesome job! <3 Wonder why the animation did that...
jellybean 2004/10/26 - 21:28:41
...sweet man. duuude... ok enough surfer "lingo". wow this is sooo beautiful! i love the green-y waves! andd ooh the hair for some reason catches my eye the most! this is an awesome piccture! hall of fame! (what is happening, everything needs to go to the HOF these days!)
syzygy 2004/10/26 - 23:55:7
Why? Why above mine?! Youre so awesome at this.. the water looks like its going to come out and get me even wetter than I am and ruin the whole point of me wearing my dive parka.. and its so awesome.. and why above mine?! (Youre too good.)
remi-187 2004/10/27 - 17:21:17
i just loved the way you did the water, though i think you could've used a bit more reflection in the wanter undernethe the surfer as in contrast to bring hte wanter a more deep look.
great water wanyway, i cant do such a thing (havnt tried yet anyway).
senobdec 2004/10/29 - 19:16:54
That water is amazing. Awesome tool usage. ... waiting here for UPS. sigh. Maybe I should go windsurfing in the cornfields.

(1951) (link) Oekaki by syzygy, total drawing time 3 : 44 : 26

syzygy 2004/10/26 - 0:50:58
She is nameless because the RP didnt last as long as planned, but I like her anyway. I love her tie, its like the BCP tie, and I want one like it. I apologize for the very.. boring background, I hope Bunny knows who it is! (I want the tie.)
mika-kun 2004/10/26 - 5:33:42
Tis indeed a cool tie, and the bg isn't that boring, especially considering that the shadowy figure hiding in the corner might be some sort of nutjob waiting to pounce.....I just hope she's holding that scolding cup of coffee when they do!...(to use on him)...:)
coleslaw 2004/10/26 - 17:16:37
That's so awesome, I love the shirt! The background is really awesome, I really like the guy behind the piano, very cool! :O
kaye 2004/10/26 - 17:20:18
I want the tie too! I like the way you did the shadows. Lovely =]
jellybean 2004/11/3 - 20:38:19
ooh i love the shadows!!! how realistic! veryy cool pic :-)
saturnraven 2004/11/4 - 19:33:30
AH! I know who it iiiiis ^__^; Im soooo sorry for cutting that one short, and for not being online, i dont know whats been wrong with me, but I am now, but your not here, but i'll be on more often!

(1950) (link) Oekaki by maggie_sue, total drawing time 7 : 11 : 38

maggie_sue 2004/10/25 - 22:1:2
Timer will catch up, hopefully. Just wanted to say I'm still alive and happy halloween to you kids who remember me. I've been gone forever because my mouse has been uber sticking on me---it's about time for a new one. Yeah, don't ask about the hand...I gave up on it, sticky mouse and all.
dekutree64 2004/10/25 - 22:37:52
Awesomeness, love the sketchy shading style, and the cat^_^
You do know that drawing this good with a mouse is insane, don't you? And a sticking mouse, *shudder*
Great job^^
mika-kun 2004/10/26 - 5:24:41
The style on this is awesome, I love the textures and subtle details..she looks great (and proof that anatomy is over-rated), using tones for stockings ..now why didn't I think of that!...:)
keko 2004/10/26 - 12:50:21
Your coloring style is adorable. The perspective is also very nice. Panty shot! :D
I think my favorite thing is the hair. <3
happywaterbottle 2004/10/26 - 17:9:5
you know what? seeing this makes me never want to use solids again. when i see how gorgeous they look when someone else uses them, it makes me feel like an amateur T_T
I just loove the hair. It's soo gorgeous, and when you take a quick look, it seems 3D. the shading is awesome, and your skin tones are to die for o_o
awesooome jooob *_*
coleslaw 2004/10/26 - 17:9:51
Ugh! Where do I start?!?!

The hat is so cool!! The background is SO beautiful!!! I love the spider web, the hair, the legs, the butt! Lol. Beautiful pumpkin basket, too! I like that it looks like mist is coming out of it, VERY cool! And ugh, I love the shoulders and the cute little cat! :D
kaye 2004/10/26 - 20:36:36
so prettiful! <3 your style! And that kitty!!!!
milkshake 2004/10/27 - 11:21:7
wow, this is really, REALLY good! hehe.
I love the way you shaded it, and the bg, and....everything :)

(1949) (link) Oekaki by kougra_girl, total drawing time 7 : 6 : 54

kougra_girl 2004/10/25 - 13:11:8
happy halloween fools!! >=D
kougra_girl 2004/10/25 - 13:14:58
oh yea. blueflame helped me with the outfit design ^.^;
mika-kun 2004/10/25 - 18:14:50
Yoink!....interesting outline colour...are those some sort of electro ball she about to fling in someones general direction?..:)
blueflame0 2004/10/25 - 18:51:4
totally cool, good job <3 Happy halloween to you too :P
coleslaw 2004/10/26 - 17:7:31
I really like the shoes and the positioning of the arms, SUPER cool. 2 thumbs up! :D

(1947) (link) Oekaki by coleslaw, total drawing time 4 : 40 : 31

coleslaw 2004/10/24 - 17:24:51
Timer: -90 minutes

C&C greatly appreciated, especially on coloring and shading.
maggie_sue 2004/10/24 - 18:0:41
this is really cute, I like how sparkly she is. As far a critiques on coloring and shading, I like the pinks and the brown hair-they go well together. Now on shading, I advise you to not hesistate to use the darkest darks-they really make the positive space (the subject) pop out. Also, on the dress, the shading just seems to fade rather than work with the folds and the form, where as the shading and highlighting on her hair seem to work with the shape of her hair. Do you kinda get what I'm sayin'? Back to my biggest point, again, don't be afraid to get dark on the shading, it really adds to the depth. Darker shades tend to pull back further into the canvas, creating form and leaving the lightest parts to stand out better-overall, it gives it a more 3-D look that we can observe in the real human form. I think that's it for me, keep 'em coming.
mika-kun 2004/10/24 - 18:44:22
I'm loving that hair, I build up my shading by going for real dark colours on another layer on top of the pic and then adjusting the opacity, when it looks ok I stamp it down and build them up again.....But if I was going for a soft look then I'd say you pretty much nailed it, the gradient from pink to white is flawless and I love the detail on her top.....and she's pretty darn cute too!....:)
keko 2004/10/24 - 19:49:48
The background very much reminds me of a storybook. :3 This is a nice character design. I love her clothing. The color of her hair and her clothing go very well together. It makes me want to drawr her. ;3;
luck 2004/10/24 - 20:55:30
So pretty!! I love the coloring, I think the lightness works really well. There should be more folds on the dress, though, I think, especially the way she's sitting. And, I know you asked for crits on the coloring and shading, but I think that the position of her legs is a little bit awkward. I think her left leg should me more blocked by her body... At the very least, her dress would probably be stretched out between her knees a little more. I don't know, just something doesn't really fit with the legs for me.

But, SO lovey! I'm glad you're back <3
senobdec 2004/10/25 - 0:0:16
I love the patterns and the gradient shading on the dress. The hair is very well colored. YAY for coleslaw!
kaiomi 2004/10/25 - 3:8:8
I love her face...such pretty eyes and flowy locks. Everything looks just so soft and gentle...it's like she's waiting for her handsome prince to pick her up on their first date ^^
remi-187 2004/10/25 - 8:55:24
great drawing and all, but i go a question, dont get me wrong, but i jsut fail to see her face as in that star on her shoulder with that hair makes it look like a man's face and hte tatoo is his mouth... i'm sorry i just fail to see it in any other way, though i do see the pretty face when i view the animation up to a certain point, i think you lack a bit of contrast in that area, or maybe its because of her eyebraw.
just wanted to bring this into your attention.
coleslaw 2004/10/25 - 14:30:54
Lol, remi, my sister said the same thing. No offense taken :)

Thanks so much for your suggestions, I definitely see that my style is too soft now. :D I wish I could say that I meant for it to be this way! :O Again, thanks so much :D
kaye 2004/10/26 - 23:2:16
The softness really suits this picture :D With there being pink and white and all...
I especially like the caligraphy-like writing you've done and the sparklyness of the dress. This is so lovely <3

(1946) (link) Oekaki by remi-187, total drawing time 3 : 9 : 46

remi-187 2004/10/24 - 16:30:36
4th oekaki ever, well i tried to draw something more realistic this time than an anime girl, its nice i was able to bring what i had in my head to my screen.

Oh, and in case you are wondering the house in the back is an israeli/middle eastern style house.
(sorry i forgot to sign it... bah!!)

Am i getting any better?
anjiira 2004/10/24 - 16:44:30
Whoa..... that is SO good. the lighting from the lamp onto the tree and the house. the textures and subtle shading. EXCELLENT. O__O *rambleramble* it's so nice to see something different for a change on this board. this could practically be a photo. it's so detailed. awesome work.
rae 2004/10/24 - 18:8:30
The lighting effect is awesome! And I love the trees. It seems peaceful to me, and very imaginative.
mika-kun 2004/10/24 - 18:50:19
A nice simple idea brilliantly done, the lighting is particularly effective....and as for getting better....well you have 2 pics here so far and both are extremely good...:)
jellybean 2004/10/24 - 20:1:20
thats so pretty! reminds me of where i live
shanwang 2004/10/24 - 20:25:4
This is like Edward Hopper but I like this even better! The mood is so strong! I love it x30000000.
kaiomi 2004/10/25 - 3:10:5
The lighting on the tree is done so well...you did this just off the top of your head? This is really good!
kaye 2004/10/25 - 19:14:47
Niiice!! Love the lighting!

(1945) (link) Oekaki by saffira, total drawing time 1 : 13 : 35

saffira 2004/10/24 - 12:46:12
You make me feel so very old...
mika-kun 2004/10/24 - 12:57:38
Whoa!!!...Spooky and very wierd...I love it!!..:)
remi-187 2004/10/24 - 13:1:14
spooky indeed mika-kun, speeky indeed.
kaye 2004/10/24 - 15:1:29
wow! Awesome!
kaiomi 2004/10/24 - 15:49:3
totally rad...the eye's freakingly cool. <3
rae 2004/10/24 - 18:14:21
it reminds me of a Zora... but lots creepier. the shading is very good, the blues seem really cold.
kougra_girl 2004/10/24 - 20:15:52
*Gives you youthful products* now you dun feel old XDD

i like the spider webs on this, and the mouth. very nice!
shanwang 2004/10/24 - 20:27:8
I was casually browsing the boards. Then I got to the polished room. It was a billion brilliant masterpieces in a row (ie this one).
milkshake 2004/10/25 - 12:32:53
wow, spooky, but incredible!
anjiira 2004/10/28 - 1:32:37
Wow, i love the spooky feel of this, it seems skeletal and slimy! Awesome shading. Hm.... he does seem old, like almost ancient.

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