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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(2015) (link) Oekaki by blackrose, total drawing time 1 : 49 : 33

blackrose 2004/12/12 - 20:19:28
Whew! ^_^ Actually, now that I look at it I wish I chould adjust her closest shoulder, to make it look wider... I meant for the hair to just be covering some of it, but it's so rounded it looks like she just has a small shoulder. *sniff* Oh well, I like it otherwise. *laugh*
kaiomi 2004/12/12 - 21:2:0
ack...it's so nice! I like everything about this. Her hair has so much depth to it as well as her face. Awesome realism!
raspberryjam 2004/12/12 - 22:4:38
heh, my name on the first Oekaki bbs I drew on was xxblackrosexx. this pic is really good.
shadrad 2004/12/12 - 22:9:30
You draw awsome realism...more than can be said for some of us (*cough ME cough*). Also love her ears, 'cause multiple piercings ROCK! XD
jellybean 2004/12/13 - 9:24:13
i adore your style! its so painty yet very realistic! you've defined her features very, very well! its so flowy and i lurve it!!!
angie 2004/12/13 - 17:41:34
well she's really pretty despite the small shoulder, she makes me think of one of my own characters, I love her blue hair and the way you shaded, it's so realistic loooking it's amazing!
mika-kun 2004/12/14 - 15:28:31
This could pass easily as an oil painting...very well done....:)
raspberryjam 2004/12/17 - 18:22:54
ya angie it reminded me of that "umeko" pic on your site.
patrickm 2004/12/24 - 0:4:6
It's really good Melanie! I wish I could draw half as well as you. :-)

(2014) (link) Oekaki by jellybean, total drawing time 1 : 2 : 59

jellybean 2004/12/12 - 14:58:21
Who doesn't love skating around in a green wool sweater around christmas?
i dont know if this is polished standards--if its not then feel free to move it ^_~
i had a lot of fun with this, especially on the bg heheh
c&c always appreciated
padalyn 2004/12/12 - 15:6:37
aw she looks so cute pigtails are so fun :D
blackrose 2004/12/13 - 0:18:18
Ooh, makes me want to get a green sweater. ^_^ Ice skating is great fun, no? I love the softness of everything, very pretty!
milkshake 2004/12/14 - 14:43:29
looks fun, and yes, you've gotta have the green sweater! good job, your shading is definitely getting better :)
mika-kun 2004/12/14 - 15:26:33
You seem to be improving in leaps and bounds...I'm definately going to have to keep my eye on you....gorgeous girl.....what's her phone number?...;)
donteatyellowsnow 2004/12/14 - 22:13:57
nice! it looks allmisty-like since it was drawn with no solid lines! great pic!

(2013) (link) Oekaki by milkshake, total drawing time 4 : 5 : 6

milkshake 2004/12/12 - 11:37:35
Now with 30% more sparkles! 'tis cynicism in a can..
...ahem, I love christmas really XD *bounces*

did some research on 50's ad's here: [link]
jellybean 2004/12/12 - 11:55:42
haha its so cute! it really does have a noticeable 50's style flare! i loove the girls hair and also for some reason her arms too, they're just so perfect! great job!
applesauce 2004/12/12 - 12:14:22
<inside joke> JIMMMEEEEEHHHHH!!! NOOOOOOO! </inside joke> So yeah, great picture ^_^<3<3<3<3<3
happywaterbottle 2004/12/12 - 14:25:35
oooh I love the solids! awesome job on the girl's face, and on the can too. Her shirt is great :D
and that's one kewl idea haha XD
padalyn 2004/12/12 - 15:7:2
haha this is great, love all the colours and shading!
blackrose 2004/12/12 - 20:21:23
Oh gosh, we spent soo long in my history class on the 50s consumer culture, and this really could be straight from an ad from that period! I love the concept, and your shading is great!
mika-kun 2004/12/14 - 15:17:34
I love the idea....and it's beautifully done....:)
troubled_youth 2004/12/15 - 22:14:5
yum, cynicism >P
embo 2004/12/19 - 16:25:15
hehehe, this is such an old school type ad. makes me think of campbell's soup or something.

very nice and clean coloring. simple, yet intriguing. nice job SHAKE. :O

(2012) (link) Oekaki by shadrad, total drawing time 1 : 35 : 14

shadrad 2004/12/11 - 13:59:53
I cant believe I only spent an hour and 35 minutes on this! It felt like 3 hours...lol. Anyway, about the picture, this is the most effort Ive EVER put into an oekaki...I actually shaded and stuff! WHOO! Sorry, a little over-excited...dont ask where the idea came from, I have no clue.
blackrose 2004/12/12 - 20:26:7
She has such a cute expression! =3 This may seem like a weird thing to like, but I think her nose is cool, it's got a more realistic shape but in an anime face. I like~!
mika-kun 2004/12/14 - 15:10:37
Looks good....the extra time you put in paid off for sure...:)
donteatyellowsnow 2004/12/14 - 22:19:35
cute!!!!! it looks great!
jellybean 2004/12/16 - 9:40:38
you're getting tons better, keep it up!

(2011) (link) Oekaki by padalyn, total drawing time 1 : 8 : 58

padalyn 2004/12/9 - 21:40:40
hello taco! merry early christmas ;D
jellybean 2004/12/10 - 0:36:50
aww, its so cute and
i dont know, its just so friendly!!! and cute and
waaaah kawaiii!!
...bah, its
WHY CANT I TALK great job ^_~
mika-kun 2004/12/10 - 12:29:43
Let's see....Padalyn.....yeah I can kind of remember you...you're the one who should visit loads more often 'cos you do cool pics like this one....:)
hanna 2004/12/10 - 15:59:17
I remember you padalyn! Great picture- adorable! Oekaki more! :D
happywaterbottle 2004/12/10 - 18:35:21
wooow i love the coloring, it looks like pastels 'o'
I also love your style. and the purple hair. and the purple lineart. and the... *goes on*
kougra_girl 2004/12/10 - 20:23:43
adorable ^.^ i like how her eyes are soft lookin *pokes them* just adorable!
gleeful1 2004/12/11 - 17:27:30
padalyn!! ^.^ wow she's so cute! nice color choices <3
blackrose 2004/12/13 - 0:20:5
I'm a total sucker for colored linework. =3 Wonderful use of watercolor, she's adorable! ^_^
embo 2004/12/19 - 16:26:45

lovely coloring style my dear. the color scheme is very cool and pleasing to the eyes. :)

(2010) (link) Oekaki by blackrose, total drawing time 0 : 58 : 26

blackrose 2004/12/8 - 23:4:37
*laugh* I was wondering whether I should send this to the doodle room--I came a minute and a half under an hour. XP Anyways, I did use a reference picture, but I don't have the URL. I drew this looking at a picture of Fionna Apple, but I took much artistic liscence. And no, she does NOT have a Micheal Jackson nose IRL. XP Oops. ^_^
jellybean 2004/12/8 - 23:39:45
omg, that is so gorgeous! i love the painty-ness! wow, its all so pretty! i...
i cant really talk right now its so...gorgeous!! wow
wow...ok im done haha
great job!
pure 2004/12/9 - 14:57:56
This looks like styled realism, verrryyy good. ^_^ I hope to see more of your art in the future, its very eye pleasing.
mika-kun 2004/12/9 - 19:6:5
That's really good, the almost realistic yet painterly quality looks so effective..the colours are well chosen too...:)
gleeful1 2004/12/11 - 17:31:29
this is SO cool *_* the lips are beautious and the shading (esp on the nose) is fantastic!! awesome job - painterly pictures are the best, no? ^_~
milkshake 2004/12/12 - 11:39:35
Wow, this is great! Really like the style and lighting.
patrickm 2004/12/24 - 0:4:46
Man, that's such a good painting!! You are so good.
anjiira 2004/12/24 - 23:47:48
I like how you put detail into her face and the front part of her hair and let the rest fade out. Such a good effect!
The reddish colour scheme is very good tooo..!

(2009) (link) Oekaki by pure, total drawing time 0 : 53 : 22

pure 2004/12/7 - 21:25:22
I'm sorry if its under the limit..if it doesn't belong here you can move it to the doodle room. ^^;;

Question: Who is this character? I know shes in a videogame..but..er..I don't know her name or what game she's from. And Ive known about her for 4 years..x.x;; can anyone help me?
golden_ataris 2004/12/8 - 9:25:5
Nice job!

It reminds me a lot of Katt from Breath of Fire 2!
blackrose 2004/12/8 - 23:55:26
No idea who it is, but she's very cute! ^_^ I like how soft she is, great job!
mika-kun 2004/12/9 - 19:3:47
...she looks familiar...but I have no idea where from...:(...cool pic though, If I remember her I'll be sure to let you know...;)
pure 2004/12/10 - 17:7:53
Thankyou mika ^^. Also, I dont think its Katt, this character wears a tad bit more clothing xD and its green.
jellybean 2004/12/13 - 9:59:28
wow, such clean lines! good job! i love the earrings *steals* mwahahaha

(2008) (link) Oekaki by rae, total drawing time 3 : 4 : 31

rae 2004/12/6 - 19:6:0
[an early version of my pirate lady character.]
jellybean 2004/12/6 - 20:55:54
oooh, shes so pretty and piratey! i love the bg too, like, how its all two colors but it looks so different!

mika-kun 2004/12/7 - 16:8:16
Love the stripey bit...very nice!
angie 2004/12/7 - 17:40:53
wow, such pretty colouring, I especially like the stripes :)
blackrose 2004/12/8 - 23:8:50
Hey, that's an awesome character design! I lurve her hair, too. =3
remi-187 2004/12/14 - 4:44:33
nice, its simple and looks neat and clean yet has some details. i like it!

a few tips as an observer:
pants and hands need more assertive shadig, and your knee needs more work on the curve.
donteatyellowsnow 2004/12/14 - 22:22:58
wow. *saves*

(2007) (link) Oekaki by angie, total drawing time 0 : 38 : 41

angie 2004/12/5 - 14:33:5
its Chaos from Under the Black Sun(UTBS)
blumeaniandglove 2004/12/5 - 15:25:59

wow, i love it. The 'Xs' on the mouth are awesome, and the slitted eyes make me think of a demon ^___^ The shading is absolutly beautiful, and the hair is awesome. I like the red thing (thats his shirt, right?) And overall i think that i love it ^___^ Good job
jellybean 2004/12/5 - 22:6:51
oooohoohoohooo tis very freakay and muy scaraay o.O

kaira 2004/12/6 - 1:0:59
Ooo... Kitty eyes!!! ^________^ I love how the coloring's like really dark with sharp bright contrasts ^^ And purple skin is awesome!! ^^
raspberryjam 2004/12/7 - 18:23:32
thankies! thats so beautiful! I love the mouth and eyes :)

(2006) (link) Oekaki by spoonalshmee, total drawing time 1 : 2 : 23

spoonalshmee 2004/12/5 - 1:22:53
music lover.
mika-kun 2004/12/7 - 15:16:25
I like how the big bubbly things have a 3d-ish look....and again good use of textures...and arms!...yay!..:)
jellybean 2004/12/13 - 9:58:32
ooh i like how the bubbles fade at the top! very nice job, i love the colors!

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