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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(9392) (link) Oekaki by chia, total drawing time 0 : 41 : 14

chia 2006/8/23 - 23:10:44

My new tablet is working great! (I finally got used to it~)

C&C Appreciated.
Comments are too.
kougra_girl 2006/8/25 - 13:45:33
very cute X3 i like how the colors are bright and make everything look all happy.

(9391) (link) Oekaki by kougra_girl, total drawing time 10 : 44 : 11

kougra_girl 2006/8/23 - 19:43:37
ok, so i did somethin like this in drawing this summer, but on paper. and with charcoal. and we traced the image onto colored tissue paper X.x; hence the colored background. then we colored the image with funky colors. X3 so i decided to take it digital. this is Nero from the band Merry. ^^; [link] C+C plesae. i know i messed up the hat ><
happywaterbottle 2006/8/24 - 15:6:7
daaamn that is awesome o_o I love the colors! Everything is so well done I am amazed
why drawing room? lol
phil 2006/8/25 - 9:26:31
o0o0o very intresting this is and so perfectly done almost like a poster on some strange bus stop to no where
umi-chan 2006/8/25 - 12:38:32
O_O oh my goodiness i love this >< so cool ... itd be pretty cool if this were a poster... wish it were !

(9390) (link) Oekaki by alex, total drawing time 31 : 59 : 33

alex 2006/8/23 - 5:45:6
hi yal!! how's everything!!! just stopping by to see the board! everyones looking good! my modem did a evil thing to me. the cable light didn't come on. I had the poor thing sitting were a few nights!.. :-( oh well. it was fixed! YAY! but i was so mad i didn't look at the comp and didn't touch the pic. I cld have done touch ups! damn you modem!! oh well.. see you later!!
kougra_girl 2006/8/23 - 10:22:7
i don't know what i like the best. o.o i love how only certain parts have major detail. the face is amazing on the girl. the dragon head is awsome, and i love the background.the patten on the girl's face is really neat too :D
happywaterbottle 2006/8/23 - 11:4:48
wow that's amazing o_o you really could have posted it in polished room and i'm even sure you could have gallery access with that :P i love the colors and all the detail you put in it... I admire your patience 'o'
cinder303 2006/8/25 - 9:49:43
I really like the atmosphere you put into this! THe background is very pretty!
ryoanna 2006/8/28 - 12:13:9
gah! AWESOME.. i lurv it :)

(9388) (link) Oekaki by tim_kai, total drawing time 0 : 28 : 20

tim_kai 2006/8/23 - 0:15:41
I like how this came out.
tim_kai 2006/8/23 - 0:23:31
Damn, I'm just under time for "drawing room".

If a mod could put this onto the sketch board, I would grateful.
mika 2006/8/23 - 9:24:10
Hehehe a couple of mins won't matter that much........5 might get us milling around outside your house subjecting you to ridicule when you emerge however....;)
sankyu 2006/8/24 - 18:34:2
Heck leave it in the drawing room this is beautiful, its just out of a nightmare in my world though <_>

(9387) (link) Oekaki by twinkledraak, total drawing time 2 : 46 : 19

twinkledraak 2006/8/22 - 12:55:6
catgrrls :P! hihi i always have so much problems with choosing the right colors...:S!
keyblademaster 2006/8/23 - 4:24:1
O wow this cool!
twinkledraak 2006/8/23 - 6:34:24
hihi thanx :)!
mika 2006/8/23 - 9:45:50
Hiya Twinkle, still putting that tablet to good use I see...:)

(9386) (link) Oekaki by sabii, total drawing time 3 : 41 : 5

sabii 2006/8/22 - 6:46:57
The applet is not working T_T and I am so not finished with this! It was going to have a background with fluffy clouds more floating colours and I was going to have a second light source and oh.. no.. I wasn't finished with cleaning up the shading, there were going to be darker parts.. it was going to be polished room material noooo....
The layers merged, so half of the girl was just black splodges. Oh I do hate it so. Forgive my ranting.
sabii 2006/8/22 - 6:55:50
oh yay. so now the image won't work. lucky i saved it on my computer before submiting. here [link]
mako 2006/8/22 - 8:12:26
its amazingly beautiful. :) good job!
golden 2006/8/22 - 8:19:9
Oh yeah let's kill the oekaki applet together. I'd very much like to beat it up right now.
Your picture is so beautiful ;__; I love all the little hearts in her hair.
lorelai 2006/8/22 - 9:37:1
ARG!!!!! I'm going to ask Dormando to restore this so that people can see it on the board. T_T I really wish we could find a better oekaki applet!!
twinkledraak 2006/8/23 - 6:38:8
the oekakie really looks pretty! :)
mika 2006/8/23 - 9:49:16
Hmmmm shii does seem to be throwing up a lot of glitches lately.......re-starting seems to cure one problem yet throws up different ones...ToT
lorelai 2006/8/29 - 9:41:50
oekaki fixed!

(9385) (link) Oekaki by keyblademaster, total drawing time 1 : 40 : 28

keyblademaster 2006/8/21 - 10:10:1
This 11 year old Rugki! she's an ninja! She's one of the main characters in my new novel! My novel's called ENVY. I hope you like this 'cause one day, I'm gonna publish that novel! But I wouldn't want to spoil the story. I dream of being an author/ artist/ computerenginner/ doctor!
enshoku 2006/8/21 - 10:27:46
I seen a lot of your work but I haven't commented before (I'm hardly around. XD;). Anyway I love the fact that you are always improving and you're experimenting with different styles. Wonderful picture, I'm in love with the sleeves. :3
kougra_girl 2006/8/21 - 13:29:21
very cute x3 i feel a lot of energy coming from this picture. she seems like a cool character :D
twinkledraak 2006/8/23 - 6:39:36
lovely drawing :D!! She looks so happy and cute :)!the skin coloring is very cool :)! Lovely :)
keyblademaster 2006/8/23 - 9:1:18
yay you like it!

(9384) (link) Oekaki by cecile, total drawing time 1 : 2 : 26

cecile 2006/8/21 - 7:49:11
I wanted to do somthing green for some reason.
The background is suposse to look blurry. Didnt realy do a good job at it but m hand started to hurt. I need a tablet. lol.
keyblademaster 2006/8/21 - 7:59:6
Your not the only one.... this looks cool! the green in the bg.....it's plants right? If it were trees I'd understand. Trees some in various shapes and sizes.....I'm so bad at this commenting stuff. Never really can say what mean...oh well something I can say is this looks great!

(9383) (link) Oekaki by ryoanna, total drawing time 4 : 34 : 44

ryoanna 2006/8/20 - 18:51:53
Meh... kind of a time-waster.. lately I've been getting into drawing witches and warlocks and fairies and suchins. So yeah here is a witch... [that doesn't really look like a witch lol]. Timer lies.. I was doing a lot of stuff in between so yes... here ya go :)

no critiques plz n thankyou
keyblademaster 2006/8/21 - 8:0:36
The colouring! Looks pretty pretty for a witch don't ya think? Happy Early Halloween? lol The colouring *drools on the keyboard*
kougra_girl 2006/8/23 - 11:34:30
very nice coloring :) she seems to be a sneaky witch...

(9382) (link) Oekaki by clua, total drawing time 0 : 58 : 16

clua 2006/8/20 - 14:0:11
*Cool jackets would bring devils from hell*
girl & devil
kinda psicodelic--
nuo more
ryoanna 2006/8/20 - 18:53:23
nice work! luv it:)
sabii 2006/8/20 - 22:42:19
that is one very cool jacket! cx i really like this.
golden 2006/8/21 - 2:5:33
Well isn't that a lovely jacket ^^ And a lovely face expression, too.
keyblademaster 2006/8/21 - 8:1:13
The lineart's very clean I like it! And the colouring on the skin.
chibimiji 2006/8/21 - 21:38:49
That is one sexy jacket.

(9381) (link) Oekaki by mako, total drawing time 1 : 42 : 4

mako 2006/8/20 - 10:37:25
keyblademaster 2006/8/21 - 8:1:57
This pretty good for a doodle! :)

(9379) (link) Oekaki by golden, total drawing time 1 : 46 : 9

golden 2006/8/20 - 5:44:20
golden 2006/8/20 - 5:47:40
Waah! This wasn't finished! ;____;
Does anybody know a way to take it back to escrow?? *desperate*
happywaterbottle 2006/8/20 - 7:15:4
you can't ;_; but oh noes it's so beautiful it's really a shame you couldn't finish it ;____;
elolinon 2006/8/20 - 7:42:28
Beautiful hair :D
golden 2006/8/20 - 8:2:29
Oh god shi painter is so going to die. DIE YOU BITCH, DIIIIEEEE!!!!!
I'm so angry right now I'm about to pull my hair out and make a rope with it and strangle shi painter.
elolinon 2006/8/20 - 11:33:22
*giggle* Wanna join my hate club?
jakusama 2006/8/20 - 13:55:47
omg i love this... im so sad it wont be finished. im imspired now to do another oekaki... your shading on the skin... <3.<3 so pretty
sabii 2006/8/20 - 22:43:18
:c atleast you can finish it in photoshop, right? it would have been beautiful.
golden 2006/8/21 - 2:5:2
Thanks ;_; I have finished it in photoshop, just a simplified version cause I get so sad looking at it XD The hair's supposed to be a starry sky with the cassiopeia constellation in it..
Oh yeah, I'll join your hate club elin! Could be great XD
blacklight 2006/8/21 - 7:49:36
man you people are so awesome at skin shading. I like the really dark outlines on her hair too.
syzygy 2006/8/21 - 8:57:41
Amazing.. I honestly thought it was done when I saw it the first time. I thought it was complete. It is *that* good.

(9378) (link) Oekaki by golden, total drawing time 2 : 30 : 54

golden 2006/8/19 - 2:0:51
This picture probably killed me five times over, because I've actually finished this once before. I put down at least 3 hours on it, and then when I clicked the "upload" button, there was no reaction. When I tried again, it said "restore the temporary image?", and I clicked Yes. And all that appeard was the LINEART. >____< aalkfgjakfjg. In my long history on losing oekaki pictures, this was probably the worst one.
Anyways, now it's done. Not as good as the original one, but I tried at least.
elolinon 2006/8/19 - 5:58:41
Gaah xD That happened me to, itīs totally annoying xD Nice picture. I adore your cell-shading o.O The shading on the skirt is very realistic :) She looks so peaceful.
blacklight 2006/8/19 - 19:48:19
Pretty green shirt. I like how you did the shading for the folds in her skirt.
chibimiji 2006/8/21 - 21:40:41
Your shading skills make me envious =O The skirt is killing meeeeee...
ka 2006/8/25 - 1:56:0
If elolinon hadn't mentioned it was cellshading, I wouldn't have noticed it O.O. It's just awesome and the pose is nice, too. *_*

(9377) (link) Oekaki by coconut, total drawing time 2 : 3 : 53

coconut 2006/8/18 - 14:25:52
my first oekaki with just a boy~ XD comments and critique welcome <3<3
keyblademaster 2006/8/19 - 18:32:7
wow that looks great! I
m not sure if that's his back, or his front. Wonderful bg. A the colouring is awesome!
ryoanna 2006/8/21 - 13:9:9
very nice.. luv the colours :)

(9376) (link) Oekaki by mitsu, total drawing time 6 : 41 : 12

mitsu 2006/8/18 - 11:57:22
Blah, blah, boring face practice reffing a picture of m'self. :e I need more models, heh.
sabii 2006/8/18 - 12:0:50
ow, nice lights! Love that criss-cross style.
elolinon 2006/8/18 - 13:19:17
wOW :D Really nice picture ^^ Good colouring on her skin! And I like her expression. She looks kinda troubled . . .
coconut 2006/8/18 - 14:27:38
*0* wow, this is really great, the colouring of the skin is amazing, and i really love the background as well! :D:D
golden 2006/8/19 - 1:31:23
Great shading! I really like your style :D
ryoanna 2006/8/19 - 16:59:57
neat! nice work! :)
blacklight 2006/8/19 - 19:49:49
I like the lighting. All purple and shadowy.

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