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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(2043) (link) Oekaki by dekutree64, total drawing time 1 : 48 : 9

dekutree64 2005/1/1 - 4:3:48
Hooplah! 'tis 2005.
I wanted this to be my final picture of 2004, but sadly the clock turned over while I was scribbling in the leaves up top there, which were the last essential piece.
So instead, it becomes my first of 2005! With a new innovation too, a stylish green date along with my signature.
Who loves the baby tree? (I do! I do!)
lavalizard 2005/1/1 - 21:7:22
The twistyness of that trunk~! I don't know if I could draw a trunk like that if I tried. The lighting from those glowy balls is really good too, and indeed the little tree is cute^_^. I want to look over the edge of that rocky ledge...
kelli 2005/1/2 - 20:4:12
I think it's more appropriate that it's your first picture of 2005.... the little tree seems to symbolize the new year. Well, in any case I love this picture, especially the sunny highlights on the trees.
kaira 2005/1/3 - 2:36:56
*_* ...it's so real looking... and pretty... I can just feel all the ridges in the trees. I really like how you can see the lighting through the branches. Awesome pic! And I absolutely love that little tree ^^
caym 2005/1/3 - 7:31:58
I totally agree with kaira when she says you can feel the texture of the tree. I won't go into all the details I find fantastic and I'll just say it's the most beautiful picture of a tree I have even seen.
mika-kun 2005/1/5 - 13:19:0
I like the idea that the little tree symbolises the new year, and I love the twisting trunk of the old tree....very nice!

(2042) (link) Oekaki by donteatyellowsnow, total drawing time 2 : 45 : 34

donteatyellowsnow 2004/12/30 - 22:49:19
It's Happy Bunny!!! (for those of you who don't know who happy bunny is, he's a bunny that is put on LOTS of merchandise) i used my PJ's as a ref.!!! lol i think this pic turned out good! for me at least! that backround is sooo dumb. if you watch my animation, i tryed almost EVERY texture backround possible, and they all looked cheezy.

if you havn't already guessed it, that gesture means "kiss my butt".

c&c welcome, as always!
donteatyellowsnow 2004/12/30 - 23:37:5
hmmm......that's weird.....it skipped most of my animation... oh well
shadrad 2004/12/31 - 10:57:17
If you use the undo button, it doesnt record it for the animation...so maybe thats the problem...

Anyway, I love happy bunnies!! This looks a lot like them!!! Good job!
mika-kun 2005/1/5 - 13:12:41
Hehehe....well it made me laugh.....but I think the Yellowsnow icon would have been better off in another corner....it looks like he's just made it!

(2038) (link) Oekaki by kaira, total drawing time 37 : 5 : 59

kaira 2004/12/30 - 1:40:48
In the darkness even a light can be betraying. And so began the end of the world...

*dies* That took way too long... but then, I did get interrupted a lot during it, so I'm not sure of how accurate the timer is. But I'm very happy it sent... I'm not sure what the size limit is, but I'm happy I didn't hit it (thus, my lame excuse for the blah-ish bg) ^^ And since I'm actually proud of the way it turned out, I'll shalt put it in polished... though, I'm probably going to regret it in the end. ^^; Well enjoy, and C&C welcome! ^^
kaira 2004/12/30 - 1:41:32
Ahhh... I forgot to mention I used a ref for her mask... sorry!
kaiomi 2004/12/30 - 2:35:47
Omg Psyrien...I bet that timer's accurate for all that detail you put in it. Ooooh the blue flame is very awesome and the thing she's sitting on as well as the pretty black feathers. I just realized that those black arm thingies are like yours ^^;; I think it deservedly earned a spot in polished.
mika-kun 2004/12/30 - 8:37:23
I've had a few sneak peeks at this.......yep!, I read your mad journal, and know the amount of effort you put into it...and it shows!, the headdress/mask is extremely cool and the blue flame rocks...excellent stuff!!
happywaterbottle 2004/12/30 - 10:41:26
wow this is amazing! of course it belongs to polished room (which kinda needed some amazing work haha). anyway, i love the coloring, it's so soft! i just want to touch her clothes feel how soft they are. the feathers are very well done. and don,t worry about the bg, it's pretty, simple, and it doesn't steal the attention away from the character.
your efforts paid off very well!
awesome job! :D

(2037) (link) Oekaki by sal, total drawing time 2 : 13 : 28

sal 2004/12/29 - 21:37:23
Chya. . . a random pic of a guy to kill time before I go to my friend's house. <3
mika-kun 2004/12/30 - 8:32:5
He looks pretty cool...but I like the little yellow guy better, he has the same hair as me....the yellow guy I mean...
kaiomi 2004/12/30 - 16:11:58
He has that "what you looking at?" expression ^^ Cute little smiley face in the corner :)

(2036) (link) Oekaki by cinder303, total drawing time 3 : 29 : 39

cinder303 2004/12/29 - 16:10:53
Yay! A red-haired elf person. First time I actually did an oekaki that I liked without it being eaten XD C &C please XP
mika-kun 2004/12/30 - 8:28:10
Good use of textures...and very elf-like in appearence....great job!

(2035) (link) Oekaki by spoonalshmee, total drawing time 1 : 7 : 44

spoonalshmee 2004/12/29 - 2:33:58
i got bored and figured i'd do something half decent for once. character and snow-creature both for my comic (being seventeen sucks because you're too poor to afford mass amounts of bristol..thus too much oekaki.)
kaira 2004/12/29 - 20:39:33
Ooo... big furry white lion like creature!!! *pets it to death* ^^
kaiomi 2004/12/30 - 2:37:36
It really looks fluffy! I want to ride it after *grins*
mika-kun 2004/12/30 - 8:24:49
Snow creature awesomeness....wow! I want one..
gleeful1 2004/12/30 - 18:26:51
woooow that's one awesome snow creature! looks like it could be leo from the constellations oO but this one looks better tho - looks SO regal!

(2034) (link) Oekaki by pure, total drawing time 1 : 9 : 36

pure 2004/12/28 - 21:46:49
This is me when Im happy :) only I dont have wings. I wish :p.
sakura 2004/12/28 - 23:41:39
Cute, colorufl! LOVE the wings a lot :D
kaira 2004/12/30 - 2:5:44
I like the way you put textures into her hair ^^ Cute ^^
mika-kun 2004/12/30 - 8:23:20
Having wings would be soooo cool, and a happy you is pretty damn cool too..
hellcaster_kanrou 2005/1/6 - 5:8:37
this looks a bit like my last year classmate

(2033) (link) Oekaki by saffira, total drawing time 2 : 34 : 36

saffira 2004/12/28 - 16:5:13
Kinda' sleepy...
donteatyellowsnow 2004/12/28 - 16:10:27
cool! is she on fire? or is it just me?
anjiira 2004/12/28 - 18:20:45
Woo... I love the swirly redness! *.* Very nice skin shading and great detail on the hair!
kaira 2004/12/30 - 1:56:16
I love the glowyness ^^ Awesome effect with the purple and red ^^
mika-kun 2004/12/30 - 8:20:47
Super swirly, and that hair is fantastic!..wonderful piccy!..

(2032) (link) Oekaki by donteatyellowsnow, total drawing time 1 : 49 : 45

donteatyellowsnow 2004/12/27 - 20:11:47
whew! that was hard. my first attempt at realism! this is my dog Bobo (strange name huh?) she's like.......almost 18 years old. she's not really that hairy, i just got a little carried away with the lines. i don't think i really did a great job with blending the hair colors, or choosing correct shades....but it looks okay.

c&c please!
mika-kun 2004/12/28 - 9:45:2
Not bad at all for a first attempt at realism, fur is a swine to do and I avoid it like the plague, I'd say just keep practicing, you're off to a damn good start....you could always shave the dog I suppose..;)
shadrad 2004/12/28 - 11:59:9
Its Bobo!!!!!!!!! ^_^ I think its very good for realism, better than i could do...She's very cute!!!!
anjiira 2004/12/28 - 18:17:18
Aww, this is so cute!! And a very good realism start! I love the scratchy style of the fur.
...*pets her* ^o^

(2031) (link) Oekaki by sakura, total drawing time 1 : 36 : 48

sakura 2004/12/26 - 23:52:30
w00t! It's been a few months ( maybe October was my last visit ) >_> I really haven't oekakied since then. I keep my loyality to TACO! :D Heheh

Well uhm.. A happy gothic lolita? XD Hehehe Anyways... I thought it'd be fun to do. And it surprisingly turned out the way I wanted it! Heheh

Happy Holidays x3
kaiomi 2004/12/27 - 20:10:33
Very colorful indeed! I don't know who she is exactly but you did a good job making her very cheerful ^^
mika-kun 2004/12/28 - 9:36:42
A cool looking Loligoth, that crown is hilarious, and sadly I have seen people wearing them..o_O
anjiira 2004/12/28 - 18:22:19
Wai~ Gothic Lolita!
Hehe, she looks so cute! And her clothes are very gothic lolita indeed. I love her expression and the colourfulness of this picture. Great job!
embo 2005/1/2 - 23:20:57
i remember youuuuuuu! what an awesome character design. :D

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