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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(moved) (link) Oekaki by rakiru, total drawing time 2 : 17 : 1

rakiru 2004/7/8 - 1:57:8
;_; In memory of my fat (ROUND) hammie, Chico. She's all curled up in a ball and washing ^^ *love love*. I know the bg is very plain, but I didn't wanna ruin the picture with my non-realistic-bg-ness. -_- murr..no talent in the background-making area whatsoever. Feel free to C&C.
mao 2004/7/8 - 2:18:19
EEEEH. It's Chico! Aw, it looks just like her Hammie! It's like looking at a photo. ^^ I wanna squoosh her again. ;3; (Pinch Tybby for me, will ya?)
kaira 2004/7/8 - 3:0:57
Aaaaa!!! It's soooo cute and furry ^_^ *huggles* I love how you made the corn and sunflower seeds ^_^ Awesome job!
coleslaw 2004/7/8 - 8:43:49
it is SO cute, i love it!! it looks JUST like a hamster!! :gawk: my ownly c&c would be that it looks a little unbalanced, based on the positioning of the feet. the foot on the right is turned in, and the one on the left looks either very small or barely touching the ground. but everything else is perfect! it looks alot like my old hamster, but she was a littl thinner (even when she cleaned) :D i love the corn and sunflower seeds! :sneezes:
sabaku-no-gaara 2004/7/8 - 8:57:26
:D I like this picture :) I could never do animal fur textures like that. Its so good :) kind of reminds me of a mouse I had to draw in art.

the in memory thing reminds me of my sister posting pic after pic on one oekaki of our cat hahaha..

FAT .... I like that! :P
heavenlystrike 2004/7/8 - 13:24:34
what a cute hamsteer! so adorable ;_; I can't keep hamster, they all die with me...thats me with animals -_-' but then i give them to HappyWaterBottle's family and they liiiiive! omigod I love the hamster so muchh! its so tiny and adorable ;) great job ;D
kaiomi 2004/7/8 - 14:46:36
awwww!!!! *cuteness overload* It's soo fuzzy and adorable! I don't think we can have hamsters in Hawaii if I'm not mistaken *pouts* I wanna have one now!
maggie_sue 2004/7/8 - 19:57:56
...so...cute. I dont' see what coleslaw's talking about with the feet, look fine to me, just look like the hamster is hunched over ready to nab some goodies. My only crit is the subject matter is so nicely rendered while the background is blank. Other than that, lovely job! :)
milkshake 2004/7/9 - 3:43:45
awww...cutest...darn...thing..ever *_*
senobdec 2004/7/9 - 5:12:50
Wow, that is great. Really wonderful coloring and the texture on the fur. I can see what coleslaw's talking about, the center of gravity is typically symmetrical with the feet (and here the feet are to far to the left - the hamster's right)
rose_reverie 2004/7/9 - 6:31:42
omg!! wahhh so cute... and so awesome! i love the way you did the fur - it looks very realistic. soooo cuuuuteeeee and adooraable ^^.
mitsu 2004/7/9 - 14:12:46
*squeal* That is so very adowible~! I wish I could take him home with me. :D Heh, I like hammies, too, just of a different sort. ^_^
irkyturkey 2004/7/10 - 6:41:18
awwww this is the cutest thing to come across the TACo for a long time..what cute little eyes and ears and feet..hehehe :D the corn is really drawn well, the background fits the picture nice and plain, besides its all about the fat hammie :D
enshoku 2004/7/11 - 19:37:51
Omg, I just want to eat it right now. XD;; It looks so freakin real. I just want to grab it out of the screen and chew on it. XD The details are godly. o_o
bbh 2004/7/11 - 22:55:20
Cute! Yay, a fuzzy little bundle of...FAT joy!!!! You did great!


(moved) (link) Oekaki by irkyturkey, total drawing time 15 : 34 : 43

irkyturkey 2004/7/8 - 1:54:40
well..i guess this is the quickest oekaki ive done according to the timer lol, I assure you it took way longer then that. As I usually do, I kept it open over night and worked on it slowly.. but anyway, I was so happy with my last vampire I decided to do another.. I hope you like her as much as I do :)
rock_n_roller 2004/7/8 - 1:59:59
WOW!!!!! this is gorgous!!! O_O like wow!!!
15 hours is quick hey? lol yeah well...just amazing.. keep up the awsm work!!!
rakiru 2004/7/8 - 2:3:26
Whoah! Vampire!! This is wicked cool ^^. The hair and the outfit is so awesomely retro..and..GASP.. the beauty mark!! So very classy XD! She's very attractive in a 'I'm-going-to-seduce-you-and-drink-your-blood' kind of way ^^. Wicked sweet!!
irkyturkey 2004/7/8 - 2:4:30
ah crap scrap the last comment on the timer, i resumed for some tuch ups and the worktime stated 20 minutes so I thought it would show up like that, but I guess the timer recored the correct time of 15 hours!!! lol ahh im so slow >_<
syzygy 2004/7/8 - 3:46:11
dont worry, I worked on my geisha picture for thirteen hours and it sucked... at least you get absolutely wonderful results ^^ I love the corset, its so pretty.. and her hair.. the entire picture is so Victorian, and the skin is simply gorgeous.. the wings.. *pets* I bow. and worship. *does so*
coleslaw 2004/7/8 - 8:48:7
GAH! i have been out done! ;_; i knew it was only a matter of time.

you have improved SO much, and i LOVE your style. i love the linelessness!! the corset is gorgeous, and the coloring on the white part is perfect!!! O_O the face is perfect, i love her lips and her eyes and ... her nose... and the shading on.. her entire body. there is very little room for improvement, and i dread the day you become perfect... because it will be very tricky trying to predict when you're posting and post some other time :D seriously, you're too good. quit it. :D and also.. i love the wings and the hand and the cup :O but what are the lines on her forhead, chest and arms? :O

couldn't you have posted this a few days after mine? that why i would still look like i was cool.
jellybean 2004/7/8 - 10:13:47
She looks a bit tipsy, eh? ahaha, shes beautiful, like all of your pictures. Great job on the folds, they look like they took awhile, as with the corset!
happywaterbottle 2004/7/8 - 12:11:59
15 hours?! eee! well, at least it looks AWESOME! I would have worked that much time on a pic, it would still not me perfect ;.; she's really giving me the creeps ;.; but, she's beautiful ^o^ awesome job, as always... everything is perfect.... aww *stares*
heavenlystrike 2004/7/8 - 13:9:51
*_*oh my GOD! this is such the most gorgeous vampire ever! I really picture vampire this way and its funny how you draw them that way. AHh black wings! i love black wings! so gorgeous! the clothes are so kewl Oo I love the top(corset,corsage?) and the necklace is real cool, it makes her look like royalty! the hair is really gorgeous and it fits the outfit very well! I love her dreamy/sad look, again thats how vampires should be XD AHH so pretty as alwayss o_ I'm SO saving this one! *winnks* cant wait to see more of you!
lenapo 2004/7/8 - 13:18:49
beautiful *clap* ^.^
heavenlystrike 2004/7/8 - 13:22:15
coleslaw the lines are veins XD
kaiomi 2004/7/8 - 14:48:53
Woah it's like 15th century clothes..and they match perfectly on her. Awesome job!
maggie_sue 2004/7/8 - 20:2:3
ok, I've finally gotten over the fact that you never draw hairlines or ears for your characters-it's your style :) Nice vamp, she's sexy, lol. and you gave her black wings, nice touch.
mitsu 2004/7/8 - 23:19:0
M'gawd I is scared! O_O Heh, but seriously, this is frightening yet beautiful. ^_^ My favorite parts have to be the monstrous wig and flawlessly-rendered ruffles. Yah, I <3 anything and everything old-timey. XP
aikara 2004/7/11 - 16:40:48
Again, the vampire is sooo beautiful! I love how she looks kinda drunk, and he lips are perfect o.o!!! I love the details you put in here...GAH!! This is so awsome!!! You are such a great artist!! O.O


(moved) (link) Oekaki by azure, total drawing time 2 : 7 : 16

azure 2004/7/1 - 16:44:14
Hiya ^_^ This one shall be called Girl with the Pearl Tiara. teehee ^_^
kaiomi 2004/7/1 - 17:13:14
amazing...it looks so real...I love her eyes so much. This is just crazy...I think it's perfect o_o I want to eat your drawing skills right now.
kaira 2004/7/1 - 17:35:53
Wow... That's just so pretty and realistic... *stares*
And we do so like the pearl tiara ^_^ Her eyes are so bright too ^_^ ...this pic is awesome! ^_^
hvnboundelyx 2004/7/1 - 17:54:21
It's not fair... YOU can draw pearls! lol AND HAIR! lovely piece, and i love her eyes, they are beautiful... great shading.
jellybean 2004/7/1 - 18:35:3
Did you draw the people for shrek or something? that hair texture exactly matches the shrek hair!! haha is this because of your pearl necklace drawing? well, this is AMAZING. hall of fame in no time. the eyes are so real!!! and I love the way one eyebrow is raised up! The skin textures are absolutely astonishing, and wow, this is like, WOW probably one of the best oekakis I've seen.
azure 2004/7/1 - 19:51:55
Hehe, yep, I decided to do a Pearl Tiara one because of the Pear Necklace one. Since someone already did a "Girl with the Pearl Earring" I don't think I'll do that, though. Thanks for the comments ^_^
kiwi 2004/7/1 - 20:42:55
Oh my god! Those eyes...that hair! This looks so professionally done! she's so beautiful, and those pearls looks so shiney and real! absolutely amazing! I can't get over how incredible this looks! Amazing....
draco_plato 2004/7/1 - 21:24:4
O_O *drools* so....good....
stargazing 2004/7/2 - 0:48:35
o-o...awesome...those eyes like draw you in
rakiru 2004/7/2 - 5:45:55
o_o I wish my eyes were that gorgeous...AND ACK...I want to be the girl with the pearl tiara ;_;. It's so pretty and shiny!!! Another fantabulous art! So very real!!
syzygy 2004/7/2 - 19:25:41
wow, you know? Just.. wow. Her skin.. her hair (especially the hair0 and the eyes.. youre so good at this! Her eyes just swallow you, and I love you you can see *every last strand* of hair... shes so pretty.. just wow.
chrislagace 2004/7/2 - 21:16:3
*_* pretty *_*
crazy90 2004/7/3 - 2:27:56
When I read jellybean's comment I started to stare at your piece of artwork and Hey! she looks like Fiona from shrek... hehehe...
anywayz I luff it~
The eyes, pearl and hair... soo real.
mitsu 2004/7/4 - 19:31:39
Holy cow dipped in whipped cream! Absolutely gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous eyes!!!! They have so much depth. O.O I love the skin, too; it's delightfully metalic and smoooooth... :3
troubled_youth 2004/7/12 - 12:49:6
when i saw this, i literally whispered "wow". excellent job. hall of famer , in my opinion.


(moved) (link) Oekaki by maggie_sue, total drawing time 7 : 7 : 10

maggie_sue 2004/6/29 - 2:17:4
...been saving and resuming on this one all week, and the photo still looks better. Anywho, like I said, I was inspired by all the "draw yourself" kaki's that I decided to do another one. Reference used, [link] it's my deviant ID, yeah... I got really lazy on the hair, bah...
spazzingjuliet 2004/6/29 - 3:2:37
Wow...that's just...wow. I love how you got the texture of the hair and skin so perfectly.
kaira 2004/6/29 - 3:25:0
It's so pretty... I love the hair... It looks like flames ^_^ Beautiful.
stargazing 2004/6/29 - 5:15:46
wow ...this is awesome
kiwi 2004/6/29 - 10:12:35
omfg that hair is so awesome!!! It's so ....so....prettiful! I wanna steal your hair! Awesome highlights and shading too! I'd say this is altogether amazing!!! ^o^
jellybean 2004/6/29 - 10:23:44
It looks EXACTLY the same! except the words are in different places! thats amazing!!!!
draco_plato 2004/6/29 - 12:50:2
mmph, you lie!!! The picture and this look almost exactly the same!! Infact I like this version better even! What cool hair, it's so bright it burns.
kougra_girl 2004/6/29 - 13:42:26
dude...the hair looks realistic!!!!! this looks like its the actuall photo! =O amazing....
korn_girl 2004/6/29 - 14:25:36
HOLY CHEESE!!! *stares in awe* wow that is so cool...... O_O *stares somemore*
lavalizard 2004/6/29 - 15:49:51
That's some totally awesome hair!
syzygy 2004/6/29 - 15:50:35
ooo pretty.. *pets hair*
pretty! Very well done.. the hair is spectacular, and I think its a very very good piece.. perfect ^_^
caprious 2004/6/29 - 16:16:0
Woo, red hair... I have red hair... In a way. Awesome pic, I could never do realism.
bbh 2004/6/29 - 16:21:8
Holy Mother of Pearl! The hair totally rocks my socks and the lips are so pretty. x.x
monkeyman 2004/6/29 - 17:24:56
WOW!! the hair is...amazing!!! its so realistic but then again its not b/c its so...red, or bright? excellent work!
maggie_sue 2004/6/29 - 18:2:28
thankies on all the feedback! Monkey, look at the reference pic, the brightness is from tampering with contrast. I do not have red hair, lol, but it is blue underneath, as seen in the picture.


(moved) (link) Oekaki by dekutree64, total drawing time 7 : 28 : 35

dekutree64 2004/6/28 - 3:25:30
Ahh, it's been way too long since I drew anything worthwhile.
I might have to make a manga about that dude^^
senobdec 2004/6/28 - 3:50:7
That is awesome looking, even with the DBZ-ish hair. Nice soft pencil look.
lavalizard 2004/6/28 - 4:5:53
I'd say that's one of your best ever^__^. So much atmosphere and feeling. That sky is awesome, being all black, fading up to that ominous sun. The castle's nice and crisp too, and that's the coolest cape. I wanna see the manga^__^
happywaterbottle 2004/6/28 - 9:59:32
EEE! this is the most gorgeous oekaki i've ever seen! I love the textures! How did you do that with the oekaki applet?! you're crazy! you're great! I love the clouds! teehee! That little guy reminds me of Crono in Chrono Trigger. I guess he just had a makeover... oki now i shut up! Awesome job!
*saves the piccie*
oh yeah, and i want to see that manga too! ;)
cutie_1 2004/6/28 - 14:39:44
That is SOO crazily good. No crits. the whole thing is amazing.
syzygy 2004/6/28 - 16:15:9
omg. You people sicken me! Youre so gooooooddd...... *whines* Its so prefect! I love the bg.. the clouds are just.. so yummy..
kelli 2004/6/28 - 17:23:13
I love that castle and the clouds behind it.....and the whole thing..^_^
Good job!
kaiomi 2004/6/28 - 17:27:19
damn...I love how the clouds reflect the sun, especially the black ones. I really think it could be like a cover for some si-fi book with all of it's great awesomeness. Very nice!
surreal 2004/6/28 - 19:22:18
So much detail! I'm seriously loving this! I <3333 THOSE CLOUDS. And that castle is just...WOW. Oh by the way, I love those clouds. Didn't I say that already? O_o;
Well yes. I absolutely adore this picture and I wish it be moved to the Hall of Fame. :DD
jellybean 2004/6/28 - 20:19:57
that is a loottttt of detail! this is going to be in the HOF and you KNOW IT!! that is amazing, amazing!! i thought it was a real picture, then realized, pictures aren't that good!!!
kiwi 2004/6/28 - 20:47:45
Holy crudge this is looking so awesomeness!!! I love the detail in the...everything!! especially the sky...it looks so pretty and it's-the-end-of-the-world-ish!! XD This kinda reminds me of Chrono Trigger...
tayley-chan 2004/6/28 - 21:10:35
One word.


the GOOD kind of epic.
maggie_sue 2004/6/29 - 2:24:27
Ooooh, *goes to watch animation*
kaira 2004/6/29 - 3:26:26
Wow... that. is. Awesome. ^_^
bbh 2004/6/29 - 16:22:32
Hmmm, reminds me of the first adventure of Van Von Hunter XD. That castle rocks my socks, it's just so spooky and neat :O


(moved) (link) Oekaki by irkyturkey, total drawing time 9 : 3 : 6

irkyturkey 2004/6/12 - 12:2:13
what would a rose look like if it were human..?
heavenlystrike 2004/6/12 - 13:14:15
It is such the prettiest ever O_O omg it made me think of a rose the second I saw it..IrkyTurkey your too talented and you know it XD another masterpiece *sigh* unfair how you got talent Xx...I luf your art...cant wait to see the next 'kaki
syzygy 2004/6/12 - 14:39:12
*why* in Jeebus's name is none of your stuff in the hall of fame yet?! Its amazing! The textures are *wonderful* and shes just so pretty.. if I were to give you everthing I liked about this it would take up the whole page ><
embo 2004/6/12 - 20:26:49
lol syzygy, she has atleast three pieces already in hall of fame.

great idea. you do such a wonderful job with faces. She looks so iridescent, such shimmering technique. very very lovely. amazing details.
syzygy 2004/6/12 - 22:3:31
yes, yes I know that, but they were all quite a while ago and I want them to update the Hall of Fame ^___________________^ (Knows theyve done it recently, wants em to do it again)
mitsu 2004/6/13 - 11:42:15
:O Holy cheese doritos, Batman! @.@ So delicate and gorgeous and whimsical. Another amazing one from the amazing turkey!
pif 2004/6/13 - 16:18:10
i LOVE her hair O_O!!
she looks so feminine and dainty, it's gorgeous.
maggie_sue 2004/6/14 - 14:0:15
This is beautimous, I love her pose, yeah... She looks so peaceful! If I may suggest, the lack of visable hairline is one nit-picky thing that I see-but that's it! Other than that, this is lovely!
lorelai 2004/9/19 - 14:17:9
Hall of Fame'd. Congratulations!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by anjiira, total drawing time 16 : 27 : 8

anjiira 2004/6/8 - 18:53:21
This was... gruelling. >>
after so many hours of toil, there are still things wrong with it x.x
ref used: [link]

i think i'll go back and draw original stuff now..

R.I.P hand.
akiko 2004/6/8 - 19:6:43
O.o;;; wow. yeah that pretty much sums it up. nice job this look exatcly like the refrence.....wow...
anjiira 2004/6/8 - 19:42:24
Oh yes and I forgot to mention how much I love mana, Mana is so t3h r0xors, that why I tried to draw him. >)
rose_reverie 2004/6/8 - 20:3:38
whoooaaa... that is SO awesome. i can't believe you actually made this on oekaki... wahhh it actually looks exactly like mana!
rock_n_roller 2004/6/8 - 22:59:5
OMG!! this is so good! it looks identical to the link! seriously! WOW O_o..it is amazing! this is like one freakin awsm picture! good job!!! =D
cutie_1 2004/6/9 - 0:16:0
Oooo I love this! The blue shades look ausome together, and I especially likie the eyes. Loving it!
jakusama 2004/6/9 - 9:29:58
..wow. That is incredible. *pets the hair* o.o Yeah the running commentary in the animation was good too.. I want icecream now. >< Excellent job.
kaiomi 2004/6/9 - 16:37:20
oh wow....*is speechless* the hair is uber nifty with all of it's fuffily goodness ^^ I love his lips ^^
kodocha 2004/6/10 - 21:1:48
Wow.... all I can say.
kiwi 2004/6/10 - 22:5:49
Wai! That's just like the picture...so detailed and acurate! This is so amazing, and the shading on the hair and his skin is so great too! (I am presuming this is a he because I am not familiar with Jrockers and mistake all pretty guy ones for females, so I think this is a guy...if I'm wrong, you have the right to bash me over the head with a fridge) ... ahem ... anyway, very amazing!
mitsu 2004/6/10 - 22:33:53
J-rockers scare me, but this is lovely nevertheless. ^^ The hair is especially well-done; it's so feathery and soft.
irkyturkey 2004/6/12 - 12:4:58
wow...this looks exactly like the ref...you are too good >_<
lorelai 2004/9/19 - 14:11:53
Hall of Fame'ed. Congratulations!
raspberryjam 2004/10/15 - 21:57:37
omg...*stares* i love this...
raspberryjam 2004/11/8 - 17:10:8
hey its mana!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by eevee, total drawing time 1 : 48 : 29

eevee 2004/6/3 - 23:11:54
Forgive me, I am so inactive here u_u

This is a bit creepy now that I look at it again. o_O Sorry for the lame background, I didn't feel like working on it anymore after all that fur, which is REALLY hard to do with a mouse. ;_; But anyway, I hope my creepy little kitten is allowed to stay in the Polished room. :3 C + C is welcome also.
syzygy 2004/6/3 - 23:22:28
omfg.. KAWAII!!! *steals and pets*
draco_plato 2004/6/3 - 23:24:20
This is so horribly cute, but in a good way! It looks so soft I wanna touch it *_* and those eyes.....those eyes are so awesome!!! KYAAA! Cuteness overload! *runs away*
rose_reverie 2004/6/3 - 23:24:34
ahhh!! it's so freakishly cute o_o!!! i can't believe you actually did this with a mouse.... the way you colored the fur is sooo amazing.... wahhh it's soooooooo cute!!
purrdy 2004/6/3 - 23:25:1
KITTY! I love this.. ;_; Can I keep it?? Pleaaaassshhh!?
*right click. save!*
so cute! @.@ I really like how you did the fur ^.^ Awesome!
buttermilk-elf 2004/6/4 - 0:33:19
awww. i think this icould definately be HoF material... the eyes are mesmerising. they look like they stretch on forever. wow. this is the most beautifully perfect oekaki i have seen. ever.
ri-su 2004/6/4 - 0:50:20
its so....puffy ^^ and cute, i love it so much! specially the eyes. i could glare at them for hours.
mariemaia 2004/6/4 - 0:57:38
CREEPY MY BUTT!!! This thing is ADORABLE and there's nothing you can say to change it! >:D
naty 2004/6/4 - 1:2:53
Eeeeh!!! You made the furrr so realistic! *.*; Holy cow! That is uber kawaii!! ;w; the eyes go so beautifully with the pinkness, gyahhh! I'm sold! It's the cutest thing I've gazed upon! *is dumbfounded*
gleeful1 2004/6/4 - 1:58:1
whoa. i can't really see it that well b/c i'm on a laptop, but i can TELL that u did an EXCELLENT job on the fur. omg, and those eyes just give this little puff ball a character and existance in the world of cute kittes. this pic is one-of-a-kind! XD
kaiomi 2004/6/4 - 3:50:23
omg...it's so freakingly fuzzy *has the sudden urge to squish it* O_o I want to have purple eyes like that ^^ very cute...I specially love the ears
peanutsweeper 2004/6/4 - 11:10:44
Awwww! I want a plushie of that so bad! It's adorable--and the fur and the eyes are incredible!
pie 2004/6/4 - 13:30:55
IT'S SO FUZZY!!! I love it. So much. I want one. I love the eyes too, and that cute little nose ^.^
lenapo 2004/6/4 - 15:50:47
oh. my. GOD!!!!!! O____O I LOVE IT!!! *devours*
jellybean 2004/6/5 - 0:42:35
*saves* *screams* OMG THAT IS SO CUTE ITS SCARY! I'm amazed with the eyes, they look real! And of course, the fur is so to die for! Amazing!!!
kaira 2004/6/5 - 20:20:48
IT'S SO ADORABLE!!! *picks it up and runs away* The eyes and furriness are driving me crazy! I just love it! Awesome pic! I wish you would make it into a plushie!! ^_^
enshoku 2004/6/6 - 11:44:13
It's so creepy and cute at the same time. The coloring on the fur is amazing~
artistmonkey 2004/6/6 - 14:46:24
!!!!! OMFG! the CUTENESS is just overwhelming!!! *dies* so fuzzy and furry and cute! X3 i love the eyes~ they're so pretty~~

you can't stop me from saving this...oh no. >:33
squirtle 2004/6/6 - 15:12:19
Holy moly that's CUTE~! geeez how in the world did you do it? man... dude... wowe...^_^
and it's nice to see another pokemon name here Eevee-chan^^
irkyturkey 2004/6/7 - 19:25:9
lol that is so cute it almost scares me!
lorelai 2004/9/19 - 14:12:1
Hall of Fame'ed. Congratulations!
paintofdreams 2004/10/24 - 3:23:21
watermelon 2004/11/16 - 0:14:34
that is so cute i just want to take it out of the computer and sqeeze it!! :D
violet 2005/3/24 - 2:48:12
That is so totally KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by mika-kun, total drawing time 1 : 50 : 47

mika-kun 2004/6/1 - 2:57:24
Suzu's atomic genome project.
lenapo 2004/6/1 - 12:8:32
woah.. thats awesome!
mitsu 2004/6/1 - 16:51:27
I'm not sure ~what~ it is, but it's pretty darn cool. XD Your 3d imitation skills are amazing! *o*
cutie_1 2004/6/1 - 20:17:25
wowwww you r reallyyyy good at making every thing even and 3D ish
jellybean 2004/6/2 - 0:40:59
thats freaky. I'm gettin de-ja vous (i cant spell and i dont know french!) thats so real and can be interpreted so many ways. the yellow part is photorealistic, and the rings look like computer graphics from a movie. XD you are goood
kaiomi 2004/6/2 - 2:33:18
omg...I love that background!!! You are totally awesome at making things 3-d ^^ *envies*
z1ggy 2004/6/2 - 5:20:54
Guys, that picture so obviously depicts the entire secret of life. You'll hurt mika-kun's feelings if you say they are party rings on a lemon cake ^^ Anyway, wonderful picture, well done! We oughta see more of those subjects around.
irkyturkey 2004/6/2 - 9:17:46
beautiful ideas, beautiful art..
gleeful1 2004/6/10 - 15:17:7
*snorts* ha! party rings on a lemon cake?? haha, funny! even though i have no clue what that is, i feel that this pic has a very deep meaning. (probably b/c i'm still trying to figure out what i'm looking at ^^;;;) it makes me think of genes (and ur comment kind looks like that). beautiful gold and vein-like... pathways... in the bg *she's having difficulty expressing how she feels about this pic*. the colors in the bg look like those kinds of colors u would find in a sunset. yup. very nice pic indeed. i'm not sure if this is my fav from u - that pic w/ the spaceship was really neat too.. eh, well, i <3 all ur pics. ^.^
lorelai 2004/9/19 - 14:12:9
Hall of Fame'ed. Congratulations!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by lenapo, total drawing time 20 : 19 : 58

lenapo 2004/5/27 - 14:58:2
aw crap >_< it seems to be that the compression or something made it... not as pretty as it looked in the applet! oh well, luckily i screen caped before i sent so I still have the smoother version :) yay
lenapo 2004/5/27 - 15:1:22
oh and C&C is welcome :)
heavenlystrike 2004/5/27 - 15:57:29
Holly... Ah this is SO nice :O you are very very good this is so gorgeous and flowy its as if the person was actually creating cloudss your style is amazing and the picture freaks me out by it's beauty. the hand is wonderful :D incredible work you got there lenapo ;)
lauren 2004/5/27 - 17:45:55
I love that hand like whoa.
gleeful1 2004/5/27 - 20:6:9
very misty feel. looks like the person is forgotten and fading away into nothingness. awesome pic!
embo 2004/5/29 - 0:30:55
your work is easy to overlook, just because it's so subtle, but when you notice the little details the picture is so heart-wrenching, much like this one. i love absolutely everything about this picture--it must have taken forever! <3
mika-kun 2004/5/30 - 14:14:27
Agrees with Embo, very subtle....and so well done...
senobdec 2004/5/31 - 21:58:15
Very neat. Hm... maybe the neck's a tad thick? This looks great. And yes, I also like the hand. But the face looks even cooler.
lorelai 2004/9/19 - 14:12:21
Hall of Fame'ed. Congratulations!
dorothyblueeyes 2006/7/30 - 13:34:23
Wow,I love this one the most;on the large scale,you can see what youre talking about.best view of it.

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