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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(2085) (link) Oekaki by ienjoydrawing, total drawing time 2 : 1 : 39

ienjoydrawing 2005/1/26 - 5:57:3
Argh. This was going to be in the test room (testing out different kind of coloring and stuff) but I'll leave it here instead. ;^;

Done with mouse. Mostly coloring/background practice (I need a lot more practice T_____T).
Critiques would be nice, especially on coloring and lighting.
jellybean 2005/1/26 - 9:14:38
wow, loving the sketchy style! and the little-dots coloring is awesome too! very unique piece, i love it!
snoopywar 2005/1/26 - 20:0:19
I like the expression and the eyes. n_______n

The background is cool too. Dots. :3
bananarana 2005/1/26 - 21:52:33
Another mouse picture! Wait, let me correct that... another GOOD mouse picture! Wow wow, that's a fun way to color! It's like pointillism... but not. XD Makes me want to try it out. =d
happywaterbottle 2005/1/27 - 18:34:50
many ppl here draw with a mouse. I am being one of them... doesn't mean that your pic will look like crap if it was done w/ a mouse... I won't start the whole tablet/mouse debate, but i think that it's not the medium that makes the quality v.v
that being said, I must say i love the coloring style too 'o' we shall call it wannabe-pointilism (however this is spelt...) I also like the sketchy lines 'o' and his eyes too. and the bg oO
awesome job n.n
ienjoydrawing 2005/1/27 - 22:18:29
I guess I kinda sounded like drawing with a mouse isn't as good? Sorry about that if that's the case. T3T Actually I think it'd be great to be able to do well with either; one is not necessarily better than the other because I've seen some people produce awesome stuff with a tablet, and others with a mouse. TwT
milkshake 2005/1/28 - 4:33:50
ooo, great style, I love the angle too, kind of slightly looking up.
bananarana 2005/1/31 - 18:50:46
:o I didn't mean to sound rude when I said, "another good mouse picture..." I know that there are many wonderful mouse artists that put tablet users to shame, and vice versa. I think I was so impressed because I usually just assume that everyone uses a tablet (one site I frequented had *one* mouse user out of the 30+ tablet users @_@), so when I find out a mouse was used, my jaw literally drops. ^^;; Sorry again if I offended anyone. =x
ienjoydrawing 2005/2/1 - 23:16:24
I'm not sure which comment you were referring to. ._. If you're talking about my second comment, that one was in response to happywaterbottle. But it's all good; pretty sure most of the people who draw here have similar views about the tablet and mouse thing. :3
maggie_sue 2005/2/3 - 0:52:25
*holds up her little overused mouse for all to see* I agree with happywaterbottle. Tablets are great for quickly getting all the information into the canvas from observing your subject matter, it's like using your entire arm and a huge piece of newsprint, taking nice long strokes with a piece of charcoal. I've never used a tablet, I've always stuck with my mouse-makes me work harder and longer on my stuff--that's why you don't see me around here that often, lol, I spend like, 7+ hours on my oekaki's (have one in the works at this moment, actually). So, I mean, get used to it-you'll develope a very steady hand using a mouse, which will help you with other media in the future. Don't blame the mouse--it's doing the best it can, lol. Mine's about to kick it--this is like, the 3rd one I've gone through, lol. Just keep at it.

(2084) (link) Oekaki by paco, total drawing time 1 : 42 : 13

paco 2005/1/25 - 23:30:23
well, long story short, this is the second draft of this picture. all i have to say is, someone tripped over my laptop's power cord the first time.

hi, i'm new here! i've never actually used an oekaki before, though i have been in paintchats. so this is kind of new for me.

this is a picture of Fox, one of my characters. his nose is rather a bit too big in this picture, and the colors may be a bit off as i did this on my laptop.

anyhow. pleased to be here! :) i hope this qualifies as "polished."
irkyturkey 2005/1/26 - 8:55:31
Welcome to Oekaki, you have done a wonderful job, especially for your first time using oekaki! This is beautiful!!, He is beautiful! i think his nose looks great, its not too long,. ooh and gorgeous green eyes and nice lips aswell! you have execellent realism skills!! i hope my realism begins looking as real as yours oneday! wow and the colours mould perfectly together, I hope to see more from you in the future!! :D
heavenlystrike 2005/1/26 - 19:34:9
first oekaki? *jaw drops* it's it's it's GORGEOUS its its awesome its all the adjectives in the world that could mean WOW. I love it all all all! Argh its just so pwetty X_x unfair how much talent you have...I predict very impressive oekakis to come from you :D and oh, Welcoooooooome :3
snoopywar 2005/1/26 - 19:59:2
I like that he has green eyes. ^____^

That hair is pretty darn cool too. X3
bananarana 2005/1/26 - 21:51:1
a.sdjhfaiwehlfaie <333 I LOVE this! Lovely, lovely coloring/shading/composition. His sea green eyes look so beautiful against the dark hair... ::purrs:: The lips are perfect, and the nose doesn't look bad at all! Any smaller and it wouldn't've looked realistic. Wonderful job <3
milkshake 2005/1/28 - 4:35:16
hey welcome to TACo, this is wonderful, great painterly feel :)
senobdec 2005/2/3 - 5:8:9
Welcome! You have an practiced style, I'm sure you'll enjoy it here. Nice job on those lips and the shading around the nose and cheek.

(2082) (link) Oekaki by heavenlystrike, total drawing time 2 : 54 : 49

heavenlystrike 2005/1/24 - 20:24:58
hope this one is okay for polished, else you can move it!
HEEYY :3 anyone remembers mee? (well i know you do waterbottle, but zou art an exception...)
I really gotta start praticing with my mouse again...WELL please comment? :3
happywaterbottle 2005/1/24 - 20:34:6
OoooH! 'tis sooo pwetty! I LOVE her eyes! 'o' I also love the skin tones n.n the bg is very simple, but it's nice o.O oh yeah, and her lips are gorgeous!
I'm very glad you're back n.n and I'm sure some ppl will pop back just to say hello yo you n.n *cough*
rae 2005/1/24 - 21:53:0
the name heavenlystrike does ring a bell... anyway, i like this pic- she's pretty with cool hair and yellow eyes. nice jewellery to & i think the expression is well drawn. :)
fid99 2005/1/25 - 10:32:3
omg hiii !! i'm glad you are back !! :)
i hope to see more of your work later on !! :)
irkyturkey 2005/1/25 - 12:34:48
Ofcourse i remember you HeavenlyStrike!!! I drew a character of yours because i liked it so much!! how can i forget your great art?!! your characters are just so awesome and this one is just as lovely!! look at her pretty jewelery!! ooh yellow eyes how pretty :) draw more !!
bananarana 2005/1/26 - 21:39:22
o_O You did this on a mouse?! I am mouse-illiterate (no, that doesn't make sense)... I've tried before, and the end results were never pretty. I congratulate you on your superior mouse-literacy (that doesn't make sense either) skills! XD

(2081) (link) Oekaki by azure, total drawing time 1 : 32 : 32

azure 2005/1/24 - 20:1:0
The colour scheme came from Dearka of Gundam Seed, but otherwise I was just having fun with colouring. ^_^
snoopywar 2005/1/24 - 20:22:6
His hair is really cool. u.u

I have a strange obsession with hair. X3
The light effect is cool. ^__^
heavenlystrike 2005/1/24 - 20:26:35
acckk I love your colors o_ they are so awesome...hes hot n_n i want zee necklacee and your shading... :3 im going to steal them away XD please do more and more
azure 2005/1/24 - 20:34:38
Hehe, thanks! I like the hair too, even though his anatomy is a bit messed up. The hair was the funnest part. ^_~
pippi 2005/1/25 - 14:0:46
That necklace reminds me of Makube X's from GetBackers, except his is a dolphin. I'll have to agree with everyone else, the hair rocks. I also like his eyes and the ear.
watermelon 2005/1/25 - 19:7:58
omg! i wanna date him sooo bad!! hehe.
really nice shining ^_^
bananarana 2005/1/26 - 21:37:32
Eee, sparkle sparkle sparkle. :D I loooove the ray of light... makes him all sparkly and pretty and heavenly and such. <3 And I wanna take your bishie home with me. :x Maybe I can just borrow him for the night...? :D;;

(2080) (link) Oekaki by crys, total drawing time 1 : 57 : 46

crys 2005/1/24 - 19:0:48
man..this one was hard...i started on it last night...and i saved it b/c i had skool..so it should be about 2 hours...over all i think i really like it..:)
snoopywar 2005/1/24 - 19:55:49
Woah.... O.o;;

That is some crazy abstract art! o.O;; I love it! XD
bananarana 2005/1/26 - 21:35:40
LORD OF THE FLIES AHHH! Okay, maybe not. But seeing this makes me think of a mask, which makes me think of Lord of the Flies (enhanced by the tree-plant things)... I'm gonna stop now.
Anyway! It's a very... creepy piece (sorry if that offends you). But a very well-done creepy piece! A good creepy. Yes. ::shuts up::

(2079) (link) Oekaki by tarren, total drawing time 5 : 26 : 18

tarren 2005/1/23 - 23:3:25
Guess who? XD erm. I hope this is okay for polished. Timer's off by an hour or two; I left to eat and stuff. Ref pic used : [link]

C&C is welcome =D
and I knew I messed up on his face >>;;
blumeaniandglove 2005/1/23 - 23:48:20
I like the highlights and shadows on the skin

and i like that its blue ^^
kaiomi 2005/1/24 - 1:18:35
He's got nice arms ^^ Hyde! *grins* wonderful how you used a mixture of bright blue and black...makes it look like he's glowing from awesome-ness XP
aikara 2005/1/24 - 20:42:37
The blue is strikingly endearing <33
I love it.
bananarana 2005/1/26 - 21:31:9
It's still very nice, in spite of your claims of "messing up the face." Maybe it's because the head is a tiny bit small (though I didn't notice it until I looked at the reference pic). Still, though, this was beautifully done--the coloring is outstanding, and the subject is very hawt in spite of the cool tones. <3
kaira 2005/1/28 - 23:53:18
OMG!!! *tackle glomps* ^__________^ We love Hyde ^^

...anywho, I love the blue lighting you used, it really caught my eye (well that and the fact that it was hyde) ^^ Awesome job! ^^
kaye 2005/2/5 - 17:22:34
WHOA. @__@ *stares* This is...brilliant D:
tarren 2005/2/16 - 7:42:30
xD Thanks guys <3 I should hang out here more often. *needs realism practice xD; *

(2078) (link) Oekaki by dekutree64, total drawing time 7 : 7 : 37

dekutree64 2005/1/23 - 4:49:20
Sorry to post this unfinished, but my browser crashed while I was typing the comment for it>_<

My usual charas looking badass just to be silly, sometime on their journey to learn more about magic/history/stuff later on in my nonexistant story^^ Featuring Delta in a pointy hat, which she will wear once her magic gets to be nice and strong.
dekutree64 2005/1/23 - 4:54:35
Err, there's a link to the finished version (praise the lord for creating the print-screen button), only unfinished on the actual page here is what I meant to say...
snoopywar 2005/1/23 - 10:19:8
So far it looks awesome. ^____^

I want to see it when its done. >.< X3
happywaterbottle 2005/1/23 - 10:22:5
oh man, i saw the finished version, and your landscapes are to die for! the mountains are amazing! the trees are just spectacular, as usual, and the characters so well done :D awesome folds in the witch's dress too oO
*goes back to stare at the picture*
snoopywar 2005/1/23 - 12:10:58
Oh wow. Didn't notice the link. O.o;; Silly me. XD

It is really awesome. >.< Love the little power ball thing in the witch's hands. X3
kougra_girl 2005/1/23 - 15:17:40
personally...i think it looks better like this. it makes the characters stick out ^.^;
lavalizard 2005/1/23 - 16:14:29
Lovely night-blue ambience in this one^_^. Those are some cool looking trees and castley walls. I think my favorite part is the cloth of Katsu's outfit. You got the wrinkles and folds perfect^_^. Cool glow from the magic ball too.
Hmm, Katsu looks like she's about to stab Delta in the back with that sword... :-)
bananarana 2005/1/26 - 21:28:53
Oh wow. Oh wow oh wow oh wow. This is... wonderfully nice. Stupendous. Beautiful. Lots of other words I'm too lazy to come up with right now. Great use of solids; just goes to show how you don't have to master the paintery feel in order to create a nice composition.

(2077) (link) Oekaki by crys, total drawing time 1 : 50 : 29

crys 2005/1/23 - 0:53:25
blah..i wold have to say..this would be one of my bestest...i actually like this one...alot of effot was put into it too...got kinda lazy with the background..so i thought i would do some cool looking abostracty looking ..things
pippi 2005/1/25 - 13:56:12
The designs in the background look like symbols, or runes or the like.

Good job with the shading and highlighting, although the shading on the face could be darker.
Nice profile, and the blue hair is cool.
bananarana 2005/1/26 - 21:22:27
I keep thinking those symbol things are actual letters... maybe you should make a language and stick those in there! That'd be awesome xD (or maybe I should do that instead, since I'm so ecstatic about it). X3;
Great job with the profile. And you drew a hairline! I HATE drawing hairlines (the wonders of bangs).

(2076) (link) Oekaki by kira, total drawing time 1 : 6 : 26

kira 2005/1/21 - 12:27:13
I love these guys! Woot.. Pic from..
its number 12! YEA. *jams to green day!
C&C Please!
jellybean 2005/1/21 - 18:0:44
i love greenday too! great pic!
snoopywar 2005/1/21 - 19:58:6
Awesome work!! XD

Greenday ROCKS!!! X3 The hair is awesome, really looks like him. ^_^
watermelon 2005/1/25 - 19:5:25
Don't wanna be an American idiot.
Don't want a nation under the new mania.
And can you hear the sound of hysteria?
The subliminal mind **** America.


bananarana 2005/1/26 - 21:19:9
The hair is wonderfully done... lovely shading; nice job in general! xD

(2075) (link) Oekaki by watermelon, total drawing time 21 : 40 : 1

watermelon 2005/1/20 - 19:25:19
i no it looks like i spent 21 hours on this but it only took me like 2 (i went to volleyball practice, slept, and went to school during it)
its from the song "light up" i hope u like it :D
c+c welcome
mika-kun 2005/1/24 - 1:15:6
Ah! a nice uncluttered pic, kind of soothing, I like the way the bottom of the box dissapears into a fuzzy shadow....like there's a lot of dust in the air, I keep expecting Abbot and Costello to walk in and every time the thin one looks away the candle will move around making the fat one splutter.......
bananarana 2005/1/26 - 21:16:54
I bow down to your light coloring skills. I've tried doing lamps/candles/light bulbs, but I've never been able to get the coloring right. And here you are perfectly accomplishing it. Good job!
watermelon 2005/1/27 - 19:6:44
o wait, the song's called "run" which makes like no sense but whatever. and it's by snow patrol :D

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