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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(2098) (link) Oekaki by floof_wolf, total drawing time 2 : 41 : 1

floof_wolf 2005/2/2 - 14:7:26
Hi! I am Zenia and I am new to TACo! Hope it is ok to post my first drawing here in the polished room. This one took about half the time it says... I was reading fanfics while drawing :3
heavenlystrike 2005/2/2 - 15:41:6
It is a wonderful drawing n_n i love her lipss o_˘ you are using solids so well...not fair. The colors are lovely I love red and black :3 :3 I hope you will draw more soon ! Welcome to TACo :D I predict a impressive oekaki career here!
snoopywar 2005/2/2 - 20:14:26
She is absolutely lovely! ^____^ :3

The border line is nice. ^_____^ Nice first picture at TACo. ^___^
ienjoydrawing 2005/2/2 - 21:22:0
Hey, welcome to the board. Cool first oekaki, too-- the solids are nice. Hope to see more from you! 'w'b
milkshake 2005/2/3 - 1:56:30
This is wonderful, I love your style, and great bg :) welcome!
senobdec 2005/2/3 - 4:40:32
Very cool. Like everyone else, dig the lips and eyes.
pure 2005/2/4 - 23:11:54
I know you!....but you dont know me...>_> I'm a lurker[[and shouldnt be xD]] on a diff. board that you go on. Awesome pic :)
bananarana 2005/2/9 - 16:38:35
Wow, can you say "beautiful eyes?" XD Welcome to TACo! A very lovely introductory piece, if I do say so myself. The background is giving me some inspiration to draw, actually. X3 Look forward to seeing more from you! ::scuttles away::

(2097) (link) Oekaki by frosty_glow, total drawing time 2 : 14 : 56

frosty_glow 2005/1/31 - 5:24:37
fall in love with your deep dark sin...
yumeji 2005/1/31 - 8:55:52
I love the Magna Carta feel I get from this. Would make a nice desktop/layout. However, the girl does look as if she's been compressed to fit the screen.
snoopywar 2005/1/31 - 10:10:46
I love the dark feeling that you get from watching the poor girl get sucked into whatever darkness it is thats supposed to be enveloping her. (?) ^_^;;;

Perhaps I just like dark feelings. I don't know. u.u;;; Its a lovely sorrowful feeling.
angie 2005/1/31 - 11:20:37
ooo wow I love this!! I love how you created such a dark mood with the colours!!! *is in awe*
ienjoydrawing 2005/1/31 - 17:6:50
Your coloring is amazing! It really creates the overall mood and expresses that dark feeling well. Really cool stuff; I hope you create some more awesome drawings here! ^o^b
bananarana 2005/1/31 - 19:38:56
I am in love with the feelings evoked from this picture. The dark tones so clearly set a haunting mood; this makes me want to write a story. Something along the lines of, "It consumed her, snaking around her body and stealing away her breath. Skeletal fingers clawed at her skin, drawing her further into the darkness where the black chasm of sin awaited." I have no life. XD
syzygy 2005/1/31 - 21:34:17
Its.. so.. pretty.. you have great talent, and I love the scheme.. The man behind the curtain.. scary.. You kick butt. I love you. *bows*
frosty_glow 2005/1/31 - 21:57:43
thanks guys, this pic is getting great and some inspiring comments. :)
heavenlystrike 2005/1/31 - 21:59:31
;_; this is scaring the crap outta the scaredy cat that i am! poor girl...this oekaki is so well done, should really be hall of fame, its incredible, i love how realistic her expression is, the colors are lovely, this is just too perfect for any comment to say how pretty it looks n_n amazing work of art
kaiomi 2005/2/1 - 1:42:43
very dark, very awesome...did I mention I love the vibes coming from this? ^_^ I like how you did her face...dark is goood
senobdec 2005/2/3 - 4:47:55
Whoa.... that is pretty creepy. Nice job. I love the uncontrolled skirt.
troubled_youth 2005/2/3 - 12:47:27
I love the colors and style. I give it a thumbs up, this rocks!
pure 2005/2/4 - 23:12:44
your style is absolutely gorgeous.

(2096) (link) Oekaki by ienjoydrawing, total drawing time 1 : 12 : 34

ienjoydrawing 2005/1/30 - 23:18:48
I'm putting this in Polished although I planned for most practice stuff to go in Test. ;o; I guess I kinda started putting more effort into this somewhere along the line. Done completely with solids (top tool), and it's the first time trying tablet in a while.
Anyway. Any suggestions for improving lighting and coloring would be really appreciated. ;w;
bananarana 2005/1/31 - 19:30:58
The amount of detail seen in your subject isn't reflected in your background... while the boy has many different colors used in his shading, the background has primarily flat colors. Maybe if you added a little more, it'll look more visually impacting? Also, the light given off from a sunrise/sunset is usually orange/red in color (as opposed to the "white light" given off in the afternoon). In my opnion, he should be colored in warmer colors. BUT, I do see how the blues in his outfit was utilized to contrast the reds of the background (a wise choice in drawing the attention of the viewer). I dunno. Go with what you want, I guess. XD Nice coloring on his jeans, by the way. It probably wasn't intended, but his clothes look like they've been splashed with water. ::uses his clothes as reference for future wet boys pictures:: >_>;;
ienjoydrawing 2005/1/31 - 19:56:4
Thank you for the bits about the colors, I'll keep them in mind the next time I try to draw something. You're right about the lighting, though; I added the background at the very end and didn't give it much thought. Thanks again for the tips. 'w'
frosty_glow 2005/2/1 - 14:5:14
i agree on the bits about the lighting. the orange sky is dominent to the colour preference and usually (i do see some blue in the sky so my opinion doesn't really matter for this part) will reflect on the subject (the boy). but i really do like the way in which you coloured everything. has a formal look to it. ^_^ great job and i like those eyes
aikara 2005/2/3 - 20:30:37
I personally like the non-detailed background..it makes a greater emphasis on the main character. The fact that the character has much more detail than the background creates a nice contrast which most pictures need :)
quentara47 2005/2/18 - 21:24:25
All in all I like this pic. I didn't like it at first but it grows on you. Someone mentioned the background being to simplistic. Someone also said it was ok the way it is. I say its a balance issue. The simplicity of the background outways the intracacy of the figure. Try to keep contrasting ideas ,like detail vs simple, balanced. All you need to do is crop the picture to cut out some of the negative space.

(2095) (link) Oekaki by aussie, total drawing time 1 : 19 : 20

aussie 2005/1/30 - 22:42:37
Hope this is good enough for the polished room. XP

I worked pretty hard on this one, ayup. It only took me an hour, but that's a lot of time for me-- trust me. I would've taken longer but.. it feels complete, so here we go.

I know that the head is probably too big, the shading is iffy, the way the scarf falls on the girl's neck is odd, and that the collarbones are horridly innacurae, but I still like this.

<B All the words are from song's off of Nirvana's "In Utero" album, spare my signature in the lower-left corner.

snoopywar 2005/1/30 - 22:45:7
I like her wings. And the skull on her grey scarf. ^_____________^

And i think the colours you chose match extremely well. :3
Very nice. X3
aussie 2005/1/30 - 22:51:3
<B n______n Thanks a lot.

x3 I draw people with wings on their heads an awful lot. Heh.

I tried to make the colors all coordinate, but let the subject stand out, still. n__n I'm glad it worked.
bananarana 2005/1/31 - 19:22:24
I tried reading some of the text in the background, and one in particular struck me: I miss the comfort in being sad. Maybe it's just me, but usually a good cry tends to alleviate some of the stresses in life. Lately, though, it doesn't work anymore (not that I cry a lot, but I can usually remember the effects of crying... >.>;; ). Gah. When I'm trying to say is this: I haven't had a good angst session lately. xP
aussie 2005/2/1 - 19:15:5
I always thought about it like.. being said made you feel sure about your emotions or something, but I dunno. I think Kurt was doing drugs when he wrote /all/ of his songs, because the lyrics to every Nirvana song I've ever heard are.. obscure and insightful. XP
blueflame0 2005/2/11 - 0:38:58
her neck must be look, but uber cool wings o_o

(2094) (link) Oekaki by angie, total drawing time 1 : 22 : 12

angie 2005/1/30 - 15:29:25
I only like Ame's hair and dress... the rest can burn..
I know this is off topic but Vince bought me 10L of chicken blood last night!! w00t my owners rock!!
snoopywar 2005/1/30 - 15:40:1
Wow, she looks lovely. And the colouring is so indepth. ^___^

She's pretty. :3
syzygy 2005/1/30 - 15:49:39
She is pretty, and I love your coloring. I absolutely *acore* her hair however XD!
heavenlystrike 2005/1/30 - 22:5:54
it s SO adorable n_n I love the little red nose and the cute red cheeks. The hair is just lovely and the outfit :3 :3 :3 Draw more please draw more :D
ienjoydrawing 2005/1/30 - 23:26:8
It's pretty! 'w'b The coloring in the animation was pretty neat. Keep it up!
bananarana 2005/1/31 - 19:14:20
Oooo, I love the coloring in her hair! It's so lovely... makes me wish I was blonde, if only so I could have those colors in *my* hair. ^^; Your subject is very cute, and um, I'm not gonna even comment on the outfit.
.... >__> (eee cute~<3 ::coughs shuts up::)
quentara47 2005/2/18 - 21:30:11
Thats so cute! She looks like she just got off the ice at a skating rink. I love the shading and her proportions are good too.

(2092) (link) Oekaki by heavenlystrike, total drawing time 8 : 41 : 7

heavenlystrike 2005/1/29 - 0:20:9
:3 I worked so hard on that one
The timer's off, I went to see a movie with friends...comments are appreciated n_n
jellybean 2005/1/29 - 3:1:44
...that is a tall and skinny model if i've ever seen one!! XD this is really great, amazing job on the shading, that is like...amazing! i love the way the fingers are, its like "ah yes, the heart. i've seen these things before"
never mind me...too much time to think XD
great job!!
happywaterbottle 2005/1/29 - 9:30:3
oooh, you finished it :D ouaaah, ze hearts are shineey! I thought they would be just plain paper hearts, but nooo they're shineeey! Like I already said, I love her pose n.n and her skirt too 'o' and your handwriting is so pwettyyy n.n
see, oekakiser, c'est comme faire d'la bicyclette, ša se perd pas 'o'
milkshake 2005/1/29 - 13:32:48
So pretty, that must have been a hard position to draw her in! I love the little hearts, and her skirt and socks, great job!
rapkat0021 2005/1/29 - 16:10:8
Cute hair & outfit and nice pattern on the skirt. The coloring is superb =D. I see the mended heart at her right knee. Good symbolism. ^^
The neck is a bit long, and I don't see much of a forehead.
Remember the face is divided into 3 equal parts. You can just lower her eyes+eyebrows+nose a couple o' pixels, and your pic will look nice and dandy ^_^
dekutree64 2005/1/29 - 16:58:30
I love the band-aid heart XD
And I think your signature is the cutest I've ever seen.
The neck does look a little funny (try making the collarbones smaller/closer together), but the hands and skirt look really good^^
fid99 2005/1/29 - 18:1:50
too bad that love is soooo complicated !! but anyways i love your picture !! i always do XD keep up that good work ^_____^
syzygy 2005/1/29 - 22:39:10
I think the face and collarbone are fine, it just seems like the neck is too long. I have that problem.
Gah, the way you did the legs and ankles and feet and such, so perfect, Im envious. I love your solids, as well as the little hearts XD! ^____^ C'est tres jolie!
bananarana 2005/1/31 - 19:12:10
Ah, so true, so true. I like the idea of this piece; makes me want to work on something symbollic now. :d On a random note, I like her skirt. :D And I think this is the third picture in a row where I've commented on clothes... Maybe I should take my own hint and do something about it. >.<;;
meatloaf 2005/2/6 - 21:25:11
So true.. And so CUTE =D i love this piece! *saves to computer* =P Really deep.. You expressed this really nicely (btw, THis is the first pic of yours I've seen since i came back to TACO and i must say that you have improved SOO MUCH! You're so great =D)
mika-kun 2005/2/7 - 11:4:37
The anatomy and pose are so wierd...I love it!.....I thought she was trying to smoke the thing she's holding until I saw the bits on the floor....good luck to her.....;)

(2090) (link) Oekaki by flea, total drawing time 3 : 34 : 54

flea 2005/1/28 - 22:15:32
its like miss piggy got a makeover!
(first time using mainly tones to shade x.x)
heavenlystrike 2005/1/28 - 23:1:30
this is GORGEOUS! the tones are just so awesome in there! i love the hand...I dont know why its all i see XD aahh the hair is wonderful and original too n_n and i like the background a lot!
wonderful work :D can't wait to see another amazing use of tones like that :D
snoopywar 2005/1/29 - 10:18:4
Wow. If Miss Piggy got a make-over, she sure looks a little buff. ^_^;;;

She looks lovely. :3
kaiomi 2005/1/30 - 21:27:30
waaah! *blown away from tonage*
Very perfect usage of tones. Especially on her arms. ^_^
bananarana 2005/1/31 - 19:3:34
Fwa haha~ I'm sure if Miss Piggy really looked like this, more little boys would be watching Muppets. >D Her dress looks fun. o.o Does Miss Piggy really wear that? ::wants it:: I think it's time to go shopping~ :d

(2089) (link) Oekaki by happywaterbottle, total drawing time 3 : 8 : 32

happywaterbottle 2005/1/28 - 20:4:5
Release the burning passion from your heart...
snoopywar 2005/1/28 - 20:59:38
Wow. ._.

Firey. I like. :3
heavenlystrike 2005/1/28 - 22:49:31
eeeeH The fire is just goooorgeouss o_˘ and the hair and head omg...its lovely lovely lovely and once more youve impressed the crap outta me!its just woow o_O i loves it, i loves it alot
bananarana 2005/1/31 - 19:0:11
I can't help but think, "Burn, Baby burn!" when I see this. XD~<3 Very nice job with the fire--whenever I try, it always turns out to look like yellow and orange lava lamp blobs. And I've been wanting to cut my hair in that style, lately. ::jealous jealous:: TToTT

(2087) (link) Oekaki by bananarana, total drawing time 2 : 22 : 4

bananarana 2005/1/26 - 21:13:23
Ooo, Shi painter works on my lappie! :D It started with a random doodle, but then this *thing* spawned. We're going to ignore her non-existant shoulders. ^^; C&C?
snoopywar 2005/1/26 - 21:43:54
I like that her ears look a part of her hair. O_o;;

Thats awesome. Nice colouring. X3
jellybean 2005/1/27 - 9:21:55
ooh, that such a spring-y picture! makes me feel all happy inside XD great job
blueflame0 2005/1/27 - 14:41:10
Where's her right shoulder? if its under her hair than that's one long neck =p but it's very pretty o_o me like her eyes alot.. =D
heavenlystrike 2005/1/27 - 18:45:57
I like, I like alot :D but hum i just think the dots takes the focus out of the girl ._. But else its very lovely :3 I love zee pose and everything n_n hehe wonderful picture *kewl Al-Bhed eyes you drew Oo*
paco 2005/1/27 - 22:32:35
i watched the animation, and i have to say i was really impressed with how you did the lineart. that said, i think the colors you used, very bright & cheery, were a good choice; the pink & blue * purple & yellow go very well together. overall this is very cute. her lack of shoulders doesn't really bother me since the picture has such a designerly feel to it anyway, it just seems like another design element.

(2086) (link) Oekaki by angie, total drawing time 1 : 16 : 33

angie 2005/1/26 - 14:18:15
long time no oekaki. Inspired by part of my art exam(create a ancient band)
heavenlystrike 2005/1/26 - 19:31:20
ouh very very pretty o_˘ i love the egyptian clothing you did, it's awesome n_n the expression is pretty nice too and her eyes are just :3 I love it all n_n please draw more? hihi
snoopywar 2005/1/26 - 20:1:3
She has a beautiful smile. n_______n

The background is simple but really nice. ^______^
paco 2005/1/26 - 20:53:57
i really like the flat look of her hair, for some reason. i think with all the bright colors of this piece, her hair really gives the viewer something to focus in on. the bright colors give this a very tropical mood, too. good job! :)
bananarana 2005/1/26 - 21:55:35
I think if I met her in real life, I wouldn't be able to stop staring... She seems like one of those (gosh darn lucky) women that oozes beautiful from every pore of her body... that doesn't sound very flattering. xD;; Lovely outfit that she's wearing--makes me want to steal it. ::plans to thieve a Egyptian tomb:: >_>;

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