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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(2111) (link) Oekaki by andyothello, total drawing time 1 : 24 : 3

andyothello 2005/2/11 - 12:51:58
I was holding our cat on my lap when I started, so, I thought I should draw a cat. I'm not tops at animals; in fact, I rarely try. I should try more, I know.

She jumped off, soon, by the way. I fidget too much for her.

So, It's Ayanami of EVA, and a happy little kitty. She looks kinda like Russian figure skater Irena Slutskaya to me, I think it's 'cause of the "lazy" way i drew her nose.

Happy St. Valentine's, if you celebrate it. Love love love!
snoopywar 2005/2/11 - 16:10:54
I like the thought bubble with the fish in it.

I think her hair is really nice. X3 !!!
bananarana 2005/2/12 - 0:2:23
Kitty! :D Aww, this is very adorable! The cat is a nice contrast against all the light colors you used on Rei. I'm especially fond of your coloring--her hair looks very nice, and her skin was shaded well. Great job!
senobdec 2005/2/12 - 0:49:42
Nice blend of solid lines and soft coloring. Yay. I like the cat.
mika-kun 2005/2/12 - 14:46:11
I love the cat dreaming about fish....and you do awesome hair....:)
aussie 2005/2/13 - 13:42:37
<B x3 Gorgeous.
embo 2005/2/15 - 1:29:35
such lovely classical-manga eyes. this is exremely cute. I especially like the graceful hiragana. :D~<3
luck 2005/2/17 - 15:16:18
Adorable<3 I love her lips, and the way you used the solid lines with the soft/blend-y coloring.

(2110) (link) Oekaki by fid99, total drawing time 5 : 43 : 52

fid99 2005/2/9 - 19:59:1
a little picture for valentine's day...:)
i tried to do something different but i guess that didn't really work ^^;
C&C welcomed
snoopywar 2005/2/9 - 20:32:16
She is beautiful. I love her hair, the curls. o.o

It is stunning. T.T
aussie 2005/2/9 - 21:30:55
Wowow. The clothing folds and the hair.. pretty. And the background/wings, as well. n__n Niice job.
heavenlystrike 2005/2/9 - 22:41:23
This is so adoraaablee n_n I love it! I wish i had her curls and her dress too...and her wings...Finally i wish i was her, LOL wonderful oekaki as always, your hands are gorgeous *jealous* and well I wish you a very happy valentines day n_n
kaira 2005/2/10 - 0:18:35
Aha! I recognized your work as soon as I saw the hair ^^ The curls are simply wonderful. And the folds... *envys* And we like the wings as well... along with the bg... the only thing we dislike is the color pink... >_> but it adds nicely to the pic, so we think we'll live ^^ Awesome job!
padalyn 2005/2/10 - 18:50:32
her curles look gorgious good job!
mika-kun 2005/2/11 - 0:59:22
Ah! instantly recognisable, and instantly welcome, gorgeous...especially the hair...
bananarana 2005/2/11 - 23:43:33
I saw this awhile ago, but never really had time to comment till now. Everytime I see this, I always think, "Ooo, pretty... <3" Haha. xD
Hmm, a crit... It seems to me that she has a small forehead. Lowering the eyebrows a tad should solve that little issue.
Might I be one of many to adore her her? Such lovely curls <3 Your coloring was beautifully done in this piece; everything blends in very well. Very nice job with this! ::steals her dress and runs away::

(2109) (link) Oekaki by amberdrake, total drawing time 17 : 16 : 27

amberdrake 2005/2/9 - 5:23:54
Ugh..not happy with this. Never again will I use Shi Painter. It may be good for watercolor but it has horrible control for solids. Started about mid day then got tired of shi painter so i gave up...but left the window open so I took the time to finsh when I woke up.

Hello agien :3 no ones likey to remember me but I drew here way back, even made hall of fame twice. So there for this is just a new hello ^^

The Kitsune is Mine but Thallium belongs to a friend of mine.

*blahblahblah* C&C welcome ;3
mika-kun 2005/2/9 - 12:14:45
Sorry to disappoint, but I remember you, from here and another site.....and recently someone drew Amberdrake fanart on this site, great to see your art again, you going to stick around for a bit?
bananarana 2005/2/9 - 17:32:47
Excuse my ignorance... but what are these two from? Alrighty, a crit. Hmm... the pants seem flat in comparison to the rest of teh picture. The colors in the background and fur are all so detailed and ranged, but teh pants are just a single, solid color. Maybe add a little highlights or shading?
Otherwise, I think this turned out very nicely. Great job! :D
happywaterbottle 2005/2/9 - 17:53:53
eee Thallium oO this is how they used to call me at school. my friends and i were calling ourselves after elements of the periodic table that looked like our real names...
anyway, i like this pic ^^ I love the colors ^^ and I remember you! i was looking at old pics on the board and i saw your stuff n.n
snoopywar 2005/2/9 - 19:44:39
Love the colouring. ^___^ So awesome! :3

Draw more! Draw more! ^____^
amberdrake 2005/2/10 - 11:39:9
not sure ill stick around, if you've seen my art on other sites then you know that i draw lots of nudes , and tasteful or no its rather frowned upon here.

as to where there from....no were I guess, there just two of are chars.

thank you for the comments
embo 2005/2/12 - 21:1:34
these are nice.

they're very nice indeed. i like the colors and your playful solids shading.

(2107) (link) Oekaki by truthofheart, total drawing time 4 : 29 : 17

truthofheart 2005/2/8 - 6:30:11
"...consider me just one last time..."

i hope this is ok for this room, the times a tad off 'cause a had to eat dinner. it seems that every time i draw here i get better and better in coloring... though my fingers hurt really badly, i work with a touch pad mouse and only have to use my pointer finger, that causes my other fingers so stretch out and stay there... causeing mussal pain. c&c is wanted and welcome.
mika-kun 2005/2/8 - 13:14:3
Great job on the wings, to me it's looks like (s)he's standing on top of a waterfall rather than the edge of a pond due to the lack of ripples at the edge....which is cool...
snoopywar 2005/2/8 - 17:59:57
I like the wings and hair, especially the colours that you chose for the wings. I think you coloured them really cool. ^___^
bananarana 2005/2/9 - 17:22:35
This makes me think of a phoenix whenever I see it. The color of the wings is a nice change from standard black or white... the colors you used appeal to me more; as I said before, they make me think of the beautiful and majestic phoenix.
I'm getting such melancholy vibes from this picture... great job creating tone!
aussie 2005/2/9 - 21:35:1
=3 I like the wings very much, how they sort of gradient and all.

(2106) (link) Oekaki by aussie, total drawing time 1 : 20 : 39

aussie 2005/2/7 - 1:8:4
For Valentine's day, I was gonna do this real cool pixelyMSPaintthing about like how LUVHURTSLOLZ and stuff, but.. I just can't. So I made this. Myeh. I'll prolly draw summin better officially for VDay, but whoknows, y'know? =.=;;

Ummyeah. Quote is from Nirvana's "aneurysm".

I don't like the background. I liiiike her shirt. Guess what country it is and get a biscotti!

This is polished room material, jes? It's almost an hour and a half, and even though it sucks, I /did/ put effort into it. x__X;;

Comments are like.. LOVED. Fo real. I have issues with being ignored and neglected and such. Dx Even if you just wanna say "LOLZUSUK" or critique me harshly or summin..
mika-kun 2005/2/7 - 10:49:21
Well she's cute and has batwings growing out of her head, so she's ok by me....besides she has the most awesome headshape ever!.....I've noticed a few pics float off the bottom of the screen with no comments, seems you need to be in the right clique nowadays....hence the big migration to other Oekaki sites *squeezes little guys head* ;)
aussie 2005/2/7 - 14:22:58
XP I've drawn /a million/ people with some sort of wings on their heads since I've been here. I blame it entirely on the Gaia admins. <B Well, thanks, and I'm glad you like it.. x3 I should really stop being such a hypocrite and give little encouraging nudges in the form of nice little comments to people.
snoopywar 2005/2/7 - 18:52:25
Wonk wonk. I like her shirt, it has green in it. :3

And the dolly in her arms is funny. ^__^ I like the way your did her hair. :3
happywaterbottle 2005/2/7 - 19:26:20
heh, I understand how you feel about the comments. I was sure i'd get more comments on the last pic i drew, but I was wrong XD i don't really care though >>
I like this pic! ^^ the girl seems so sad, it almost depresses me :( but I love her eyes though. the background is kewl too ^^
awesome job, but don't let the lack of comments stop you of oekakiing :)
aussie 2005/2/7 - 19:47:17
snoopywar: n__n Thanks. <B Glad you like, 'nstuffs.
Wonk wonk. I like her shirt, it has green in it. :3

And the dolly in her arms is funny. ^__^ I like the way your did her hair. :3

happywaterbottle: @__@;;; Yah. It isn't fun not being noticed. I'm glad I made someone /feel/ something. That is the whole point of art. x3 I feel accomplished now. Thanks, and I'm glad you like it. And don't worry, I won't stop oekaki'ing. I lack Photoshop for the time being, and I find oekaki'ing quite fun. n__n;
snoopywar 2005/2/7 - 20:57:35
I know how you feel about being ignored too. T_T Makes me sad. And oekaki'ing is fun!!! X3
bananarana 2005/2/9 - 17:17:18
Hmm... what country *is* that? Italy, maybe? Though I'm pretty sure green was on the left for Italy, and red on the right. Not to mention white in the middle. ::coughs::
Anyway! Whenever I see a piece like this, it makes me want to try my hand at one of those chaos pictures. They look so... fun. And stress relieving! ::wonders now if this relieved your stress::
aussie 2005/2/9 - 21:30:9
Dx Crap. I copied and pasted what snoopywar said when I was responding.

:D It's Portugal's flag.. And say, what do you mean by "chaos", out of curiousity?

(2105) (link) Oekaki by xyzadt, total drawing time 1 : 50 : 35

xyzadt 2005/2/6 - 20:19:27
yes, i know it looks messy, but my pics usually look this way... if you want to move it to the doodle room, go ahead ^^;; and yes, i know his head is too big..... i was trying for perspective..... heh
black_cloud_of_darkness 2005/2/6 - 20:47:52
Wow, I love this. The head isn't that big compared to the body, I didn't even notice until you mentioned it.
senobdec 2005/2/6 - 22:18:4
I'd agree that the head looks fine. Perhaps it's the lines on the chest that make it look that way... the far arm looks a bit odd.
aussie 2005/2/7 - 1:20:0
o__o He reminds me of Jim Morrison.

I like how it's so blurry and watercolory. Maybe the abstract quality is making me think of ghosts or something and therefore reminding me of Jim Morrison. o_O But, anyways.. Great job in coloring this and acheiving a sort of glowy, contrasty sort of effect. n_n
paco 2005/2/7 - 22:45:11
the proportion problems aren't glaringly obvious, as somebody else said, overall the proportions look fine. his face looks terrific, as does the perspective. he looks so soulful. i don't know if i like the "fading out" look it has around the edges, but it sure is an original idea. awesome job!
mika-kun 2005/2/8 - 13:2:9
Well I like the slightly distorted perspective look....gives the pic some charactor......
bananarana 2005/2/9 - 17:6:11
Interesting perspective you've got there. I love the depth I'm feeling from this picture. A perspective from this angle is challenging I imagine, and you prevented your subject from obtaining a "flat" look (if that makes any sense). Nice shading I'm seeing... looking forward for your future projects!

(2103) (link) Oekaki by ga-chan, total drawing time 6 : 33 : 0

ga-chan 2005/2/5 - 15:23:23
This took me a little bit...I had to do it all with my mouse as my tablet has taken a crap. TT.TT Anyway...these are my characters Inuki & Kou (yes yes they are copyright me >.<") who happen to items! This is my first time on this board and my second ever oekaki! Comments are enjoyed!
heavenlystrike 2005/2/5 - 22:12:49
I love the hair and the tie...I am seriously in love with their hair its just so originaaaaal! hehe the blushing one is a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e n_n i love the colors of this...do more of these two XD! lovely piece of art :3

milkshake 2005/2/6 - 4:49:35
Hey, welcome to TACo! I love your style, look forward to seeing more.
aussie 2005/2/7 - 1:23:2
x3 I love that star and its shinyness, and that little swirly thing behind it. Parts of this are quite confusing, but I like the overall spontaneouty (I /know/ I spelled that so wrong.. stupid 1:30-at-night-ness) and energy this peice gives off. I like the pink-haired-person's eye.

o__o Makes me think "You got mail!"
mika-kun 2005/2/8 - 13:5:32
I like the blue haired ones shirt...you can't go wrong with a big red tie!
bananarana 2005/2/9 - 17:1:33
Hehe, this is very cute. The expression of the one on our left is priceless XD She seems a bit flustered to me. =3 For some reason, looking at this picture makes me think of the anime, "You're Under Arrest!" Maybe it's the tie. In any case... welcome to TACo! ::waves a flag:: :D
ga-chan 2005/2/11 - 11:38:12
: ahem : Would I be horrid for admitting that these are both indeed MEN! Yes yes I know...very fem e.e"

(2102) (link) Oekaki by paco, total drawing time 0 : 54 : 30

paco 2005/2/5 - 3:5:43
haha, i've done 3 pictures on this board so far and none of them really have a background. i'll fix that...someday!

this guy is named Sylvan. i'm not as pleased with this one as i was with the first one, but i also spent less time on it, so...oh well.
paco 2005/2/5 - 3:10:30
aghifndo!! i just reread the rules in re. time limits for this room. it took ALMOST an hour! i'm sorry! :C
aussie 2005/2/7 - 1:25:5
o_o;; They might let you keep it here.

I like his nose.. x3... and his hair, especially. The coloring is very preeeeetty. I like his eyes, as well. And the background, with all the little shinythings and such. Great job. <B
mika-kun 2005/2/8 - 13:7:50
I think the bg on this fits really well....you'ld be hard pushed to squeeze anything in that gap...good job on the face too!
bananarana 2005/2/9 - 16:54:58
Agree with mika-kun there--with that little space, don't sweat so much over making a detailed background. The one you provided is fine. :D
The coloring around his eyes is nicely done; good blend of colors.
Sylvan, eh? I'm a little curious about these characters of yours... an online comic you have? Drawing faces to the people in a story, perhaps? Anyway, look forward to seeing more lovelies from you!

(2100) (link) Oekaki by milkshake, total drawing time 3 : 50 : 34

milkshake 2005/2/4 - 9:9:52
Happy Jelly Fish day TACo ^^;;
mika-kun 2005/2/4 - 12:43:15
Hehehe I like it, especially their expressions in panel 2.....
snoopywar 2005/2/4 - 18:11:29
XD!!!! Thats funny. u.u
watermelon 2005/2/4 - 18:24:41
omg i loove it! :D
but what's with the jellyfish thing everyone keeps doing...? :\
happywaterbottle 2005/2/4 - 19:54:14
i just love the jellyfish, especially in pannel 2 :3 he's all like "yey I'm cute! everyone loves me!"
I love the characters. I also love how you draw hair o.
awesome job as usual n.n
heavenlystrike 2005/2/4 - 21:53:5
OMG! I love the jellyfish on the arm it is so freaking adorableee! I loves it! hehehe Great job...Love the background in the star when the jellyfish comes XD *saves picture*
by the way, watermelon, jellyfish day is like valentines day but for us TACo ppl, its our way to not celebrate valentines day for many different reasons! Long live to jellyfish day!
applesauce 2005/2/5 - 13:22:59

Amazing pic-a-ture. =D =D =D Full of cute stuff.
watermelon 2005/2/6 - 2:48:29
ooo, thanx heavenlystrike. it was really bugging me!
and again...I LOVE THIS!!
spazhero 2005/2/6 - 17:42:5
hahaha, i swear thats something that would happen to me
meatloaf 2005/2/6 - 21:22:54
Awww so cute! =D I love the expressions =P Absolutely adorable!
kaira 2005/2/6 - 23:5:6
Tee hee! I love it!! The jellyfish looks so innocently happy *pets it* Awesome pic! ^^
padalyn 2005/2/7 - 16:29:12
amazing this is probabbly my favorite jelly picture ever :D
bananarana 2005/2/9 - 16:49:22
Awww, this is so cute! I'm loving how elated the jelllyfish looks, and the disgruntled expression of the guy. XD I was a bit confused about the (seemingly random) cnidarian at first, but reading the comments has enlightened me. Jellyfish Day, eh? Hehe.
syzygy 2005/2/26 - 15:11:59
*makes slurping sound* I am the jellyfish on his arm in the last panel! ^___^ XP This rocks. XPXPXD

(2099) (link) Oekaki by troubled_youth, total drawing time 1 : 32 : 49

troubled_youth 2005/2/3 - 12:45:24
I'm pretty happy with how she turned out. I referenced the face from a makeup article in teen people, but I just had to wing it on the hair because It was giving me a hard time. I worked really hard on this one, I think it's my best...

C+C please?
mika-kun 2005/2/4 - 12:50:29
Not bad at all, you're definately on the road to realism.....keep it up...
aussie 2005/2/7 - 14:25:10
You should be happy with how it turned out, it is pretty realistic, to me. Keep it up. :D

Perhaps you can keep it realistic but have lineart at the same time. Like, make multiple layers for lineart and make the lines thin and barley noticeable against the colors and shading of the picture, perhaps? ::wouldn't know.. never attempts realism::
happywaterbottle 2005/2/7 - 19:31:17
hey, this is pretty good! I like her lips, they're so shineey oO
hmm, i think the nose and the part of the neck under the chin could have been shaded more darkly. same for the part of hair on the right. and for the part of hair on the left, I would have used a smaller brush, to make it more hair-ish. drawing hair is hard, and I'm no expert T.T don't be afraid to shade dark. if it's too dark, there's always the undo button XD
awesome job though n.n
bananarana 2005/2/9 - 16:44:57
I agree with happywaterbottle--don't be afraid to use darker colors! A beautiful picture such as this one could be enhanced by a few darker shades around select areas... A smaller brush perhaps could have been used for the hair on our left; the highlights are a bit overpowering and could be seen as someone with odd clumps of white hair. ^^;
Speaking of which... yikes. Curly hair definitely isn't my forte, and I commend you for managing to pull it off so skillfully.
You're on the right path to realism. Keep it up! :D
troubled_youth 2005/2/13 - 11:49:14
thanks for the c&c everyone! <33

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