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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(2136) (link) Oekaki by ninjalaura, total drawing time 1 : 32 : 45

ninjalaura 2005/2/27 - 21:59:18
Not finished... time isn't right because I ran off, cooked dinner and forgot I was working on it! haha...
ninjalaura 2005/2/27 - 22:10:54
Crap... I saved because I had a phone call and had to leave the room... how do i get back to this so I can finish it?
zestroy 2005/2/27 - 22:37:29
I'm afraid you can't unless you have checked the save for later option. But since its out here on the board now, I don't think there is a way...
mika-kun 2005/3/1 - 12:42:11
Saving to the board is now an option....however it was put in the day after you posted, shame that as it was going well....

(2135) (link) Oekaki by kira, total drawing time 1 : 40 : 17

kira 2005/2/27 - 18:8:57
well the timer is off.. or at least for me.. i saved it and retouched it.. i promise.. i love the feathery wings the most on this peice.. i think they look gorgeously soft!.. i was bored and felt like making her.. A lil bit of a diff style for me.. kinda anime like ..

"Love me"!
snoopywar 2005/2/27 - 18:33:35
Waaa!! She has beautiful green skin! o_o!!!
And I love the feathers, they do look really soft! ^____^
This is so lovely!! :3
senobdec 2005/2/28 - 15:25:7
Lot of nekkid girls around.... YAY XD.
I like the feathery soft look too - blends well with the hair. Skin is well colored... though why girls lie around naked yet wear a bra is beyond me :D.
mika-kun 2005/3/1 - 12:39:34
Whoa, those feathers are awesomely good, as is the girl sporting them.....
I don't get the laying around naked except for a bra thing either.....you wouldn't catch me doing it.......well, there was that one time back in....erm...I've said too much!....;P

(2134) (link) Oekaki by azure, total drawing time 4 : 34 : 46

azure 2005/2/27 - 5:58:56
This could be considered as tasteful nudity, right? I think I'm happy with the way it turned out, too. I'm satisfied with the colouring and the lineart, and even the background! I hope y'all like it. Comments and crits are appreciated... hehe ^_^
azure 2005/2/27 - 6:1:47
I just noticed that after watching the animation, it looks like she's moving her hands around. Haha.. I was trying to decide what position her arms should be in. This was originally intended to be a gift for Mika and all the others who post comments regularly, but I decided that I didn't want it in the gift section... sorry. Heh! Anyway, that's that. :P
senobdec 2005/2/27 - 6:40:2
Very pretty and excellent coloring. {:0> she has a very large derriere and legs for such a thin body.... perfectamundo.
snoopywar 2005/2/27 - 10:22:35
Waaa! Such pretty shading and hair!! :P
I'm loving that background. :3
tayley-chan 2005/2/27 - 11:48:32
Eeee! She's aborable! ^_^

Love the pose and colors. her hair, eyes, and legs really strike me as lovely in particular. The background is precious ^__^
enshoku 2005/2/27 - 15:51:24
Wow, that's pretty. *_* I really love the coloring in the hair.
embo 2005/2/27 - 16:56:39



ohmegosh. what pretty legs she has! and that hand is so suggestive. ahhhaahh..

this is really good though. can't stop staring at it. 0__0
mika-kun 2005/2/27 - 17:24:40
That hand wasn't suggesting anything to me....untill Embo said it was.....O_o
blackbirdie 2005/2/27 - 19:32:6
O_O maybe my mind's in the gutter... but this is beyond 'suggestive' to me...

rae 2005/2/27 - 21:59:33
hmm, lemons and carrots in the bg. :P
maggie_sue 2005/2/28 - 0:50:43
first off, LOL at senobdec...hahaha...that's about my body type there, lol! And while nudity itself is totally different that just "naked", the pose is what's suggestive here, lol. Very lovely coloring, and I like the round legs and rump, she reminds me of me, except my hair ain't purple...
maggie_sue 2005/2/28 - 0:54:21
oooh, and a couple crits...I know you had a hayday with her arms, as seen in the animation, but her left arm (our right) looks like it's bent funny, like more of it should be hidden behind her breast and tummy. The other thing I see is that, even though you were trying to keep it tasteful, continue the line from her belly all the way down to her femanine parts, otherwise it kinda makes her left (our right) leg look like it's sticking out of the side of her stomach.
blueflame0 2005/2/28 - 2:44:41
I have a quick crit, I think her neck should have been made smaller, by her right boob her neck seems to go up into her chin.. I dunno.. it's really pretty though ^^
watermelon 2005/2/28 - 20:18:12
whoa this is soo good. really nice jog on the skin. i really like the shin in her PURPLE hair. i like PURPLE. hehe.
good job:D
cessy 2005/3/1 - 12:35:32
I see the problem with the arm, I believe the reason why it looks funny is because that position would actually be a bit uncomfortable :D If I were in that position, my left arm would be pushed out, because you're putting some weight on it. So making the upper part of the arm go towards the belly, then come back out, along with more weight pushed on it should work. Because unless her arm is bent away from us, it looks strange. The bones in the arm connect and stick out on the side that's closest to the body, so it would create a bump, instead of creating a crease. Thing. Yes.

I also believe that her neck should have been just a teeny bit longer, and probably should have be outlined. Unless she's sticking her head out and low, which I think would be uncomfortable. And... one more thing. This is just me nitpicking now, but maybe showing part of the ribcage in the front and in the back would have made the character look like she's got more of a skeleton. From the bottom of that right arm it would have made a slightly curved-straight line to where the ribcage ends (would have probably been a line to where that lock of purple hair is pointing to the left) and would have curved out again for the pelvis. This would give her torso a more realistic feel. Other people have already mentioned the legs so I won't bother. :D

wahoo... but I love this pic though! The colors are amazing (and that background! LEMONS AND CARROTS <3 ) the colors also go very well together (orange+purple = wow) I especially love her face and hair, her hair being so gorgeousmongous and purpley. Shading is A+ too! :O :O Great work eh! :)
azure 2005/3/1 - 18:51:58
Thank you for the comments, you guys!

I agree with some of what you said, especially about the neck and arms. I don't really understand what some of you mean by the legs, though. I realize that her left leg should have been a bit shorter, and maybe more horizontal than vertical. I sort of understand what you mean. Like... some more contrast with the shading in that area, distinguishing her torso from her left leg a bit better. And I was having issues figuring out positions for her arms, hehe. But, her left arm's position *was* intentional, with the elbow sort of leaning on the leg. Although I agree that another postion might have been more "relaxed" :P

I might consider fixing this one up in photoshop, so thanks again very much for the comments and the crits. If you think of anything else, just say so. ^_^
cessy 2005/3/1 - 20:57:16
Well, the size of the legs... if you measure from the hip to the knee, it's the lengh from her butt to her nose. The mid-point of a person's body is a bit below the hip (femur or something, i'm tired right now, ahawooo...) and it's the same with the thickness, they seem a bit too big when compared to the torso. They don't look overly HUGE in the picture or anything (I find they do manage to fit well actually) but it seems that for the size and style of the character that it may look a bit awkward. If you need any elaborations on my cruddy comments just ask :) I hope you save this picture for sure... :)
azure 2005/3/2 - 0:23:18
Hmmm... I *sorta* understand. So please do elaborate a bit more. Hehe. I'm trying to keep in mind that we aren't seeing the entirety of her waist, here. If it were from front on, the torso would be a bit broader than from the side-ish view. Her left leg is definitely too long, but I'm not quite certain about the right leg. It seems okay to me, but then again... I might be missing something. Her leg is in the position where she is sitting on her calf, but her foot is directed inward and that's why you see the small bulge near where the knee is. Sorta turned out, and tucked under... if that makes sense. Hehe. While drawing it, I reminded myself that anatomy in anime is irregular, so I sort of overlooked these things. At what point should I have shortened her left leg at? Thanks so much for the help. ^_^

(2133) (link) Oekaki by zestroy, total drawing time 1 : 50 : 34

zestroy 2005/2/26 - 4:45:58
seen too many warm coloured devils/demons recently. So here's my cold devil XD
C&C welcomed =)
zestroy 2005/2/26 - 4:51:9
I thought i put it in the doddle room. Someone move it please? ^^"
snoopywar 2005/2/26 - 10:25:23
She has cool eyes and horns. :3
I like the hair and the shading. ^___^
p_b 2005/2/26 - 11:27:4
this is SO cool (in more than one way) O_O i like everything about this pic ^_^ *gives you a star*
senobdec 2005/2/26 - 13:39:16
Very neat colors (helps that I prefer cold colors) -- hair is nice, and I think it's a he... hence the adam's apple :D. But with anime style who can tell.
blumeaniandglove 2005/2/26 - 14:25:10
OMG Zeestroy...thats amazing!

I love it, and i like how theres no puils or anything in his eyes.
kaira 2005/2/26 - 21:49:21
Don't put it in doodle!!! *latches onto it* It totally deserves to be here! ^^

I love the cool coloring... and the collar bone... ^^ Awesome job! ^^
zestroy 2005/2/27 - 7:15:49
lolz, yea, the adam's apple is one of the few things which aids in differenciation XD
enshoku 2005/2/27 - 15:52:10
:O~!!! AWESOME! GAWD that's coolio. XD I just don't see cold colored demons very often.
mika-kun 2005/3/1 - 16:22:35
Moved to Doo.....no wait a minute, it can stay here where it belongs, very nice work....:)
bananarana 2005/3/2 - 19:13:16
Wow. The shading on this is just lovely. His hair turned out beautifully!
My crit is just me being picky: his left horn (our right) should be behind his ear like his right horn (or vice versa), in my opinion. Unless... he's got crooked horns. o.O;; But it's really not that big of a deal. Still looks beautiful. :D
gek4684 2005/3/17 - 4:10:19
you're good in character drawing. do you have any story about this guy in your drawing?

(2132) (link) Oekaki by azure, total drawing time 1 : 37 : 6

azure 2005/2/26 - 3:17:44
A gypsy lady.. hehe. And she's smiling at y'all, yay! The eyes are a bit buggered, though. It's supposed to be pseudo realistic... but any comments or crits are appreciated. ^_^
senobdec 2005/2/26 - 4:7:49
I think using watercolors killed your patience XD. The face is pretty nice, the shading is well done, but gets blurry the further from the center you get... I like the stray wisps of hair. and the shoulder.
snoopywar 2005/2/26 - 10:24:52
I like her hair and lips. ^___^ She has a pretty nose, too. :3
azure 2005/2/26 - 12:25:48
Yeah... it was late, I was tired.. and I didn't want to save it for later. Hehe, it's that obvious, is it? ^_~
syzygy 2005/2/26 - 15:5:50
I really like this, she really does look like a gypsy. I love her lips.. and nose.. and her eyes dont really seem to "bug" as much as you might think.. very awesome indeed, shes very pretty ^__^
watermelon 2005/2/27 - 2:53:22
nice shading^^
andyothello 2005/2/28 - 15:9:36
I really dig this. Her hand pose is somehow, um, light and airy, posed and yet, spontaneous.

As a side note, I don't know if it's just me, but she kinda looks like Kate Bush. That's really kind of interesting.
mika-kun 2005/3/1 - 16:20:51
Hey! no fair, I was going to draw Kate Bush next *skulks off to find another subject*
....but yeah she does look like Kate Bush...and that is seriously a good thing!....:D
bananarana 2005/3/2 - 19:8:43
senobdec already pointed this out: the coloring in the center of the picture is stupendous, but at the edges of the canvas, it's a bit blurry and not as well shaded as the face.
This turned out really well. The only crit I have is so trivial it's not even worth pointing out. Mostly just me nitpicking. Nice job. XD

(2130) (link) Oekaki by watermelon, total drawing time 22 : 46 : 45

watermelon 2005/2/24 - 19:58:44
yesss!!! gosh i thought i lost this picture but it's here!!! hehe. well i hope this is good enough for the polished room it definately took long enough (even minus the sleeping and eating and schoolin^_~). this is like my first oekaki that i accually like!! it's just a cheerleader; inspired by lizzy mcguire heh. im so proud of myself :D (wow i sould like a brat).
anyways....hope you like it :D:D
c+c loved
jellybean 2005/2/24 - 21:6:24
haha thats soo cute!! good job!!! ^^
snoopywar 2005/2/24 - 21:36:57
^____^ Nice pom poms. :3
mika-kun 2005/2/25 - 6:10:30
LOL @ Snoopywar.....oh wait! I get it...;)
She looks very petite and cute that's for sure, love the wink....;)

bananarana 2005/2/25 - 18:35:40
mika-kun! What *are* you thinking?! ::baps::
She's very cute indeed. The only things I've got crits for would be that 1) she has no eyebrows, and 2) the pom to our left (her right) should be a little bigger, since it's closer to us/the camera.
And hark! A background! I never draw those, because I'm incapable, haha. XD Very cute indeedy <3 X3
Good job.

(2129) (link) Oekaki by mika-kun, total drawing time 4 : 35 : 59

mika-kun 2005/2/24 - 9:24:51
No bitter thought, no wanting need.
I pray for you, not material greed.
For your back, he made this rod.
So live your life sweet child.
Laughing in the face of God.

Ref used for Wheelchair and shirt.
snoopywar 2005/2/24 - 10:27:49
o_o Wow... I like your poem, and this is amazing! ^__^
embo 2005/2/24 - 18:24:4
this is so creepy mika.

but incredibly well drawn.

senobdec 2005/2/25 - 0:35:51
I think it's the eyes being slightly too low.
Really well drawn. That collar... whoowhee.
maggie_sue 2005/2/25 - 2:26:27
no no, the eyes are in the middle of the face, as they should be...I think it's the nose too high, yup..but, then again, she looks like a kid, and kids have little puggy noses...at least I did, lol. And mika strikes again with random awesomeness.
treespirit 2005/2/25 - 10:27:38
so crisp....looks like a lands' end shirt, or ll bean ^_~ nicely done
bananarana 2005/2/25 - 18:39:35
Such clean artwork... :o
There're many wonderful aspects to this picture, but my God! Those hands! I feel I can reach in there and grab one...
And I love her expression. She looks so content and at peace... gives me warm fuzzies and makes me feel good about the world.

(moved) (link) Oekaki by kira, total drawing time 1 : 30 : 11

kira 2005/2/23 - 13:41:13
this was fun.. ok this is kind of a self portrait, kind of not.. i mean.. eh well.. i sorta look like the chick here .. i guess if i was prettier and lived in the days with dragons , then this would be meh.. tried to make a dead willow tree as the bg.. and stayed with warm colors to not hurt the eyes...:) comment if ya want..
kira 2005/2/23 - 13:42:23
once again i forgot to put it in polished.. ><
syzygy 2005/2/23 - 13:55:41
You did well with the warm colors, I think you did an extremely good job on this picture. Its gorgeous all around, very soft. I like the background, it emphasizes the feeling of the picture ^__^ Cute dragon XD
snoopywar 2005/2/23 - 14:22:10
She's pretty. :3
happywaterbottle 2005/2/23 - 18:23:52
oooh 'tis gorgeouus oO
her face is like, sooo pretty and soo well doonee
the details are amazing! I reallly like this picture n.n
it reminds me of mitsu's art for some reason oO
awesome job n.n *pushes the pic into polished*
senobdec 2005/2/23 - 23:45:32
Woot. Nice jewelry. Really stand out.
mika-kun 2005/2/24 - 2:13:26
Extremely pretty ladies should not be dawdling around in the doodle room, and extremely pretty she is too...
senobdec 2005/2/25 - 2:10:12
I'm proud of myself. I didn't mention boobies.... damn.
treespirit 2005/2/25 - 10:28:3
lovely...the face is beautiful
bananarana 2005/2/25 - 18:43:48
Haha, senobdec. X3;
This is very well done; the coloring is beautiful, shading lovely. Proportions are dead on, and the dragon's just adorable.
She's got a lovely face and that curvy body that all girls want.
::is jealous now::
emerald 2005/6/18 - 22:19:41
Great job, however, might wanna erase those blue likes.

(2128) (link) Oekaki by syzygy, total drawing time 2 : 14 : 41

syzygy 2005/2/23 - 1:41:10
Pink Floyd and Dark Side of the Moon can do strange things to a girl.. like inspire things like this ^__^
<Over the rainbow>
snoopywar 2005/2/23 - 10:24:13
Wow. Thats an awesome perspective. :3
happywaterbottle 2005/2/23 - 18:27:51
I LOVE the rainbow colors on her baaack *eats*
great piccy! I love the idea n.n
your pics are always so pwetty :D
mika-kun 2005/2/24 - 2:19:2
Great incorporation of an idea award of the week goes to Syzygy, for her innovative use of the Pink Floyd logo into a new design, excellent idea and immaculate execution....
embo 2005/2/24 - 18:25:3
^ agrees with mika.

this is extremely creative and very well executed. i think he stole the words out of my mouth. >:O
treespirit 2005/2/25 - 10:27:2
so creative!! and YAY for pink floyd! Woooo!
bananarana 2005/2/25 - 18:46:37
Haha, my parents saw this picture and freaked out. They're huge fans of Pink Floyd; recognized it immediately.
Nice job with the back; the coloring was done very well. Your background does a wonderful job in drawing in the focus. :D

(2126) (link) Oekaki by crys, total drawing time 2 : 31 : 38

crys 2005/2/21 - 22:30:0
i like it!
snoopywar 2005/2/22 - 9:49:26
Wow. I like her skin. Orange hair is cool too. ^___^
I like it too.
tayley-chan 2005/2/22 - 13:21:30
Trippy and sharp!
I dig it. <3
mika-kun 2005/2/24 - 2:26:4
Psychedelic goodness indeed!
bananarana 2005/2/25 - 19:24:56
Perspective! ::swoons::
I love the perspective so much! Such a great sense of depth in this piece! <3 Love it love it.

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