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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(2158) (link) Oekaki by angie, total drawing time 5 : 7 : 49

angie 2005/3/20 - 15:16:40
did I really work on it for that long?!? woah... that's scary, anyway, she's a little warior girl! yay! **claps** she has nice hair is all I have to say
snoopywar 2005/3/20 - 15:33:48
What a lovely pose! ^^
I like the background, and her style. :3
Such lovely eyes and hair! ^^
kaiomi 2005/3/20 - 22:9:18
the coloring is very beautiful! I like her eyes ^_^
naty 2005/3/21 - 0:38:12
personally i like the redness of the cheeks and nose :D this has such a nice spring/summery feel to it ^_^!
angie 2005/3/22 - 19:31:18
wheeee let spring roll in!! with spring it brings my bday in 15 days!! w00t!! and 16 days till Vincy's concert!! thnku for the nice comments people!! luv yeeeww!!! <3
watermelon 2005/3/23 - 20:45:10
awesome!! i love it!
char 2005/3/28 - 2:52:41
Wow this looks great! I really love her hair! I know she's kinda angry but her face is still cute!

(2157) (link) Oekaki by golden_ataris, total drawing time 1 : 11 : 18

golden_ataris 2005/3/20 - 6:43:6
I hope this is good enough for polished! ^^

Same character from doodle room done day or so again except a lot more work put into. Feel I could have worked better on some parts but still getting back into it. ^^
kelli 2005/3/20 - 17:1:45
heh-heh...I love the little jellifish keychain
And I like how you made the sweater look fuzzy

(2156) (link) Oekaki by akilakitamorea, total drawing time 0 : 2 : 55

akilakitamorea 2005/3/19 - 10:18:56
ok well i tried to post this piture last night in here but for some reason taco was being a butt. not only did it not put it in the polished room but it also gave me a nice little red x
ok i am not sure if the picture will turn out good becase taco was meeing up all the layers last night (kept bringing back the layers that i deleted) so some cand c would be nice.
also not sure if i like the back round... because it looked preaty cute with just the white backround
snoopywar 2005/3/19 - 11:50:57
Waaaah!! I can't see it. >.<
emmylou 2005/3/19 - 15:48:27
Awww... it was such a pretty picture too. Did you save it like I showed you sis?
snoopywar 2005/3/19 - 22:12:29
Aww... I wanna see it... T__T
No fair! >__<
lorelai 2005/3/20 - 12:40:9
Hmmm. Did you save it to the board in any way? did you try using the recover feature? If nothing worked, please send a detailed account of what happened to lorelai (at) artcorner [dot] org and I'll try to figure it out for you.
akilakitamorea 2005/3/21 - 16:21:44
i have tried everything and nothing has worked... sadly this will be a pic no on e will see :(
snoopywar 2005/3/22 - 20:15:8
Not if you send it to me by e-mail. XD!!!
lol. But I suppose that would be a little much to ask. :3
akilakitamorea 2005/3/23 - 15:52:13
i really would but i didnt save the picture
crappy on my part
emmylou 2005/3/23 - 16:3:20
Always make back ups little sis. I can show you how, just ask me sometime :)

(2154) (link) Oekaki by tarren, total drawing time 4 : 55 : 50

tarren 2005/3/17 - 23:17:8
^^; Spent longer than I should have on this. I had trouble picking a backround colour xD. Ah well. This is Miyavi, if you can't read my writing. I was planning just to post the lines and finish it in soft CG with Photoshop or something, but I didn't want to put it in the doodle room, because it had no colour.

A ref pic was used. (found it on the net somewhere). I need to learn how to use tones ^^;;; C&C appreciated. <3
kaiomi 2005/3/18 - 3:55:58
I've never seen colored tones used this way but it makes the picture 'softer' to look at ^^ Very pretty picture
bananarana 2005/3/18 - 16:30:35
The lineart's well done; only crits I have is that the nose seems a bit big (considering it's Miyavi), and his head looks a little too narrow.
Hand looks good, and I'm getting a nice feeling of peace and calmness from this picture. I like this lots.
snoopywar 2005/3/18 - 17:59:13
Waaah!! I love this style! Its so awesome!! ^^!!
Very nice, very nice. :3
tarren 2005/3/19 - 19:15:30
uwar. :U Thanks guys <3 I might do another kaki in this style :f but there are so many flaws with it xD;;

bananarana: I can kind of see what you mean about the face. Thanks for the crits :3 <3 That hand tok me forever lol xD so I'm glad you like it.
naty 2005/3/21 - 0:36:16
EEEEh! Miyaviii! <333! Wheee i have that picture! :D awws!! i was thinking this board needs some Miyavi on it, and u draw him ^^! love that hand and his hair, :0` he so kawaii here with that shade..

(2153) (link) Oekaki by mmbaroque, total drawing time 1 : 5 : 2

mmbaroque 2005/3/15 - 19:39:15
A rework of an image I was doodling in class today. It's an unnamed boy either being sleepy or being deep in his thoughts. XD Topless for no reason other than I wanted it to be that way.
snoopywar 2005/3/15 - 19:41:50
Wow. I like the hair. :P
But I think the left arm is a little strange looking and perhaps not proportional. And I think the neck should be a little longer. ^^;;;
But I like the simplicity of the idea. :3
bananarana 2005/3/15 - 21:56:24
We don't need a reason for him to be topless (we = me)! And welcome to TACo! We don't bite... hard (we=[still]me). >D
naty 2005/3/16 - 15:21:5
wheee tones! i like the bits of yellow u added on his skin ^0^! the glow around him is a bit choppy but it suits him :)

(completed) (link) Oekaki by kira, total drawing time 2 : 34 : 52

kira 2005/3/14 - 15:15:23
will finish when i get home from work.. this is my friend brandy its a gift for her :) but she isnt on here.. so she will have a big surprise!.. :)
comment if you like..
embo 2005/3/14 - 22:16:55
whooo weeeeee that's looking GOOD. make sure you try and add a reference if you can since you're working with realism :D
kira 2005/3/15 - 0:27:6
Yea!.. all done.. well for what i think anywayz.. like i said before this is mah girly brandy.. she is a best bud of mines and i hope she likes it.. i used this pic for ref.. [link]
C&C welcomed of course
kaiomi 2005/3/15 - 2:23:50
I love the lighting! Very awesome job on the eyes and hair.
snoopywar 2005/3/15 - 17:26:47
I like the shading in her face. ^^
What lovely hair. :3
bananarana 2005/3/15 - 18:10:5
Her hair is amazingly realistic looking, it's almost unnatural. This was very well done, looks beautiful. I'm sure your friend will be greatly appreciative of this lovely picture you've done.
naty 2005/3/16 - 15:22:54
:O thats darn good! the eyes are so beautiful, and the colors are so soft... + the hair is really wooshy :D great job!
senobdec 2005/3/18 - 1:21:16
Nice work on the colors.
Eyes are closer together in ref. The lips are also far larger. Nose looks about right angle and length. Note: the chin should be proportionate to the lips. Hair is a little blurred, as is the chest. Shoulder is far too large. It should have the height of the nose, but moved down and curved inwards at the bottom end.
watermelon 2005/3/19 - 15:35:18
you cheater!! you arent allowed to use photos:D
this is soo good! her hair is beautiful and the shile is perfect. and the skin tone is great.
angie 2005/3/20 - 15:18:57
she looks so real!! the shading is pretty and teh shine is just soo perfeeectt
kira 2005/3/21 - 1:30:50
Thankx watermelon@:) lol.. i tried to make it look like her but.. better luck next time.. :)

and thanx to everyone for the postive feedback

(2151) (link) Oekaki by naty, total drawing time 2 : 7 : 9

naty 2005/3/11 - 22:27:20
x3 i cant do metal wings!! esp rusted ones /:B now why did i even attempt them? right now i forget, but ya, i can never make good backgrounds ^^; C&C welcomed with open arms :D oh and he's no one in particular.
snoopywar 2005/3/11 - 23:50:49
I like his eye. Makes him look real creepy. :P
Nice hair and hand. ^^
lili 2005/3/13 - 2:49:8
I like the way the eye shows from behind the hair, and the hand is pretty good too. The metal wings are...er... do'nt look like metal wings. (ehehe) He's cute, too. ^-^ (It reminds me of Rurouni for some reason)
embo 2005/3/13 - 18:43:4
love the character but the text is so sloppy naty! :[

you should use the text tool. there are a lot of cool things you can do with it if you mess around some.

the shading on his skin is so amazing though :OOO
bananarana 2005/3/15 - 18:8:14
I am no expert on muscle structure, so forgive me if I'm wrong, but I think his pecs (chest muscles) are either a little high or too small. I dunno. Ignore that crit. XD;
But the coloring on this is very nice. His hair is so shiny, I'm jealous. D:
The wings look metal, but they don't look very rusted. It seems to me that they wings are too "new" looking (shiny, reflects the light like silver), where as rusted metal tends to appear more gritty and darker in color. Hope that helped. :o
naty 2005/3/16 - 15:18:57
thanks for the comments and crits ^^ they helped a lot, Text tool? :0 Yeah i should mess around with that sometime, and i think i made the chest too high xD oops.

(2148) (link) Oekaki by keraha, total drawing time 2 : 42 : 21

keraha 2005/3/7 - 3:25:35
Done while reading Nightwing. I had no particular character in mind, but I guess it probably says something that I was alternating between drawing this and reading a chapter with Catwoman in it. ^^
paco 2005/3/7 - 22:11:39
very cool, i like it a lot, especially the shading. you did a really great job of making it look like it's at night, which i know from experience is really hard to do! the colors are beautiful and the perspective on the buildings is just terrific. the only thing i see that is at all wrong with this is her left leg, which is at an awkward angle and kind of looks like she has no thigh, but it's not that obvious. the musculature is done really well, and i love the highlights. awesome job! this picture was a pleasant surprise. :D
snoopywar 2005/3/7 - 22:15:24
Waa. Thats awesome shading!!! ^^
I :love: the background!! Those windows are hot. :3
bananarana 2005/3/10 - 22:7:1
That background is so fun. XD
I'm loving the highlights in this picture; you've got a good sense of lighting, and it's reflected well in this piece. I agree with paco on the thigh dilemma; otherwise, you did a great job with this. :D

(2147) (link) Oekaki by paco, total drawing time 0 : 18 : 39

paco 2005/3/6 - 22:41:39
finally! at last! rescued from the depths of the internet! <3 thank you, delightful moderators, for this new option!

this is Dumah, the Angel of the Silence of Death, one of the angels of punishment, and one of the seven princes of Hell. crazy job, huh?

enjoy. :) c&c welcome, as always.
lorelai 2005/3/6 - 22:56:11
Kickin' rad. Let me know if you have any other feedback!
paco 2005/3/6 - 22:56:35
ahhh, whoa. the timer is WAY off on this, by about an hour! :C
snoopywar 2005/3/6 - 23:26:29
Waaaaahhh!!! I love this.
The hair and the expression is just awesome!! And I love your shading, as usual. :3
The background is very lovely. ^^
mika-kun 2005/3/7 - 1:13:57
Cool, our first user pic recovery...:D
Is this the one that went missing from last week?

paco 2005/3/7 - 22:3:39
yep, mika, it is indeed the picture from last week. thanks again for posting the query about it :)
bananarana 2005/3/10 - 22:4:16
The "halo" around his head makes him seem more heavenly than devil-ish, in my opinion. But 'tis still very nice indeedy.
The only crit I have is the clouds: to me, they don't look "cloud" enough (if that makes any sense). Otherwise, the contrast of light and dark was well-executed, and coloring in general phenomenal as usual. Great job. XD
embo 2005/3/10 - 23:55:9
i just can't get over how fantastic this picture is. the intimations of a slight bg don't take away from the overall beauty of your character, and it looks so cleaned up in the places it should be.

i rejoice whilst admiring this piece! :D
spazzyzombie 2005/8/11 - 23:53:21
has come back again and again to view this pic and finally decided to comment that she loves it

(2146) (link) Oekaki by monique, total drawing time 1 : 4 : 39

monique 2005/3/6 - 14:47:8
yay! finished. just drawing an old character of mine.
snoopywar 2005/3/6 - 14:49:28
Wow. I like her hair. ^___^
The background is really cool. :3
Nice job with her clothes, I like the way you shaded them. ^^
monique 2005/3/6 - 14:56:23
yeah it's like a cross between my own/serenity rose style.

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