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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(10087) (link) Oekaki by dorothyblu, total drawing time 2 : 14 : 30

dorothyblu 2010/9/20 - 20:25:3
I'm naming this "EYES OF TIME"--cause it reminds me of some science fiction,or nightmares.Well,I was testing out my new pen from Bamboo tablet,I had to buy,cause the point on the old one was busted.Now,they told me I had to buy a completely NEW PEN.

IS that true?Can i take this to a use computer parts store,and have the old one,who's point is busted,and have it fixed,or get some money for it??These points are so delicate,I found out you should use the lightest pressure on them.this is a pressure sensitive tablet.Anyhow,if you know about the pens,on the Bamboo tablest(Wacom)let me know,post an answer here,"can the pens be repaired?"It cost me 29 bucks,at least,from amazon.com,I could not find a seller near me.shit. OOPS, well.the sensitivity in this strange picture is the result of a new pen,and my awareness now,that you can use the ligghtest pressure,and do very detailed,pressure sensitive work on these.WOW.

As sure as I'm Swiss=German,that means, I'll try to make some strange perfectionism. (Does anyone thing I should SELL or whatever,some of my art?If so,let me know,and how I would do it.I'd like to get back in the game,sell some.)But the only real galleries I know of,are in NYC,and Los Angeles.(the backwater places never sell anything,you have to go to a sophisticated,rich area.)
dorothyblu 2010/9/20 - 20:28:53
AHA!!I JUST HAD AN IDEA!!--I can transfer this method,the tiny dots,ect.,the art style, over to textile art,in ways,embroidery,painting,and beading,and applique,yto use on clothing!!ART CLOTHING IS WHAT SELLS, NOT ART. (besides,this owuld look hot on a tee,or shirt.)
z1ggy 2010/9/23 - 5:49:16
I like the complexity of the piece, it does have a woven look.

(10086) (link) Oekaki by dorothyblu, total drawing time 2 : 58 : 30

dorothyblu 2010/9/15 - 23:2:30
Purple Lace Gown

(10085) (link) Oekaki by z1ggy, total drawing time 0 : 31 : 56

z1ggy 2010/9/11 - 3:17:5
Referenced from [link]

(10084) (link) Oekaki by paultheodore, total drawing time 0 : 41 : 45

paultheodore 2010/9/10 - 14:25:9
custom figure
dorothyblu 2010/9/15 - 23:3:51
I like it!!!

(10083) (link) Oekaki by z1ggy, total drawing time 0 : 41 : 26

z1ggy 2010/9/10 - 14:12:48
Referenced from [link]

(10082) (link) Oekaki by z1ggy, total drawing time 0 : 50 : 2

z1ggy 2010/9/9 - 3:14:12
Reference used [link]

(10081) (link) Oekaki by z1ggy, total drawing time 1 : 18 : 46

z1ggy 2010/9/8 - 7:36:48
Referenced from [link]

(10080) (link) Oekaki by ri-su, total drawing time 2 : 2 : 13

ri-su 2010/9/7 - 1:5:53
hiya guys :) been a while! been itching to oekaki for agess now~ somekind of water-magic thing going on here. not sure what haha.
z1ggy 2010/9/7 - 12:26:1
I like your chunky style and the colours you have used, it looks really nice.

(10079) (link) Oekaki by dorothyblu, total drawing time 0 : 28 : 50

dorothyblu 2010/8/27 - 19:40:7
"What[s Wrong WITH CHIBI-PAINT???!!!"-OR--"Cameron Voss screwed up my Java,and my chibi paint,so bad,I cannot use it anymore!!Hey,Eugene,Oregon,get me a bloody software computer repairman!!I CANNOT USE CHIBI PAINT ANY LONGER,AFTER I got switched to the new Java version!!I'[ve done everything, taken it off,put the new one back on,NOTHING WORKS.

CAMERON VOSS,YOU DID IT.Yes,you did!!and then,you refused to fix it!Now,in Eugene,Oregon,USA,I have to hire someone to undo all this stuff,and detective work,as to why chibi paint no longer works for me;the aplet and software of chibi paint no longer works,since I got a new harddrive,and new version Java!!

Any one on this site,can solve my problem,I'll PAY YOU. REWARD!!If you can figure out,what's wrong,so I can fix it,I'll pay you a reward.I've gone for months without chibi paint,I'm going on twitter,to tweet my anger. thanks,this is a real painting.
dorothyblu 2010/9/15 - 23:6:33
Hi; I found out,since I have 2 harddrives on my computer,since the new Java and the new Mozilla will not work with chibi paint,cause no chibi paint software online is being changed over to accept new Java,I have to use my old hard drive,and my old java and mozilla,to use chibi paint.I do not know how everyone else manages,cause updating java and mozilla is pretty necessary,to travel and work on the web. But,I get to use chibi paint,on the old hard drive,thank god. (now I have to get a new stereo speaker.)

(10078) (link) Oekaki by z1ggy, total drawing time 0 : 50 : 42

z1ggy 2010/8/26 - 3:20:38
Referenced from [link]

(10077) (link) Oekaki by dorothyblu, total drawing time 1 : 15 : 32

dorothyblu 2010/8/17 - 5:15:40
dorothyblu 2010/9/20 - 20:26:49
I'm sorry,Rhonda,I did not mean it; I get cranky,and angry sometimes,(it's the pain,and the disability)and I apologize for barking.

(10076) (link) Oekaki by shadrad, total drawing time 2 : 56 : 53

shadrad 2010/8/9 - 17:12:17
Wow, I'm on an oekaki roll, aren't I? Its been nice for stress relief. (Even though I should've been doing homework, which means that I'm making myself more stressed by avoiding it! Oops!)

Anyway, self-portrait.
dorothyblu 2010/8/10 - 3:29:56
very good picture of you as student,busy,working away.good.
z1ggy 2010/8/15 - 6:40:42
I like all of the detail you have added to the hair, it has a solid feeling to it.
cretin 2010/8/16 - 8:26:57
The shading turned out really nice. :)

(10075) (link) Oekaki by dorothyblu, total drawing time 5 : 46 : 42

dorothyblu 2010/8/3 - 1:52:0

(completed) (link) Oekaki by shadrad, total drawing time 5 : 22 : 15

shadrad 2010/8/1 - 18:8:35
Hello again! :3
shadrad 2010/8/1 - 18:9:0
z1ggy 2010/8/5 - 11:18:17
Great drawing of an elf, I like the varied pressure you used for the outline.

(10073) (link) Oekaki by z1ggy, total drawing time 1 : 15 : 44

z1ggy 2010/7/31 - 3:0:45
Referenced from The Art Archive.
embo 2010/8/1 - 4:59:16
you've always had really strong outlines. I like all your portraits! and I also like that hat. hehe

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