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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(2182) (link) Oekaki by tayley-chan, total drawing time 4 : 19 : 50

tayley-chan 2005/4/7 - 1:49:35
I swear, I just never get tired of being mean to pretty boys ^__^ *insert eyebrow waggle here*

This fellow is Ilya, and he's not actually mine... a friend plays his character but I control the world in which his adventures take place... and both of us enjoy putting him into all kinds of horrible situations. ^_^ Wheee!

PS: What IS it with me and taking people's eyes? Seriously. O_o
blumeaniandglove 2005/4/7 - 8:28:4
He's very nice...nod grin grin.

I love the shading, i never get tired of looking at your work. And i like the people in the background. That's nifty. He hair is awesome in so many ways, and is that smoke coming from the socket? I like everything about this picture... i want to steal it. >.<
snoopywar 2005/4/7 - 20:44:53
Lovely shadow people in the background, is that you and your friend smiling and laughing about putting him through torturous events? <.<;;
Hnn... The hair's quite lovely, and the green eye. :3
heavenlystrike 2005/4/7 - 22:46:28
Freaking me outtt ;_;... It's wonderful how you are able to make ppl feel such feelings through your oekakis! Youre Amazing^^ your shading is always so perfect. how unfair :P And your characters are always so original! you should go and be you know, hockey ppl get in a temple of hockey, well you go in a temple of oekaki fame :3
naty 2005/4/7 - 23:15:45
delicious picture :O! i love those things in the bg, and his hair, and eyelessness xD love the cell shading!
mika-kun 2005/4/8 - 1:15:21
I love the two in the bg....and you carry on tormenting pretty boys, there's far too many of them around...
maggie_sue 2005/4/8 - 20:47:31
oh dear, I better hide mine then...RUN TIM, RUN!

(2181) (link) Oekaki by happywaterbottle, total drawing time 5 : 2 : 6

happywaterbottle 2005/4/6 - 18:22:4
I was motivated :D
I got fed up of my flat and boring stuff, so I'm working on improving my style, and push more on perspective and coloring. well, I'm *gonna* work on that... hehe.
Timer's quite right :P Arr!
heavenlystrike 2005/4/6 - 18:30:15
aw pretty! but im dizzy today so ya o_ô... I can see the work on ze perspective, oui oui! Ah je suis vraiment trop fatiguée pour me forcer à parler anglais. C'est vraiment adorable ton affaire...c'est tu Matthew chose :D? hehehe... cheveux bruns. attentions les blonds, je m'en viens! *part a courir, se pete la face a terre* ^^' woah je suis étourdie la...
snoopywar 2005/4/6 - 19:19:39
Thats an awesome boat!! ^^
Nice pose and perspective. :3
jakusama 2005/4/6 - 22:51:46
Je suis tres fatigue ce soir aussi, mais parceque un examin a francais, ni les devoirs. aujourd'hi, je deverai les devoirs. Ah! Le <<Oekaki>> est tres beau. (belle?) J'aime le <<shading>> et le <<perspective>>. Je voudrais voir plus! (So my french isn't as extensive. >< Shoot me. Excellent oekaki, if you didn't catch that.)
dekutree64 2005/4/7 - 4:3:36
I like it^^ Good wood texture/color, and all the little shadows and stuff. The perspective/foreshortening does look a little funky, but that's totally the way to improve, so do more^^
milkshake 2005/4/7 - 4:30:22
O_O That's so cool! Really, I love it. Great perspective and..and..and PIRATE!!
happywaterbottle 2005/4/7 - 17:46:36
thanks ppl for teh very nice comments :D
jakusama, shading is "ombres/ombrage" and oekaki and perspective are the same in french ;) you're so adorable *glomps*
jakusama 2005/4/7 - 22:12:15
Merci pour l'info. :D
naty 2005/4/7 - 23:16:53
woah awesome perspective and the sword is godly! ^o^ i just love pirate pics! :DDD
mika-kun 2005/4/8 - 1:7:22
I reckon you did a pretty damn good job on the perspective, and there's nothing wrong with the colouring either, excellent P.O.V, keep 'em coming...:)
amethyst-citrine 2005/4/8 - 16:8:30
Aw this is awesome!!! It's really dynamic, and a good composition with a not-so-overused subject. I lurve it. O_O He's really cute too... X3 Good job, I like the shiny sword. - Amy.
kaiomi 2005/4/10 - 0:41:2
very creative pose you put him in ^_^ You did a really neat-o perspective job. I <3 that sword and its shinyness.

(2180) (link) Oekaki by quentara47, total drawing time 3 : 53 : 20

quentara47 2005/4/3 - 20:27:52
This one took a long time, but I'm happy at the results. Its Tima from the movie Metropolis, such a sad yet beautiful story. This one goes out to Logan, the one person who must see this movie. You have no choice in the matter.
snoopywar 2005/4/3 - 21:54:38
This is really amazing!! The background is awesome!!! X3
And the green eye is lovely. ^^
syzygy 2005/4/3 - 23:14:21
Wow, just wow. Ive seen parts of it, but not all.. saw the end, very sad... youre so crazy good!
happywaterbottle 2005/4/7 - 19:4:40
This is awesome. I really like the idea!
I love the background, it's awesome. I love how the light colors of the character contrast with the dark colors of the bg. I also love her expression.
awesome job :3
naty 2005/4/7 - 23:18:20
awww i saw that movie <3, ya, i kept thinking 'omg! astro boy' throughout it all so i kinda missed the sad part ^^;, but this is really nice, love what u did with the background and her robot eye.
mika-kun 2005/4/8 - 1:18:23
I always liked the robo-girl from the original, I've not seen the anime remake but she looks pretty nifty in this pic too, bg's cool too...:)

(2179) (link) Oekaki by marine, total drawing time 1 : 36 : 41

marine 2005/4/3 - 13:12:6
Hey,I haven't been on this board for a long time.It's rondom lady doodle^^;;
snoopywar 2005/4/3 - 13:43:8
She's beautiful. :3
Your shading and style is awesome. n__n
maggie_sue 2005/4/3 - 15:16:4
I think I remember you...I agree, the colors are just beautful on this.
heavenlystrike 2005/4/3 - 17:15:56
I remember you ^^. This is simply beautiful, I really like how the hair flows and the skin glows and the eyes stand out...It looks like you scanned a watercolor painting...gorgeous, gorgeous :3
kaiomi 2005/4/4 - 1:12:24
ahhh the colors! I especially love the skin tones and hair. It's been a while! ^_^
blumeaniandglove 2005/4/4 - 1:14:46
that pose is aweseome^^

My one thing is that where the forearm meets the whatever-the-rest-is-called, the forethingy looks a little too thick. I love that arm-cuff though, and the shading on the hair is amazing.
ienjoydrawing 2005/4/5 - 0:54:59
Wow. I don't think I remember you, but I guess it doesn't matter. I agree - nice pose and awesome coloring and shading! :3
mika-kun 2005/4/5 - 12:11:7
A damn fine pic, good to see someone raising the bar a few notches....:)
senobdec 2005/4/6 - 5:23:6
Very nice. Good coloring and very soft shades.... as mentioned before anatomy isn't perfect, but that comes after lots of practice. the area around the... XD breasts, is particularly alluring in the visible strokes of color..
naty 2005/4/7 - 23:19:19
*blinks* mannnn that hair is too good! x3! detaillll @@

(2178) (link) Oekaki by maggie_sue, total drawing time 2 : 11 : 15

maggie_sue 2005/4/3 - 4:7:55
"Self-portrait in the Four Colors of Apelles"
emmylou 2005/4/4 - 19:12:26
Lovely eye Maggie! The hand is well done as well.
mika-kun 2005/4/5 - 12:5:14
Ok, I get to play the dumb one here.....what are the Four Colors of Apelles?
I like the realistic yet slightly wierd perspective look it has, like looking in a convex mirror, and yeah I'd say it does look like you (not that I'm saying you look like a convex mirror image in real life)...Ill shut up now and go back in my box....:)
maggie_sue 2005/4/5 - 13:28:12
thanks mika, for the comment...convex mirror, lol. Anywho, here's the scoop on the color theme. Apelles was the court painter for Alexander the Great. He chose to paint in the colors red, yellow, white, and black..and also variations and mixes of these, such as the skintones and the pink lips. Throughout art history, many other artists (velasquez, hemmessan, titian, etc..) have paid tribute to their subjects by painting them in the "four colors of apelles." Also, these artists have basically bragged about themselves, saying they have great skill, by doing self-portraits in the same colors. This is not the case here, but I figured it would be fun to paint myself in the four colors of apelles. wow, that's a long response....oh well.
senobdec 2005/4/6 - 5:21:47
I tried to comment once before. I like it, and the perspective is unusual. The lip area is nice, but the farther away from the ear and hand (which I like a lot) the odder it looks. I still think the far eye should be moved down a bit.... or made a bit bigger... or something. What do you want?! It's 2 AM.
naty 2005/4/7 - 23:41:19
wow thats good realism! o_o! that hand is gorgeous, and the lighting is divine!
mogily 2005/4/9 - 23:28:58
ohmygoodness! very nice ^o^! love the colors~ learned something new, too :3

(2177) (link) Oekaki by remi-187, total drawing time 2 : 56 : 49

remi-187 2005/4/2 - 12:42:1
I'm doing my body skatches these days (of real people)
and i thought of doing one on my computer with color (of my friend).
p.s i didnt give any details to the face since it's a body sketch.
snoopywar 2005/4/2 - 17:8:26
Nice shading. The jeans look awesome!!!! :3
The clothes in general look pretty awesome. n__n
heavenlystrike 2005/4/3 - 17:18:13
I really like the realisme of this, the colors you'Re using are really realistic, and I likie alot ^^ I like the vest...again everything looks so real, wonderful work ^^
mika-kun 2005/4/5 - 12:8:24
Nice work, a very good figure study indeed!

(2175) (link) Oekaki by golden_ataris, total drawing time 1 : 9 : 4

golden_ataris 2005/4/1 - 10:27:3
"What will become of us in the next life. Will we slide into the dark of nothingness... or do we keep living on some other way to protect ourselves and those we love...?"

"You...love me?"

"...I will protect you...always."

ienjoydrawing 2005/4/2 - 1:36:14
Hey, this is pretty awesome! :3 Your coloring is really interesting, turned out nicely overall. I guess the guy's hands are still kinda smallish, but it's all good. Er, and for some reason certain bits of this picture gave a nostalgic feel. Not sure why, though. -_- Anyway, good job; keep it up! :D
mika-kun 2005/4/2 - 2:47:47
I like the oddly coloured shading, the bg's pretty groovy too!
snoopywar 2005/4/2 - 17:7:49
I like the hand thats holding the cup thing. :3
Indeed, the coloring is so interesting and awesome!! n___n

(2174) (link) Oekaki by flea, total drawing time 3 : 13 : 52

flea 2005/3/31 - 22:0:22
death from above 1979.

embo 2005/3/31 - 22:55:32
is a very very good band.

awesome oekaki. :O
akilakitamorea 2005/4/1 - 11:17:40
hwy i saw somthing on mtv about them and it really made me what to listen to them...
i absolutly love the texture and hair
syzygy 2005/4/1 - 14:19:2
This is so definitely spifferocious in regards to the solids.. goodness! So cool. XP Such awesome solidness. X3
mika-kun 2005/4/2 - 2:46:0
Love them textures, excellent stuff!
heavenlystrike 2005/4/2 - 13:47:16
two words: amazing texture. woah, this really kick asses. I especially like the hair O_o. Lips are so dreamy! and the fur on the coat is to die for :B
naty 2005/4/7 - 23:21:10
O-O!!! omg, its so good!!! that jacker esp! >3! i dunno who he is but i likes!

(2172) (link) Oekaki by mmbaroque, total drawing time 1 : 47 : 37

mmbaroque 2005/3/29 - 19:38:16
Attack of the Pretty Boys part deux! XD (Part 1 was my try at a pirate)

I really worked hard on the shape of his eyes and the shading/highlights of his skin. heh heh. I originally was going for a blonde but I'm liking his hair color now. The background is still quick but I didn't want to spend as much time on background as the person. Again, outlines are my style . . . I'm getting better at this ha ha.

z1ggy 2005/3/30 - 6:37:29
Most certainly you are getting heaps better at this. Your colour sense is pretty good in this pic, and your proportions are beautiful :D His pectorals need to extend longer down his chest, and the jaw outline needs to be more symmetrical, but otherwise it's pretty good :)
heavenlystrike 2005/3/30 - 10:57:10
are you french :D? Omg he his gorgeous too! you certainly did not fail your attempt o_ô I see no crits about that one. Except that he is oh-so-totally-gorgeous! :3 Oh i love your shading ^^
mmbaroque 2005/3/30 - 14:50:25
Je parle un peu de français mais je ne suis pas très bon. Heh heh. I understand better than I speak . . . but no, I'm not french. XD Wish I was . . .
heavenlystrike 2005/3/31 - 14:6:20
omg that was adorable <3 lol me and Hwb are canadian french ppl so ya :D
syzygy 2005/4/1 - 2:25:33
Part Deux = I Love the 90s!!! XPXPXPXP <3<3

haha, yes. I like the color of the lines you used, mucho mucho. ^__^

yay french.

(2171) (link) Oekaki by akilakitamorea, total drawing time 7 : 33 : 36

akilakitamorea 2005/3/28 - 13:28:11
YAY.. i am finally done with my pic... it seams it took me forever but i think i did a good job... this would be my second pic in the polished room but the first one crapped out on me so this one shall take its place.. i think the best part is the girls pants... heck ya they rock
c and c please
...but dont kill me
snoopywar 2005/3/28 - 19:59:30
I like their expressions. Hehehe. :3
I like the hands too. ^^
happywaterbottle 2005/3/28 - 20:3:46
this is very very cute!
I adore the coloring and the shading, especially on the clothes and skin :D the girl's pants are very nice hehe
your efforts paid off very well ;)
awesome work, keep it up :D
heavenlystrike 2005/3/28 - 22:32:0
that reminds me of Drago Malefoy...no? Ok ya :B I like the colors you used, It stands out alot. maybe I would have put the characters higher in the picture because we are losing a little focus because of the background there. Can I have his bracelet?:3

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