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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(2203) (link) Oekaki by andyothello, total drawing time 1 : 25 : 1

andyothello 2005/4/23 - 17:21:1
I've had "cotton candy hair" on my mind recently.

Yeah, this is kinda weird, from me. I was arguing and eating Pop-Tarts while drawing...
snoopywar 2005/4/23 - 18:51:5
This is pure loveliness!! :D
The colors are so soft, especially that background!! ^^
The idea is so funny and sweet. x.X;;
I love it. :3
mika-kun 2005/4/25 - 12:52:44
Now that's what I call flooofy hair, cool.....but I bet it takes ages to get it like that every morning!
paultheodore 2005/4/25 - 14:30:14
great colors- I like the purple outline
naty 2005/4/26 - 18:51:41
its so bright and cheerful and the hair reminds me off cotton candy <333 aww, such a pretty pic!

(2202) (link) Oekaki by angie, total drawing time 0 : 55 : 25

angie 2005/4/22 - 18:21:48
Virgo =D opps.. she looks like a slut -_-' gomen na....
crys 2005/4/22 - 21:35:32
im a virgo!!...and she doesnt look liek a slut..shes pretty, so i would say that she at least gets paid...j/k...lovely work!
happywaterbottle 2005/4/22 - 23:23:6
she's gorgeous. I love that coloring style, how do you do it? Is it the solid tool and you play around with the opacity? anyway, it's very very nice! she doesn't look like a slut, she looks like some innocent girl who does not know how pretty she is :)
ienjoydrawing 2005/4/24 - 17:20:24
Heh, I agree with happywaterbottle on the appearance. I like your coloring style too, the pseudo-solid (not sure what's the right name for it) look is very pleasing. Looking good! :D
mika-kun 2005/4/25 - 12:53:58
Carefree maybe, but a slut....... nah..... cute too!
naty 2005/4/26 - 18:54:17
i'm a virgo tooo :D. cute pose, very unslutty. ^_^ very good summer picture!
lili 2005/4/28 - 12:35:11
She's very pretty. The coloring is awesome. But when are you making Gemini!? ^!^

(2201) (link) Oekaki by ryuoku, total drawing time 2 : 44 : 31

ryuoku 2005/4/20 - 17:53:19
--- Against The Backdrop ---

Hiya! ^_^ I'm new to these boards, although not new to Oekaki in general. I hope this is good enough to post to this board! *heh* YES - the head is supposed to be that big... call it "artistic vision", I wasn't going for realism. Um... about the background (or lack of)... it's the backdrop cloth, like in photographs. I wanted to write a caption in the picture, "Stand out against the backdrop", but it didn't look too good, so I decided to just leave it out. *points at cigarette* She will die in 7 days! >_< *issues*

Comments and CRITIQUES WELCOMED!!! ^_~
heavenlystrike 2005/4/20 - 18:31:22
WeLcOme :D, I think if it'S your style to draw it this way, it's really okay with me ^^ *I tend to do big hands and heads oO* Her head is gorgeous and her clothes original :3, once again, welcome!
senobdec 2005/4/20 - 22:13:31
I don't think anyone has issues with head size or whatever if it's obviously not a realism attempt. Really nice coloring there... you know of what I speak. XD.
maggie_sue 2005/4/21 - 13:0:19
does anyone here think I'm wierd for loving the mouth??? that's my favorite part....yesh...
maggie_sue 2005/4/21 - 13:3:6
oooh, I wanted to add something, especially after watching the animation...I saw how you put in dark blues and purples for the shadows, which is the way it should be done. I'd love to see some yellows from her cigarette burning reflecting off her upper arm a bit, and maybe just a touch on her hair. Obviously, you understand light and how it reflects on skintones..as well as how skintones reflect colors around them, so I thought I'd encourage it further.
snoopywar 2005/4/21 - 21:31:5
Welcome to TACo! ^^
Lovely first drawing here. She's quite a beauty. :3
mika-kun 2005/4/25 - 13:7:2
Welcome, off to a good start I see, nice pants....makes me wonder what they look like from the back.....another pic maybe!?
naty 2005/4/26 - 18:50:20
welcome to TACo! Personally i like big heads, esp chibi things ^^ also i really like her eye color and the char design all around is t3h spiffy, like how it looks like she eats =D

(2200) (link) Oekaki by angie, total drawing time 0 : 57 : 49

angie 2005/4/20 - 17:48:21
almost made the hour mark.. and I remember someone asking me to draw a capricorn? her hair was fun ^.^
heavenlystrike 2005/4/20 - 18:27:59
Hey i think it's gorgeous ^^but hum i think you might wanna link to Aurore Black Cat site, but it's a really pretty reproduction and I'm a capricorn so, go capricorns, go :D
zeldagirl 2005/4/20 - 21:13:36
Ahhh!! Thank you! The horns! (I love the horn of capricorn.. heck is my sign.. i love it all) .. the purple hair and eyes! The hair style! ^_^ I love it all!!!! *hugs*

maggie_sue 2005/4/21 - 12:57:42
I'm not big on this zodiac shtuff, I think it's a load of b/s-however, this is lovely..I love the chunky-yet smooth-lines, and the coloring is superb. I was born in november, so I'd like to see your take on scorpio :D
emerald 2005/6/11 - 19:19:36
I'm a capricorn, and if I had horns and curly hair, this is what I would look like. Yes I dyed my hair purple and got contacts.

(2199) (link) Oekaki by maggie_sue, total drawing time 2 : 24 : 37

maggie_sue 2005/4/19 - 3:8:55
about as done as it's gonna get...solids are fun to color with, even more than they used to be...

ever find that school/work squeezes so much artistic creativity out of you that you have none left for yourself? I haven't drawn/painted/animated/picked up my guitar in months...oi
lili 2005/4/19 - 8:56:2
The solid-ity of it is really unique, it's cool ^^
But doesn't the head seem like it's a bit small for the body??? ><
maggie_sue 2005/4/19 - 13:36:53
actually, take your finger and your thumb...use that to measure the head, and then take it and count out how many "heads" her body is, starting right under her head, stomach, and do her right leg, since it's all on the canvas. The body as actually around 6 heads long, unless you're going for anime-distorted type drawing. I get 6 heads, you tell me what you get. Try it, it works.
syzygy 2005/4/20 - 19:39:22
It seems kinda small to me too.. Maybe its the angle, I dont know, but it does. The rest of the body is wonderfully proportionate, however. Props on the solids, theyre always so much fun ^__^
embo 2005/4/20 - 19:41:39
she's just a little big boned i guess. The composition is really cool in this because the guitar adds depth to the bg. niiiiiice.
senobdec 2005/4/20 - 22:25:41
Actually... the head's at an odd angle and she's wearing kinda bulky clothes. No real difficulties there.

personally I think the guitar is the best part, though that scratchy texture is very cool.
maggie_sue 2005/4/21 - 12:54:49
yeah, it could be the angle on the head, it's a top-head shot...that, and it's a self-portrait kinda, and I ain't no beanpole...I'm a real woman with real curves XD
maggie_sue 2005/4/22 - 11:29:7
and try the 6 heads trick, like I said earlier..you'll find it's 6 yeads from chest to foot. I promise, that's how you measure a body.
mika-kun 2005/4/25 - 12:56:22
I'm digging that hatching/solid work most muchly, nice style too!
monique 2005/4/25 - 18:16:43
omg that's cool! this girl @ my school has the same haircut only black.

(2198) (link) Oekaki by buttermilk-elf, total drawing time 2 : 3 : 24

buttermilk-elf 2005/4/18 - 0:43:19
My hand hurts! XD Believe me, that timer is only off by about 10 minutes. And I didn't take a break either. It only looks like about 30 minutes work for the quality of what I see here... how do you people do it!??
Was supposed to be Legolas from LotR, based on a fanfic I'm gonna write. I'm not really sure. He looks kinda thin... Did I spell 'prisoner' right?
As always, and especially now, C&C would be very welcomed after this labour!
puck-chan 2005/4/18 - 2:23:4
Very nice.

His arms should probably be a little longer and his torso seems a little long. But, one thing I learned about teh arms is to stnad up and look where htey fall on your body. The tip of the hand uually comes to mid thigh. It looks like his hands would only come to his hips...Also, maybe make his shoulders a little braoder.

Other then that, I lover his hair, teh background and his expression. I hope my tips help.

(2197) (link) Oekaki by remi-187, total drawing time 1 : 58 : 17

remi-187 2005/4/16 - 21:52:49
My tablet doesn't seem to work anymore..
but i still have my mouse!!

no... wait... that's no good either... (aggraveted smiley)
snoopywar 2005/4/17 - 10:12:23
I like the rainbow. ^^
And the way the shirt looks painted. :3
happywaterbottle 2005/4/17 - 10:47:24
very cool oekaki o.o I really love the dark shading. it's very well done :D
I like how the picture is colorful and dark at the same time.
awesome job!
kelli 2005/4/17 - 12:23:44
this is so different from the stuff you'd normally see on this board....I love it
heavenlystrike 2005/4/18 - 0:18:4
well you rock with a mouse too XD...this is so original and different :0. yet it freats me out a little too ^^ gorgeous work.
andyothello 2005/4/20 - 16:16:42
This is so European, somehow. I can't think of how else to express it, but love it.
maggie_sue 2005/4/22 - 1:59:0
mouse users of the world unite! I like this muchly.

(2196) (link) Oekaki by blumeaniandglove, total drawing time 3 : 1 : 21

blumeaniandglove 2005/4/15 - 20:45:28
Ah....it's so true.

This is me and my real-live best friend's gaia avatars. I'm Keib, the crying one. XP
blumeaniandglove 2005/4/16 - 2:19:33
oh...one thing I forgot...

"you there...marvel at my solids."
puck-chan 2005/4/16 - 2:53:45
Kya! I lurve it. can I save it on my site?

Funny how my avi's only relation to me is glasses and a green shirt. And for those who want to know, my real gaia name is not puck-chan, but NightWandererPuck.
happywaterbottle 2005/4/16 - 8:40:40
omg that "XD" smiley o.o My sister does it ALL the time. every sentences she writes on MSN ends with THAT smiley o.o it haunts me. *shivers*
awesome job with the solids blu-chan :D
snoopywar 2005/4/16 - 11:5:9
Blu-chan!! This is awesome!!!! X.x;;
[[Sorry about the other day, I got off right as you messaged me. Great timing, ya know. = =;;;;]]
The smileys are so awesome!!! XD!!!
Love your expression. >:P

(moved) (link) Oekaki by yumeji, total drawing time 3 : 27 : 46

yumeji 2005/4/15 - 10:11:0
An insomniac with nothing better to do.
This has to be the first piece I've done under 4 hours.
piyoko 2005/4/15 - 13:47:14
ooo very nice! looks awsome!!
piyoko 2005/4/15 - 13:48:26
ooo very nice! looks awsome!!
andyothello 2005/4/15 - 14:55:34
The hair and the eyes are so becoming, and the buttons and clothing are just impressive.

I really dig.
ayperi 2005/4/15 - 15:39:37
wwo that's gorgeous :D I luv the shading XD
heavenlystrike 2005/4/15 - 16:45:52
that is just insanely gorgeous. It's soo softt soo angelic, it's incredible @_@ Hall of Fame, definately.
snoopywar 2005/4/15 - 18:8:40
This is beautiful.
tarren 2005/4/15 - 22:8:13
omg e___e this is so beautiful.
kaiomi 2005/4/16 - 5:13:8
I've never seen someone do eyes like these! It's quite amazing. Mmm...her lips look really smooth and glossy. Great job on her shirt and all that fluffy stuff!
angie 2005/4/17 - 12:36:12
**speechless** omg wow!! the fluffiness! the eys! the hair! the lips!
syzygy 2005/4/17 - 19:35:41
Je t'aime. So much. And thats all there is to it.
crazy90 2005/4/18 - 5:22:17
OMg~ -jaw drops- i like how you did the hair and eyes... and the clothing is uber cool.... you rock!
lili 2005/4/19 - 9:0:9
It's so frikkin' GORGE!!! I love the buttons, and the softness, and the hair (must have taken ages to do every-single-one) Fluffiness ^.^
senobdec 2005/4/22 - 3:0:45
That is some seriously nice use of blank space. the Coloring is cool too, I like the lips, and that sweater :D - impressive.
p_b 2005/4/22 - 23:3:56
im gald to see someone make unbelievably large eyes look so good :) the face looks alot like how i draw my fairy faces on paper *nodnod*
the hair is AMAZING and the clothing is so detailed O_O i'm stunned
ironicmonkeyy 2005/4/24 - 12:53:4
I love this.

Everything about it.

naty 2005/4/26 - 18:55:46
:0~ the softness of it is just too darn beautiful!!!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by andyothello, total drawing time 3 : 4 : 1

andyothello 2005/4/13 - 0:38:7
Griffith, of Berserk. I know he's just a character, but, I cannot stand that man. Ughughugh.

And, in other news, I haven't been here in a long while. Howdy.

Oh, and, it's true, I have a St. Sebastion complex. They call it Sebacon.
dekutree64 2005/4/13 - 2:9:49
Yay! Your style is very recognizable, and lovely as always. Much like real watercolors, by the use of white for shading.
I especially like the eyes and mouth^^
cessy 2005/4/13 - 16:6:58
WOW. Awsome drawing! :O :O Beserk scared the holy bejebus out of me, I swear I didn't sleep the night I saw the ending for that show. But anywho! I really, superly love this drawing! TO THE MAX. Those eyes are gorgeous, and the lips too. Everything! Awsome job yo
happywaterbottle 2005/4/13 - 16:20:20
what a lovely eye o.o this is awesome. I just love the hair and the lips too.
awesome use of watercolors :D
snoopywar 2005/4/13 - 17:58:24
What lovely eyes. X.x;;
That hair is quite stunning too. x.X;;
You are awesome. :3
angie 2005/4/13 - 19:14:53
omg wow!! thats so gorgeous!! her eyes are so detailed, and her lips are so petite and perfect, I love the shading on her hair and nose!!
paco 2005/4/13 - 23:4:7
i ADORE the shading of the eye and the nose. especially the nose, it's just gorgeously formed. the highlight on it and the highlights in the eye & hair are very convincing, the color palette choice is really nice as well. i would have put the mouth a tad lower, as it is i think it looks a little smushed upward, but that's just my opinion and i understand if it's a stylistic thing for you. the lower lip is really nice as well, the shading is impeccable. great work, i really like this. for a character you don't like (? did i read that right?) i actually think this is my favorite of your pieces that i've seen on here! looking forward to seeing more. :)
marine 2005/4/14 - 3:17:0
Griffith!! So beautiful! I luv eyes. Great job!
look 2005/4/14 - 20:20:56
The eye is just great!!!
maggie_sue 2005/4/15 - 1:55:40
St. Sebastion...the "pin-cushion" saint? How random...
andyothello 2005/4/15 - 14:43:59
I'm glad for all the comments, thank you.

Also, maggie_sue, yes, the pincushion saint. Whenever I think of him, I imagine him looking up somewhat like this. I think 'cause all the paintings I've seen of him have him looking up in different ways.

Paco, I agree, the whole mouth/chin part is screwy. ehehehe. And, yeah, I dislike this character, a lot.
ayperi 2005/4/15 - 15:40:2
soo pretty XD I luv the eyes :D
naty 2005/4/26 - 18:57:45
o--o i so love how u color hair and well everything! those lips are so cute *O*! he's insanely sessy! wicked job!

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