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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(9622) (link) Oekaki by crazy90, total drawing time 0 : 41 : 50

crazy90 2007/3/25 - 22:10:31
hmm... been a long time since i have been here... i finally have a drawing tablet given to me as a graduation gift haha hooray... lol kind of new to using it so yeah bit sketchy... haha
Comments are loved! thanks! hope you guys like it~
dorothyblueeyes 2007/3/27 - 3:26:10
I like your drawing style,and even the colors,and how you did the dots in the background, neat!!
crazy90 2007/3/30 - 7:31:2
thanks... and thanks for being the first one to comment and the only one i guess haha!

(completed) (link) Oekaki by purrdy, total drawing time 3 : 44 : 15

purrdy 2007/3/25 - 3:5:57
Done. I think. o.O
*coddles wrist*
Anyways, this is Reighn. Some of the older TACo users may remember her. =D
purrdy 2007/3/25 - 3:9:55
purrdy 2007/3/25 - 5:12:55
*cry* I keep noticing stuff I messed up on and it's driving me insane! Oh well. *sigh*
kougra_girl 2007/3/25 - 17:34:28
we all do that x3 it's the process of learning!

i like her expression. very innocent and layed back.
lorelai 2007/3/26 - 1:40:47
don't stress out, this is a really really super oekaki as is! I was totally on the money about you improving your skills during your time away from TACo huh? :) it's a totally new and improved purrdy!
purrdy 2007/3/26 - 3:54:38
I don't know. o.O I haven't really been drawing or anything since I've been away. Just been playing World of Warcraft and working. =S
heavenlystrike 2007/3/28 - 18:47:9
I remember you! I saw that and I told myself: ooh purdy is back! n_n i love how your style is very unique and how your characters are always so hugable X3 nice to have you back

(9619) (link) Oekaki by dorothyblueeyes, total drawing time 5 : 10 : 12

dorothyblueeyes 2007/3/23 - 15:10:18
"Dreams:Living in San Francisco,mostly Haight-Ashbury,when I was much younger"--wierd dreams of living with roommates,Haight St.,and all the buildings,housing,apts., flats,all mxed together,always trying to find a place to live;roommate problems;you name it.Still have bad dreams about it all. Everyone tries to idealize the Good Old Days,the only good thing was,I was physically young,still had my feet.Otherwise,I was poor,mentally ill,and always having a hard time. Still,when You're young you think it will all work out.In middleage,and older,you know it often does not. Life is a cliche,and we all do the same things when young,and then change when we get old;and we never become successful,the way we imagine we would. Everyone is unrealistic,mostly,and then we get old. Ho-hum, biggest cliche in the world. Nobody has control over the world. That is a big,fat illusion.
happywaterbottle 2007/3/24 - 9:11:14
this is pretty cool! I love the colours and how you used the textures. the white lines add a lot of dynamism too...
I bet you can do awesome paintings too :D
lorelai 2007/3/29 - 10:38:58
Wow, can I say, that is VERY Haight & Ashbury.

May I critique one thing? :) I think your art uses a lot of textures, which is great, but I'm curious what would happen if you used less...or maybe only used it in certain places to illustrate a point. Like, one type of texture, only for one thing. I guess this is more of a suggestion than a critique - i have no idea what the end result will be =D
dorothyblueeyes 2007/4/2 - 13:45:7
That is a good idea about using just one texture,or just one type of paint brush.

(9618) (link) Oekaki by sunkite, total drawing time 2 : 53 : 15

sunkite 2007/3/23 - 7:28:33
monsters in my rooom eat myy eyeballsss :(((
happywaterbottle 2007/3/23 - 13:40:41
I love your colouring style :D
Can't wait to see more of your art!
dorothyblueeyes 2007/3/23 - 15:12:15
good painting; very unusual
elolinon 2007/3/24 - 8:35:51
Very nice, personal style. I like the colours :)
kougra_girl 2007/3/25 - 17:31:34
love the coloring and her expression o.o unique style X3

(9617) (link) Oekaki by kiwi, total drawing time 2 : 24 : 46

kiwi 2007/3/21 - 18:25:39
I wanted to draw a proper portrait, but once again I got lazy at the hair. XD Ah well. I'm actually very happy with the colouring on her face...I was almost sad to cover her cheek with hair. :P Anyway, enjoy!
kaira 2007/3/21 - 20:34:57
But I LOVE how you did the hair! <- is a sucker for large areas of solid color

And the shading on the skin is veeery nice. Pretty portrait. ^^b
ryoanna 2007/3/23 - 14:19:50
LOVE the shading on the skin! Lovely! :)
dorothyblueeyes 2007/3/23 - 15:13:26
Very beautiful, I love the expression; dont worry about the hair, it suits the picture.
elolinon 2007/3/24 - 8:32:52
I love her expression ^^

(9616) (link) Oekaki by ceana, total drawing time 0 : 26 : 52

ceana 2007/3/20 - 19:29:35
dorothyblueeyes 2007/3/23 - 15:14:15
welcome back, have fun. Nice!! :)

(9615) (link) Oekaki by senobdec, total drawing time 0 : 50 : 43

senobdec 2007/3/19 - 23:52:28
Stylistically inspired by kiwi's awesome pic: [link]
Gnome? NOME?
senobdec 2007/3/19 - 23:53:31
Oops, thought I'd posted to the theme room.
kiwi 2007/3/20 - 3:59:8
Meep! Wow, he looks pretty cool. :D I love how he's emerging from the background. Gnome! XD I'm glad something I drew could inspire you...wow, that just makes my day. :)
lorelai 2007/3/20 - 9:37:7
Awesome! yes, kiwi is awesome :) Kiwi also happens to be the name of my most awesome parakeet (1 out of 5). Yay for kiwis!
treespirit 2007/3/20 - 19:43:12
Wow this really IS cool. I like the eggplant color of it too. Awesome.

By the way, Kiwi is the name of my amazon parrot too. I guess Kiwi is not the most unique name for a bird. ^_~

(9614) (link) Oekaki by aura, total drawing time 1 : 45 : 24

aura 2007/3/18 - 5:38:57
She started off as a genie and ended as some sort of goddess or spirit. C&C please
blacklight 2007/3/18 - 8:19:44
nice pink skin
phil 2007/3/19 - 15:30:7
Really pretty and colours all complement each other Xd
kougra_girl 2007/3/19 - 19:45:59
very nice use of the color purple/pink.

the only thing is her head seems a tad too big, and the torso looks very strained for some reason...i think because her body is hourglass-y, which is perfectly fine. but i think it's something to do with the boobs...
dark-angel 2007/3/20 - 12:36:10
thank you this is my other account

(9612) (link) Oekaki by aura, total drawing time 0 : 24 : 25

aura 2007/3/17 - 7:9:34
a little birdy a saw outside in the snow
dorothyblueeyes 2007/3/17 - 7:14:24
Ooh,I love him,he is so cute and real.Do you know what kind he is?Excellent,wonderufl picture.
aura 2007/3/17 - 7:26:30
I'm not sur it's round and puffy like a Hermit Thrush, but it looks more like a long-billed Marsh Wren plus that kinds native to this region. (I have a bird book in front of)
blacklight 2007/3/17 - 9:59:34
I love seeing these birds practically everywhere in my school! cute birdie.
kougra_girl 2007/3/19 - 19:46:35
awww he's so chubby! x3 very cute

(9611) (link) Oekaki by cretin, total drawing time 1 : 44 : 8

cretin 2007/3/16 - 9:52:42
This is Frankensteve. He desires Flintstones vitamins because they taste good. :)
purrdy 2007/3/16 - 19:57:40
O.o Wow, that's weird... Awesome! But weird.
dorothyblueeyes 2007/3/17 - 7:15:12
Hey, good monster!!!
kougra_girl 2007/3/19 - 19:49:7
he scares meh D:

(9610) (link) Oekaki by , total drawing time 0 : 0 : 0

flareon 2007/3/11 - 15:24:33
This is a horrible picture just to celebrate coming here. Yes, I am new here, but i am not new to oekaki.
lorelai 2007/3/14 - 9:34:28
Welcome!! =D and awesome pic!
bananarana 2007/3/14 - 12:15:32
awww, lookit dawiddle puupuuu puuchuuuwoowoo ::babbles::
ryoanna 2007/3/14 - 16:10:13
Very cute! ^_^ Welcome to TACo! :)
blacklight 2007/3/15 - 20:52:3
it's soo cute! Is that a pokemon?
flareon 2007/3/17 - 7:15:8
Yep, that Leafia, a new Shinou pokemon... one of my favorites. I love the eeveelutions the most.
Thanks for the comments, guys!!!
aura 2007/3/17 - 7:15:21
It looks like a mixture of evee and it's evolutions. It's adorable.
dorothyblueeyes 2007/3/17 - 7:16:18
Pikechu?Wonderful green hair bits.Great creature.

(9609) (link) Oekaki by elusive_dreamer, total drawing time 6 : 33 : 15

elusive_dreamer 2007/3/10 - 22:55:40
Finally finished. WOW was this unlike originally what I was going for -- not that I ever know what I'm drawing anyway. I liked having a bit more organic and less abstract background. Hopefully you can tell it's a universe and stars. I feel good about how it turned out over all because it feels different from what I usually do.
dorothyblueeyes 2007/3/11 - 4:2:3
I like it. I've been very tempted,myself,to get some pics off the hubble telescope,or from somewhere cheaper,and do some real celestial paintings. This is beautiful.
elusive_dreamer 2007/3/11 - 15:52:18
Heh yeah I went to google to look for them. That would be really cool to do a full length painting. The planets and all that solar gas (I guess it is?) makes for some great colors. ^^
elusive_dreamer 2007/3/11 - 15:52:51
And thank you for the comment btw!
golden 2007/3/12 - 11:11:59
I could tell it was the universe right away.. very pretty, it is ^^
lorelai 2007/3/14 - 9:34:5
NIIICE composition.... :)
bananarana 2007/3/14 - 12:16:17
I really like this! The colors are very well-thought out, and the composition as a whole is fantastic!

(9608) (link) Oekaki by blumeaniandglove, total drawing time 0 : 47 : 2

blumeaniandglove 2007/3/10 - 21:40:33
dorothyblueeyes 2007/3/11 - 4:9:20
expresses your frustration with the day, alright.Very effective.
bananarana 2007/3/14 - 12:17:7
lol, somedays you just need a good smoke, eh? I like how the cigarette is the focus in this picture. : )

(9607) (link) Oekaki by blacklight, total drawing time 1 : 47 : 57

blacklight 2007/3/10 - 18:5:44
it's a blobby cat ^^
hoshi 2007/3/10 - 19:8:11
That is an awesome cat. XD *pets the kitty* I really like how you made it two different scenes. The sides of life and reality. XD
heavenlystrike 2007/3/10 - 21:41:10
lool the evil cat looks like its going to say: cooome to the dark side xD awesome

dorothyblueeyes 2007/3/11 - 4:8:31
darling picture,and so detailed; cat in the hat?Evil cat?Great !!
kougra_girl 2007/3/11 - 18:13:23
that is amazing. i love the seperate worlds x3 so neat!
kaira 2007/3/12 - 22:39:15
I love it. So very, very much. xD
lorelai 2007/3/14 - 9:35:2
......One of my instant favorites :)
golden 2007/3/14 - 12:26:5
awesome, I love everything about this pic :D that cat reminds me of a mix between salem from sabrina the teenage witch (xD) and willy wonka. OK DON'T ASK
bananarana 2007/3/14 - 12:30:17
Haha, that's really neat!
blacklight 2007/3/15 - 20:52:33
whoa. thanks!
senobdec 2007/3/18 - 17:35:27
Basically a repeat of all of the above. Love the symbols on the trash can BTW ;). Great contrast, details, theme, and style.

(9606) (link) Oekaki by sankyu, total drawing time 1 : 7 : 49

sankyu 2007/3/9 - 18:10:6
I got ink! And I made some ink drawings! I posted them on devart and then, noone commented or anything. Why? I dont know. Well tonight everything sucks and dies, this was going to be boring but I decided to add fire and burn it all down, just one of those days.
cinder303 2007/3/9 - 19:44:58
Very well done. I like the black!
happywaterbottle 2007/3/10 - 20:8:9
Well deviantart is not a good place to get comments in my opinion... unless you have 2 million watchers. I hardly get 2 or 3 comments on my pics and they're from my close friends XD
the fire is really cool, i like how it really stands out :D
dorothyblueeyes 2007/3/11 - 4:5:39
excellent picture,I love the fire effect too,and the rocks.Yes,I used to do a lot of pen and ink drawings, years ago,it was harder than this,cause of the smear,spot and mistake factor; also,the "technical pen" factor,which I hated. Ink and pen was so much harder than this software, you think? You make a mistake,you're stuck with it. Do you like pen and ink?It can still be quite fun to do.
bananarana 2007/3/14 - 12:29:52
Hahaha, I love your comment to this picture! >:D There are days when I just want to do what this picture conveys: cause mass chaos and destruction and just BURN things. Though while the picture only just conveys this, I actually do it... >:O

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