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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(2722) (link) Oekaki by angie, total drawing time 1 : 52 : 9

angie 2008/1/31 - 16:37:48
haven't done one of these heavy black and whites for a while. I think I should stick to this, full colour isnt my forte enjoy! =)
sankyu 2008/2/1 - 11:49:44
I really liked your last one like this too
golden 2008/2/2 - 4:5:27
I want her jeans and shoes. They're so wonderful :o
I love your black and white pictures as well.
lorelai 2008/2/4 - 14:43:45
i think this is gorgeous. LOVE her matching pumps and bra.
baeduxai 2008/2/4 - 19:28:59
hey this is awesome :)

it's neat, :) i love it.

*partylicious dance of awesomeness*

I lvoe ittt XD The style is awesome.
angie 2008/2/7 - 13:18:47
thanks everyone for the wonderful comments ^-^ its always appreciated
gleeful1 2008/3/30 - 16:9:45
haha she's a girl to admire - she exudes confidence about her body and her style. i like to think that she's saying to herself: "i want to read while only wearing a bra because it's too hot and that's that."

(2721) (link) Oekaki by baeduxai, total drawing time 2 : 30 : 30

baeduxai 2008/1/29 - 20:13:24
proud of it, but i'm in a bad mood.
lolikhan 2008/1/31 - 9:13:18
Bad moods can foster some of the best art.

Regardless, I hope you feel better soon.
baeduxai 2008/1/31 - 9:51:32
thanks alot lolikhan. Really feeling better already ^_^
lorelai 2008/2/4 - 14:44:9
very nice! but, i hope you feel better! :(
baeduxai 2008/2/4 - 18:15:42
aww thanks lots

(2720) (link) Oekaki by z, total drawing time 12 : 54 : 58

z 2008/1/23 - 16:55:43
'Gong Dau Tzi Raen Chien!'

Took about 2.5 hours. The Chinese script reads: Effort achieve natural success--If you put forth effort, success will come naturally! It's my new mantra.
baeduxai 2008/1/23 - 17:46:24
OMG thats sooo gangstaahhh (im drunk so shhh)

i really like it :) keep up the awesome chinese stuff. This /was/ with a tablet right? XD

i like it it's unique (i like it was used redundantly almost but oh well... ^_^;;)

(2719) (link) Oekaki by lolikhan, total drawing time 1 : 1 : 24

lolikhan 2007/12/30 - 16:10:49
A ghost- your hair shows an image of the woods where I grew up, and in those strands swarms the monsters I ignored. You saw them. You knew. You kept them to show me, on the day we met.
baeduxai 2008/1/1 - 11:23:45
I like her expression. And for some reason the eyelashes :D . I think the pic shows fear or something. (dark creatures beside poles of darkness staring at you like heartless from kh O_O) Also liking the nose XD. And the clones of her.
bananarana 2008/1/16 - 18:55:17
The comment is mildly frightning, actually. Saving scary creatures from the woods to show someone? No wonder she looks so distressed!

(2718) (link) Oekaki by kokiriesper, total drawing time 13 : 3 : 17

kokiriesper 2007/12/29 - 22:32:10
My beloved..I finally got the hang of the watercolor tool, I think...criticism is welcome. thanks

jakusama 2007/12/29 - 23:57:28
Wow. Thats really cool. I'm awefully jealous. I wish I could make pictures like that. Lovin' the eyes.
z 2007/12/30 - 0:34:45
I love the expression! :3
lavalizard 2007/12/31 - 17:34:51
For some reason I always have a hard time thinking of comments for realism drawings, but I'll comment it anyway! Because it's very good, and I like the thick brush strokes. :-)
sankyu 2008/1/10 - 15:23:29
hehe, cute :P
umi-chan 2008/1/16 - 15:46:31
so good ! i love the texture and shading :)
bananarana 2008/1/16 - 18:53:43
The portrait is great, but I can't say I'm a big fan of the background--It kind of takes away from all the lovely blues you used in the subject.
kokiriesper 2008/1/18 - 20:6:53
Hey everyone, thanks for the comments. Bananarana: is this background color better? I didn't know what to put as the background. Is this one better? [link]
kokiriesper 2008/1/18 - 20:7:42
broken link, sorry! [link]
bananarana 2008/3/10 - 14:51:58
I do like the new background better. It actually completely changed the colors of the entire piece; things stand out more predominantly to me. : )

(2717) (link) Oekaki by lolikhan, total drawing time 1 : 2 : 23

lolikhan 2007/12/28 - 14:49:28
This is a part of a project I've been working on all week. I am playing an online game called Silverladder, and the characters are cards from the deck. Each suit in the deck represents something- diamonds represents art, clubs represent information, hearts represent love. The spades represent chaos, confusion, and other such fun things. I am trying to draw a version of Alice to fit each of these suits. This is the Alice of Spades.
lolikhan 2007/12/28 - 14:49:58
Also, this was my reference: [link]
jakusama 2007/12/29 - 10:43:23
Haha this is cool. I really like her hair. Like, really.
lolikhan 2008/1/1 - 6:32:32
Thank you. :3
bananarana 2008/1/16 - 18:56:46
This is the first time I've seen a non-blonde Alice, and yet, it still oddly fits her. I like it!

(2716) (link) Oekaki by my_war_88, total drawing time 3 : 6 : 39

my_war_88 2007/12/25 - 15:22:40
just having somefun
sankyu 2007/12/25 - 18:9:20
mm reminds me of the organic mesh stuff from Alien
jakusama 2007/12/25 - 20:55:9
I see a dragon-eye thing in the mesh stuff. It's really cool.

(2715) (link) Oekaki by purrdy, total drawing time 2 : 7 : 4

purrdy 2007/12/24 - 3:18:36
Meh... Random girl created from boredom at work.
jakusama 2007/12/25 - 20:54:11
Aww, she's pretty! I really like her skin tones. Her hair rocks, too.
lorelai 2008/2/4 - 14:44:54
ooh good basic posture!!!!
asheylee 2008/2/12 - 18:34:58
wow she's purddy! haha
yeah she is beautiful. awesome job!!

(2714) (link) Oekaki by v, total drawing time 9 : 32 : 24

v 2007/12/19 - 18:5:4
I think I'm done, even if I'm not.
jakusama 2007/12/20 - 0:42:26
Oooh this is really fun! I love the way you used colors in various places, and not always where you'd think to use them; like the teal on the lips rather than red. And I love the streaking... like she's in motion of something on the shoulders. This is... quite cool.
maemay 2007/12/20 - 9:42:28
That's amazing. I love the colours you used. Specially her lips.
lorelai 2007/12/20 - 12:18:56
*jaw DROP*
Boy am I looking forward to seeing more from you!!!
golden 2007/12/20 - 12:40:10
Wow, you amazing person. This is superb. I love the colors you've chosen. Those two streaks of pink are just perfect.
purrdy 2007/12/20 - 15:24:40
This reminds me of Mitsu's work. I thought it was at first. ^^;
This is really awesome. Just.. everything... awesome.
happywaterbottle 2007/12/21 - 17:15:15
wah!! Simply awesome!!!
Looking forward to see more of your work too!
cloud 2008/1/22 - 9:49:53
ahhh...if this is unfinished, i soooo want to see the finished product...

(incomplete) (link) Oekaki by purrdy, total drawing time 5 : 29 : 52

purrdy 2007/12/3 - 2:27:31
Katara and Aang =3 This was such a pain! I got so lazy towards the end but it worked out ok. Think I'll do Toph and Sokka next.
purrdy 2007/12/3 - 2:32:22
lorelai 2007/12/3 - 10:5:54
Really nicely done!!!
sankyu 2007/12/6 - 14:55:59
Cute as anything, I like the way the shading is so soft contrasted by the strong lineart :D

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