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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(2310) (link) Oekaki by emerald, total drawing time 2 : 29 : 23

emerald 2005/7/6 - 7:7:4
Inu-Kun and Sesshoumaru-sama's uncle, hes from a roleplay, and he plays the part of the long lost uncle of Inu-Taisho-sama, Fluffy and Inu-kun both want him to be on their side to kill Naraku, and eachother, because of his incredible strength, but in the end, he ends up picking Inuyasha over Sesshoumaru, and has a crush on young Kagome.

C+C Welcome, Emz.
mika-kun 2005/7/6 - 13:52:44
Certainly not a bad effort, and you did a good job on the face....
Crits wise I'd say the shading is a tad off, nose is lit from her left yet her bangs cast a shadow to her left, on the anim you seemed a bit apprehensive of taking that bg near the character...it's always best to colour on an higher level (even the white) then you can do the bg in a lower level and go nuts with it....
lorelai 2005/7/7 - 1:59:33
Nice work! :) love the clouds and the variation. Looks like you're discovering more oekaki tools!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by heavenlystrike, total drawing time 9 : 18 : 58

heavenlystrike 2005/7/5 - 22:49:24
hey this is my pirate girl in formal wear...ya i like to create costumes and everything v_v i'm such a kid sometimes.
The background is...boring i know but i worked really hard on her and lineless can kill my eyes ;_;
I'm aliiVE <3 *cough* goes back to take another nap*
happywaterbottle 2005/7/5 - 22:57:20
omg it finally showed up! i'm so happy!
dish ish sho gorgeoush. sherioushly, I think it's one of your best, even if the background is simple and pretty. I'm totally in love with the sword *o*
we should give her a name, you've been drawing her a couple of times now (yesh, 2 times is a couple of times.)
J'espère que ça te dérange pas que je la couleure pas avec les mêmes couleurs que t'as pris. quoique ses cheveux sont de la meme couleur et la bouboule dans ses cheveux est rouge aussi. en tk.
awesome drawing! luv ya! ^o^
remi-187 2005/7/6 - 7:6:47
Wwow, the work is amazingly clean. great job!
Since it's a lineless work, and i can see why it's harder, the only tip i got about this subject, as i draw real owkrs with oil paint is - don't be afraid to use more contrast, sometimes darker in some places, and sometimes a lot lighter in other places.
some corners or edges might becomes really close to being black because of that, and that's the trick, that's how real stuff looks like.

Greak work overall, i look forword to seeing more... =P
mika-kun 2005/7/6 - 13:21:57
Thank god you managed to rescue it, I think the bg kinda suits the pirate theme, I can kinda see her on the deck of a ship or in the crow's nest looking for a ship to pillage, awesome stuff...:)
lorelai 2005/7/7 - 2:0:23
Love her shirt! :O Very sessy. :D
snoopywar 2005/7/7 - 9:53:49
Wow!! Such great lineless-ness!!
And that is a very nice shirt. :3
The crest is a nice design.
fid99 2005/7/7 - 23:37:2
as always your pictures are pretty ^^ cant wait to see more of them during the summer :)
lorelai 2005/7/8 - 18:21:20
Oekaki moved.... ;D
heavenlystrike 2005/7/8 - 18:24:5
no WAY *faints*
heavenlystrike 2005/7/8 - 18:24:25
oh thank you soo soo soo much <3
irkyturkey 2005/7/13 - 9:22:7
ooh wow i have missed your art!!!! maybe we can draw each others characters again maybe? i love your characters so much!!! and the way you do hair is so good, wow and your outfits!!!! this is way too cool! :D
heavenlystrike 2005/7/15 - 19:8:1
Yaaa! we should do that again! i still have your last gift to me on my comp <3 I'm glad you'Re back

(2308) (link) Oekaki by raspberryjam, total drawing time 6 : 8 : 35

raspberryjam 2005/7/5 - 16:45:53
for my devart. I <3 Angelic Pretty.
shadrad 2005/7/5 - 17:21:25
She looks so innocent and cute! ^_^
lorelai 2005/7/5 - 17:50:39
So gorgeous! I love it!
char 2005/7/6 - 1:9:50
Such a pretty drawing! Her dress looks so nice and detailed, yet simplistic at the same time!
mika-kun 2005/7/6 - 13:17:8
Not only an awesome effort on the girl...wow what a dress! but an awesome effort on the writing too....excellent!
z1ggy 2005/7/6 - 14:21:34
This reminds me of Chobits :) And pink is my favourite colour ^^
snoopywar 2005/7/7 - 1:14:41
I like her dress. :)
And those words are just awesome!! :3
dark-angel 2005/7/8 - 10:49:22
wow!! this reminds me of Angelic Layer dolls. So well done!
enshoku 2005/7/9 - 16:59:29
I want to wear that dress. :O~!! Anyway, wow, I adore her face. She looks like a nonscary doll. XD
jakusama 2005/7/16 - 23:50:33
O.O I love thr writing, and the pastel-like colors in this are so pretty! And her dress.... I'm a sucker for big poofy dresses... wow... I thought of Chobits when I saw it, but AL works too. *nods* and the background is so simple but works so well with it. Woo!

(2307) (link) Oekaki by candy_bird, total drawing time 3 : 50 : 54

candy_bird 2005/7/4 - 5:4:18
yeah...I REALLY took my time on this!! Rawr, I hate my chinese handwriting...ooo it says friendship( that is if i spelled it right - -") so enjoy:D!
zestroy 2005/7/4 - 8:33:7
well, its almost correct ^^"
the "yi"'s horizontal stroke should have 2 hook-like strokes at its side. XD
happywaterbottle 2005/7/4 - 9:42:30
ooh this is so cute! I love her expression :D the lineart and coloring look very nice ^^
i also like how the speech bubble is kind of transparent and all flowery :D
lorelai 2005/7/4 - 14:7:33
Very clean and very nice. Love that fan, and also really great work on that cel-style shading on the hair!! Just remember that this kind of shading means you gotta turn up the contrast by a lot, and use it consistently. be braver!! heehee :)
kinako 2005/7/5 - 9:8:8
Ooh this is great! For some reason, that semi-transparent flowery speech bubble sort of completes the picture and adds something special :) I love the hair! And your signature is really pretty, too! :D
mika-kun 2005/7/6 - 13:15:1
Hehehe, see! another one of your chars seem to be enjoying themselves, definately a feel good pic....and yes of course the speech bubble rocks....:)
candy_bird 2005/7/8 - 0:41:10
Thanks everyone!! ~('v')~
enshoku 2005/7/9 - 17:0:36
I can't even remember how to write friendship. XD; But it's nice to see a person just not standing there. This picture feels lively, great job~! :D

(moved) (link) Oekaki by yumeji, total drawing time 2 : 45 : 23

yumeji 2005/7/3 - 20:21:51
"I've been flying high just to get knocked down. Always kept my feet on solid ground. I'll rush this life at my own pace. This is who I want to be, and that`s the way it's going to be. I'm everything I want to be. That's the way I am." Ana Johnsson, "The Way I Am."

Lately I've been quite frusterated at all the pressure to conform to other's standards rather than my own. Hopefully others can relate and will take a minute to think about who they are as an individual.

"Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self."

Side Note: Please help make poverty history by supporting the 2005 international "One Campaign": [link]
skybird_lost 2005/7/3 - 20:27:10
That's so true. Reminds me of when teachers say, "Just do your best." And some kids might be crap at maths and get a bad score, and the teacher would be all like, "Oh yeah, work harder," when they actually ARE doing their best! It pisses me off!!

This is reeeaaally awesome. It looks like a photo...it's so real. If you put this on like, deviant art or sheezy art I'd sooo think it was a photo.
maggie_sue 2005/7/3 - 22:32:40

cretin 2005/7/4 - 1:1:6
Cheater! You can't upload photographs to oekaki! :) :) :)

Seriously, though, great work! It looks so realistic! o.O Great use of light and shade, and the blending is perfect, too!

I agree with your message, too! Great job. :D
senobdec 2005/7/4 - 1:39:55
It's quite nice. Arms a touch messy around the shoulder.
mika-kun 2005/7/4 - 2:51:7
A good message indeed....and wow! one hell of a great pic...definately looking foreward to seeing more from you....
lorelai 2005/7/4 - 3:10:39
remi-187 2005/7/4 - 5:12:37
Great Pic
candy_bird 2005/7/4 - 5:19:5
HOLY!!! Your picture looks so real~ It's so brilliant ^o^
zestroy 2005/7/4 - 8:37:12
I don't think i need to say more on how realistic it looks
What really catches me is the hell lot of details you've put into places like buckle and necklace D=
and the hair >< you must be crazy to make all these crazy details... within 3hours ==""
Good job anyway XD
jellybean 2005/7/4 - 11:20:27
gahh that is a great message and an amazing pic! you've managed to make a black shirt look completely 3-D and real, and the overall everything is ah-mazing! i like how you didnt use a background at all, it draws attention to the words more. great, great job!
mitsu 2005/7/4 - 15:39:49
*completely bowled over by the photorealism* The force is strong in this one! :O The whole thing is amazing, but I'm most entranced by the belt... *drool* Can't wait for more from you. :)
jakusama 2005/7/4 - 15:40:15
Whoa... I just love this. The message is so plain and yet so complex... and... I dont know how the heck you pulled this off in under three hours... I'm so jealous... >>
senobdec 2005/7/4 - 18:29:44
I forgoet... the belt is incredible. Love that skin too.
pure 2005/7/5 - 13:24:3
So real :O So Good
dark-angel 2005/7/5 - 15:46:34
O_O I think everyones covered how amazingly realistic this looks. I so wish this was animated so i could see how you drew it.
irkyturkey 2005/7/13 - 9:31:58
wow! this is amazing!!
roadkillillwill 2005/8/23 - 12:53:56

(2305) (link) Oekaki by rt_emily_nguyen, total drawing time 2 : 30 : 52

rt_emily_nguyen 2005/7/3 - 20:17:33
this character (his name is rooster) belongs to sonny.

i can't help it, i gotta draw rooster cuz the character design looks interesting ;^_^
skybird_lost 2005/7/3 - 20:23:16
I love his hair...he's cute and scary at the same time...O.o Is that possible? Yeah, I guess so...I also really love his eyes...I just can't stop looking at this.
yumeji 2005/7/3 - 20:25:46
Wow, that's hot. @___@ I love the variety of colours you used here. I watched the animation and was so startled at how quickly [in general] you created the effects. Normally it would take me about 30min to make the "perfect" hair highlights. >__<;;
cretin 2005/7/4 - 1:3:48
Looking good! I really like his expression and ears! Great job on the lighting, too!
mika-kun 2005/7/4 - 2:55:30
I find myself saying wow! once again....not only for the amazing pic, but for the somewhat beyond amazing hair.....I'll be watching that anim and steali....err.....having a look at how you did it....:)
lorelai 2005/7/4 - 3:11:20
absolutely stunning. I LOVE that bell, and the shirt! And everything else, of course.
z1ggy 2005/7/4 - 13:16:40
He's amazing!! I love the way you deal with lighting. Plus, he is super cute ^^ I don't normally comment on anthro stuff, but this one is too good to pass by :D
mitsu 2005/7/4 - 15:42:6
Super stylish :D~~~ Really <3 the colors: unusual but awesome combination.
shadoweddragon 2005/7/4 - 18:15:25
ooh, very well done!
*steals, makes a clone, and comes back* o__O clone = mine.
tayley-chan 2005/7/5 - 1:6:54
Your style continues to blow me away and steal my heart.

WOW is your shading/lighting ever slick. <3
kaiomi 2005/7/6 - 6:24:17
He is beautiful! I love his hair highlights and the coloring of the bell...your style is absolutely breath-taking and unique. *glomp*
snoopywar 2005/7/7 - 1:15:25
Man! That hair is cool. D:
The ears too. And the eye. His whole face is awesome. :3
naty 2005/7/7 - 22:1:20
*jawdrop* O_O! mother of pearl this droops with pure coolness! the style and shading are grand!!

(2303) (link) Oekaki by azure, total drawing time 1 : 40 : 37

azure 2005/7/2 - 16:46:7
Alright, it's a bit creepy... heh. Two men from the dark, in a mysterious wood. teehee ^_^
remi-187 2005/7/2 - 16:56:4
Interesting indeed.
but, why is one man's face on top of the other, it isn't possible, unless... OH MY!...
emerald 2005/7/2 - 17:31:40
Theres alot of possibilites: Bottom man is midget, they're siamese twins, their peeking around, they're gay....

This picture is very nice.
shadoweddragon 2005/7/2 - 19:22:1
Nicely done, indeed.
I really like how you did the fireflies...so very pretty ^-^
maggie_sue 2005/7/2 - 19:32:31
very minimalistic---yet I can't stop looking.
senobdec 2005/7/3 - 17:9:34
That is very creepy.
happywaterbottle 2005/7/3 - 23:41:23
the coloring and colors are just so awesoome *o*
I love this!
mika-kun 2005/7/4 - 3:19:25
Hehehe the top guy looks like a comic book style English gent, this pic would be right at home in 'The Chaos Engine' by the Bitmap brothers....an old steampunk computer game....:)

(2302) (link) Oekaki by zestroy, total drawing time 2 : 29 : 48

zestroy 2005/7/2 - 3:1:30
yays for bald ogres~
another in my monochome madness XD
this one is yellow, though it looks greenish when I add some greys to it...

C&C loved as usual =)
zestroy 2005/7/2 - 3:14:37
its considered a new day =D
can someone move it to doodle please? =X

maggie_sue 2005/7/2 - 8:29:45
but why oh why would you want it moved? this is lovely...and kinda creepy at the same time.
shadoweddragon 2005/7/2 - 19:24:18
I have to agree with maggie_sue, this is beautiful...it doesn't deserve to be moved. The expression you gave him is great, timeless.
zestroy 2005/7/3 - 6:20:46
cos the ogre misses his partner in crime the magenta elf XD
maggie_sue 2005/7/3 - 12:35:38
get over it, Z (lol) this is too good to not stay here. Give yourself more credit, you have amazing talent.
mika-kun 2005/7/4 - 3:24:1
We don't see nearly enough of these guys in here.....that skin is just awesome......:D
mitsu 2005/7/4 - 15:44:22
Woah, major sense of depth goin' on here! :3 He certainly isn't pretty, but this is very well-done. And what an expression! XD

(2301) (link) Oekaki by shadoweddragon, total drawing time 2 : 33 : 33

shadoweddragon 2005/7/1 - 21:29:29
Well, I haven't drawn here in AGES...so I thought I might as well draw a human-like thing as well ^-^;;
I didn't realize until now that in the hall of fame, there is an oekaki with a hat that is somewhat similar to what I decided to do. The hat that's on the character in the hall of fame is much better, though. I tried drawing this without any black lines (except for the eyes), and this is partially what my style really looks like. But I thought about it at first and decided that the noses I usually draw would not have looked right on her.
I know there are plenty of things wrong with this. I was just trying my luck with humans again ^^;. You may also want to deduct about 45 minutes from this; I kept getting side-tracked.
surreal 2005/7/3 - 11:8:21
I <3 the shading on the hat, and the eyes are done VERY well! ^^
maggie_sue 2005/7/3 - 12:36:33
I love the expression. and that is a cool hat. I like how you used a texture on the shirt to give it a plaid pattern. :D
mika-kun 2005/7/4 - 3:28:43
I like the expression....looks way sad, I think someone should give him a bell for the end of that hat....maybe that'd cheer him up a bit....

(2300) (link) Oekaki by remi-187, total drawing time 1 : 49 : 20

remi-187 2005/7/1 - 19:48:55
For some reason, i ALLWAYS have to finish my oekakis, and not a single one of them stayed a doodle or a sketch.
good thing i noticed my computer got disconnected from the internet before uploading it, otherwise i'd kill myself.
(done with a mouse).
forgot the shading and contrast on the minigun trigger, sry.
maggie_sue 2005/7/1 - 20:49:38
I understand, remi--I can never just leave something as is. I have to finish it or I know i never will. NIce work, kinda looks like...I'm seeing this through a textured shower door or something. And props to the mouse-I know I will probably never use a tablet, and I'm sure bunches of other here at TACo stick to the mouse.
mika-kun 2005/7/4 - 3:32:58
Holy moses! that's one hell of a magazine on that gun!....and that's some pretty darn cool shading and hi-lights on the gun itself....great stuff!
remi-187 2005/7/4 - 6:23:33
You can call this work a "small caliber work"
about a LARGE caliber! hahaha

one way to get into those "high caliber" rooms eh?
lorelai 2005/7/4 - 14:9:31
*snicker snort* :D
*brings cookies as tribute to avoid being gunned down* >_>

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