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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(333) (link) Oekaki by ellesmera, total drawing time 0 : 15 : 30

ellesmera 2006/10/26 - 11:39:22
This is for my good friend, he said to me i need to polish up my drawing skills, then the next day..he said stay wth me..so me being me said
and he said..well..i cant repeat what he said, but my eyes no innocent no more!!!!
mika 2006/11/12 - 5:8:28
Maybe you do need to polish up those skills, but everyone starts somewhere and a true artist never stops polishing those skills....besides you got the meaning across nicely......hope what he said wasn't too bad/rude....;P

(332) (link) Oekaki by bleau, total drawing time 0 : 52 : 13

bleau 2006/10/19 - 21:54:15
For my darling friend Chelsey.
A portrait.
lorelai 2006/10/23 - 10:33:51
i love your style...but it might be a bit racy for an oekaki board that serves an age range starting at 10 years old ^^;;;!
jakusama 2006/10/30 - 9:23:36
Awww it's art! o.O Although I do think it is the mosy racey one I've seen in a while. o.O but it's nicely done... ...I find it awkward trying to comment on a nude picture. Maybe its just me. -.- But bleau rocks as usual.
dorothyblueeyes 2006/11/8 - 6:6:47
HA HA, HA, HA. This is so cute. I'm more used to nudes and naughty ladies in art, than most of the people here,so I find this delightful. She's very cartoony, and so I do not really find it to be "porno" or anything. Just really cute. Nice job!!
mika 2006/11/12 - 5:11:11
-she's all in the nib!

frozenova 2006/12/29 - 20:34:33

(331) (link) Oekaki by clua, total drawing time 1 : 17 : 37

clua 2006/9/29 - 8:11:51
*I wish for peace & love---really?*
ho! my first entry
to this room--XD
This is a present to my friend--
her birthday was on 11-09
i promised her this--cause she
likes this show..((fairy godfathers..
or something alike--ho))
ELY!..amia sorry x la brutal
demoraa......no c si aun t
gust l show..spero q si xq
me buscado un wevo como
referencia--jo no mas--t hubise
dibujado otra cosa---pero staba ntre
sto & bob sponja--i sabes q odio a esa
cosa--preferi hacerte a este trio--i spero q
te guste mucho--acompaņado con una cancion---
q no c si aun t gusta--q chuflas t gusta ahora
weno no mas floro..chio
d tu amia clua
pd-c malogro-- el radio blog--
ya no hay cancion--:(
clua 2006/9/29 - 8:56:13
yea--not slipknot
sorry--but this song
makes me smile
it inspired me to make
da drawing
everyone enjoy!
dorothyblueeyes 2006/9/29 - 15:32:55
You did a wonderful job,this is a lovely, sweet,and well done card. Awww, I like it.
purrdy 2006/10/3 - 9:43:27
OMG! COSMO AND WANDA! I love that show! ;_; I'm such a dork. So nice seeing them in a different style. You did great!
twinkledraak 2006/10/3 - 11:48:46
hihi one of my favourite cartoons :D cool (Y)

clua 2006/10/9 - 8:37:47
jo thanks---i apreciate it--yep i ended liking da show too--
lorelai 2006/10/23 - 10:34:28
i love those shiny cheeks ^O^
mika 2006/11/12 - 5:13:10
Hot damn! these people are like lollipops....I just want to pick them up and suck on their heads....they look that tasty!..:D

(330) (link) Oekaki by bleau, total drawing time 2 : 36 : 24

bleau 2006/9/12 - 20:13:9
For someone.
bandersnatchsm 2006/9/12 - 21:32:10
She's gonna put a short in that wire if she keeps playing with it...

Seriously, the linework on this thing is spectacular! I love the use of the negative space and the hatching is so perfect!!
sabii 2006/9/13 - 9:47:18
the lines are really lovely.
ryoanna 2006/9/13 - 20:43:3
lovely linework! great job:)
dorothyblueeyes 2006/9/29 - 15:33:43
Yep,you rline work is truly good.
lorelai 2006/10/23 - 10:34:59
hooRAY for curved women!!
mika 2006/11/12 - 5:5:58
Bleau....let me count the ways you kick arse.....aaah it'd be way too many....so let's just say you do and so does this pic.....:)

(moved) (link) Oekaki by ssjalitegirl, total drawing time 0 : 49 : 58

ssjalitegirl 2006/8/18 - 9:22:50
This is a scribble of my pet, Karakishura that I created on a virtual pet site, Kenopets. I think it is pretty good. See the necklace she's wearing, it was orginally my sister's necklace she loved but she died in car crash more than 1 month ago. So, really, this picture is for her.

lorelai 2006/8/18 - 9:23:27
I am so very sorry to hear about your sister. Best wishes and good thoughts to you. :)
mika 2006/8/20 - 4:59:29
Moved to gift.
Sorry to hear about your sister, you have my condolences and best wishes for you in the future, hang in there Jessie...;)
happywaterbottle 2006/8/20 - 7:18:11
wow i'm so sorry to hear that :( best wishes to you and your family.
that's a really cute picture also :)

(329) (link) Oekaki by kougra_girl, total drawing time 5 : 23 : 41

kougra_girl 2006/8/8 - 18:26:17
take a few hours off. this, is to my oswego peeps XD inside joke and such between us...but the red pinky was our friendship/unity thing. ^^; i like how this came out. it was a pain, but it was worth it. C+C welcome
kougra_girl 2006/8/8 - 18:27:36
uh...the animation won't work either ;>>
lorelai 2006/8/10 - 11:37:37
We're seriously considering pulling the latest shii-upgrade and going to the old one, but we are getting a lot less of the red x's of doom with this new version.... arg. on the other hand, what a WONDERFUL picture.
happywaterbottle 2006/8/20 - 7:19:31
yes, wonderful picture! I looove the background and the girls pants :)
I should have commented on this earlier -_-
dorothyblueeyes 2006/9/29 - 15:36:0
She and her surroundings look very good, nice job.

(328) (link) Oekaki by sakura, total drawing time 4 : 16 : 53

sakura 2006/8/7 - 20:13:44
Wooo.. ok. For a friend. Glee. :D
sakura 2006/8/7 - 20:15:18
And go me for forgetting to color part of his hair.
lorelai 2006/8/10 - 11:38:5
Well I can't tell which part you're talking about, so I think it's great! :)
ryoanna 2006/8/10 - 13:54:58
nice job! yay for solids!:)
xhewasnt--x 2006/9/25 - 20:4:52
I'm absolutely in love with that eye...
dorothyblueeyes 2006/11/8 - 6:8:22
Very colorful and cheery, and I like the hair, too,and the eye is great, Nice.

(327) (link) Oekaki by keyblademaster, total drawing time 0 : 0 : 11

keyblademaster 2006/7/24 - 13:52:6
To all of you! Meet the Citrus fairy! This is for everyone who commented on my picture and helped my improve. And no it took way more time than this! Hope you like it!!!
lorelai 2006/7/28 - 10:17:48
Thank you! :)
keyblademaster 2006/7/28 - 20:7:17
your welcome!
dorothyblueeyes 2006/9/29 - 15:37:52
Yes, wellcome, everyone is pretty nice here,and not at all nasty or critical. Nice picture.
mika 2006/11/12 - 5:16:10
Thank you, it's been a pleasure seeing you improve.....that's a cue for you to draw more if ever there was one....;)

(326) (link) Oekaki by cinder303, total drawing time 0 : 48 : 2

cinder303 2006/7/23 - 13:12:39
Little did Fluffy's owners know that something rather unexpected was about to happen....
(That's supposed to be a knife with the carrots! Sorry, not very good at the whole metal thing yet)
lorelai 2006/7/24 - 7:18:32
surreal 2006/7/24 - 10:47:35
aw! he's so cute! can I take him home with me?
mitsu 2006/7/24 - 13:25:4
No, surreal, he's MEIN! Fluffy solids = mmmm! :)
dorothyblueeyes 2006/9/29 - 15:35:16
Ha ha, this is really cute and well done. I love picture stories; going to do one myself, very political. hee hee.

(325) (link) Oekaki by kim, total drawing time 1 : 56 : 23

kim 2006/7/18 - 15:31:43
Happy birthday daddy
(hes bd is on the 22th but i finished the picture earlier :P)

The Goofy is for you :D
phil 2006/7/18 - 15:38:14
wow kim! it really is goofy! u did a amazing job on him and the colouring XD also little sigi:D

Happy birthday Goofy Rob! have a drink on me :))
lorelai 2006/7/18 - 15:52:26
What a terrific gift. :) :)
lathiel 2006/7/19 - 7:54:57
Omg this is co cute!!!! I love goofy he's my fav, well besides eeyore :)
dorothyblueeyes 2006/9/29 - 15:36:54
Yayyyy, goofy!!I loved those cartoons,and this is a great picture of goody, wonderful. nice job.

(324) (link) Oekaki by dark-angel, total drawing time 5 : 6 : 30

dark-angel 2006/7/17 - 15:32:32
This is to my friend Ilse for all the inspiration and help she's ever given me with art. I hope you like it.
lorelai 2006/7/18 - 15:52:53
I am in love with the translucent wing.... :)
dorothyblueeyes 2006/9/29 - 15:38:51
Yes,and very nice expression; love the wings,and all the colors, too.

(323) (link) Oekaki by cuppy, total drawing time 5 : 45 : 18

cuppy 2006/6/22 - 21:53:3
Finally finished this gaia commision D:. I'll be doin more within the next week or whenever.
here's the av [link]
z 2006/6/22 - 22:40:1
That looks kind of like me today, minus the green hair.

Looks good.
kougra_girl 2006/6/26 - 21:19:2
that is awesome o.o love the way you colored the hair and the way you drew it. >< best avvie art i've seen!
gleeful1 2006/6/26 - 22:48:42
that's a very cool pose for a very cool character =)
lorelai 2006/6/27 - 15:16:49
Hello cuppy! You are obviously a wonderful artist, so please don't take this the wrong way; we discourage usage of TACo for commissions and art that is obviously meant for someone else for reasons other than gifting. It makes us feel like we're just some Photoshop-like tool, instead of an art forum where people share their stuff with each other. :) Thanks!
bleau 2006/6/27 - 18:49:56
Hi, bleau and cuppy are one in the same.
I just noticed at the top that it says "New rules!" so I went and read them and saw commisions aren't allowed, so I was like "Crap" and checked my picture and saw the comment saying "no no"
>.< I won't post them on the board anymore, I'm sorry D:
lorelai 2006/6/28 - 12:34:59
jeebus, i was wondering why your styles seemed so similar.... and while it was very nice to see such GOOD avatar art, i just don't want us overrun with people bloodthirsty for gold....hehe ^^; so once in a while is fine bleau, because i *know* you post other wonderful things :)

btw, why the new oekaki account?
bleau 2006/6/28 - 18:47:8
Cuppy's only there so I can have two pictures goin on at a time if I want. Like if I'm really really tired of the one on Bleau cause it's taking a long time, but I don't wanna trash it cause it's so gorgeous, I can just go do another one on Cuppy till I get my mojo back.
lorelai 2006/6/30 - 16:47:38
Haha - fair enough :)
dark-angel 2006/7/16 - 5:56:42
*wiggles* I love the pose and the shading <3
dorothyblueeyes 2006/9/29 - 15:41:31
Excellently done figure and colors, shading.What the heck is "gaia" anyway?and who pays people to do art?and who are they? anyone wanta tell me?uh? Just leave me a note, moderator?Or just someone who's posting here? I am just curious, is all.I hear about them all the time, so may as well find out.Thanks!! The internet is a big place. :)

(322) (link) Oekaki by ssjalitegirl, total drawing time 16 : 52 : 9

ssjalitegirl 2006/6/21 - 9:30:32
I know the time says 16 hours but I left it on overnight so it wasn't really 16 hours. This is for my little cousine, Tiffany Zadorozny as you can see. She loves "magical colours" and stuff like that so I made this for her. Comment on this whatever you want.

jakusama 2006/6/30 - 8:1:9
Thats really spiffy and its really nice of you! If I were Tiffany, I'd love it. ^.^
ssjalitegirl 2006/6/30 - 9:49:52
Thanks! :)

(321) (link) Oekaki by lizzish, total drawing time 1 : 36 : 16

lizzish 2006/6/9 - 0:11:38
My friend's troll mage from WoW. Shown in Mishun'dare because I can't draw NW helms. :P

Trolls are way more fun than Undead to draw.
stassja 2006/6/9 - 11:25:9
Agggghhhhh I love it. You make her so pretty. ^_^ And not pink! :D
isoueax 2006/6/10 - 20:23:40
Troll magi = afjjfjakskfmffll.

Afjjfjakskfmffll = grand.
dorothyblueeyes 2006/9/29 - 15:46:1
Pretty cute for a troll, hee hee.

(320) (link) Oekaki by spoonalshmee, total drawing time 0 : 0 : 5

spoonalshmee 2006/5/27 - 17:25:17
the gift of encrypted knowledge.
excerpts from my english presentation yesterday
(my third last of high school! o_O)
it went extremely well.
i am proud!
isoueax 2006/5/27 - 23:6:46
About India, eh?
spoonalshmee 2006/5/28 - 7:16:0
Actually, the presentation was about the book 'Siddhartha' which takes place in ancient India, so I had to do a crash course in Hinduism with my friend Shefali. So: yes, the presentation was a little bit about India? It's an awesome book by Herman Hesse, I really recommend it.
elusive_dreamer 2006/6/1 - 19:17:56
I really like this. It's beautiful somehow.

And hte multicolored suck and stripped one is cute detail. ^_^
spazzyzombie 2006/8/29 - 13:39:24
i like it.
dorothyblueeyes 2006/9/29 - 15:44:30
So interesting,and I like it; thanks for the advice about "Siddhatha", the book, I often like to advise books to people, too, so I love to read other's advised books for sure. There are lots of things in liturature I have not read, I feel very uneducated, in a way. Would you advise other books of Herman Hesse also?just curious.

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