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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(2731) (link) Oekaki by happywaterbottle, total drawing time 2 : 14 : 25

happywaterbottle 2008/5/2 - 15:45:31
Hm well it's been ages, but I'm still alive!!
boo for college and work, Yay for tablets and vacation!! :)
glad to be artistically back!! <3
kelli 2008/5/4 - 11:36:14
Good to see you back.... you're lucky you're out of school already... I have finals until Wednesday =(
The girl is adorable, and very representational of happy-go-lucky summer =D I especially love the freckles ^^
jakusama 2008/5/6 - 21:35:44
Yoohoo! Welcome back! Glad to have you! Absolutely love the colors and the shading. I wish it was breaktime for me. One more week, baby!
snoopywar 2008/5/7 - 13:45:11
Definite summer mood. O:

Makes me happy that I'm on vacation too. Hahaha.
nakisa 2008/5/8 - 6:34:44
And what a picture to set the scene of the holidays :)
Great work with the folds in her dress ^^
purrdy 2008/5/18 - 10:25:19
Yay! You're aliiiive! *tackle, gwomp*
I love all the vibrant colors in this piece. That background is made of win. v.v
artanis 2008/7/5 - 22:47:50
such a cute dress!! i totally want it!! :3 also i love the angle.
mogily 2008/7/11 - 17:37:36
aww, this is so fun! bright colors, neat angle... wooo summer!

(2730) (link) Oekaki by golden, total drawing time 2 : 47 : 39

golden 2008/4/29 - 12:1:53
Girl with a Pearl Earring, take 2.

(PS. I have no idea what's up with the timer. This probably took about 2 hours.)
golden 2008/4/29 - 12:2:52
Wait.. The timer's correct now >_> It wasn't when I first posted.
syzygy 2008/4/29 - 21:43:50
I am in total awe. You have definitely done this justice and gave it your own twist. Well done.
syzygy 2008/4/29 - 21:44:1
I am in total awe. You have definitely done this justice and gave it your own twist. Well done.
elolinon 2008/4/30 - 0:33:53
Yay, golden is back! :D I haven't seen the movie, but I love your picture :) This must be one of the most detailed cell shadings you've done, especially her face! And that silver pearl in her ear is almost too realistic o.O I'll always adore your mad shading skills ^^
lorelai 2008/5/2 - 11:56:21
gosh..i'm speechless. it's perfect.
jakusama 2008/5/6 - 21:36:47
Yay! Wow. This is so lovely. I love the shading, and the texture and the lighting and the softness... .it's a very simple piece but its very powerful. Its gorgeous. Thank you for sharing it.
nakisa 2008/5/8 - 6:33:3
Beautiful shading and I love her expression, even if she does look a little sad :)
mogily 2008/7/11 - 17:36:26
beautiful. work those shadows!
senobdec 2008/7/11 - 18:25:39
I love the lips and the chin.
mika 2008/7/13 - 3:37:41
A classic pic very nicely done.

(2729) (link) Oekaki by purrdy, total drawing time 1 : 22 : 6

purrdy 2008/4/24 - 20:34:24
Bleh, done. I should draw on this oekaki board more often. HmmmMm...
naty 2008/4/24 - 21:38:6
OOh nice, I love the autumn colors!
I agree, you should draw here more often because that hand is amazinggg :D
nakisa 2008/4/24 - 21:39:56
Wow, beautiful shading, for one :)
Love the colours you chose, that along with the pose and the simple design fit perfectly for such a calming picture ^^

I agree, you should draw here more often xD
Look forward to seeing more :)
golden 2008/4/25 - 3:34:11
It feels like her hair is as smooth as in the shampoo commercials, where they put a comb in the hair and it just falls through.
gleeful1 2008/4/28 - 20:14:39
haha i love those perfectly shaped boobs =) i'm jealous of her hair! yeah, we should all draw here more often!
lorelai 2008/5/2 - 11:56:33
love her hair!
jakusama 2008/5/6 - 21:38:6
I wish my hair were as shiny as that. Her eyes are awesome wickedly cool. I love them, and her lips. Lovely!
purrdy 2008/5/18 - 10:27:6
Thanks for the comments, guys. Of course she has perfect breasts! I love them. *snuggles* Booooobies.
ellinora2 2008/5/26 - 9:47:51
So lovely... And the hair O.o <3<3
mogily 2008/7/11 - 17:38:19
awesome work! i want hair like that. :D
mika 2008/7/13 - 3:38:48
Simple.....and very effective.

(2728) (link) Oekaki by yubiquee, total drawing time 2 : 28 : 21

yubiquee 2008/4/20 - 13:32:12
Ack, I'm so slow. >< I just discovered this account while looking through my old emails. Haha it's been so long I don't even remember if I have pictures on here. Oh well, this fairy just stole a pot of honey from that poor bee over in the corner. Bad fairy! xD
golden 2008/4/21 - 9:4:16
Haha. Aw, poor bee. I like your style :) It's very cute.
snoopywar 2008/4/22 - 17:42:50
Looks like that pot is a little heavy for her. :P
kelli 2008/4/22 - 20:1:39
I love the bg on this... very painterly
baeduxai 2008/4/23 - 6:18:32
oh woww.. the bg is very painty. congrats on this one I really like it :). I love the girl its so cute and wonderfully done gud job ;P<3

lorelai 2008/4/23 - 14:0:43
this is ...amazing. I love it. LOL@ the bee guy XDDDDDD
naty 2008/4/24 - 21:40:30
..*O* SO CUTE! Everything about it feels as tho it's a page out of a kid's storybook. My favorite part is the little bee-man :P
lavalizard 2008/4/25 - 20:5:58
Cute picture:-)
Nice clean drawing there. I love the motion blurred background, and the theme. That bee is so funny, and the fairy's expression is cute. I wonder if she's gonna get stung for taking his honey X-D
jakusama 2008/5/6 - 21:38:43
Adorable! Simply adorable! I really love the colors and the motion, and she's so dern cute! Squee! Love it!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by kira, total drawing time 1 : 44 : 9

kira 2008/3/13 - 9:57:48
" Many seabirds nest on coastal cliffs. Puffins dig burrows on the tops of cliffs in which to lay thier eggs but often rest, as here, on wide ledges and spurs of rock." -Spirit of the Ocean; pg 11
purrdy 2008/3/13 - 18:38:32
Sketch corner!? This is looks so nice. =( It should be in polished or at least doodle. I love the little bird in the corner.
maemay 2008/3/13 - 19:1:9
i love the texture. The birds are adorable and the flowers look so soft.
jakusama 2008/3/26 - 10:46:42
Awwwwww they're aDORable! Oh my god I want some. This is such a pretty pictures and I'm going crazy about the colors here. They're crazy gorgeous... Massive love for you! <3
jakusama 2008/3/26 - 10:47:3
PS what the heck is this doing in sketch corner?!
kira 2008/3/27 - 16:43:53
sketch cuz i do not have very much faith in my birds.. i love the pin ups and even as i came to the end i felt like i still could of done better.. maybe if i didnt feel rushed in the house! so.. sketch it goes! :) i only love the rocks! (without all that yellow crap i put in there.. what was i thinking!)

but thankyou for all the kind comments..
artanis 2008/4/4 - 23:58:33
i love this so ridiculously much... cute birds, pretty colors, dreamy textures <3
lorelai 2008/4/23 - 13:55:46
I have to move this out to polished, i just HAVE to. <33333
elolinon 2008/4/30 - 0:34:31
Aaw puffins ^^ Cute picture!
jakusama 2008/5/6 - 21:39:26
Woohoo! Go Lorelai! Finally! I loved this piece before, it's fabulous to see it here, again. Yay! <3

(2727) (link) Oekaki by bleau, total drawing time 7 : 5 : 17

bleau 2008/3/9 - 20:53:3
just about done with this one. I liked it more before i had trouble with the background, pretty pleased with the figure though. Havent done a long oekaki in awhile though. tried to loosen up a bit.
baeduxai 2008/3/10 - 9:27:27
oh woww... this is very coo with the anatomy. I really like. XD

Never really favoured nudity. But this looks real cool. I love how you coloured and outlined it.
golden 2008/3/10 - 13:19:13
Really nice shadings.. That stomach is fabulous :)
bananarana 2008/3/10 - 15:8:11
I was curious, and tried to stretch like that. It's actually quite comforatable.
dorothyblueeyes 2008/3/22 - 18:59:43
well,it's not technically nudity;it's "topless";nudity would be no clothing at all.figure drawing and painting is mostly done with nude models,so that the anatomy is done correctly.(that's our exscuze,and we're sticking to it.it's true.)this is excellent. Besides,(I feel)to get the skin,flesh,coloring,shaping,ect.,of the human figure down well,it's very difficult to do that,with any clothing on.(we did have models,male,with "athletic supporters"on,in college,when I was young,but later at community college,the guys wore nothing too.the thrill wears off soon,cause hours of painting or drawing reduces the model to the fate of an ASTHETIC THING,much as a doctor views his patient's body.---borr-ing. Ok,not boring,just "as a work of art," not really a nude human being any more. Beautiful;just in an artistic sense.I like the yellows,and whites,and the good sculptural forms here.very good.
gleeful1 2008/3/30 - 16:2:29
hehe her stomache is gorgeous. it makes me want to poke it. great free feeling to this picture! great!
jakusama 2008/5/6 - 21:41:10
I love the... artsy feel to this. Does that make sense? The shading, the lines, they're very... .... erm. Word, I need a word ehre... they're not realistic? They're... ... cartoony? Thats the right word, but it doesn't have the right connotation. They're fabulous, and I like the feel to it, I just can't quite find the right words. ><

(2726) (link) Oekaki by tayley-chan, total drawing time 13 : 8 : 20

tayley-chan 2008/3/9 - 17:22:28
So... after poking at this on and off for days while listening to a techno mix of 'Ave Maria' on loop... I give you a new Chaos Imp to add to the old family! Tada!

Her name is Gloria although some call her "Holy Terror" she enjoys the symbols and trappings of religion to no end, although, being a semi-demonic creature from another dimension, she really can't be said to BELIEVE in God in the slightest.

She's one of the oldest of the Chaos Imps, and by that merit has strange and powerful magics at her command. You really really really do NOT want to be on the receiving end of her "righteous anger".
z 2008/3/9 - 18:9:53
She's..she's..she's so /cute/! :D
maemay 2008/3/9 - 18:39:52
Dude. That's a totally hot picture.
baeduxai 2008/3/10 - 9:28:11
well lined. Well coloured. I really love this. Good job ;)
bananarana 2008/3/10 - 15:10:10
Drew that while listening to a techno mix of "Ave Maria." Huh. I can actually see how that worked, haha, because this picture -completely- feels like, well, a techno mix of "Ave Maria!"

I love how you color. I don't think I've ever told you that, but I do. Also, where can I get this techno "Ave Maria"?! I'm so intrigued, lol.
tayley-chan 2008/3/10 - 18:28:31
For bananarana, and ayone else interested, I've tossed the .mp3 up on rapidshare as I have NO idea where this song comes from other than the depths of my harddrive :p lol

bananarana 2008/3/16 - 12:57:23
Yay, thanks a bunch for the link! : )
jakusama 2008/3/16 - 16:12:45
Aww, yay! I always love seeing a new one from you. Your lighting is always exquisite, your attention to detail and the bubbly stuff that invariably ends up in yout picture somewhere. Massive love!
artanis 2008/4/4 - 13:21:48
gorgeous neon colors and i love the translucencies :)
lorelai 2008/4/23 - 14:1:6
::eats up your picture:: yummy.
blacklight 2008/6/27 - 10:17:15
I love the way you colored her, and her eyes! She looks like a real happy kind of imp. Awesome clothes too. I also like the wings which are so bright and beautiful. My school's choir sings a lot of versions of ave maria, so I'm sure a techno remix would sound pretty cool and provide great inspiration for a peice like this.

(2725) (link) Oekaki by kira, total drawing time 1 : 22 : 27

kira 2008/3/8 - 22:58:8
i think they call her the goddess durga..
z 2008/3/9 - 10:8:10
Very nice, though I believe that Durga has a necklace made of infants' skulls..
baeduxai 2008/3/10 - 9:29:10
I could never draw fingers like that good job!
bananarana 2008/3/10 - 15:11:5
I love this so much. It's so exotic looking. What is she the goddess of?
lorelai 2008/4/23 - 14:1:23
holy wow!

(2724) (link) Oekaki by bleau, total drawing time 1 : 27 : 34

bleau 2008/3/2 - 18:48:40
Just a nice little picture. havent oekakied in awhile.
sankyu 2008/3/3 - 6:58:14
you know what I really love about this? It's the way you make the contrast between the light and shadow so bold. If I'd tried the same thing I would have attempted to smooth it out a little.. but I know that it looks better this way. The shading is almost sketchy but it isn't. Mm, inspiring.
blumeaniandglove 2008/3/3 - 21:34:44
Man have I missed your arts.
lorelai 2008/3/3 - 23:40:25
that delightfuly curled right foot is my favorite part XD
angie 2008/3/4 - 13:17:13
i love the way you shaded it and the colours it looks so warm
bleau 2008/3/7 - 18:32:40
thanks for the comments, guys :D. i've been trying to loosen up with my shading a little, i worry too much about getting everything just perfect.
baeduxai 2008/3/10 - 9:28:44
awww almost looks cuddly. Like this one lots.
dorothyblueeyes 2008/3/22 - 19:2:7
wow,yes,the colors are so wonderful;yummy. cute creature.

(2723) (link) Oekaki by lolikhan, total drawing time 1 : 45 : 15

lolikhan 2008/2/21 - 16:37:43
Viking Queen.
baeduxai 2008/3/10 - 9:26:37
no comments yet? This is wonderful. I really like it. Good job with the designs and the rain effect! It looks real nice.!! <33 keep up the good work :D
bananarana 2008/3/10 - 15:16:24
I just want everyone that is looking at this oekaki right now to LOOK at how much DETAIL went into this picture. It's astounding, and it must have taken you hours to do (I didn't see how much time you spent on the piece).

Aqua-blue and Orangey-brown are two colors that are not even the slightest alike--in fact, orange and blue are color CONTRASTS, and yet you effortlessly managed to blend them together so wonderfully in her dress, that I can't even begin to fathom how you achieved that gradient.

The scales on the tail and the strands of hair in the mermaid are so beautiful; they seem to glow, in spite of being such a tiny detail. The boat is beautifully furled and cut; I can see the amount of attention you put into the design, and your efforts paid off.

The background is an angry, violet storm, with harsh rain and wind whipping the water and her lovely hair around. The waves themselves look -electric- and dangerous; the contrast between such gloomy weather and the bright colors of the woman contrast well with each other.

I think you did a wonderful job drawing this, and I hope to see even more oekaki from you in the future.
gleeful1 2008/3/30 - 16:7:31
haha i can tell that she is THE queen no doubt about it! i think that u really emphasize her aloofness to her by not shoing her eyes. gosh and the coloring on her DRESS is incredibly smooth! wowowowow =)
artanis 2008/5/5 - 20:43:6
yeah, this is totally gorgeous. i don't think i can do the other two comments or your picture justice, but the amount of energy and the use of color both kick ass. :]

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