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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(moved) (link) Oekaki by applesauce, total drawing time 1 : 11 : 31

applesauce 2005/7/7 - 13:33:57
A landscapey thing. I had a reference for the buildings:


K ^^;;
snoopywar 2005/7/7 - 14:38:44
Wow. :D
I like the way you did the buildings way better than the real picture. xD
The soft colors are always nice. :3
happywaterbottle 2005/7/7 - 15:22:54
that's just awesome. I love the colors and the coloring technique o.o
naty 2005/7/7 - 21:54:14
*_* woah looks like it would be timeconsuming.. i admire ur patience!! this is like from out of a fairytale, very nice and tranquil ^^..
zestroy 2005/7/7 - 23:42:9
it feels so oil painted O.O
very cool job on the sky
lorelai 2005/7/8 - 1:17:54
<-- flattened on floor
heavenlystrike 2005/7/8 - 23:23:50
hum this is sooo amazingly gorgeous...could it be moved to the gallery? i mean..woah...
z1ggy 2005/7/9 - 14:55:28
I so love the painterly style! And huzzah for references ^^
enshoku 2005/7/9 - 16:55:30
Whoah indeed... the whole thing is beautiful. I don't know what else to say but, DANG it's nice. o-o
mika-kun 2005/7/10 - 3:6:17
Yoinks! that is simply gorgeous, amazing textures, I wish I could watercolour this good for real....
p_b 2005/7/14 - 3:43:40
=o this is SO cool. such a unique way of coloring. i'm in awe with a little bit of envy and a little bit of confusion as to HOW you did this all in one O_O
lorelai 2005/9/20 - 22:51:44
Hall of Fame on 9/20/05!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by rt_emily_nguyen, total drawing time 3 : 5 : 10

rt_emily_nguyen 2005/6/22 - 0:59:26
hey i'm new here! this is a very unique board i must say!

well anyways, in this picture i'm not going to a realism style (this is my anime style -.-;;). and most of you might notice the timer too. it didn't really take me that long; i was eating my meal for a while.

mika-kun 2005/6/22 - 1:10:7
Welcome to TACo, that's a pretty spectacular debut pic to start off with too......and a style I think we're definately going to enjoy seeing around these pages....:)
mateem 2005/6/22 - 1:22:8
The highlights you placed on the face and shawl just make the picture pop. An absolutely gorgeous piece. I like your anime style, very unique!
shadrad 2005/6/22 - 9:9:19
Welcome to TACo! I'm gonna enjoy seeing your art here, this is spectacular!
tarren 2005/6/22 - 13:44:5
This is a gorgeous style! <3 x3 Welcome to Taco. Beautiful debut pic :3
heavenlystrike 2005/6/22 - 14:14:4
holy...omG it's so GORGEOUS <3 the details on the sheet, it's amazing....the shading is really original and good o_O and the hair...i mean kewlest purple hair ever <3 welcome here, i hope you draw tons of oekakis :D
mitsu 2005/6/23 - 1:51:5
Holy mackerel! We have a winner. :) Gotta love how stylish and different this is. Such cool facial structure and lovely highlights, and the scarf looks soooo silky... :3
bananarana 2005/6/23 - 4:28:9
Usually I only log in when I'm about to draw something, but I just *had* to comment on this piece. First off, hello to TACo! We're all very happy you came, because I'm pretty sure I'm speaking for us all when I say I want to eat your talent. :D Secondly, I love the patterns you drew on there. Attention to detail is always rewarding. Lovely use of highlights; draws my eyes to all the right places. Beautiful job.
lorelai 2005/6/23 - 11:27:37
Gorgeous work. I really look forward to more :) Welcome to TACo!
snoopywar 2005/6/23 - 17:29:10
Those eyes are stunningly beautiful. :)
The pattern on her cloak thing is nicely done as well. ^^
Welcome to TACo. ;)
zestroy 2005/6/23 - 23:19:7
wow welcome to TACo
I really love the patterns you've painted on her hood =O
such an exotic piece
maggie_sue 2005/6/24 - 2:18:58
aaah, yess--you can always tell an excellent work by how your eyes constantly move from place to place following each aspect of it. This kept my eyes moving, not many people can do that. Well done :D
tayley-chan 2005/6/25 - 7:21:55
Oh Wow...

Let me throw my statement of welcome onto the pile here, and also say I'm in awe of your highlighting style and color choice. This is a lovely piece and we'll all be on the look out for more, surely.
lorelai 2005/9/14 - 23:34:12
Hall of Fame on Sept. 14, 2005! Woot!
yumeji 2005/9/19 - 10:48:39
Wow, welcome to Rydia TACo! I checked out your gallery, and you're skills are quite impressive. @__@
Hope to see more of you around. : D

(moved) (link) Oekaki by spriggan_us, total drawing time 1 : 24 : 1

spriggan_us 2005/6/13 - 19:57:42
mushrooms are not only the coolest looking fungus but the coolest looking cloud
picture ref: [link]
tayley-chan 2005/6/14 - 14:2:48
ooohh... 'splodey...
You captured it very well *nods* good color choice and so forth ^_^
p_b 2005/6/14 - 23:32:29
OMG O_O this is SO good you did a VERY good job remaking the picture. it looks so real and it's even stylized because it's done in all circles. i'm so amazed *___*
mika-kun 2005/6/15 - 15:27:35
One of the most beautiful sights ever......shame it's also one of the most destructive man has to offer.....
lorelai 2005/6/17 - 0:16:3
Wow, that's really amazing work. i like it a lot!!
artanis 2005/6/18 - 15:34:37
*_* Awesome job on the textures, and with catching that glow in the clouds.
bananarana 2005/6/21 - 6:27:18
Nice change of pace from the typical landscape/figurine that we often see on this board. Not that those are bad (guilty as charged), but you gotta admit that this is wicked awesome to look at. Makes me shiver just thinking about it.
lorelai 2005/9/6 - 11:2:31
hall of fame on Sept. 6 2005! Different, unique, and well done. :)

(moved) (link) Oekaki by dolly, total drawing time 17 : 56 : 12

dolly 2005/6/12 - 23:42:33
I think it's time to just call this done!!!! I can spend forever making little touch ups here and there..so I am stopping here.
She needs a name...
surreal 2005/6/12 - 23:43:32
Oh, what a beautiful picture. I'm in love with it. Reminds me of a Marylin Monroe girl. I love her<3 :D
mika-kun 2005/6/13 - 0:51:46
Hey! long time no see....too long in fact!
Good to see someone else who appreciates black and white art...I just love that style you have, you gotta stick around and do more!!!
maggie_sue 2005/6/13 - 0:55:5
hello Norma Jean?
embo 2005/6/13 - 12:22:42
laffs @ maggie_sue.

look at those luscious curls!! :O
p_b 2005/6/13 - 13:43:18
that hair is impressive O_O wowzers
charsiewpau 2005/6/13 - 13:47:17
wah..! smoke effects..

*cough! cough!*
lorelai 2005/6/13 - 19:53:9
omg the hair the gloves the feathery deco the LIPS the *kaboomheadexplode* :O~
emerald 2005/6/13 - 20:7:36
Smoking isn't cool.
dolly 2005/6/17 - 22:4:10
Smoking is not cool! In the late years it was very very fashionable. Considering that...
maggie_sue 2005/6/17 - 23:52:31
in the time period shown here, nobody knew really the dangers of smoking-that's why so many people did it, emz...
artanis 2005/6/18 - 15:36:40
I love the effect of her ciggarette being the only thing colored in the picture... her lips and those feathers are gorgeous, and I love the hair and smoke too ^_^
mitsu 2005/6/18 - 22:7:10
Woah, you perfectly captured the look and mood here! Amazing job rendering all those textures in one picture. :O~~ I have to say my favorite part is the shoulder with the feathers. Mmmmm...
dolly 2005/6/18 - 22:10:55
sure enough! if you heard Lucille Ball talking later on in her life, it was so horrid! My great grandmother was a bad smoker too. They even drunk whiskey when they were thirsty, instead of water. A singer would be up performing with a little whiskey in his hands. Just making things worse.
lorelai 2005/8/30 - 15:6:44
Hall of Fame on August 30, 2005 :D

(moved) (link) Oekaki by sandra, total drawing time 7 : 52 : 9

sandra 2005/6/8 - 23:15:1
The Singularity has you.
*goes off to read some Cory Doctorow*
mitsu 2005/6/9 - 0:25:0
(:O Oh my gawd! Such a creative use of the oekaki tools... never seen anything like this. Almost thought she was giving us the finger at first. :P I <3 the whole thing: fingers, progress bar, hair--wooey, and that neck/collarbone area is oaighdlg so gosh darn amazing. Hot damn!! :D~~~
charsiewpau 2005/6/9 - 1:46:12
I applaud your creativity.. ^_^
p_b 2005/6/9 - 3:19:43
this is SO cool O_O
looks like it should be on the box of a processor >_>
it'd make me wanna buy it :)
blumeaniandglove 2005/6/9 - 4:25:57
wow! that's so...nifty!

one thing is the head is too big for the body. dun' know if you meant to do that. looks good either way ^^ awesome job on the coloring
senobdec 2005/6/9 - 4:57:28
Now that's just straight up awesome.
zestroy 2005/6/9 - 9:5:42
she 3% absorbed into that chip O.O!!!
*runs away from the fearful chip-o-doom*
mika-kun 2005/6/9 - 14:4:22
Wow, that is extremely cool, excellent digitization effect....:)
heavenlystrike 2005/6/9 - 19:41:34
this is freaking me out by it's originality! I mean wow, you came up with an amazing ideaa! I love her face, how you shaded it and everything, just beautiful <3 Simply Amazing. but, lol i'll think i'll go hide with zestroy from that chip, its scARY *hides behind chair*
snoopywar 2005/6/9 - 20:8:55
This is really awesome!! :D
Love the way her hand's getting digitized and all. :)
The shading is lovely too. ;3
naty 2005/6/9 - 23:30:57
shockingly sweet TOT!
the lips are just divine, and yeah the skin o_o! so beautiful~
kelli 2005/6/11 - 1:14:31
*scans comments to make sure I don't repeat myself* Darn! Everyone has taken the good comments! Well, I don't care! This is awsome, amazing, beautiful, fantastic, and fabulous!
embo 2005/6/11 - 20:53:22

EETZ ALIIIIIIIVE!!!!! numerology will consume us all. ;o;
dolly 2005/6/12 - 23:56:19
i like how you did the whole hand thing. pretty neat
lorelai 2005/8/24 - 22:51:39
Hall of Fame on 8/24/05! :)
coconut 2006/10/5 - 16:15:26
wooow this is really cool~! :D also i love cory doctorow n___n

(moved) (link) Oekaki by mariemaia, total drawing time 2 : 0 : 30

mariemaia 2005/6/4 - 22:14:12
I am the queen of dorky backgrounds. I couldn't think of anything...so I painted clouds. Yay.
mitsu 2005/6/5 - 0:24:20
You do such wond'rfully rendered faces, m'lady. The eye-nose region is more heavenly than Philly cream cheese. >:D
kelli 2005/6/5 - 0:34:4
I love the soft colors you used
p_b 2005/6/5 - 0:36:43
If there is something wrong with pretty clouds for a BG then i'm screwed .__. besides i like simple BGs like this.
and mitsu's right the face is beautifully done. The high cheek bones make her look so elegant. and erm...i just can't help myself
TOGA PARTY!!!!!1!!eleven =D
lorelai 2005/6/5 - 0:39:27
absolutely gorgeous. just when i'd scraped myself off the floor after looking at p_b's picture I got this and right back down I went!!
charsiewpau 2005/6/5 - 1:58:1
beautiful profile and body pose work
mad colouring skills you have.
mika-kun 2005/6/5 - 3:48:50
What! yet another stunning pic comes to the polished room.....like buses 3 turn up together.
I think the bg totally compliments the main figure and just looks so right......truly gorgeous work!...:)
snoopywar 2005/6/5 - 7:16:41
She's so beautiful and elegent. Wonder if she's royal. ;)
I agree, I like the simple background, it suits her well in this particular pose. ^^
happywaterbottle 2005/6/5 - 9:32:18
buuh soo nice ;.; what a gorgeous face...
and the background is really nice too!
my my... how will I be able to post into polished again with such nice oekakis around ._. I think I'll stick to doodle...
lorelai 2005/8/11 - 21:37:46
Hall of Fame on 8/11/05!
phil 2005/8/12 - 15:16:47
why is the hall of fame repeating itself?
lorelai 2005/8/13 - 14:22:56
What do you mean by repeating itself, phil?
phil 2005/8/13 - 15:31:25
i thought i had seen these pics in here along time ago or did i ? the last 3 i thought i had i dunno maybe im just stupid
lorelai 2005/8/13 - 16:7:53
Well, the hall of fame are pictures previously from the Polished Room, which means you probably saw them before...in that room. :)
senobdec 2005/8/16 - 0:28:53
...... dang. She fine.

(moved) (link) Oekaki by p_b, total drawing time 0 : 0 : 0

p_b 2005/6/4 - 18:43:26
i swear to bob the universe wants this picture to die >=\ I've had so many problems trying to get the applet to work and the picture to send D= erg. Oh well maybe it'll work this time. i got lazy with the BG *nodnod* yes i did :) and that timer is obviosly wrong x__X
blumeaniandglove 2005/6/4 - 18:59:36
I was going to say, Wow P_b, that took you no time flat?

I love the coloring and that little thingy hanging off her beanie. The fur an dthe hair and the skin look absolutly real, and i want her clothes.
mariemaia 2005/6/4 - 20:0:23
That weird animal thing is so CUTE!!! It's like some kind of mutant llama o_O. I love how you did the girl's hair! I also love the cloths! I LOVE EVERYTHING!!! You've inspired me to draw...
snoopywar 2005/6/4 - 20:31:46
I love her clothes and her hat. :D
Her hair is especially stunning. ;3
The background is very nice too. :)
ryan2006 2005/6/5 - 0:0:14
holy... [insert any word]

AMAZING! wow. If onbly i could do 1/4 that :/
mitsu 2005/6/5 - 0:22:21
Oolala! This is fantabulous and deliciously detailed, mmm. Such a pretty dress, especially the combination of sheer fabric and those awesome woven-ribbon sleaves. :O And I really, really want to live in that horn house thing. <3 how you've used depth of field, too--what a great touch! :)
kelli 2005/6/5 - 0:30:58
this is so unique...it's like a twisted version of some fairy tale...I wish I could climb into this picture and see whats going on =D
lorelai 2005/6/5 - 0:38:38
So Dormando and I were just minding our own business doing work and art and suddenly Dormando says "WOH nice pic in the Polished Room today," so like a noobtard I scamper over and lo and behold THIS PICTURE has flattened me like roadkill the end.
zestroy 2005/6/5 - 0:44:45
wow, the translucent cloth is amazing D=
I've tried painting them so many times and failed at every attempt ><"
The horned house is abit distracting though, the way it overlayed with the nose got a hell lot of my attention from the furry creature =p
charsiewpau 2005/6/5 - 1:57:14
cest' magnifique!

Wow. this is breathtakingly beautiful
mika-kun 2005/6/5 - 3:42:17
Wow! I don't think there's any bit of this pic that I don't like.....other than I wish I had done it, you and Mitsu have certainly lifted the bar in the polished pages a few notches......:)
kaiomi 2005/6/5 - 3:55:51
That creature is awesome! The detail...0_o especially on the little things like her braid and arm things. I bow to your greatness.
jakusama 2005/6/5 - 9:25:29
This is really cool. I love her hair, and the funny little animal is really cute. I wanna hug it. I think I will. *hug* Okay. But her hair and her clothes are just awesome... very neat.
lavalizard 2005/6/5 - 16:41:50
That is so so so good! Such an awesome critter, and the details on the fur and the girl's hair and clothes are excellent. I believe I see a house made of a giant tusk in the background. It doesn't get any cooler than that^_^

paultheodore 2005/6/6 - 15:47:35
great color choices - awesome texture!! Im envious of your skill.....
heavenlystrike 2005/6/7 - 11:37:42
*dies of how beautifull this looks* heey i want to live in a horn too! do you have some i could visit? :D
bananarana 2005/6/7 - 17:34:54
More good artists. :o
::waves the hall of fame flag:: Yes?
lorelai 2005/8/6 - 12:15:18
Hall of Fame 8/6/05!
senobdec 2005/8/6 - 18:41:26
Whoa!.... how'd I miss this awesome piece!
amberdrake 2005/8/7 - 22:46:44
I think it looks like a bronze capped ivory tusk but could be wrong..back to work then :cleans gutter minds:
mika-kun 2005/8/9 - 16:3:32
Comment deleted....You know who you are ....you seem to have logged on specifically to make that comment as it's the only thing you have posted.....bad start!
candylover90 2005/8/9 - 16:18:9
I'm a huge fan of small details, such as the tiny braids, the creature's teeth,and the vail-ish type of material that is draping over the girl. This is an awsome picture. I hope to see more from you
p_b 2005/8/21 - 5:22:19
i got hall-o-famed
=D tankoo

(moved) (link) Oekaki by tayley-chan, total drawing time 5 : 8 : 4

tayley-chan 2005/5/28 - 14:26:17
Fynn is a Pooka. She likes to make shiney things.

She also had a fling with a werewolf once, but that's a long story ^_^
shadrad 2005/5/28 - 14:33:57
Thats so purdy and shiny!!! Oo...I love it!
snoopywar 2005/5/28 - 17:15:53
Wow. She's gorgeous. O--o;
I love the shiney thing. :D
And her hand is very lovely. Her eyes too. And the scenery is very nice. ^^
syzygy 2005/5/28 - 17:38:14
First, I love the name Fynn.
Second, she looksl ike she'd have had a fling with a werewolf once.
Thirdy, you rock my socks off, this is so awesome. I love her hair and the necklace looking thing of flowers/plant... very awesome.
blumeaniandglove 2005/5/28 - 17:56:49
she looks so mysterous. I've watched the animation about thirty times already, but i can't figure out how you do such smooth lineart. It really isn't fair Tayley, you keep such nasty secrets.

I like her choker and how you did the background, and also the green shineys on her skin. beautiful, once more.
lorelai 2005/5/29 - 14:43:19
my favorite part of this is her hair...what beautiful curly hair!!
kelli 2005/5/30 - 12:2:12
heh-heh...it looks like she got sunburn on her ear ^^
And that hair and lineart are both very impressive
ienjoydrawing 2005/5/30 - 18:10:1
Haha, it's cool how you have a little backstory for each person/thing you draw. Awesome colors and lineart as always! :D
mika-kun 2005/5/31 - 14:47:2
....and as always you never fail to amaze....
jakusama 2005/6/2 - 23:38:19
..I love you. *bawls*
lorelai 2005/8/1 - 13:49:45
Hall of Fame on 8/1/05! :D

(moved) (link) Oekaki by bleau, total drawing time 10 : 52 : 39

bleau 2005/5/4 - 0:50:39
Hello! I'm new x.x One of the many new people here XP
I worked on this on and off all day
The big lady goes by the name of Rio. And the lil guy(yes, guy) next to her is called Bleau, pronounced Blow. That's also my screen name. They are my personas. Different aspects of my personality.
Dunno if I went overboard with the coloring or not.
I've got much room for improvement, I always welcome criticism <3
bleau 2005/5/4 - 0:51:47
Oh, and I apologize for the crap background, I couldn't think of anything good.
paultheodore 2005/5/4 - 14:54:23
awesome shading, rendering and composition! very original style!
bakamilphy 2005/5/4 - 17:7:43
OMGYES! Ive been waiting for you! :DDD SO MUCH LOVE. <3 <3 <3

Anyway, you and your masterful anatomy, coloring and all else own all. <3 I love Rio's outfit much especailly, and the scarf thingy. :D Love for Bleau as always also. <3!
syzygy 2005/5/4 - 19:2:22
Oh wow. Definitely welcome to TACo.


Wow. Just.. uber niftyness all around. XP
snoopywar 2005/5/4 - 19:13:15
Welcome to TACo! ^^
Awesome drawing. Love the coloring. :3
idgit 2005/5/4 - 19:18:24
OMG! Love, darling!! <3

This is so lovely, as is all of your work. Rio look so beautiful, and Bleau's so cute in his lellow (xD) shirt x3.
kaye 2005/5/4 - 22:41:56
Welcome!!! <3 I love the way you colour^^ So vibrant. Want to see more now!
ienjoydrawing 2005/5/7 - 3:3:6
Welcome to TACo! You've got a cool style; it's too bad you didn't come here a bit earlier. As for the picture, nice lines and colors (kinda tired, don't have a whole lot to say right now -_-). Hope to see more from you, and hopefully you'll be able to enjoy it here too. :)
mika-kun 2005/5/7 - 11:17:13
Yeah I luvvit......especially the floaty guys boots, great colouring all round....:)
ayperi 2005/5/10 - 18:24:27
Wow I luve the shading technique you use here and the style and characters are very unique indeed :D
lorelai 2005/7/25 - 11:50:16
hall of fame on july 25, 2005!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by alex, total drawing time 27 : 6 : 50

alex 2005/3/30 - 5:8:8
the time is right. but I negleted this picture to death... I kind of just let the poor thing sit there. I'm sorry mr. man dude!! I didn't mean to treat you so!!!!now that I look at it.. I forgot the jewel thing at the top.. BLAST IT!! oh well. :-p I guess that it. C&C welcomed!!
z1ggy 2005/3/30 - 6:26:0
So pretty *_* I adore the way you did his eyes!
heavenlystrike 2005/3/30 - 10:59:31
Hall of FAME. Can't get over the hair. it's amazing. Every thing about this is amazing. the background is just <3 and the colors and solid technique, man, you are my yoda!
akilakitamorea 2005/3/30 - 12:32:5
his eyes are hipnotic but i luv the fairy
i agree HALL OF FAME
blumeaniandglove 2005/3/30 - 15:58:50
I like the fairy. :3

HALL O' FAME <---- i agree
snoopywar 2005/3/30 - 16:56:49
What a lovely fairy!! And background! And green eyes!! ^^
The hair is crazy awesome!! :3
This is beautiful. u.u
naty 2005/3/30 - 22:27:41
ALEX!!! U LIVES! <333! But ya o-O ur still as talented as ever! Agree the hair and background are remarkable, u always choose the best colors :D! Imma steal him now *runs off with him*
syzygy 2005/4/1 - 2:28:9
Mmm for the colors, and the hair! Oh, such yummy hair.. The fairy seems kind of out of place to me.. because of the softness.. the contrast with the solids. Maybe thats just me. But thats an artistic thing. But his hand looks kind of weird to me..the lines seem too sloppy in respect to the rest of the picture...... but I worship the hair. Oh, the hair!!
maggie_sue 2005/4/1 - 14:41:24
I like how the background is soft and out of focus, giving more attention to the positive space. The colors work together wonderfully. My only crit is that on the hand, the thumb looks a bit skinny in proportion to the fingers, the chin is super pointy-although every element of this piece is thing and delicate, a little shape to the chin would show a meeting of the jawlines and make more sense. Also, with the lineart on the fingers--could use a little cleaning up, but not much, just doesn't look as clean as the lines you made with the bezziere tool on the hair and face, and it creates a sense of uneveness, for lack of a better word, seeing as I'm dead tired and ready for the weekend and just took a huge art history test with around 100 slides-artist, nationality, date, subject, etc-to memorize...phew. But anywho's, just a couple nit-picky things, seeing as you have done great work here, they seemed out of place in this piece, so keep up the energy throughout the whole ordeal, and keep up the pace so you won't lose quality in the small stuff. good work :D
randomfriend 2005/4/5 - 13:56:23
I love the background. Really lovely. It's sort of fade-y (for lack of a better word) and out of focus, ao it's a really nice contrast with the foreground. I also like the color choices. The greens in the eyes are cool.
lorelai 2005/7/20 - 14:0:32
The masses have voted! Hall of Fame'ed on July 20, 2005 :)

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