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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(moved) (link) Oekaki by senobdec, total drawing time 1 : 13 : 26

senobdec 2005/8/30 - 10:33:17
Any ideas? Quick sketchie
treespirit 2005/8/30 - 11:51:16
thats really neat....i love how it seems the image was created by sprinkling dirt
lorelai 2005/8/30 - 14:49:29
That's so awesome, Seno! it's almost like moss on a rock kind of texture-y... :O (so awesome i lose all grammar control apparently)
spoonalshmee 2005/8/30 - 19:34:28
wow! i really really like this. it's like something..damn. oh right! william kentridge! yes! he is so cool! if you do not know his art, you should look into it.
senobdec 2005/8/31 - 12:2:2
Done. Sorta. Saved to board in case. Any suggestions? Anyway... yeah, never heard of that guy.
mika-kun 2005/8/31 - 12:42:54
Hehehe I was going to put 'this would be cool with a background' but you beat me to it....love that style....excellent indeed!!!...:)
senobdec 2005/8/31 - 22:55:20
Done. BG is unimaginative.
lorelai 2005/9/1 - 6:43:58
unimaginative yeah yeah whatever POLISHED ROOM GOES!
mitsu 2005/9/1 - 12:48:54
:D !! That's some crazy killer style you've got goin' on, Seno! Loooove the feeling of motion throughout, and the subtle folds of her dress are amazing. Dunno how you did this, but 'tis incredible. Moooore! :D
phil 2005/9/1 - 16:29:44
kinda looks like u spilled paint thinner on it then rubbed it wiv sandpaper :)
snoopywar 2005/9/1 - 23:8:32
I love the hands.....
She's very beautiful.

(2386) (link) Oekaki by phil, total drawing time 2 : 40 : 9

phil 2005/8/28 - 21:59:20
When you Go Down To The Woods Today.....
lorelai 2005/8/30 - 0:4:54
this scares me ;_;
p_b 2005/8/30 - 1:7:18
>_>.......*hides under her blankey*
reason why you shouldn't live near a nuclear waste dump #12: see picture ----->
mika-kun 2005/8/30 - 2:8:35
So that's where they get kebab meat from .....I just wish they'd take the claws out before they cook it....:D
....and yup it is kinda disturbing.....cool!
ri-su 2005/9/3 - 3:58:14
well im never goin' down to the woods again.

(2385) (link) Oekaki by phil, total drawing time 4 : 13 : 55

phil 2005/8/25 - 12:58:21
comment on this doodle: hmm well...its erm, well its my experiment wiv a larger canvas and a lot of layers its not finished but i cant finish it unfortunatly as its now 636kb and it wont load up on my comp at all for some reason so cant finish it. boohoo! But i shall post it ne ways or its wasted.
Prehaps its To "evil" to be compleated.
p_b 2005/8/25 - 13:39:16
she looks so frightened! but i would to if i was in the middle of all that and had no legs no get away x_X
I like how you made the top of the picture echo the venus fly traps at the bottom that's really cool.

paintitblack 2005/8/25 - 18:28:7
lorelai 2005/8/26 - 12:34:44
Wohhh amazing!
happywaterbottle 2005/8/26 - 18:30:44
very freaky o_o this will have me doing nightmares if I stare too long...
nice job though ^^
mika-kun 2005/8/28 - 7:53:38
Spooky dude! I love all the eyes in the pic....and that huge spider....:D

(2382) (link) Oekaki by phil, total drawing time 1 : 43 : 39

phil 2005/8/22 - 15:48:52
hehehe somethink green to ease my boredom
phil 2005/8/22 - 17:42:40
wrong room oh well sorry to puch u down wiv my doodle meant for drawing room lol
mika-kun 2005/8/24 - 12:29:10
Ahh...I think she can hang around in here for a while at least, nice job on the green skin....hairs pretty cool too....:)
paintitblack 2005/8/25 - 18:25:28
WOW WELL DONE, YOU ARE GOOD, its like a green cat with a mole, NICE! nice background too skills

(2381) (link) Oekaki by azure, total drawing time 4 : 11 : 6

azure 2005/8/22 - 13:41:44
I don't know, really. Hehe... a beach desert scene with a tree and butterflies. :P
azure 2005/8/22 - 13:53:5
Oooh, and if you watch the animation it says to not steal other peoples art, to be creative. It's not aimed at anyone here. There's just some people who participate in online art contests and use real, professional artworks and claim them as their own. That's what it was :P
blumeaniandglove 2005/8/22 - 14:11:12
wow. I lurves the butterflies, they're so..clean looking. And the tree is awesome as well.

Great job. And what you said about art contests is true as well. you should use your own talents, and not someone elses.
yumeji 2005/8/22 - 17:8:7
I like the concept, along with the colours you used. Also, I mustn't forget the blue butterfly in the foreground. XD
lavalizard 2005/8/23 - 0:38:39
Faces in a tree... Me like^_^
That sunset's colors are really pretty too.
p_b 2005/8/23 - 1:52:29
oo O_O that's spiffy
Really neat concept. The way the faces merg into the tree is really cool
snoopywar 2005/8/23 - 11:18:18
The sky looks soft and gentle. x3
I like that. o.o
And the butterflies rock! xP
heavenlystrike 2005/8/23 - 12:30:30
TReEE *jumps and claps hands* this is wonDerful <3 the heads in the trees are really original and those butterflies just look soo magic! the water is beautiful too :3
mika-kun 2005/8/24 - 12:31:8
Very nice, I really like how you've done the water.....yeah good pic all round...:D
viva 2005/8/25 - 4:51:49
Really pretty.. the tree reminds me of Pocahontas. . (is that how you spell it?) .. I like the way you shaded teh face and the butterflies o.O.. + the overall... misty-ness ..

(2380) (link) Oekaki by quentara47, total drawing time 1 : 39 : 57

quentara47 2005/8/21 - 10:59:45
My brother wanted me to call it a lesser demon after the monster in the MMORPG Runescape, but I say Its just a demon and a greater demon at that so nyah nyah.
happywaterbottle 2005/8/21 - 11:8:23
this is really kewl oO I love the lil monster! it's pose is awesome, the shading is great and the fire is just too nice :)
mika-kun 2005/8/24 - 12:33:15
Definately a cool little critter....well, a hot cool critter....erm...yeah it's great...:D
syzygy 2005/8/26 - 0:15:46
Wow, I havent seen you in a long time ^__^ It seems like youve got a hang of the tools (and very well, I might add) and I adore the flameness XP It kind of reminds me of OTNT when we did our LoTR shpeil. (Thats my word, I dont care if its spelled wrong XP)

(2379) (link) Oekaki by tim_kai, total drawing time 4 : 40 : 57

tim_kai 2005/8/21 - 1:41:29
. . . The timer might be off by one half hour, no more. I know it is rather cliche to say this, but. . . Ow, my hand.

I recently re-read Battle Angel Alita (Gunnm), and doing so made me realize how much I love it, especially Doc Ido. So, I drew him. I hope this loads. . .
(For the record, though I consulted the manga for certain details, this is not a referenced image)
yumeji 2005/8/21 - 4:3:19
Oh wow--Battle Angel! It's been so long since I watched the show, let alone watch any anime show. I heard rumors there was a movie in the works by James Cameron.
quentara47 2005/8/21 - 6:4:37
There is a movie in the works! I've never seen the anime but I loved the manga. You captured him so well. He's cute ^^ I like the pattern on his jacket. It looks like water.
mika-kun 2005/8/24 - 12:40:17
I think it was released here (UK) as Battle platform Alita, and is indeed a cool anime.....I hope Cameron makes it better than he did the Terminator films.....
Awesome dude by the way...:)

(moved) (link) Oekaki by skybird_lost, total drawing time 4 : 2 : 35

skybird_lost 2005/8/20 - 4:3:57
Forgive me father, for I have sinned...

Yeah, well, in case you can't tell, this is a girl sitting talking to a 'chaplain'...hmmm...I wonder where the real chaplain went?...

Yeah, well, all I can say I is: try confessing your sins to someone you can actually see.
skybird_lost 2005/8/20 - 4:7:18
Gah...I thought I put this in the polished room? I'm really sure I did! Can someone move it please?
buttermilk-elf 2005/8/20 - 7:25:27

Well, for crit, the arms are very awkward looking and don't really join to her body properly. Also, the one at the back looks a lot bigger than the other one, which isn't quite right.

But as for the rest of it, I /love/ the freaky guy in the shadows behind the window. Creepy. And the whole effect of the window. And the girl's face shape is nice too.
carrath 2005/8/20 - 16:22:53
..That's incredibly creepy, I'll be afraid the next time I go to church! The picture seems to focus on both subjects at the same time, which is great.
ri-su 2005/8/21 - 8:35:21
aw i think the arms look fine for the body.
but yeah! ive never confessed to anything (mainly coz i dont go to chuch, atheist i am). cool idea.. would've looked cooler with a little bit of shading. but, its STILL cool! i love the ear, it looks pretty real. damn you, rown, i wish i could draw as well as you when i was your age >:(
buttermilk-elf 2005/8/21 - 13:16:44
But Ri, she did learn from the best! :P Okay, sounding slightly up myself there, even if I was just joking. Anyway, just thought I'd add that this pic still rocks. And I'm glad I don't go to church.

(2378) (link) Oekaki by phil, total drawing time 5 : 10 : 17

phil 2005/8/19 - 16:4:24
i really dont know what to put
except im proud of this its a never ending picture that i could never finish.
snoopywar 2005/8/19 - 20:28:32
Wow.... O.O
Looking at all the experiment equipment and stuff kind of creeps me out. x.x;
But this looks awesome!! :D
mitsu 2005/8/19 - 21:55:56
Woah, all the time you spent certainly shows! This has great detail. And the concept makes for quite an interesting picture. :D
carrath 2005/8/20 - 16:0:43
This kind of stuff amazes me. I love all the little wires and details!
quentara47 2005/8/21 - 6:6:27
SWEET!! That is so awesome!

(2377) (link) Oekaki by xyzadt, total drawing time 1 : 12 : 37

xyzadt 2005/8/18 - 11:48:43
Lilke again, this time with Makito, her counterpart. I like drawing faces in strange colors. ;) I know that Makito's face (left) is kinda flat and boring and a bit disproportionate, but hey.... It's a wierd angle ^^;
C&C pwease. :3
mintyfreshchu 2005/8/18 - 12:9:17
Hm, you did the shading and lighting really well. It could use some more detail... but maybe you're going for the simplified look?? Yeah, that is a hard angle to draw. The mouth/chin looks kinda awkward. Maybe cuz of the ear? It's too low.
xyzadt 2005/8/18 - 12:12:22
Mmmyes, the chin killed me x_x Thanks for the advice though! ^_^
tarlinqua 2005/8/19 - 12:53:33
I love the colours *o*, and how you drew the lips. It's such a pretty picture =D!
heavenlystrike 2005/8/19 - 13:29:11
I like the nose, lol it's really soft :3 The use of colors is gorgeous she looks like an angel <3
mika-kun 2005/8/19 - 13:32:37
*Turns pic 90s ccw*
Yeah it works for me.....quite serene and gorgeous.....:)
mitsu 2005/8/19 - 21:54:59
Ooh, niiice. The skin is quite beautiful--almost irridescent in some parts it seems. Very lovely picture. :}
carrath 2005/8/20 - 15:58:51
The soft blurriness of the picture makes it seem warm and intimate. I like the area around her eyes. The colours are appealing, too.
senobdec 2005/9/1 - 22:33:7
THe shading really grows on me...... I especially enjoy Lilke's eye (on the right). More I say, more!

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