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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(moved) (link) Oekaki by shleigh, total drawing time 0 : 31 : 33

shleigh 2003/9/21 - 21:43:59
To purple-panther (obviously lol) i loooooove the little chibi hehehe
shleigh 2003/9/21 - 21:48:27
ack!! the timer is off. this took an hour. i dunno why but i just couldnt draw today....
no_one_loves_me 2003/9/21 - 21:51:38
shleigh 2003/9/21 - 21:56:6
do you think this belongs in the polsihed room??

anyway...... need requests......
lorelai 2003/9/21 - 23:38:28
Moved it to the Gift Room since it's a gift :D
shleigh 2003/9/21 - 23:58:1
thank you lorelai-sama ^_^
no_one_loves_me 2003/9/22 - 0:1:51
draw jaken! DRAW JAKEN!!!
coleslaw 2003/9/22 - 6:43:31
omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is incredible!!!! i LOVE this! that is soooooooooo cool!!!!!! T___T
purple-panther 2003/9/23 - 21:49:40
THANK YOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! THIS PICT MADE ME HAPPY ALL OVER!!! thank u thank u thank u!!!!!!! soooo cute!! i shall DEFINENTLY SAVE!!! i am eternally in ur debt. i will draw ANYTHING 4 u. just name it!
shleigh 2003/9/24 - 19:42:59
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......now all i need is a tablet... x.x grr now im getting yelled at.....HATE IT AT HOME

(2) (link) Oekaki by laurie-kay, total drawing time 5 : 24 : 32

laurie-kay 2003/9/21 - 19:17:42
Mweep...how did I spend 5:24 minutes on this? Time just flew by...well, minus 30 minutes for lunch...but yea. This is the most time i spent on a kaki.

This is for Ally cause she helped me to see the light! I found the beauty and greatness of Gackt because of her!!! *tear* So, a magic lady to show what magic she's caused in my life! *cheese filled* I would have drawn Gackt...but since I can't...tah da!!!!! Comment pls!!! ^______^
lorelai 2003/9/21 - 21:16:20
wow what a lovely gift! Midnight Tailmon is lucky :D
midnighttailmon 2003/9/21 - 21:25:31
Augh! Laura! I am forever in your debt!! Curses to your anatomy drawing skillz. >o<
oh, and by the way.... your welcome. XD Glad to help out anyone discover Gackt. (great, now I'm sounding like a travel brochure o.O) Her eyes strangely remind me of Gackt's... for whatever reason...
purple-panther 2003/9/21 - 21:43:3
=0.0= tell me wut Gackt iz. im sure i've herd of it b4. i cant rly remember though...
laurie-kay 2003/9/21 - 22:14:56
Gackt is the most talented praise worthy 543 year old god to land on this 3rd rock from the sun ^_____^ Oh yes, and Corona's *her name ^^;;* eyes looks like Gackt's purposely....thats the most resemblence I could get....

(moved) (link) Oekaki by shin-chan, total drawing time 0 : 13 : 37

shin-chan 2003/9/19 - 8:45:46
here's your hug picture Treespirit! ^_^
I'm sorry I didn't do it yesterday night or that it looks so sketchy (I like it nonetheless) but I was kind of in a hurry today loll

like it?
anybody else want a hug pic? I'm in the mood XD
treespirit 2003/9/19 - 9:19:0
awwww!!! it's so sweet!! Yeah I love it actually! You're so good at hug pictures. :D And look at you all cuddley up to someone. Perfect! Thank ya! Glad you drew it. cute cute cute XD
hitotsu 2003/9/19 - 10:51:56
ack..im amazed. not only does the pic have loads of meaning to it, but u were able to draw this in under 15 min T_T truly envious, i am n_n;
konflikti 2003/9/19 - 11:17:1
That is truly amazing time you got there, and the picture is awesome too! I bow to you 1337 ^__^
kiwi 2003/9/19 - 16:4:25
AWWW!!!! That's soo sweet! I love how adorable they both look and the way you coloured their hair is really different but the effect is totally awesome!!! treespirit is so lucky to get a pic like this >.< but nevertheless, tis be awesome!
midnighttailmon 2003/9/21 - 18:3:7
awww, this is so sweet =D I wish people hugged me. *sniff* but enough moping. Curses to your abilities to draw pics in under 15 mins. Tail-chan likes the lineart, and your ability to draw hugging. Tail-chan can't draw any sort of intimate contact to save her life. >_<
...ok, I'll stop talking in third person now... *steps off*
padalyn 2003/9/21 - 21:46:23
padalyn need hug
well not actually, but hugs are good for the soal!!!! everyone needs hugs!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by shleigh, total drawing time 0 : 46 : 38

shleigh 2003/9/18 - 22:36:14
To Coleslaw. Blonde hair, green eyes, and really bad wings for ears. ^_^ Oh, and one eye is closed by the way lol
coleslaw 2003/9/19 - 6:46:1
woah... that's reeeally good!! i LOVE the skirt and the feet, and the hair and the movement of everything.. it's brilliant!! omg!! wow! i'm very impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
padalyn 2003/9/19 - 7:47:26
wow shleigh!!! this is reaaaally good! i saw it and was like wooow, the atonamy (sp?) is perfect, and i like the feet tooo, day da bomb
shleigh 2003/9/19 - 18:5:35
aww thanks ^_^
shleigh 2003/9/20 - 0:0:13
but what i cant believe is i did this with a mouse that freezes. *is soooo happy*
sweater-morph 2003/9/21 - 19:43:28
You are great at feet and hair and FACE!!!

me love.
Me love new Yuna pic too.

(moved) (link) Oekaki by knightfighter, total drawing time 0 : 25 : 12

knightfighter 2003/9/18 - 20:1:52
this one took a bit longer than the last one xS but um... this is to you naty :D hope ya'll like it xP
naty 2003/9/19 - 0:7:55
OMG! thank youuuuuu! *saves* This is too cool! Green! XD That tail is uber cool! thanks soooo much! *huggles* :DDDDD
knightfighter 2003/9/19 - 15:38:29
xP your welcome :D "giftroom"? O__O what's the "hall of fame" anyways? xP

(moved) (link) Oekaki by coleslaw, total drawing time 3 : 34 : 48

coleslaw 2003/9/17 - 18:59:36
this probably took about 3 hours 10 minutes, minus chat time :) hope you like it! nyuu!! ^_^
tayley-chan 2003/9/17 - 19:2:2
LOL!!! ^_________^ That is AWESOME!

Oh the mighty wrath that she shall unleash on whoever tricked her into that dress! ^-^ *giggles madly*

Love and hugs and cookies for you!! ^-^
mikazukineko 2003/9/17 - 19:15:49
That is one freaking awesome piccy, lol I lurve them slippers, hehehe no wonder she's mad, that dress is straight out of the 'Waltons' cute!
treespirit 2003/9/17 - 19:37:57
LOL!!! That's great!!!! Hahahahaha. Love it. XD
lorelai 2003/9/17 - 22:16:48
too awesome for words. XDDDD
jenzee 2003/9/18 - 2:51:5
AHAHAHH @#)$(*@#&$ LMAO this is AWESOME
padalyn 2003/9/18 - 7:44:10
hehe aww, but she looks cute in that dress! *imediatly gets cut in half*

(moved) (link) Oekaki by greeny, total drawing time 0 : 0 : 20

greeny 2003/9/17 - 16:17:19
alright I spent more than 20 seconds on this drawing... I spent like 5 min drawin it and another 10 to color it in... Coleslaw wanted me to draw sumtin for em and I did XD ... btw I cannot draw tongues... and she is blinking... her eye is not retarded XD
greeny 2003/9/17 - 17:9:55
aaa i just noticed this doesnt have all the parts I drew in..... aaaaaaaaa the clothes arent complete and the face and hair are missing the water colors under them... and it doesnt have my revision of the face in there...aaaaa move it to the test room plz
coleslaw 2003/9/17 - 19:13:24
woooooooahhh coooooool!!! i LOVE it!!! didn't see this coming ^_^ thanks sooooo much!!!! great picture, i really like the shapes at the bottom ^_^ THANKS SO MUCH!! YAAAY!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by coleslaw, total drawing time 3 : 38 : 56

coleslaw 2003/9/15 - 20:26:38
*cries* it USED to look good! and i HATE her left arm!! HATE IT!!! AAAAAHHHH!!! T__T also, Mika distracted me T_T XD
mikazukineko 2003/9/15 - 20:28:51
ooooooooh I never did, Anyhow it's fantastic
mikazukineko 2003/9/15 - 20:30:30
And i'm sure everyone would agree.....I was going to say before Coleslaw made me post the comment before I was finished!
coleslaw 2003/9/15 - 20:32:22
*in a sir robin voice* i didn't! i never!!
nakisa 2003/9/15 - 20:33:11
O_O~!!!1 *saves!!1!*
You draw my own original characters better than I can!! T.T I *ABSOLUTELY* love how you've drawn her! E.s.p her face, hair (whether you believe me or not, her hair r00lz!), the pose (it's soooo her!) .. the outfit... just.. everything!11 (you can tell I love it, I end up with 1's as well as exclaimation points ^_~) MUCHO THANKIEEEEEEEES!!11!1 *huggles!!* ^^
dai-fuku 2003/9/16 - 9:31:32
Yeah, arms are little buggahs to draw. You're probably not satisfied with the outcome because she'd laking an elbow, therefore making her arm supah-straight. I can't really describe it that well since I also have trouble but Polykarbon.com has some excellent tutorials.
Sweet coloring and shading. Her eyes are awesome.
coleslaw 2003/9/16 - 14:13:29
well, i knew that.. ^_^ the reason i'm so frustrated is because i usually draw arms and legs much better.. sorry if i wasn't clear, and sorry if this comment sounds a little snooty, because i'm not trying to come across that way... and thanks so much for your help! i'll check out that website, i love checking out tutorials ^_^
treespirit 2003/9/17 - 12:38:29
coleslaw, you have such a cool style

(moved) (link) Oekaki by knightfighter, total drawing time 0 : 37 : 2

knightfighter 2003/9/15 - 17:54:56
to mika! this is a piccy that i'm giving you for the picture you made for me ^^ hope you like it :D
mikazukineko 2003/9/15 - 18:1:32
Awwwwww, thank you sooo much, it's brilliant *saves* you really getting good at these colors and tools!
coleslaw 2003/9/15 - 20:27:54
wow, i love how you blended the colors in the skin and the eye is cool! AWESOME teeth! i love it ^__^
purple-panther 2003/9/15 - 21:11:10
periwinkle!! one of my favorite colors!!! i think it's cute!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by coleslaw, total drawing time 5 : 4 : 4

coleslaw 2003/9/3 - 19:50:11
it did take that long... well, minus a few minutes here and there for a total of about 30 minutes. anyways, i hope you like, nakisa. i'm not very happy, myself.. reference:
nakisa 2003/9/3 - 19:53:18
Happy??? Talk about an understatement!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!111 The pose! The hair! The outfit!!.. man... it sooo rules! I love how you've done her expression too!! PERFECT!!! *mucho huggles!!!!1* fank00 fank00 fank00!!! ^_______^
chrislagace 2003/9/3 - 22:4:7
hey that pretty sweet ^_^ i the stuff shes wearing ^_^
gleeful1 2003/9/6 - 16:38:26
oh yes! very nice shading and i esp. like the way u did her hair! ^_~
greeny 2003/9/7 - 22:44:5
I really like it... the hair is great and I find it awesome how you made a heart out of th C in cole XD... good job
mikazukineko 2003/9/12 - 18:27:59
Another Coleslaw triumph, she just gets better and better *and no plumbers crack in this one - mind you I wouldn't complain*

(moved) (link) Oekaki by padalyn, total drawing time 1 : 4 : 40

padalyn 2003/8/31 - 22:7:25
to Bakamilphy!!!!
bakamilphy 2003/8/31 - 22:11:47
AWW THANKS!!!^0^ aww. Thats so nice of you! I love it!^o^ Thank you thank you thank you!!^-~ YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!^0^
purple-panther 2003/9/1 - 10:0:19
sry i havent been able 2 say this yet but ,"HAPPY B-DAY BAKAMILPHY!!!!"
i wasnt able 2 comment all morning till about a few minutes ago. my account was being stupid.

(moved) (link) Oekaki by coleslaw, total drawing time 2 : 42 : 56

coleslaw 2003/8/27 - 17:27:38
to sakura!! i know, i know.. the background is crap.. but my hand hurts so bad i just wanted to get it over with T_T other than the background, i reeeeally relaly like it, and i really hope you do, too!!!! YAAY!! thanks to tayley-chan for reminding me accidently that i owe sakura this request. actually, i owe about 3 people requests! OOPS! ^_^;;
coleslaw 2003/8/27 - 17:30:17
aw, man!! i missed a spot erasing.. T___T 3 spots!! grr!! T__T
charlie 2003/8/27 - 17:57:20
ooooooooooo!!!! i likes it!!! CHECKERDS!!!!!!!!!! thats my fav! yeah yeah yeah . very good picture lovs! >^.^<
sakura 2003/8/27 - 18:24:29
OH MY GAWD! OOOOH MY FRIGGIN GAAAWD! You rock!! I love the guitar! I love the outfit! I likes it all!! Thankoo thankoo THANKOO!! -huggles uber tightly, then grins- I've always wanted a guiter. x3 Mwa haha! This is great.. You r0x0r so hard! I gotta make a request for you too! Anything! ANYTHING! this is soo cool! -saves, runs around in a circle and faints-
embo 2003/8/27 - 22:13:35
O_____O colesaw, you get more amazing every day!!! the pose is WONDERFUL, not to mention the perspective and the AWESOME outfit! i esp love the buckle on her balck and red knee sock ;__;
the-rook 2003/8/27 - 23:0:47

Thats is so awesome :,D I wish i could draw girls!! bahh -_- Guitar is cool, but is it a bass? Do you play or does sakura.. or was this totally random. .. . o_O
draco_plato 2003/8/28 - 0:57:3
Awww I'm lovin' this one too....*sigh* both are excellent depictions of the original ^^.
dompo 2003/8/28 - 5:14:32
Hahaha~damm that owns~XD~!
jenzee 2003/8/28 - 5:39:0
that guitar pwns me XD. I want one!!!! *just got through eating some goldfish ahahah*
coleslaw 2003/8/28 - 6:14:53
thanks so much!!!

the-rook: you asked if it's a bass or a geetar (lol), right? well... it was intended to be a guitar, but i didn't have any references so it's quite possibly out of proportion or something.. and i play viola and violin, but not guitar ^_^;;

i'm so glad you guys like it so much!! ^_____^
akira 2003/8/28 - 16:6:13
This picture is so... so... damn cool that I think I'll just sit here and stare it for a few hours. I especially love the pose.
embo 2003/8/28 - 20:1:55
I'd say its bass because it only has four strings, and normally strats have atleast five....i used to play the guitar a long time ago, but im not an expert or anything O___O so dont kill me if im wrong XDD
sakura 2003/8/28 - 20:9:26
Keheheh I like this outfit Idea so much I derw a pic with the same outfit.. I love your imagination. Tis very cool! Thanks again!
gleeful1 2003/9/1 - 16:6:15
oh! oh! OH!! that's one funky gutar!! super-duper great job on this *_*

(moved) (link) Oekaki by , total drawing time

Miyage 2003/3/13 - 18:33:26
First time drawing here... ^^;
It's a gift for Shin-chan~ because she bugged me to draw something a while ago, see?? I didn't forget :P
Apocalipsis 2003/3/13 - 18:42:0
^o^ Myttchi!!! *glomps* . sugoi, I like the guy, specially his eye ^^
Shin-chan 2003/3/13 - 18:55:43
nyahahahahahah XDDDDDDD
Yaaay arigatouuu!!! @_________@
my hero XD
Baka Milphy 2003/3/13 - 19:3:21
WOW!^o^ This is great! Good job!^-^
Aya Dragonsheart 2003/3/14 - 19:50:4
AHHHH!!! thats so kawii!!!!!
Enshoku 2003/3/14 - 21:27:20
AHHH SO CUTE! Sketchy black hair is sooo pretty.
Amethyst Citrine 2003/3/15 - 23:9:0
Wow, that is so pretty, the style of the eyes is absolutely beautiful! And the hair, so soft and thick looking... :) - Amy.
watermelon 2004/11/17 - 0:21:14
that is sooo good!! i wanna be that girl right now :D

(moved) (link) Oekaki by , total drawing time

Baka Milphy 2003/3/13 - 16:39:26
This is for my step sister and good freind excalibur,^-^ Its a jigglypuff, and oddish from Pokemon, ^-~ Hope you like it!

Also, comments please!^-^;;
Apocalipsis 2003/3/13 - 16:40:10
@.@ KAWAI~~~!!!! *dies from kawaiiness*
excalibur 2003/3/13 - 16:42:17
Thanks thanks thanks! :) Omg this...O_O; this is so cute XD XD XD XD :):):) I cant say how cute it is, good job!...i love the tones, thanks!!!!!!, too bad I cant print this, but I am going to save it ;), (ill havta draw you something), keep up the great work ^^^^awww
papillon eyes 2003/3/13 - 17:29:40
this is so cute!!!
that jigglypuff reminds me of me...
Shin-chan 2003/3/13 - 19:16:53
nyah! kawaii XDDDD
and you use tones! I cant use tones!! please teach mee!! T__T
Baka Milphy 2003/3/13 - 19:19:28
If you e-mail me, I'll type you a tutorial tommarow, If you want me to^-^;
doodlebug 2003/3/14 - 21:24:38
YAY! i love oddish. hehehe.

looks great, awesome coloring~~
Enshoku 2003/3/14 - 21:28:35
You should be the tones master. Jigglypuff's eyes are abnormally cute. XD
troubled_youth 2004/1/11 - 19:30:44
the most kawaiiest thing i've ever seen! awww!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by , total drawing time

pif 2003/3/11 - 22:43:36
yay for chin-chan because she's uber cool and SHE DESERVES IT!
pif 2003/3/11 - 22:43:56
dude.... i meant shin......honestly o_o;;;;
Shin-chan 2003/3/11 - 22:47:10
lololol XDDD
it's alright
thank youuuuu!!! I feel so loved!! @___@
I just love your kakis Pif! You have such a unique way of drawing ^_^
Chokora 2003/3/11 - 22:47:57
Ah, nice style, I love the lips :D
Betelgeuse 2003/3/11 - 23:0:28
wow! gorgeous *_* you're too good at this _o_
Baka Milphy 2003/3/11 - 23:9:13
Very cool^-^ Balck and white^-~ Great job!
bbp 2003/3/11 - 23:55:16
yay, pif
Will 2003/3/11 - 23:55:38
Just wanted to say awesome pic as always. So young and so talented and WAY MORE better than me. I missed talking with you and seeing your artwork and EVERYONE ELSE here who knew me once. Its been to long. HI PIFFLE! ^_^ Well see ya later.
Laurie Kay 2003/3/12 - 0:6:25
AHHH!!! Its so super awesome!!!! You hav such an awesome style! an ps, I'm tryin to do more oekaki-ing. But i've fallen out of the groove!
bbp 2003/3/12 - 0:11:40
WILL! maybe you should draw to show you're still alive....we miss you ;_;
pif 2003/3/12 - 0:28:6
AHH!!! AHH!!! IT'S WILL!!! where've you BEEN?! dude, IM me on aim!!!! ;o; *GLOMP* i miss will.
padalyn 2003/3/12 - 7:14:46
wow, this is boucoup(sp) good!!!
Draco_Plato 2003/3/12 - 14:48:53
Wow, I like your use of black in this.
hitotsu 2003/3/12 - 21:45:12
shin-chan be so lucky ^o^ so many piccies for her ya? kekeke..they are so cool ^^ i like the fact that its black and white. The girls hiar is neat...i cant draw curls to save my life -o-;

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