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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(moved) (link) Oekaki by naty, total drawing time 0 : 44 : 4

naty 2003/10/7 - 22:53:59
Here you go Coleslaw. I used ref for the dress
[link] Hope you likes I had fun with it. :)
padalyn 2003/10/7 - 23:2:31
bwahahaha! thud! *fell out of chair*
omg, and... i HAVE that colouring book!! or at least i have a book a lot like that, that happens to be a colouring book
dompo 2003/10/8 - 6:13:16
0_o I will not sleep peacefully tonite 0_o
coleslaw 2003/10/8 - 6:40:49
hahahhahaa!!!! that's great! i LOVE it!! just like i pictured!! i LOVE the text, it really completes it! great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
evil-yuffie 2003/10/8 - 11:32:30
hahahahaha!! Vegeta in a dress!! I would love to show this to my DBZ-mad friend Ben. Muhahaha! It'll be blasphemy to him. XD I really like the background, and the expression on Vegeta's face is priceless! heehee
treespirit 2003/10/8 - 12:44:55
LOL too funny XD
shleigh 2003/10/9 - 21:43:0
.......in me and no_one_loves_me's stories.....vegeta is my son......*looks ta pic* AH!!!! *shock*
no_one_loves_me 2003/10/10 - 1:51:14
gleeful1 2003/10/14 - 12:35:23
that's really hararious!!! XD XD

(27) (link) Oekaki by shleigh, total drawing time 0 : 25 : 54

shleigh 2003/10/6 - 0:31:49
so sleepy...but cant sleep. maybe i should turn off gackt and relax. maybe i should listen to illness Illusion. thats a soft song. OH WELL.....need sleep for school. must stop drawing gackt comic. but its so good even though i only have 1 and a 1/2 pages done. Oh yeah Vanilla and Lu-na are really loud rock songs by gackt if you didnt know that but I LOVE THOSE SONGS SOOOO MUCH!!!! anyway im going to bed night ^_^

p.s. this is to myself. it might remind me to sleep more often.
nasuke 2003/10/7 - 11:51:40
heh, i know how that can be. my sleeping habits are really messed. and vanillas one of my favorite song's ^_^
but... is that an ice cube in the coffee?
shleigh 2003/10/9 - 21:43:35
yeah.....lol im such a wimp now i put an ice cube in my coffee cuz its too hot lmao
no_one_loves_me 2003/10/10 - 1:52:46
heeeeee....its cute!!! i love the coffee cup and the little picture on the gackt comic!!!

(26) (link) Oekaki by spriggan_us, total drawing time 0 : 22 : 0

spriggan_us 2003/10/5 - 22:31:13
to bakamilphy
i know you didnt ask for a pic but where are you i neeeeeeed to see some more of your kick a$$ art work!!!!!where are you come back!!!!!!
purple-panther 2003/10/6 - 9:11:25
weeeeeeee! so cute! hehe! =^.^=
shweet! great shading job, too!
purple-panther 2003/10/6 - 9:12:22
oh, yesh. i agree. bakamilphy!!!! WHERE HAVE YOU GONE??? come bak!!!!! your art is awesome and we miss it sooooo much!!
bakamilphy 2003/10/25 - 22:4:35
Thanks! ^^; Im still here, just havent drawn in a long while. Im amazed anyone noticed my absence^^; I really appreciate it!

(25) (link) Oekaki by coffee-bean, total drawing time 1 : 36 : 13

coffee-bean 2003/10/5 - 15:0:33

sorry the 'realistic' approach went a bit wrong >.<
milkshake 2003/10/5 - 15:3:47
gah! noooo! so many mistakes! that's what I get for rushing >.< Okay, firstly this picture is by me, coffee bean is my sis, hence we share a computer and I didn't switch users before drawing. secondly this picture is to coffee-bean, not coco-bean. god darn it! *crawls back to her hole*
coffee-bean 2003/10/5 - 15:29:25
BAH!! >.< ..it's probably my fault for not logging out anyway... thankoo for the picture though XD
amystery2all 2003/11/2 - 17:44:15
LOL! Cute picture.. too much confusingness with the messages

(24) (link) Oekaki by demo-demo, total drawing time 0 : 42 : 35

demo-demo 2003/10/4 - 23:31:18
NATY!! here is your goth sakura!! i know, it doesn't really look like her, but i didn't use a picture, so i'm proud of it. i hope you like it. if you don't, i'll do a better one later.
amystery2all 2003/10/5 - 16:33:15
Aww, I think this looks cool. The blackish eyeshadow and the little skull hair-bands.. hehe.
naty 2003/10/5 - 20:41:45
OMG! I loves it! :D I don't care that it doesn't really look like CCS, she rocks! XD and I love that staff! thanks! :D *saves* I must find out where she got those little skulls. :3

(23) (link) Oekaki by naty, total drawing time na

naty 2003/10/4 - 22:23:19
To Embo since she has a horn fetish. :D hope you likes..the hand gave me so much trouble..*glares at it* Just some random devil dude...why do i keep getting na's? 0_o;
demo-demo 2003/10/4 - 22:46:11
XD she also has a hand cuff fetish. and a waiter fetish. XP ahh, good times!
embo 2003/10/5 - 14:38:29

*laughs insanely at DD*

O________O this TOTALLY made my day O____O
embo 2003/10/5 - 14:42:38
PS i still have that waiter pic saved on my hard drive >:D

OMG i cant get over how hot he is!!! *pulls on his little horns* :D :D :D
naty 2003/10/5 - 21:27:56
:D glad you likes him.... what is it about grumpy buff dudes that make them magnets? ;D

(22) (link) Oekaki by coleslaw, total drawing time 0 : 5 : 18

coleslaw 2003/10/4 - 19:7:10
i'm very sorry about all these pictures, guys... i'm very very inspired today, i'll never do it again, i promise!!

a message: if you know what song this represents/symbolizes, i will give you as many requests as you want... i'll draw anything you want whenever you want it as many times as you want... as long as i stay at TACo n_n i'll give you guys 2 days, if you need it... the first person to gets it gets this great (*heh*) prize.. XD

hint: that's acne..

again, sorry for all the pictures... it won't happen again (very inspired day) ...n_n?
naty 2003/10/4 - 22:25:36
DIRT!!! *jumps in it* Wheeee! Such a beautiful pic! it would take me days to do something of this magnitude! :D
draco_plato 2003/10/4 - 23:27:46
please don't say it's a black head, that would just be too foul....
konflikti 2003/10/5 - 11:33:49
Teenage Dirtbag? That can't be anything else?
embo 2003/10/5 - 14:44:29
what do you mean as long as you stay at TACo? *is so confused*

and i hope this isnt something offensive. When i saw this picture i was like "What? To TACo--dirt?" lol....
coleslaw 2003/10/5 - 14:51:29
lol.. it says "to taco. a challenge" heh, i didn't mean it that way :) and yeah, it's teenage dirtbag.. i bend to your will ^_^ and by while i'm still at TACo, i meant that if i leave for some reason, don't stalk me and make requests XDD not that anyone would want to n_n konflikti, i bow to your will XD
konflikti 2003/10/6 - 8:23:27
Heh, would you like to try drawing a hairy crow playing golf with infernal shoehorn ^__^ Can't really make out anything special, I'll note you if there's something I really wanna see ^__^ Until that u are free! =PP
coleslaw 2003/10/6 - 14:46:31
omg!! i can tell already that you're going to be the coooolest most creativest owner i've ever seen!!!! OF COURSE I'LL DO THAT FOR YOU!!! MASTER!! i fall at your feet... i bend before your will.... whatever you say is final, dear master XD

(21) (link) Oekaki by demo-demo, total drawing time 0 : 41 : 0

demo-demo 2003/10/3 - 21:47:27
this is for our new member, katto!! welcome to TACo!
katto 2003/10/4 - 8:43:51
Wow XD! This is such a cool piccy! *saves*
Thanks Demo-demo!!!
demo-demo 2003/10/4 - 10:59:7
you're oh so very welcome! i don't normally do cell shading, so it certainly was a mission! i'm glad to welcome you here.

(20) (link) Oekaki by spriggan_us, total drawing time 0 : 37 : 49

spriggan_us 2003/10/3 - 18:47:55
to: kyo_kusanagi
from: spriggan_us
hope you like your guy with: black hair, dark drown eyes, and dark grey earings!
hope you like him
kyo_kusanagi 2003/10/3 - 19:7:15
I praise thee for your almighty greatness!! All hail Spriggan_us ::sees that no one is bowing:: I say!! ::kicks all of them:: bow down before him!! ahh! you so freaking rock!! you are the greatest awsomest freakish person evar! he is so perfect...cute smile ...awsome earrings...awsome t-shirt probably! give him a name! give him a name! ahhh!! so darn sexy so darn sexy! I love him!! I want to marry him!! I want to lick him!! he probably taste like strawberries!! ahh the greatness of it all!! the hair is way schway! reminds me of shinji! even though Shinji was a fruit beyond all reason, he was still cute!! ahhh!! off subject the subject is about this sexy guy you drew me! I love the back ground...awsome colors cause they are my favorite...including blue but sense blue isn't in here I won't say anything!! FWEEE!!! I want three earrings now!! I shall!! YAY!! it's going to hurt but ill look sexy yes?..I love the white swirls...makes me think of puddles of blood! mmm..blood! anyways!! thank you! thank you! thank you!! I love you forever! and ever!! ahhh!! you seriously have no clue how sexy this pic is! and now...off to me drawing yours! and I promise! I shall do my bestest for you!! ::huggles:: ja!
purple-panther 2003/10/3 - 19:18:8
strawberries??? LOL!!
hooo. funni. um, yea. kewl.

(moved) (link) Oekaki by purple-panther, total drawing time 1 : 1 : 38

purple-panther 2003/10/2 - 22:33:11
yay! i am very proud of this! ok, embo. this is for you! it's Koryuu! here's the reference
shleigh 2003/10/3 - 0:21:41
AHHHHH!!!!! KAWAII!!!!!!
insomniel 2003/10/3 - 0:39:11
cute! looks just like him!
mogily 2003/10/3 - 16:29:41
Ahh..... CUUUTE! ^.^
embo 2003/10/3 - 17:24:49
OMG!! thats SO awesome! great job!! i love it VERY much!!! thank yOUUUUUUUUUU eheheh :D :D :D

YAY! koryuu hehehe :o)
embo 2003/10/3 - 17:25:55
oh PS i moved this to the gift room heh :D
spriggan_us 2003/10/3 - 18:55:3
looks good(but its no fair you have a tablet(jka))
kyo_kusanagi 2003/10/3 - 19:10:0
AHH!! it's Koryu from Wish..::doesn't know if she spelled the name right:: well yah! it's so cute!! your cool! ^__^ I love Wish...such an adorable manga!! go you!
purple-panther 2003/10/3 - 19:20:2
Thank u everyone for all the nice comments!!
sweater-morph 2003/10/5 - 1:3:19
Is Embo a Reff? *>confused<* I didn't think I saw you on the thingymabobby in the regular Art Corner Reff page thing. *>confused<*
embo 2003/10/5 - 14:45:42
No im NOT a REFF. lol i would kill myself if i was hahahha i dont have that much talent. Im just a mini mod for TACo.
purple-panther 2003/10/5 - 17:35:12
oh! so u can move pictures an stuff even tho ur not a reff? kewl!
blue_berrry_ 2004/2/8 - 12:28:41
AWSOME!!!it looks just like the LINK!!!Also the lil creature is cute!~_~

(19) (link) Oekaki by shleigh, total drawing time 0 : 19 : 52

shleigh 2003/10/1 - 21:22:22
To: Sara and Sesshomaru

hehehe the card says what hes thinking

you'll get it if you have seen the sobe commercials
no_one_loves_me 2003/10/1 - 21:25:7
woah *feels special* ME SAVE IT!!!! *hugs* lmao sobe me sobe you

(18) (link) Oekaki by kodocha, total drawing time 0 : 34 : 42

kodocha 2003/10/1 - 20:31:12

kodocha 2003/10/1 - 20:31:32
This is to anyone who wants it!
kodocha 2003/10/1 - 20:32:25
OH NO! Don't delete this please just because I have know comment! SORRY! I got confused.
kodocha 2003/10/1 - 20:33:51
Guess who it is and get a reaquest!

shleigh 2003/10/1 - 21:28:39
..........OOOH i know......well....ACK!!
yuurei 2003/10/2 - 7:12:48
She is Mihama Chiyo from "Azumanga Daioh"
Am I right?
kodocha 2003/10/2 - 7:41:49
Yes your RIGHT! Chiyo-chan! What's your reaquest?
embo 2003/10/2 - 18:20:31
Ooo this is cute! great job on your clean lines kodocha-chan!! :D
padalyn 2003/10/2 - 19:4:21
darnit(<-- pg) , didnt know who it was.

(17) (link) Oekaki by purple-panther, total drawing time 0 : 45 : 38

purple-panther 2003/9/29 - 23:20:22

purple-panther 2003/9/29 - 23:21:19
this picture is for nekolee! guess who it is!
purple-panther 2003/9/29 - 23:22:31
the reference i used: [link]
shleigh 2003/9/29 - 23:56:26
OOOOOOOH!!!!!! HES FROM STAR OCEAN!!!!! I HAVE THE GAME!!!! IT RULES!!! (even though im stuck)
purple-panther 2003/9/30 - 19:3:27
hey, embo. i wanna do ur request, but i dont no wut Koryuu looks like. can u send me a link??
embo 2003/10/1 - 0:9:41
sure!! let me find one....


there's one....he's the one on the right


yay there's a nice one! i could always scan images too if you like but yeah i hope that helps :D :D :D
purple-panther 2003/10/1 - 16:41:12
yeah. thanx! that helps bunches! i'll get started w/ it wen i can!
nekolee 2003/11/21 - 18:2:8
You know after this entire time I've never even realised this iwas here. I never thought anyone would even think of doing artwork for me O_o;;

*hugs Purple panther*
Arigaqtou! I LOVE Leon! I will do a return art soon!

(16) (link) Oekaki by shleigh, total drawing time 0 : 34 : 10

shleigh 2003/9/28 - 14:40:40
To My Very Un-Famous Exposed Day

i love this day *giggle*
shleigh 2003/9/28 - 14:41:50
by the way its kuja. number 1 on my list of exposed anime/manga/video game guys
no_one_loves_me 2003/9/28 - 14:52:17
oooooh! LINES!!! HEHE HAPPY EXPOSED DAY *it rains pictures of all the exposed vid game and anime dudes* YAY
shleigh 2003/9/28 - 14:53:21
OH YEAH!!!! on this day a few weeks ago sara was ovcer and we like drew a whole bunch of exposed guys hehe

(15) (link) Oekaki by kodocha, total drawing time 0 : 15 : 39

kodocha 2003/9/28 - 14:3:36
To Funni Cuz she inspired me to draw this. TO: FUNNI FROM: KODOCHA

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