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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(moved) (link) Oekaki by paultheodore, total drawing time 1 : 10 : 41

paultheodore 2005/11/17 - 17:59:21
no more summer....
lorelai 2005/11/20 - 14:27:46
Nice! I'm moving this to Doodle because you're being too darn modest X_X!
lorelai 2005/11/20 - 14:28:50
Nevermind Doodle, We'd all be honored if you'd become a Gallery member.. :D
paultheodore 2005/11/20 - 23:13:35
aw shucks! thanks for having me!
eeyoresonlyfrnd 2006/4/16 - 3:13:31
I love the water!
dorothyblueeyes 2006/8/9 - 19:5:53
Yes,I feel the same way, no summer that stays,even here in Oregon. Beautiful

(2436) (link) Oekaki by kurementsu, total drawing time 19 : 47 : 27

kurementsu 2005/11/15 - 13:7:2
Wow! My 1st polished piece and my 7th oekaki in my life ^^v

Never tot i could draw something liddis~~ And about the timer.... i sorta left it on for most of the time.... i think i used 6 hrs or so(i'm a slow artist still T.T)....

Well den, Hope you guys like it! C&C welcomed! =D
kurementsu 2005/11/15 - 13:51:29
zzzzz...... i think i'm the first to post 3 links at 1 go... am i?

GOMEN! I pray that this 1 will work >.< : [link]

PS:Sorry mods... delete the previous 2 msgs if u want to ^^;
p_b 2005/11/15 - 15:40:0
I'm a slow artist too x__X usualy 6-8 hours guh
I love the detail on the little metal lion thingy
tarlinqua 2005/11/15 - 19:42:48
Oo the lion accessory thing is cool wicked :o! Good job on the details, like his shirt and the belt and lion :D. I love his hair *o*... so much detail!
surreal 2005/11/16 - 20:46:54
OMG. You own. Advent Children = ownage. :D
Very nice picture, btw. <3
lorelai 2005/11/20 - 14:18:52
Wonderful work!! :) I'll delete your two failed links, haha :)
kurementsu 2005/11/22 - 0:25:49
haha, thx lorelai ^^
bananarana 2005/11/24 - 3:34:35
Ahaha. I forgot the girl's name. ::hides from FFVII fans:: Her head should actually be bigger than Cloud's, seeing how she's closer to the viewer than he is (and we all know from our basic art 101 lessons, that, following the rules of perspective, objects closer to us appear to be bigger than those further away). So: what'sherface's head > Cloud's
kurementsu 2005/11/25 - 3:25:52
it's tifa ^^. Hmmm~~~ i see... I'll pay attention to it next time ^^v

(2435) (link) Oekaki by bleau, total drawing time 4 : 9 : 59

bleau 2005/11/13 - 19:19:35
bleau 2005/11/13 - 19:20:39
Whoops. Forgot to leave a comment.
This was loads of fun to color. But I couldn't think of anything to add to make it more interesting.
Lots of C&C please
lorelai 2005/11/14 - 2:12:15
I dig it. :) Mermaids are love. <333 This style is love too, I hope to see more experimentation and stuffs!
senobdec 2005/11/14 - 13:24:34
p_b 2005/11/15 - 15:41:7
oo i like the scaley effect :)
truthofheart 2005/11/18 - 19:44:18
Yey! *claps* she's not anorexic!
i love the curves and the blue on her skin that i know is there but my eyes cant focus on... *stares intently*
bananarana 2005/11/24 - 3:35:19
I love yhow you colored this! It's so... underwatery!

(2434) (link) Oekaki by sfresh, total drawing time 1 : 42 : 6

sfresh 2005/11/12 - 19:3:33
Title: Genius Genin Shinobi of the Konoha

WHOOOOO!!!! that was a looootta work! an hour & 42?! i coulda watched a movie in that time. oh well. not like i'm used to it. anyways, it's been like TWO YEARS since i've last posted here. i'm thinkin bout startin back up with the whole oekaki'in thing... (side note: i'm surprised my account is STILL HERE. thanks, admins! ^__^ )
mintyfreshchu 2005/11/12 - 20:54:32
My MOST favorite character in Naruto. Cute, and bursting with angst. ^_^
I loove the perspective with the leaf, Sasuke, and the wittle ones in the BG.
You can do wayy more than i can do in an 1hr 40ish min.
blumeaniandglove 2005/11/13 - 0:5:30
since this show/manga has gotten so popular, i don't like it as much. But This is well done. watch the line from the nose to the mouth though, but otherwise, it's perfect. I love the leaves and the shadows on him. Looks great.
lorelai 2005/11/14 - 2:11:23
I don't watch the anime, but this is really well done!! the shadows and leaves are my favorite part :) finally a pic of one of the naruto boys that isn't all about the boys.. :P
bananarana 2005/11/24 - 3:37:15
I had up to volume 18 of the manga... then my computer died and took my collection with it. T__T I like the shading on this; makes me want to go draw leaves/trees if only so I can do those fun lookin' shadows!

(2433) (link) Oekaki by caym, total drawing time 7 : 40 : 20

caym 2005/11/12 - 0:21:55
Aaah this was insane, I had no idea what I was doing most of the time - which turns out to be a good method cause I'm pretty proud of this one. I definitely could refine it more but I'm kinda sick of it, been working on it all day >_>.
Yet another fanart of a L2 char of mine (yeah, I've got no inspiration lately)
p_b 2005/11/12 - 1:39:29
wow i LOVE the shading O_O and all the little details on the shirt :)
mintyfreshchu 2005/11/12 - 14:54:37
I -love- the hand & shading. O_O very pretty. Mmff the sleeves are cute too ^_^
senobdec 2005/11/13 - 6:13:30
Very nice, the shading is quite amazingly well done... wish I knew how you do it. The sword looks a bit dulled though. The hands, as previously stated, are quite amazingly detailed. Like the clothes too.
lorelai 2005/11/14 - 2:10:41
omfg squeeeeeeee! it's so pretty!!
konflikti 2005/11/20 - 2:43:55
This is pretty amazing and deserves more comments. Great job.
gleeful1 2005/11/21 - 1:1:12
oooh this is very nice! the center of her outfit really attracts my eye b/c it is the most detailed and well done! =)
monique 2005/11/21 - 23:27:7
That's just so totally amazing. And the animation was fun to watch too.
bananarana 2005/11/24 - 3:38:4
It's so... clean. :O ::stares in wonder::

(2432) (link) Oekaki by spoonalshmee, total drawing time 5 : 33 : 41

spoonalshmee 2005/11/12 - 0:6:2
sfresh 2005/11/12 - 19:9:44
nice pic. tho, i must shoot you with green envy rays cuz i'm not as good with the watercolor tool XD
lorelai 2005/11/14 - 2:10:19
I'm so excited that you have a tablet now..I can't imagine what's coming in the future!!
bananarana 2005/11/24 - 3:38:49
I pretty much gave up on the watercolor tool. I'll color with pen! I love pen! T^T
bananarana 2005/11/24 - 3:39:50
Forgot to comment: You and your watercoloring skills... pif. How 'bout giving me some of that?

(2431) (link) Oekaki by tim_kai, total drawing time 1 : 43 : 40

tim_kai 2005/11/10 - 23:26:19
I was going to participate in the October Theme, but then I realized that I had missed that by nearly 2 weeks. And I couldn't get it to look right.

I miss original Painter Kaki at times ( oy, dumbass, maybe you should have used it then!!)

I DID like some aspects of this one, though, so I decided to at least submit it to Polished.
blumeaniandglove 2005/11/13 - 13:22:55
I really like that hand, and the tree.

Great job! (and there was a lot of improvement. :3)
lorelai 2005/11/14 - 2:9:50
We do have painter oekaki here :O or do you mean the original poo oekaki? I thought that one was kind of blah :O and kind of outdated :(
tim_kai 2005/11/14 - 8:51:3
Yes, I know that Painter Oekaki is available here. I was being mildly insulting to myself and commenting that maybe I should have done this piece on it, instead of in Shi.
bananarana 2005/11/24 - 3:42:15
:O I like it. That tree silhoutte is kinda freaky, and that hand is wicked neato. Maybe I'll redo an old pic some day, if I ever get off my lazy butt!

(2430) (link) Oekaki by mintyfreshchu, total drawing time 5 : 6 : 22

mintyfreshchu 2005/11/9 - 20:7:37
This is my longest one yet. Er, shave off an hour.
Hah, I've been reading alot of shoujo manga lately. So yeah. c&c welcome ^^
senobdec 2005/11/9 - 22:0:27
Nice clean watercolors. Personally, I think a little stronger on the pen inking would have been cool.
mintyfreshchu 2005/11/10 - 0:50:19
yeah, i realized just when i was doing finishing touches that the opacity of the pens can be changed.
it's a good thing to know. ^^
bananarana 2005/11/10 - 20:2:45
Don't be afraid of ears. X3 (this is cute; what shoujo manga have you been reading? I'm feeling the urge for senseless fluff <3)
mintyfreshchu 2005/11/10 - 20:35:39
Hah, I've been reading... 23 different shoujo mangas.
Perfect Girl Revolution, Doubt!!, Hot Gimmick, Love Monster, BxB Brothers, and Paradise Kiss are currently the ones I'm obsessed with. ^^
sfresh 2005/11/12 - 23:48:33
hmmmm.... the colors are definitely brighter than most o' the others i've seen the first couple pages... such dark pics @__@ ... halloween pics, maybe? anyhoo, this pic is nicely done. i don't draw NEARLY enough pics that feature more than one subject, so i definitely need to work on that. thanks for indirectly remindin me of that, and keep up the great work, minty!
lorelai 2005/11/14 - 2:8:49
It's so sweet! :) I love the pinstripe background :)

(moved) (link) Oekaki by senobdec, total drawing time 2 : 41 : 36

senobdec 2005/11/9 - 3:6:3
I want my teddy.
senobdec 2005/11/9 - 3:55:35
Spamming: [link] XD.
kougra_girl 2005/11/9 - 15:42:32
:( aww...*gives her a new teddy* that's so sad...
mitsu 2005/11/9 - 22:16:27
Great stuff, Senobdec! The lighting is pure awesome. :) Loving the texture of the floor and all the little things scattered upon it. :>
bananarana 2005/11/9 - 23:15:53
Is it bad that I'm afraid of small children? Nicely done, as usual.
twistserve 2005/11/10 - 15:49:15
who would do that to a little girl? *giving death glares to the person who've done it* anywho.. it's nicely done! I love the shadow effects!
fifithepirate 2005/11/11 - 19:5:0
friggin sweet.
i am loving the details on the floor, like how the shadows and the blood fade, and the teddy bear pieces. that corner is hot
lorelai 2005/11/14 - 2:13:28
Buh. :O hello polished room!
lorelai 2005/11/14 - 2:16:53
scratch polished, imma bumping it to Gallery. D:
senobdec 2005/11/18 - 14:14:2
This SO doesn't belong here :0.
ddt009 2005/11/19 - 7:48:54
ng.....u want my brother?
senobdec 2005/11/19 - 9:46:53
Lun chai, what are you talking about?
phil 2005/11/29 - 20:36:12
i think the same sorry

(2429) (link) Oekaki by nekolee, total drawing time 2 : 35 : 36

nekolee 2005/11/8 - 15:35:16
"-And they that when you hear that subtle noise like maybe the click of a door... as soon as you hear a noise like that, you know 'he' has caught you.--"

["--of course anyone whose ever heard it is dead, but that's beside the point >>;;"]

This is my current roleplaying character, Sei: a silent man for hire who roams from job to job... eh, though don't let the fiendish look fool you. He's really a sweet and skittish kinda guy when he -isn't- out for your life, anyway ^^-

Its been such a good long time since I've done an oekaki =3 *is in happiness*

Anyhoo, C&C welcome
kougra_girl 2005/11/8 - 21:40:27
very nice...i like the coloring and spirit/orb/ghosty things in the bg ^^;
blumeaniandglove 2005/11/9 - 8:38:15
This looks kickin'. I like the shirt, and how the green is--really-- the only color in there, save for the lights. :3

bananarana 2005/11/10 - 20:7:51
Even though it's night time, the moon still casts light. Maybe adding a little bit more highlights to the pic will give it a darker feel; kinda like how you can't really feel love without hate? Same thing. The darkness of this will be felt more strongly if a little bit more light is added (not saying you didn't put any in there, because I definitely see some around his frame! Plus there's the glint of metal... X3). And if someone was gonna kill me in my sleep, I hope it'd be him. :O He's kinda cute~<3
lorelai 2005/11/14 - 2:8:18
Coooooooooooool! I love how there are subtle highlights on non-primary objects :D

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