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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(moved) (link) Oekaki by insomniel, total drawing time 1 : 18 : 30

insomniel 2003/11/7 - 22:40:14
happy 10,000 hits for my site! even though i doubt all 10,000 of those hits were on purpose, hah hah. this dude is from all of my comics, sorta like a mascot. mm yeah, one day i'll draw a good oekaki...
kodocha 2003/11/8 - 9:56:57
Pretty guy!
embo 2003/11/8 - 15:17:55

--clamps on and doesn't let go--

oooooh you draw the coolest guys >:O
sakura 2003/11/9 - 10:15:51
Tis t3h hottie! Congrats on 10,000!
lorelai 2003/11/9 - 14:15:31
Congratulations !!!!!!

I'm not sure who my last hits award went to either... ^^;;;;
insomniel 2003/11/9 - 16:17:56
thanks for your comments! yay!
sweater-morph 2003/11/23 - 22:26:42
I like the little web-ish lookin thing in the top left-hand corner there!!
....I'm a little confused on what hits are. I mean I have an idea, but does somebody have a good definition?
Congradulations, since it sounds like a good thing!!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by life2death2begining, total drawing time 0 : 52 : 59

life2death2begining 2003/11/4 - 14:23:11
Yea it's another pic from me this is for my friend MAK and it's kinda showing how she's kinda between 2 guys and she loves them both
life2death2begining 2003/11/4 - 14:33:47
even thoguh it's not how I wanted it to turn out it's ok and i really hope you find the right one, one day MAK yea I'm sounding all nice and stuff but i mean it and instead of calling and yea blah i drew it lol otay thats it
selankatt 2003/11/4 - 16:53:42
Needs some work.
sakura 2003/11/4 - 17:37:33
Aww..it's very good!! ~_~ I think it's better than what some people can do..and at least put a nice comment. o.-;; Anyways.. I never said I loved Derrick! Just as a friend.. but Darin... I still love him madly. ^^;; But anyways.. This is really cool! (-cough- I'd understand if you put a Roth doll there, considering he is the one I somewhat like XD )
sakura 2003/11/4 - 17:38:45
Oh yesh..and if someone could possibly move this to the gift room ^^.. Alesia. One pic per room, and this is a present, so it should go in the guest. Just telling you ^^
sakura 2003/11/4 - 17:41:9
gift* o.-;;;; not guest..but anyways. I'll stop commenting XD
life2death2begining 2003/11/4 - 21:7:29
umm yea thanks I knwo it needs more work do you have like a different ways to draw so i can try a different style out?*?*
embo 2003/11/4 - 22:17:33
please only post one pic a day in each room :)
kodocha 2003/11/16 - 11:50:57
I love the sketchy-ness!

(41) (link) Oekaki by twinkledraak, total drawing time 0 : 43 : 25

twinkledraak 2003/11/4 - 12:52:25
I really love taco and the great artists here. :)
I wont thank you all for your nice comments because ' I love you all '! :) I hope you like the humble gift ;)

thanx & smiles
atomic_turnip 2003/11/4 - 12:58:17
Awwwwww thank you so much, that's so sweet....*massive smile*
coleslaw 2003/11/4 - 16:45:52
oh, wow!! yay!! i ♥ the heart, the bouquet, and the sun especially!!!! so much little details!!! you've improved alot, and i can't wait until you improve even more!!!!! i have a very good feeling about you :D
monkeyman 2003/11/4 - 21:57:5
wow so poetic
i feel loved
great pic
twinkledraak 2003/11/5 - 9:45:29
thank you all for your comments. *they make me very happy * :D *
embo 2003/11/7 - 17:12:32
awwww! what a beautiful design! i love the flowers on her shirt and the sun!!! *hugs the sun* you deserve every comment you receive :D
kodocha 2003/11/16 - 11:52:6
I love the smiley sun!
twinkledraak 2003/11/20 - 10:24:50
thank you thank you all *^^*

(40) (link) Oekaki by que, total drawing time 0 : 37 : 52

que 2003/11/2 - 21:41:3
FOr my mayn. jajaja
dancing_gir 2003/11/21 - 17:49:56
[]D [] []v[] []D

*laughs insanely*

(38) (link) Oekaki by no_one_loves_me, total drawing time 0 : 16 : 9

no_one_loves_me 2003/10/26 - 13:37:9
THIS IS FOR SHLEIGH from ME once again appologizing for all the stupid things ive done in the past! (woo) YOURE MY BESTEST FRIEND ^o^
shleigh 2003/10/26 - 13:39:31
YAY!!!! it looks just like me!!! *hugs* i forgive you!!
naty 2003/10/29 - 22:51:27
So Shleigh is NOT leaving TACo? Whew what a relief! :D *breaths* Cute pic. Issat the coolish hair or what? XD
kodocha 2003/11/16 - 11:52:28

(moved) (link) Oekaki by squirtle, total drawing time 0 : 15 : 46

squirtle 2003/10/24 - 15:15:50
This is to welcome back Rahvin and Selan-chan! thaught I'd represent us all as animals, sorry I'm not sure what a ravin looks like but I know its a bird^_^;
and you can move this to the test room if you want since I only spent 15 min on it...
sakura 2003/10/24 - 16:47:14
And just to say! Welcome back to you too! It's been a while since we've seen ya! -glomps- ^_^ CUTE CUTE CUTE picture.
lorelai 2003/10/25 - 10:54:20
Moved it to the Gift Room where it belongs ^_^ it's too cute!! Hiii Squirtle! It's good to see TAC veterans around!
selankatt 2003/10/29 - 16:15:46
Aaaah!! <3 <3 <3 omfg I'm so CUTE afkdsry4rhter
Thank you so much, Squirtle! <3 It's good to be back. :D
*clicksave - numerous times*
kodocha 2003/11/16 - 11:52:45
Very nice!

(37) (link) Oekaki by insomniel, total drawing time 1 : 34 : 16

insomniel 2003/10/24 - 1:26:8
This is a gift for raiko! She likes Count Dracula, and I do, too. He's pretty young and dashing here, hah hah. Look at those cute bats! Happy Halloween!
cessy 2003/10/24 - 11:3:4
a very SEXY Dracula indeed! *strokes his hair* So... very... sexy....~ I love how you draw so much! :O
lorelai 2003/10/25 - 10:54:36
That..that is pretty darn sexy. Yeah.
remixremix 2003/10/30 - 8:42:11
Wow... may I have him? I love him soo much! Wow that's sexy.
kodocha 2003/11/16 - 11:53:0

(36) (link) Oekaki by hanna, total drawing time 0 : 1 : 27

hanna 2003/10/21 - 20:9:43
the return of mr invisi-bear for embo! hehe! not so invisible though =P. and a random flying turnip too!
embo 2003/10/22 - 17:55:33
OMG!!! THATS SO AWESOME!!!!!!! EEEEEE i love the blurriness ;____; AND MISTAH INVEEZABEAARRRRRR HEHEHE <333333 *chomps on radish* >:D
kodocha 2003/11/16 - 11:53:19
turnip...... :)

(35) (link) Oekaki by donteatyellowsnow, total drawing time 1 : 17 : 13

donteatyellowsnow 2003/10/19 - 18:59:12
to shadrad from donteatyellowsnow!!!!!!!! we are bestest friends! :D i really love how our faces turned out!!!!!!! hope you enjoy, shadrad!
dancing_gir 2003/10/20 - 17:13:42
Yeah, the faces are well shaped! Perfect! I like the hair and smiles, too. Really good! ^_^
donteatyellowsnow 2003/10/20 - 17:46:16
thnx! but the faces are probably the only things that look good in the picture............
shleigh 2003/10/20 - 21:43:41
yay!!! i like your pictures!!!
shadrad 2003/10/20 - 22:29:15
dancing_gir 2003/10/21 - 14:0:43
No, seriously! The hair and the smiles are exceptionally excellent! Truthfully!

Wow...those combonation of words sounded strange to me...
kodocha 2003/11/16 - 11:53:54
cute smiles

(34) (link) Oekaki by dancing_gir, total drawing time 1 : 57 : 26

dancing_gir 2003/10/18 - 19:17:31
It's supposed to be Chester from Linkin Park...but I guess I wasn't having a good day or something, because it doesn't look like him. Oh, well. It's still okay, I suppose. It's for my Chester obsessed friend, Rej. She doesn't go here or anything...so...yeah. I dunno whether to put it in the Doodle Room or the Gift Room, because it's a gift for someone, but that someone doesn't even know that this place exists...
demo-demo 2003/10/18 - 23:48:11
*mouth hangs open* i knew right away it was chester! it's the pic from the first album! eeee! it's so good!! *save save save save save save* i heart chester!
amadeo 2003/10/20 - 0:20:22
Chaz! i tried to draw him the first time I came here. Crawling was the reference pic. Anyways, this is mucho better than mine was. Chester!
lorelai 2003/10/20 - 10:46:24
rawk! you can always use the 'link' tag at the corner and send them a URL gift :D
dancing_gir 2003/10/20 - 17:14:45
Heheh, yeah, I know. I usually just save the pics onto my computer, but I'll think I'll do it that way so my friend can save it onto hers. :) Thanks.
embo 2003/10/20 - 21:32:23
hey i could tell off the bat it was him! you did a great job :D i like the washed away look. although i dont like linkin park.....lol.
digital87 2003/10/21 - 20:14:2
Oh wow!!!!! I could tell who it was! That is amazing!! I'm easily wowed by realisim, but still I say: wow! Oh, and did I say wow? ;-)
remixremix 2003/10/30 - 8:44:1

kodocha 2003/11/16 - 11:54:20
black and white and gray like a old tv.

(33) (link) Oekaki by demo-demo, total drawing time 2 : 24 : 25

demo-demo 2003/10/17 - 20:1:17
padalyn, i do believe you requested this?
padalyn 2003/10/17 - 22:11:6
OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! omg!!!!! OOMG!! eeeeeeeee!!! i love you!!!!! *save save save save* im going to print this out and put it on my wall and covet it and cherish it and marry it, and... wooo!!!! thankyou thankyou!!!! eee now i must do something for you!!!! yes yes i must!!! do you want anything? yes? thankyouthankyouthankyou *hyperactiveness* <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 YAY!!!
demo-demo 2003/10/17 - 22:52:1
ummm, you don't really have to make me anything. i was happy to do a request for you. it's a gift; you don't have to give anything back for a gift. *smiles*
amadeo 2003/10/20 - 0:21:37
DEMO! That's sooooooo good! WTF do i hafta do to steal ur talent?
demo-demo 2003/10/20 - 15:30:10
eeee, no don't steal my minimal talent!! *bangs head on table* i love you amadeo! *clings*
remixremix 2003/10/30 - 8:46:12
No! You're not supposed to be so good! I love you so much! If you don't mind me asking will you draw me something?

(32) (link) Oekaki by chibimegami, total drawing time 0 : 41 : 14

chibimegami 2003/10/13 - 22:1:54
To: Sabbie
From: ME!

hehe stay sketti!! LOL it looks like my worst nightmare of a snap shot..... just a quickie .... just doodleing n e wyas yeah.. *scampers off*
dancing_gir 2003/11/22 - 11:13:43
Mmm...Spaghetti! It's nice. The eyes, and the sauce on her face! Mwuah!

(31) (link) Oekaki by naty, total drawing time 2 : 12 : 8

naty 2003/10/13 - 0:56:1
so many interuptions! >0<; Well here is your pic, Skuld was it not? :D her hair is black in some pics, and purple in others..so i guessed. ^^ hope you likes. ah i used a comic as a ref.
laurie-kay 2003/10/13 - 2:53:43
*gasps and faints* AIEEE!!!! *saves* Its beatuiful...*tear* I LOVE her hair!!! heh...makes me want purple hair... THANK YOU SO MUCH NATY!!!
embo 2003/10/17 - 3:47:19
O________O WOAHHHHHH NATY!!! this is SOO awesome!! it makes me want to dye my hair purple ;___;
sakura 2003/10/17 - 13:17:16
This is like.. THE cutest pictuer of skuld, EVER! ^_^
embo 2003/10/17 - 14:15:51
I KNOOOW! *agrees with sakura* you natified her!!! ;__; luv her expresion :D

(29) (link) Oekaki by demo-demo, total drawing time 0 : 9 : 55

demo-demo 2003/10/10 - 23:12:23
to TACo: request or be taken!

seriously! request something for me to draw (most proberly next weekend). i'll do anything! i'll write down all requests and eventually do them all, i promise!
tarren 2003/10/10 - 23:42:33
Dude, i want that hat^^ requests? Sesshoumaru from inu yasha ^^ *sigh,swoon,drool,faint*
laurie-kay 2003/10/11 - 0:5:4
Laurie Kay would be most humbly grateful if demo-demo would draw her a picture of the drool worthy Sasuke from Naruto. Peace out ^_____^ ...heh. Laurie Kay has a pair of boingy ears like those in the picture. *Exit Laurie Kay*
demo-demo 2003/10/11 - 0:12:6
yeah sesshoumaru and sasuke! wee! of course i shall do those next weekend so they are really good. (artist block bites balls) any more requests?
kodocha 2003/10/11 - 11:56:35
Hehhhhh draw................ Balming from the .Hack//SIGN manga......
padalyn 2003/10/11 - 12:0:22
draw me an angel guy! yes yes! lol, i would be honored if you drew something for me ^-^
demo-demo 2003/10/11 - 14:41:46
i shall draw all four next weekend, it's a promise!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by hikari_sukunami, total drawing time 0 : 17 : 14

hikari_sukunami 2003/10/10 - 0:27:30
woot! somethin for Sanji, cause he's awesome<3 ^_^ xoxo
sanjiyan 2003/10/10 - 0:40:40
OMG, 17 minutes? F*@&$(*&%#@
... That's it, I give up.
*chops hands off*
coleslaw 2003/10/10 - 6:9:53
hmmm.. that makes me think about how hard it would be to chop both off.. you wouldn't have a hand afterwards to chop the other off, would you do it with your mouth? or maybe your feet holding the blade together.. or you could go to a factory and get your hand caught in the gears.... or i guess you could go to the doctor's office, but what's the fun in that? anyways, great picture :)
konflikti 2003/10/10 - 11:54:32
[not so funny stuff]I'd suggest putting the blade on table and gluing it to or something and then hitting your hands off[/not so funny stuff] Anyway this is really fast work ^__^ Light is great ^__^
catzoid 2003/10/12 - 13:5:14
*coos* What a serene pose! And I love the highlights in the hair!

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