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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(9823) (link) Oekaki by umi-chan, total drawing time 3 : 5 : 33

umi-chan 2008/1/16 - 15:42:43
this is suppose to be a wind spirit but now that i look at it, it could be an earth spirit too. whichever one fits the most is it i guess :)
bananarana 2008/1/16 - 18:59:4
It's the leaf that's making me think "Earth" immediately. But looking at all the details you put in the pic shows that she's clearly Wind, from the spirals, to the light colors, and even the leaf itself, what with being something that is easily manipulated by wind.

Her waves are gorgeous, by the way. Wish I could get my hair to look like that.
baeduxai 2008/1/16 - 19:32:41
hey this is awesome. Like the soft colours :D
sabii 2008/1/17 - 6:32:26
astronautical 2008/1/19 - 8:15:43
Oh my, this is absolutely stunning.
When I saw the leaf, I thought of it being blown around in the wind, but I think it would have looked cooler if the leaf was an autumnal color, rather than green.
But this is lovely nonetheless, especially her hair.
o 3o
blumeaniandglove 2008/1/19 - 14:6:37
wonderfully soft :)
naty 2008/1/19 - 16:10:49
Awesome job on the curly hair <3!
lorelai 2008/1/20 - 19:32:26
Just sooo beautiful. @_@
jakusama 2008/1/25 - 19:12:5
Wow. Just.. she's gorgeous. I see wind, but I can see the Earth from the leaf, but I definitely would call it wind first. She's just freggin gorgeous Fabulous job. Love the color around the eyes the most, I think.
twinkledraak 2008/1/28 - 15:37:0
very pretty :).

(9822) (link) Oekaki by z, total drawing time 0 : 49 : 15

z 2008/1/14 - 17:55:54
Still searching for that elusive style..I like the colors on this one, though. ^^
baeduxai 2008/1/15 - 17:14:4
lol u have a very sketchy style.

Is it legal to say that the nostrils are far apart. Well... YAYY FOR GIANT NOSESSS i drew a couple myself today at art class. I must be the only one noticing. This place is dead these days.

*Phoenix Down anyone?*
bananarana 2008/1/16 - 18:59:57
The colors on this one are great, because violet and yellow are color contrasts. Putting them together just helps your subject just pop out of the page!
lorelai 2008/1/20 - 19:34:44
Sorry about the deadness ;_;
baeduxai 2008/1/20 - 19:40:25
lol er lore don't take it personaly. XD

(9821) (link) Oekaki by marcela_the_great, total drawing time 0 : 36 : 22

marcela_the_great 2008/1/13 - 15:41:4
First trial while working from this site. Still getting used to the tools a bit.
baeduxai 2008/1/13 - 18:30:35
looks real soft and innocent.

What's ironic is i'm just listening to "Cloud Smiles" from ADvent CHildren. XD. aww... fits so well.
bananarana 2008/1/16 - 19:2:47
It takes awhile to get used to the tools. I've been drawing here for years, and I still have yet to discover how to use all of them!

This looks like one of those photographs where you have the flash on and are standing too close to the person you're taking a picture of. Their face turns white and everything is highlighted to the extreme. : )
lorelai 2008/1/20 - 19:35:5
welcome! :) it's neat how this picture looks sort of burned into the canvas.

(9820) (link) Oekaki by z, total drawing time 0 : 46 : 10

z 2008/1/9 - 16:59:33
Was going through old escrow pictures with the rescue feature, and found something with this pose. :) I redid it, and am pretty happy with the results.
baeduxai 2008/1/13 - 18:31:53
wonder if this ditched drawing had plans ^_^;;.

Anyways. Nice sketchy affect. :)
bananarana 2008/1/16 - 19:3:40
Haha, I'm glad you skipped over my escrow, then. I was worried that it'd disappear while I was on vacation.

I kind of like the pose too, actually, so I don't blame you for nabbing this one and finishing it off.
lorelai 2008/1/20 - 19:36:4
ahhh i never tried the rescue function. I suck. I know. XD
The pose is remarkable! so fluid, and natural. really great =D

(9819) (link) Oekaki by blumeaniandglove, total drawing time 1 : 55 : 3

blumeaniandglove 2008/1/3 - 19:31:2
He's a very important man you know.

he has a tower.

(anyone else a Mirrormask fan?)

crits and comments welcome, by the way.
i'm still rusty. :/
golden 2008/1/4 - 4:2:44
I like the use of textures there :)
baeduxai 2008/1/7 - 13:17:19
The textures here are awesome. And the dodge at the back :) I lub dodge tooll.. <3
bananarana 2008/1/16 - 19:7:31
Never even heard of mirrormask, actually. What is it? Book/movie/game?

And wooaaah, lots of textures in this one. A lot of this picture is colored with the same shade (red-brown-tan range), which is usually fine, but with the addition of the light blue and bright orange on the right, I feel like your main guy isn't getting all the attention he deserves. He kind of "blends in" (not *really* blends in, but rather, he *matches*) with the background. On the other hand, the bright blue and orange pops out at me, so my eyes keep wandering over there in spite of my efforts to keep them on him.

(all those squiggles in his jacket are just trippy, haha)
blumeaniandglove 2008/1/19 - 14:8:26
to view this picture you're supposed to look into his 'eyes' and then you can see that the colored darts on the right are actually flying fish. I'm not sure how that happened. haha

Mirrormask is a beautiful film that's based on a children's book that was written by Neil Gaiman. I really and highly recommend it.

and thanks for the comments, by the way :D
lorelai 2008/1/20 - 19:36:26
ooooh. you had me at "Neil Gaiman." =D

(9818) (link) Oekaki by angie, total drawing time 0 : 31 : 39

angie 2008/1/3 - 15:3:2
I got milk up my nose >.< something simple, I was bored, so now you all can also have milk.
blumeaniandglove 2008/1/5 - 23:5:0
I hate strawberry milk.

but I love that black and pink :D
baeduxai 2008/1/7 - 13:19:54
Loving the strawberrry milk there. And I like who you drew everything. :D
lorelai 2008/1/20 - 19:37:40
very nice. black and pink are two of my fave colors!

(9817) (link) Oekaki by baeduxai, total drawing time 2 : 7 : 35

baeduxai 2008/1/2 - 13:18:53
Mr. Monkey didnt see this coming.

Having lots of fun with the "muha" look >]

lolz i love it looks so devious. Yea i know its a little messy and stuff. But I wanted to try to use thick out lines and simpleness and NOT use black.... O_O

So I guess this is it. C&C plz ^_^

twinkledraak 2008/1/3 - 11:29:5
It's funny XD! I like it how you used the lines and the spots in the background. :)
blumeaniandglove 2008/1/5 - 23:5:11
kawaii :D
bananarana 2008/1/16 - 19:9:15
[x] Thick lines
[x] No black
[x] Mwah look
Yep. You got all your bases covered. : )
baeduxai 2008/1/16 - 19:34:12
lmao thanks. I should draw again sometime soon. But my desktop computer has the usb too far so I can't connect the tablet. And I really want to use a tablet. (It's got me really bad at the mouse it spoils u watch out)

lorelai 2008/1/20 - 19:38:7
love the use of your textures!!!

(9816) (link) Oekaki by angie, total drawing time 0 : 59 : 37

angie 2008/1/1 - 17:45:5
Bou, I'm back from the grave! And thankyou to everyone who comments on my oekakis! <3 much luv<3
astronautical 2008/1/1 - 23:37:8
Ooh, I love this!
The shading is excellent and the colors really come together nicely.
Fantastic work. ;D
lorelai 2008/1/2 - 2:38:16
squeeeee! angie oekakis are some of my fave!
baeduxai 2008/1/2 - 11:4:56
yea the shading is awesome! I love this :D
angie 2008/1/3 - 10:41:51
haha thankyou all, much love <3 **hugs all around**
twinkledraak 2008/1/3 - 11:29:56
Pretty colors and very good shading :)

(completed) (link) Oekaki by twinkledraak, total drawing time 3 : 20 : 0

twinkledraak 2008/1/1 - 11:59:32
Happy 2008 :)! First oek i made this year :)! I hope my others become better this year :P! A wel it's just first of january :)! Hope you like and much luck and happiness for you all in 2008 :)!

lolikhan 2008/1/1 - 13:18:18
It's so cute!

In your future, I see much progress!
lorelai 2008/1/2 - 2:38:29
happy purplely new year!
baeduxai 2008/1/2 - 11:5:51
aw the stars are so cute. And the roses. -_-;; I kinda suck at drawing roses unless I take my time. Which doesnt ussually happpen :D.
twinkledraak 2008/1/3 - 11:30:55
Hihi thank you all :)! smiles
twinkledraak 2008/1/28 - 14:17:48
A sketchy :3. I love summer. :)

(9814) (link) Oekaki by astronautical, total drawing time 4 : 28 : 11

astronautical 2007/12/31 - 17:5:37
Well, sort of. I drew my eyes too close together and made my headphones glow, but other than that, I think it's a reasonably apt presentation.
Also, I didn't finish the pattern on my scarf. But whatever.

Four and a half hours is a ridiculous amount of time to have spent on something so sketchy, non? I was doing other things while drawing this, of course, so that time really isn't as fair as it seems.

Done with my eternally crappy ball/track mouse.
candy_bird 2007/12/31 - 17:53:57
that's pretty awesome with the mouse, you should totally get a tablet...imagine what more wonders you could do!!

and i love your style. especially the lips! <3
lolikhan 2008/1/1 - 6:30:6
I used a mouse for years and years, so I know how it is. I only got a tablet this Christmas.

I suggest, actually, that you keep drawing with a mouse for a while. It builds character with your art, I think, to have to suffer a bit more.

Anyway, this is super cute. Those headphones are bad ass, too!
twinkledraak 2008/1/1 - 12:4:4
Cool drawing :)!
lorelai 2008/1/2 - 2:39:11
how the heck do you people do this with a mouse/trackball, i shall never know your buddha-like patience.
blumeaniandglove 2008/1/6 - 23:44:54
I used to draw with a trackball...
gooooooooooooood times :D

wait. I still do.
haha, it isn't that bad when that's what you're used to, right :D

(9813) (link) Oekaki by baeduxai, total drawing time 1 : 15 : 58

baeduxai 2007/12/31 - 13:15:3
Man I haven't been here in ages >_<. Sorry guys I'm sure everyone forgot of my existence. But here I am twelve years old. I've been here fore 2 or 3 years :D

So I finally got a tablet and I decided to show it off :3.

This is Serethone, one of my characters. The rest of her outfit is so much cooler -_-. Trying out the messy effect here (well no not really but I'm trying to sound like I know what I'm doing).

I think I'll go and comment on some other pictures now :D.

Comments here would be real nice and criticism would help.

-- chкค
twinkledraak 2008/1/1 - 12:8:32
Hihi so cute :)! Nice done :)!
lorelai 2008/1/20 - 19:36:51
yes indeed you have been here for quite a while. For that, I am very very impressed and honored !

(9812) (link) Oekaki by lolikhan, total drawing time 0 : 32 : 49

lolikhan 2007/12/30 - 9:4:17
A blank face pacman level- wakka wakka wakka!
baeduxai 2007/12/31 - 13:15:29
XD lmao its awesome.
twinkledraak 2008/1/1 - 12:8:52
funny XD

(9811) (link) Oekaki by angie, total drawing time 1 : 16 : 51

angie 2007/12/29 - 16:27:43
Inspired by Gruau Rene Moulin Rouge posters
jakusama 2007/12/29 - 23:59:41
Ooooh I like the bubbliness of it. It's adorable. <3 I love your style.
baeduxai 2007/12/31 - 13:18:26
I like how the background is blank. And I also like the bubbliness.! ^_^ It looks really nice.
twinkledraak 2008/1/1 - 12:9:21
lovely i love all those details :D
maemay 2008/1/2 - 7:11:34
I love her dress. I love this picture.
lolikhan 2008/1/2 - 18:26:24
I love that LEG.
blumeaniandglove 2008/1/5 - 23:5:33
I also love that leg

(9810) (link) Oekaki by ryoanna, total drawing time 2 : 39 : 10

ryoanna 2007/12/28 - 15:6:54
Hello all! Man, I have not drawn here in ages... Just a little sunset pic :)
Used a ref, but I seem to have misplaced it.

Happy Holidays everyone :D
lavalizard 2007/12/28 - 16:59:56
Very pretty:-)
You got a lot of atmosphere and detail into that small image size. I love the sky, and how bright the reflection on the water looks.
jakusama 2007/12/29 - 10:44:19
That's really, really pretty. I'm impressed by the detail and resolution of it. I love the colors, too, and the reflection of the sun on the water is awesome. nice job!
baeduxai 2007/12/31 - 13:16:59
oi. This is amazing. O_O. I like it alot. Good work ^_^
lorelai 2008/1/2 - 2:39:45
golden 2008/1/4 - 4:2:5
Amazing detail O_O
blumeaniandglove 2008/1/5 - 23:5:59
why did you draw my private island??!?



(9809) (link) Oekaki by lolikhan, total drawing time 0 : 52 : 9

lolikhan 2007/12/28 - 10:5:41
I'm new. :D How are all of you?
jakusama 2007/12/29 - 23:58:44
Hihi! I love her expression, it looks so sagely and peaceful! I like your style, too. Can't wait to see more from you. :D
baeduxai 2007/12/31 - 13:20:11
welcum! I like her hair. Looks woolish and it blends right into the water. And the water is sparklish. And the lips are shiny. It looks awesome. I love shiny lips XD.
lolikhan 2008/1/1 - 6:31:42
Thanks, both of you. :D
twinkledraak 2008/1/1 - 12:10:34
Hi welcome :)! Lovely background :)! Hihi she really looks pretty :)!
Please draw more here :D!


lorelai 2008/1/2 - 2:40:4
i am fine thank you! ^_^ happy new year!
blumeaniandglove 2008/1/5 - 23:6:13
is it the lady in the lake?

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