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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(moved) (link) Oekaki by caym, total drawing time 0 : 26 : 43

caym 2003/12/6 - 8:51:24
Yup, that's a Shleigh.
caym 2003/12/6 - 8:58:59
Oops, should be in the Gift Room
monkeyman 2003/12/6 - 10:21:6
woh goood job, i like that. great job!!!
shleigh 2003/12/6 - 13:39:52
YAY!!!! i love it!! thank you sooooooooooo much!
no_one_loves_me 2003/12/7 - 14:36:16
omg the hair is awesome

(68) (link) Oekaki by ketsuki, total drawing time 0 : 47 : 44

ketsuki 2003/12/6 - 0:59:21
For shleigh (obviously XD) for her 'draw shleigh' challenge. ^_____^

I know I coloured your hair blue but that's because I can't shade or highlight black hair...And I know you didn't mention a clip but ifelt like drawing in one anyway ^___~ And also for the neckband thing. Um...and she doesn't have pale skin either, but nevertheless...

Hope you enjoy it! (and sorry it's so small -___-;;)
no_one_loves_me 2003/12/6 - 1:28:58
hey that does look a lot like her! :D
kodocha 2003/12/6 - 9:57:11
monkeyman 2003/12/6 - 10:27:6
great job once again ketsuki, i love it!!! ill do my shleigh some day
shleigh 2003/12/6 - 13:40:55
its ok. i like the hair!! THANK YOU ALL SOOO MUCH!!!

(67) (link) Oekaki by no_one_loves_me, total drawing time 0 : 20 : 31

no_one_loves_me 2003/12/5 - 23:12:21
I hope this makes you happy
shleigh 2003/12/5 - 23:18:35
thank you *hugs* i love it

(66) (link) Oekaki by sakura, total drawing time 0 : 45 : 38

sakura 2003/12/5 - 18:31:4
"The sweater is so big, it's squishing me upto the computer screen!!!!"

To Sweater-Morph. This was a fun challenge! ^__^
dancing_gir 2003/12/5 - 20:24:54
LMFAO!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! OMG!!! *squeals with laughter* MY SIDES!!! MY SIIIIDES!!! *twitches and falls over*
monkeyman 2003/12/5 - 20:52:6
AAAHHAHAHA!!!! NOW THAT IS A BBIIGG sweater_morph!!!
LOL!!!! great job!!
naty 2003/12/5 - 20:57:29
Oh how cool! I wanna draw one too! :D ...i will soon! :D Awesome expression Sakura! This is really cool! It's full of agony and such! LMAO! XDDD Priceless!
sweater-morph 2003/12/6 - 22:24:59
aaa! Thanks!! Its so cute. ACK! SWEATER TOO BIG!
no_one_loves_me 2003/12/7 - 14:35:22
shleigh 2003/12/8 - 20:21:49
lmfao........does look like sweater-morph!!

(65) (link) Oekaki by monkeyman, total drawing time 4 : 13 : 24

monkeyman 2003/12/4 - 22:55:23
It's too Big...
for sweatermorph...this is what i thought of because of your pic. hope you like it!
i went b-day shopping in between so it didnt take that long, i dont really like how the folds turned out, but ive never been good at them anyway. and i think i got just a bit TOO excited w/ the bg! enjoy!

sweater-morph 2003/12/4 - 23:25:15
hahaa!! I have one like that, except its White and it says Sky Veiw (which I don't even know what that is) on the back!!!
But you and your excited backround are so awesome!! me <3 bg~!! but wondering how little water-mark shapes got in BACKGROUND of background......
shleigh 2003/12/4 - 23:43:32
OMG thats sooo cute!! we should have a draw a shleigh contest! but no one wants to draw me!.....oops....about the picture!!

i like her expression!! shes so cute!! the background is cool too!! you rock monkey man!
dancing_gir 2003/12/5 - 7:24:17
It's so cuuuute! Funny, and cute! That background is like...whoa. I think you DID go a little wild with the background there. lol I love it.
treespirit 2003/12/5 - 12:43:46
ahahahaha! I love that! the expression is great!! And the size of the shirt! XD also great
no_one_loves_me 2003/12/7 - 14:36:59
thats a big sweater O.O lol i love the expression

(64) (link) Oekaki by dancing_gir, total drawing time 2 : 24 : 36

dancing_gir 2003/12/4 - 9:59:58
~Sweater-Morph's Challenge!!!~

There! The first things that came to mind are right in front of you! Thought of the little Sweater-Morph kart-wheeling picture, so...though of the girl. lol Couldn't remember what color the eyes were...and now that I think about it...she was wearing a pony-tail, wasn't she? Oops. :S Oh, well....HERE YOU GO!!! Whee! Whoa...wait...this took longer than I thought. o_O Holy....*wanders off*
no_one_loves_me 2003/12/4 - 19:17:8
ha yours puts mine into shame lmao
dancing_gir 2003/12/4 - 19:46:2
lol No way! Yours is more adorable, and cute. Mine is just...standing there...doing nothing... So creative. :P */sarcasm*
cherber 2003/12/4 - 21:24:2
I love the speed lines behind her! and the shading is really great! Nice stuff, all around!
sweater-morph 2003/12/4 - 23:16:24
OMG!!! You are awesome too!! This is AMAZING!!! Me wuv everything!!! hair, sweater,eyes, background!! SUPER-NIFTY-NESS!!!
Thank you Aimee, you're great!!
treespirit 2003/12/5 - 12:44:10
awesome shading and background

(moved) (link) Oekaki by no_one_loves_me, total drawing time 0 : 17 : 58

no_one_loves_me 2003/12/3 - 19:10:14
SEE LOOK I DREW A SWEATER-MORPH *big smile* ^________________^
no_one_loves_me 2003/12/3 - 19:10:41
AHHH! can someone move this to gift room? ME SORRY!!!!
ketsuki 2003/12/3 - 20:47:30
Cute! ^____^ Love the tongue sticking out, and oooh, does the sweater look comfy~
dancing_gir 2003/12/4 - 7:31:45
LOL! So cute! Now I have to do one! I love how you added the little Vincent there...and...I can't make out who the other person is. ^^; Still! It's adorable!
dakkichan 2003/12/4 - 12:17:31
Muwahahaa! The little vincent on the corner looks lost! Heh...heh...cute expression ^_^ and the sweater looks so comfy!
cherber 2003/12/4 - 21:23:30
That's so cute! So, like, is the sweater part of her intrinsic being, or does she just like wearing it? Enquiring minds want to know... Love the pic, and the little sign thingies at the bottom. The vincent is so cute!
sweater-morph 2003/12/4 - 23:13:26
THANK YOU!! You are so good, What a Wonderful SweaterMorph!! You are awesome! NIFTYNESS!!

(63) (link) Oekaki by cherber, total drawing time 0 : 34 : 43

cherber 2003/12/3 - 13:46:59
For Naty. Seeing as dancing_gir did Inu Yasha for you, I thought you might like Sessoumaru. Image was drawn from a reference seen at this website:
cherber 2003/12/3 - 13:48:40
ACK@,# dON'T click on the link. I misspelled it! Try this: http//www.sesshoumaru.com
darn typos... I hope you like it Naty!
cherber 2003/12/3 - 13:50:6
EEk! one more time! [link]
no_one_loves_me 2003/12/3 - 18:48:17
SESSHOMARU!!!! naty you so lucky!! pwetty picture :)
monkeyman 2003/12/3 - 18:57:56
oooo cool!!
dancing_gir 2003/12/4 - 7:20:58
It's so cool! I think I may have seen this person before. I love anime, but I live in a small area where anime is very rarely sold or seen. I love it, though! The moon on the forehead sorta reminds me of Sailor Moon. ^_^ lol Whee! Now we shall both heart the Tidus oekaki we gots! *huggles Tidus*
naty 2003/12/5 - 20:51:49
THANKS SO MUCH! :D He's PERFECT!!! :D :D :D *chomps on his hair* Yep that's definitely him, only his hair tastes like that XD ..ahem not that i have before or anything...*koffs* You captured his hot-ness terrifically! Great job! Thanks again! *glomps her sesshy* ps: sorry i didn't see this before, i didn't have internet for a while but i got broad band now :)
cherber 2003/12/6 - 21:7:48
Whee! I love broadband. We got it about a month ago, and there's no comparison! Happy broadbanding!

(62) (link) Oekaki by sweater-morph, total drawing time 0 : 33 : 31

sweater-morph 2003/12/2 - 23:0:13
Mainly for dancing_gir, who does not know what a sweater-morph can be. Also, for anybody else who might have been wondering. Heh heh, the middle ones legs are too long ^^;

What I meant by the cahllenge-thing was draw whatever comes to mind first, I think.
sweater-morph 2003/12/2 - 23:2:21
grrrr, I knew there must have been a typo somewhere..... I meant *challenge*
.....which no one did......*still sad about that*.....ah welll, tootles!
embo 2003/12/3 - 0:11:16
hahaha! that's really cute!! its all 60's colors and everything :D
dancing_gir 2003/12/3 - 7:54:3
lol Awww, so cuuuuuute! :) And alrighty. I'll take the challenge. Next time I draw something, it'll be the first thing that comes to mind. Mwuahahahaha!
no_one_loves_me 2003/12/3 - 18:49:28
SO CUTE!!! makes me want to draw a sweater-morph...I THINK I WILL ^_^
sweater-morph 2003/12/4 - 23:26:52
does anybody want a new challenge? It could be for the rest of the week instead of a day. I have an idea if anybody wants to~!!
dancing_gir 2003/12/5 - 7:22:59
OO! OO! I DO! I DO! *raises hand, and jumps in the air excitedly* I love challenges. :)
no_one_loves_me 2003/12/5 - 23:28:26

(61) (link) Oekaki by blueflame0, total drawing time 0 : 40 : 48

blueflame0 2003/12/1 - 20:21:4
hehe for a friend who said she is a vamp, yet she gave me candy
dancing_gir 2003/12/2 - 7:16:11
Maybe she was a friendly, candy-loving vampire? Or either she was trying to lure you in with candy, and then STRIKE! lol j/k

Anyways, like how you used the brownish color to outline. :)
kougra_girl 2003/12/2 - 14:33:50
lol. funny...looks my lil sis when she wakes up lol. no really...it does.
kyo_kusanagi 2003/12/2 - 19:25:9
mmm..candy goodness..can't really say yummy for that girl..ummm yah her mouth is kinda scarin me there..*gets bitin* AHHH!! AHH!!...oh well.
no_one_loves_me 2003/12/7 - 14:37:47
woah thats freaky! hehe i like the hair

(60) (link) Oekaki by dancing_gir, total drawing time 2 : 52 : 58

dancing_gir 2003/12/1 - 16:3:12
FOR NATY!!! WHOO!!! Cos you're awesome.

*points in amazement* I...I used SOLIDS! *gasp* I think this is my first oekaki using ALL solids. And it didn't even come out that bad.. o_O I should try anime, and solids more often. Yeppers.
laurie-kay 2003/12/1 - 17:3:14
Wee Inu-Yasha! Naty is very lucky!
monkeyman 2003/12/1 - 18:38:20
very lucky indeed, great job w/ solids, its so simple looking its awesome, i always try to make thing too complicated
naty 2003/12/2 - 0:39:7
OMG!!!! AIMEE!! This is soooo cool! Thank you so much! :D Awesome Solid work! Looks totally pro!!! :D This is so beautiful! i shall cherish this 4eva!! I have been lucky these past few days!! :D *feels indestructable* *jumps out window*...ow..ok not indestructable. ^o^;; Thank youuuuuuuu!! *oodles of hugs*
dancing_gir 2003/12/2 - 7:14:12
LOL! I'm glad you like it! ^_^ Geez...doing gifts are sorta fun.
embo 2003/12/3 - 0:12:24

see i told you ;D
cherber 2003/12/3 - 13:4:41
AAAHHHH NATY she did one firsT! AAAH! OK, now I have to come up with another idea.. *thinkthinkthinkthinkthinkthink* *sniff* do you smell rubber burning?
cherber 2003/12/3 - 13:5:28
This is really terrif, by the way. Amazing work! I'm soo jealous!
no_one_loves_me 2003/12/7 - 14:38:51
you draw so good!!! no fair no fair no faaaaiiiiir ^___________^
blue_bubbles 2004/1/17 - 23:43:44
i love this pic and i wached that show 1ce.But i steel think hes cute.^_^
blue_berrry_ 2004/2/8 - 12:18:36
the eyes..the hair..the face ...the cloths.....YOUR GOOD!!and hes Hot!cool

(59) (link) Oekaki by monkeyman, total drawing time 1 : 55 : 37

monkeyman 2003/11/30 - 18:47:55
for you naty, cuz you deserve one, and your pics are awesome...thnx for yours!
uhh i now realize the hands are missing but i didnt before...ohwell

cessy 2003/11/30 - 19:44:36
LOL, that pic is awsome! Unfortunately, I know how it feels (I was ten! How was I supposed to know? LOL) Lovely coloring! :d
naty 2003/11/30 - 23:58:34
OMG! THANK YOUUUUU! OoO this is so cool!!!! She has the marsh-mellow jacket!!! lmao this is too cool!!! And i think her hands are just hidden, not missing, when i forget my gloves i hide my hands in my sleeves :D I adore the coloring! The pole looks 3D-like! :} Thanx Monkeyman! :D The lettering is very awesome! :] *saves* ^w^ I must run outside and test that theory lol xD
midnighttailmon 2003/12/1 - 15:29:5
ha, that picture is great =3 the jacket reminds me of Fluffy Puff Marshmallows @_@
and... of course... this has happened to me also. I refuse to say when. n.n
dancing_gir 2003/12/1 - 19:23:18
That happened to me last winter. I'm not that bright. Well, I did it on purpose. So I don't know whether doing it on accident or on purpose makes you more ignorant. Probably on purpose. Yeah... Nice pic. :) The shading on the puffy jacket is niiiice. Nice, and clean.
embo 2003/12/3 - 0:13:40
maybe the hands are hidden inside the coat sleeeeves cuz she's cold :O :O :O
cherber 2003/12/3 - 14:9:0
This happened to my sis. She was probably about 6 or 7. They peeled a layer of her tongue off...>,<
I love the pic! Her hat and everything is soo cool!

(58) (link) Oekaki by no_one_loves_me, total drawing time 0 : 28 : 3

no_one_loves_me 2003/11/30 - 3:43:8
this is for all the vincent fans :D
i wish this turned out better though -.-
monkeyman 2003/11/30 - 16:8:23
good job, i like it!
cherber 2003/12/4 - 21:21:59
What a cute Vincent! I love the "hmmmm" expression on his face! @,^
no_one_loves_me 2003/12/5 - 23:33:22
*sighs* the eyes are too crooked...and i forgot the thingys on his cape that hold it together....:(

(57) (link) Oekaki by naty, total drawing time 1 : 52 : 21

naty 2003/11/29 - 22:30:19
For Monkeyman cause he's such a nice guy. ^^ It's supposed to be hitomi... i was too lazy to search for a ref pic so i just drew her from memory. ^^; hope you like it.
no_one_loves_me 2003/11/30 - 3:43:54
yeah monkeyman! you are a nice guy :)
monkeyman 2003/11/30 - 11:53:59
WOW!!!! COOL COOL COOL...thank you a Lot!! i like the wings very much, i could tell who it was right away, good job!!
you dont mind if i save do you? its adorable *i usually dont use that word...
padalyn 2003/11/30 - 12:51:16
aw sho cute!!! i thought that it was hitomi when i saw it too :D

(56) (link) Oekaki by no_one_loves_me, total drawing time 0 : 42 : 46

no_one_loves_me 2003/11/28 - 22:47:58

hiei says he loves you and dont be sad ok because he loves you and stuff
shleigh 2003/11/29 - 18:3:38
awww....thank you!! now im gonna draw hiei! lol *glomps hiei* anyone touch and SUFFER!!

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