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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(214) (link) Oekaki by truthofheart, total drawing time 0 : 38 : 51

truthofheart 2007/5/26 - 20:49:10
"I bite back"
sabii 2007/5/27 - 0:14:28
ooooh it looks so cool
kougra_girl 2007/5/28 - 20:4:59
muah! love the lips <3
jakusama 2007/5/29 - 8:2:46
very neat I love the shiny lips... someone eats apples frequently. I heard that girls eating apples is cute looking to boys. Because it makes their lips all shiny (and apparently girls eating anything can be adorable too) and so I definatly thought of apples when I saw this. Shiny apples.. yay
lorelai 2007/5/29 - 15:40:43
oh SNAP , attit-TUDE plus!! :) ..... scary too o_o
dorothyblueeyes 2007/5/31 - 6:38:35
Yes,this is very effective,and well done."Eating apples" I guess this must be a sensual symbol to boys.Your teeth crack thru the skin,SNAP,and go munch,munch,crunch,and slobber,juicy,ect.Very sexual.

I have just become aware,lately,how "cooking good food for a man,by a woman"is like subtle foreplay.Why?Cause the woman is subtely arousing the man's sensual tastes,appetites,pleasing him on the deepest level.So,when he's very aroused,a woman can get him where she wants him..haha. Hey,I have lived with men,and cooked well for them,and believe me,they really respond to good food.NOT kidding. I do not know if women are the same,but men can really be reached this way,even modern men. ok,ok,this is an art site,not a "secrets to dating" site. Just had to do with the "eating apples."
bandersnatchsm 2007/5/31 - 13:31:2
Hmm... I have yet to meet a girl who cooks better than me.

Not that I am a great cook...
rae 2007/7/12 - 11:59:44
oo the shiny on the lip looks like a classy vector image~

(213) (link) Oekaki by kaira, total drawing time 1 : 33 : 23

kaira 2007/5/23 - 22:22:13
"Love bites." (I really, really wanted to do a "love's a bitch" picture, but I suck at drawing dogs, so here's a bitter, smoking kid. xD)

I love this theme.

Ahahahah. You have no idea how happy I am about being able to oekaki. Now that I'm out of highschool, I can oekaki every day if it so pleases me! *cackles with glee*

jakusama 2007/5/27 - 17:33:2
Ah ha I love this. And I totally can understand what hes feelin'. I'm really diggin this theme.. I'd love to see where it goes.
lorelai 2007/5/29 - 15:40:20
glad you like the theme! I do too, if I say so myself ^.^
Also, you sign your L's just like mine!
dorothyblueeyes 2007/5/31 - 6:43:10
I totally concur.ha ha.(like you need my approval.)Yes,I like this,and,yes,Oekaki to yer heart's content,I do.Great picture. I want to do a t-shirt that says,"If it makes you Happy,Do It". (or something philosophical like that.)Reminds me of this picture.

(moved) (link) Oekaki by ko3d, total drawing time 1 : 3 : 46

ko3d 2007/5/19 - 8:52:7
"She fell in love"
ko3d 2007/5/19 - 8:53:53
Hm. This was supposed to be in the theme room...
sankyu 2007/5/19 - 20:31:37
Agh thats cute
dorothyblueeyes 2007/5/21 - 0:19:26
"She Fell in Love," good idea.Nice feeling of getting hit by love.I like the white linear area,conveying the intense,encircled feelings.
lorelai 2007/5/22 - 12:37:18
Awesome! Apparently someone moved it for you (wasn't me..) :) glad it's in the theme room now though!
ko3d 2007/5/24 - 0:59:46
Thanks for moving it :)
happywaterbottle 2007/5/27 - 11:46:19
I moved it XP
I just... didn't manifest. >>
lorelai 2007/5/29 - 15:39:50
hearts and luv for HWB! and for silver haired bishy :)

(212) (link) Oekaki by dorothyblueeyes, total drawing time 1 : 36 : 11

dorothyblueeyes 2007/5/15 - 21:21:49
"FALLING"--the connection to Spongebob-HumpteyDumptey on the Wall;the nightmare of falling.(bad dream,whatever.)I had a lot of trouble with this,cause I may have to replace my touch-pad I draw with,and get a real "pen-pad";touch-pads get wierd sensitivity and touch;bad touch,hard to control and draw with.Maybe I better graduate to a pen-pad,see what it's like.Also,hard emotion of falling-terror to depict.Tough job.
sankyu 2007/5/16 - 7:42:2
I think you did it pretty darn well.
I used to have falling dreams, they turned into flying dreams, now I hardly dream at all! *is sad*
mika 2007/5/23 - 12:44:48
He sure looks terrified........I'd wrap those robes round my arms and start flapping like crazy if I were him....:)

(211) (link) Oekaki by dorothyblueeyes, total drawing time 2 : 18 : 6

dorothyblueeyes 2007/5/12 - 1:59:19
"Humptey-Dumpty-SpongeBob-Sat On the Wall,Humptey-Dumptey-SpongeBob, Took a Great Fall.." the fairy Tale.
sabii 2007/5/12 - 11:41:50
:D that's just great
maemay 2007/5/12 - 12:7:13
That's so awesome. I lov it. I love your style.
lorelai 2007/5/12 - 23:14:13
Hahah awesome! I'm also glad to say that this oekaki is the start of the next theme of this room as well!
dorothyblueeyes 2007/5/14 - 11:28:7
AWWW,thanks.(blush.)I love compliments, heeheh.This was fun,glad you liked it.

" --trying to get rid of most of artist ego,not always possible.Why?I see other artists, with huge egos,not good for you."Honest,I have seen this.Very agressive,ambitious, pushy(used to be me.)

So,now, thank you, just want to have fun,entertain others,and use Taco to communicate with other artists. I am having more fun here,than all the years I knew professional artists,and was trying to get "in the professional artists' game."

Sorry I did not do more fairy tales;but this subject is fun,too "Connect the Dragon". You come up with great subjects! ( ^ ^ ) Heh heh.So...you could "connect the dragon" on anything about Spongie,any "link". OK,I get it. Great!! Fun!!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by elolinon, total drawing time 3 : 14 : 56

elolinon 2007/4/19 - 13:5:3
Not my favourite fairy tale ( The one i like the most is probably "The litte mermaid" ) but I wanted to draw a wolf dressed up as an old woman and a girl in a red hood. Yeah, I know the hands look completely weird xD
elolinon 2007/4/19 - 13:7:48
NOO o.O Posted in the wrong room... this was meant to be in the theme room xD Can anyone move it for me?
sabii 2007/4/20 - 10:40:53
i adore little red riding hood's outfit. just greeeeeat. and the wolf's expression is fab, so wonderfully creepy.
golden 2007/4/20 - 12:36:39
ahahahah your style rocks so bad. I love the speech bubble. and that wolf looks sorta pedophile-ish XD
elolinon 2007/4/21 - 1:34:16
Thanks :D

Guess your right about the pedophile part xD *rofl*
phil 2007/5/9 - 18:52:44
i wish i could colour like that o.O neone played fable dont it look like his sister or is that just me?
elolinon 2007/5/10 - 8:38:41
Thanks :D
Nope, haven't played Fable, heard of it though.
dorothyblueeyes 2007/5/11 - 23:35:37
I LOVE this,it is so unwasteful of paint,and not too "worried to death,": like I get . Very great style. Yes,I love her outfit, too, does she go to Balenciaga or Galiano?Hey,I would if I have the tiny figure,and the dough. heeGREAT picture.
dorothyblueeyes 2007/5/11 - 23:38:36
Oh,god,the the wolf DOES look pedofiliac-prone!!ha ha. ha. What an expression!!! LOL "Dirty old Wolf" ha ha.(oh,i'm, sorry,I'm not laughing at the subject,I am very oversensitive to it,myself.)You got the expression just right,though. ; )
elolinon 2007/5/13 - 3:41:56
*ROFL* No one you want to meet a cold sunday's night XD
Thanks :D Heheh! You'll never know. Who said Red riding hood wasn't a spoilt brat?

(210) (link) Oekaki by sabii, total drawing time 0 : 43 : 8

sabii 2007/4/17 - 11:5:2
omygod she's pink lol :D i only just realized. here's a doodle for the theme! I don't have much time for oekaki now :(
lets all pretend this is Snow White's evil stepmother XD
i made her supprised-looking becaue she has to look evil ... ok, i don't think i managed that.

lorelai 2007/4/19 - 0:29:55
aweeeeeeesome. seriously. D:
and i do love that tiny glimmer of uncertainty under all that royalness - really works well. GREAT expression
golden 2007/4/20 - 12:34:44
I love everything about this picture.. her face expression, the shading, how the crown glimmers, how the colors clash just a little bit.. :P I shall admire you now
dorothyblueeyes 2007/5/11 - 23:33:34
owww, wow,this is hot.Great painting.gee. (envious.)
hannah 2007/6/8 - 15:47:47
ohhh i like this a lot.
embo 2007/6/25 - 4:2:21
I just noticed this. If warhol did CG's he would do this. the shading is so delicate but the colors make it so bold. great portrait.

(209) (link) Oekaki by ichrystal, total drawing time 8 : 20 : 56

ichrystal 2007/4/14 - 22:19:12
Just a random princess-like character I drew out of imagination, no references used. It's not from a specific fairytale though. Just my own. :3 And yeah, I noticed I messed up with the lighting on the hair. x] I got to lazy to fix it. And this actually only took me about 1-2 hours. (I'm a slow personnn) It says it took me 8 hours because I left the window open for a while and forgot to press submit. xD
elolinon 2007/4/15 - 0:58:14
Ooh.... shiny :D
I like her hair.
phil 2007/4/15 - 15:37:22
the eyes look like they have stars in them very nice effect
lorelai 2007/4/19 - 0:29:12
very lovely ^_^

(208) (link) Oekaki by dorothyblueeyes, total drawing time 4 : 34 : 29

dorothyblueeyes 2007/4/1 - 21:26:40
Fairy Tale:Cinderella,after she marries the Prince,is bored to tears as a rich society matron:Giving endless charity balls,benefits,parties,ect.,and having to put up with mindless,rich,spoiled,useless wealthy-royalty(and other rich people)who also are the most useless,unexciting worthless people on earth.She seriously considers running off to Los Vegas with a cute,sexy comedian. Anything to get away from these BORING people!

She now knows why the weatlhy women have kids;so at least they have something to do!!AAAHHH!!They keep busy going to parties,that is, so they can avoid bringing up their own brats. But, there's no escape from this, unless you completely move away from Orange County, California.
golden 2007/4/1 - 23:56:10
hahahaha, wonderful ^^
heavenlystrike 2007/4/9 - 17:31:26
o_o nobody ever told me that part of the story... quite scary ;_; i love the composition; its all so crowded and cinderella looks about to do a nervous breakdown..awesome :D
maemay 2007/4/21 - 20:22:58
Wow, I like this style.

(207) (link) Oekaki by dorothyblueeyes, total drawing time 0 : 39 : 21

dorothyblueeyes 2007/3/23 - 17:52:58
"Two color scenery"--done on shi-painter Pro.Maybe not done yet, so do not delete me cause there is not enough time on it. yahh!!I have struggled to do this scenery,and it is so much easier, in just two colors.Subtle hues and shades are my bad thing.Hard.
sankyu 2007/3/24 - 11:57:56
very interesting choice of colours
heavenlystrike 2007/3/25 - 14:46:14
xD so kickin awesome! I love how im like confused...but not confuseD? lol its hard to explain- its a great piece of art anyway, i love it n_n
lorelai 2007/3/26 - 1:39:49
I love it too! it's kind of looking like a woodcarving!
lorelai 2007/3/26 - 11:4:25
Hi dorothy! I saw recently that you were looking for Gallery access...I hope you weren't offended that you hadn't been granted it yet! I guess I am sort of looking for more "polished" works from you before granting you Gallery privs. Your work is getting better and better SO fast...but each day is someething different and you seem to still be experimental stages. Don't get me wrong, that's really really super awesome - but maybe not Gallery material just yet, you know what i mean? I'll be keeping a much closer eye on your artwork from now on though, and also talk to the mods about it! Please keep up the drawing :)!
dorothyblueeyes 2007/3/26 - 17:16:1
Thanks for the comments; I liked how the "carving-out"effect was going,too,so left it in.It's ok about Gallery,I was just kidding.I't's not really important to me,one way or another. I was just kinda bitching to bitch. heh.

So, don;t worry, it's not a big deal,and dont change your evaluations that you usually do. I't's fine. The people who get in the Gallery,do deserve it.They are often fabulous artists,and I am not to that point yet.
lorelai 2007/3/29 - 10:41:15
That's all good with me :) You're a valuable artist to this little community and we would be sad if we lost you due to something minor!!

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