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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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NekoLee 2002/12/30 - 21:59:18
Ok nows.... This took hours of work @_@ I decided before my vacation ended to do at least one good oekaki (while I still have the time on my hands) since I haven't been around in quite a while. Just showing I'm alive, I suppose?

This one is easy. ^_^ 'Tis Lulu from Final Fantasy X. *The sphere in the courner is an attempt at a life spirit.

Hope you like! See you all!
Hannah 2002/12/30 - 22:1:9
WOW. this is very very nice. go you :D
Fire Element 2002/12/30 - 22:22:32
*eyes fall out of head* WHOAH! GOODNESS! I like.... and... um... EVERYTHING! This is so... wow... I love the power balls at her fingers... love her face... her bling blingity... her fur stuffs... her hair chopsticks.... this is a very difficult position to draw, I commend you!
AppleSauce 2002/12/30 - 22:45:57
Woooooooooow 'tis COOOOOOOLIES!!!!!!!
Amethyst Citrine 2002/12/30 - 22:46:45
WOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW.... You are so AWESOME. I adore Lulu to pieces and you did such an AMAZING job.... *_* - Amy.
Makoto 2002/12/31 - 1:57:56
Jealous much.....

Mishie 2002/12/31 - 5:36:8
Whoa. That's cool. I love how you did her outfit. X3
Chokora 2002/12/31 - 22:49:44
Oh, WOW *___* Her hair and face is so nice... and I love the fur... Just.. wow. *_*
Niya 2003/1/1 - 9:16:8
Wooow! It really looks like her! Good job!
Enshoku 2003/1/2 - 17:46:19
O_O.... That's nice. The skin looks really nice. I like the pose too, it's sorta hard to do that with Lulu's dress. Great job.

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AppleSauce 2002/12/26 - 22:27:30
Oh dear, It seems that my new character does not like the environment I have put him in!

Well.....I LIKE the sparklies, so tough luck ^^^^
Cessy 2002/12/26 - 22:40:56
OMG, that is so cute *_*
Screaming_Marshmellow 2002/12/27 - 0:36:57
XDDDD great
Aya Dragonsheart 2002/12/27 - 4:56:31
lol I just love the sparkles, your bg is awsome!
MilkShake 2002/12/27 - 7:45:26
sparklies! ur new character is cute but why doesn't he like sparklies???
Niya 2002/12/27 - 13:11:1
The sparkles are very pretty indeed, cool character! ^^
Hannah 2002/12/27 - 15:9:51
eee! awesome character... i love his eyes & wings. hee. i like the bg too :D

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noa 2002/12/27 - 18:51:45
>:B howdy y'all. I haven't been here in a long time, so I thought I'd pop by. I see Megs still comes here, so Happy Birthday mo fo!!! I know I'm a bit late, it's on the 20th right? hope you all have a good holiday break :3
Betelgeuse 2002/12/27 - 20:7:43
Gorgeous *_* I especially like the lips and nose! and all the swirly stuff of course :D
Bambin 2002/12/27 - 20:49:4
very nice colors! great!
Megs 2002/12/28 - 0:34:19
Hee hee hee ^^ Thanks for the birthday well wishes Noa ^____^~~~~~ A most excellent pic too~~~~ *hugs* Thanks again ^___^~~~~~
Amethyst Citrine 2002/12/28 - 1:43:28
Wow, the skin is so beautiful, and the shiny thing is phenomenal. *_* - Amy.
Lorelai 2002/12/28 - 1:48:51
soooo pretty! i love the lighting!
KiWi 2002/12/28 - 2:22:22
WOW!!! How beautiful!1 I love the way you drew the magick and the leafy tattoos look awesome! The eyes are prettiful too and woohoo for swirlies!!
EmmyLou 2002/12/28 - 2:44:11
WOW! The lighting ROCKS!
Screaming_Marshmellow 2002/12/28 - 3:15:31
cuuuuute ^_______^
Ifrit_Zero 2002/12/28 - 5:6:24
WOW! man I haven't been here in while either (since the summer) The lighting is really nice, keep up the good work!!
kafine 2002/12/28 - 7:40:58
oooh... pretty swirly lighty..uh.. thing! Hee hee. Sorry, too much Dr.Pepper too early in the day.
Niya 2002/12/28 - 15:2:17
This is absolutely gorgeous, I love the pretty lights *.*
Hannah 2002/12/28 - 15:57:17
beautiful beautiful beautiful :D & beautiful. *envious*
Cessy 2002/12/28 - 17:42:55
AWSOME lighting! And her face is so pretty! :D
MilkShake 2002/12/29 - 7:45:5
WOW!! *_* Thats soooo good!The shading and sparlies and...*is speechless*
hitotsu 2002/12/29 - 11:5:32
pwetty! *o* the colouring and everything is just, amazing..and i really like the light source XD so cool ^^
shortnsweet3823 2004/2/22 - 15:15:43
how ypu do the light and everything it really good you should be proud!

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