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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(9867) (link) Oekaki by artanis, total drawing time 1 : 27 : 41

artanis 2008/4/4 - 9:14:17
spring day in the mountains <3
back thanks to new laptop and working tablet!! :)
golden 2008/4/7 - 13:9:26
Beautifully smooth :)
This sort of reminds me of Orisinal's games.
dorothyblueeyes 2008/4/10 - 13:18:50
yes,i like this quality
lorelai 2008/4/23 - 14:7:9
me. want. be. there. now.

please? =D
embo 2008/6/19 - 18:38:13
unbreak my heart
lulz <3

(9866) (link) Oekaki by dorothyblueeyes, total drawing time 0 : 23 : 38

dorothyblueeyes 2008/4/3 - 2:14:27
Dr.Chaplin,Peace Health Family Clinic,Eugene,Oregon,and Dr.Conty,Oregon Medical Group,Two of the Worst Family Doctors of Eugene,Oregon : Discriminate against disabled seniors,patients,who are on Medicare,and deny them vital services They need,under Medicare,to function and remain independent and out of nursing homes.

I just wanted to do portraits of these two bad doc tors,cause I am so personally fond of them.Dr.Chaplin sends her patients with orthopadic problems to psychiatrists to make decicions,and Dr.Conty is so dumb,he still sends orthopadic conditons to podiatrists.Both of them deny power wheelchairs to orthopadeic,senior patients,who have a long history of bad,orthopadic feet problems,that other doctors take seriously,in the past,and tell them that "I do not want you to become dependent on a wheelchair"(even if the patient has HAD A WHEELCHAIR,MANUAL,FOR MANY YEARS,awarded by other orthopadists.

I give my "medical malpractice,legally"award to these doctors."Sending a patient to a psychiatrist,for medical,physical problems(in appropriate treatment for a disease,which is medical maltractice,)"and misdagnosing a disease,not diagnosing correctly. Causing pain,injury,lack of indenpendence,and suffering to seniors who are physically dependent,and need to be referred to decent orthopadic treatment,and denying equipment to the disabled who need it,and are legally entitled to it, under their Medicare. Causing disabled seniors to either die in their homes,because they will not give them mobility devices they legally are entitled to,or causing them to be put in to rest homes,(because of this)so they cannot remain independent in their own homes.

Go ahead, sue me for Libel. It is all true.This is one of my favorite protraits.Hope you all like Eugene,Oregons', medical situation for disabled seniors who are dependent on Medicare. This is it.It is very hard to find a good doctor in this place.
dorothyblueeyes 2008/4/3 - 2:18:46
(p.s.,sorry this is so crude,guys; i have very bad tendonitus,in both arms,carpal tunnel,which ALSO IS GOING UNTREATED,FOR MANY MONTHS,by doctor Chaplin,or either of the few doctors i see here.They just ignore it.I have such bad pain ,i cannot sleep at night.People tell me,"you have to start tying alternative medicine,"guess that is the only thing left.
sankyu 2008/4/3 - 9:15:36
I think it's brilliant, especialy that horrible smile.
Also, you make, as we internet people say 'a good rant'.
Fight the power.
lorelai 2008/4/23 - 14:8:56
i've been fighting with Blue Cross for the past few months too and finally just had to switch over to Kaiser. healthcare in general in the USA is in the dumps, even to people in their 20somethings like me who are paying out the ass for them. ::sigh::

(9865) (link) Oekaki by purrdy, total drawing time 2 : 34 : 4

purrdy 2008/3/31 - 20:49:43
My boyfriend's OC. He's been begging me to draw him so I did. Whiny guys...
astronautical 2008/4/1 - 10:53:1
Very nice! I like how you did the hair, but the jawline seems a bit screwy.
jakusama 2008/4/1 - 17:20:34
Aww. I like this. The colors are very warm, and I like the way you did the hair. Awesome work.
artanis 2008/4/4 - 13:10:14
beautiful hair :)
lorelai 2008/4/23 - 14:6:51
noice :3333

(9864) (link) Oekaki by gleeful1, total drawing time 1 : 2 : 55

gleeful1 2008/3/30 - 15:51:24
i felt excited to draw here again! any seniors here? looking forward to graduation from highschool?? yeahhhh XDDD
ummm what to say about this picture... originally, i was going to draw the two girls related to each other in some way, but i ended up churning out two completely different pictures on the same canvas. what an awkward composition >.>'''''''''
jakusama 2008/4/1 - 17:21:49
Actually, I think the awkwardness to it is what makes it so fun. I love looking at things you wouldn't ordinarily see. So, though you might think it looks weird, I find it very striking. I like it. :p
purrdy 2008/4/1 - 19:37:4
The colors are beautiful. They contrast very well. Love that hair!
dorothyblueeyes 2008/4/10 - 13:39:37
yep,this is pretty good; i love the contrasts and colors,too
lorelai 2008/4/23 - 14:9:19
wow i love how bold these are! styling!!!

(9863) (link) Oekaki by astronautical, total drawing time 1 : 24 : 16

astronautical 2008/3/30 - 0:39:57
He looks so frigging pissed.
Unfinished, but I might touch it up in Photoshop.
I really need to work on shading metal.

Done with my eternally crappy track/ball mouse.
maemay 2008/3/30 - 10:22:5
that's pretty dang amazing for a crappy ball tracked mouse. I love the colours and the shading.
gleeful1 2008/3/30 - 15:54:17
wow u pulled this off very well! mann i don't think i could color metal this good anny day! XD
jakusama 2008/4/1 - 17:22:33
Oooo shiney! I like the colors, and you did the metal exceptionally well. I like the idea, too. S'very interesting. :)
lorelai 2008/4/23 - 14:9:41
a ::jaw drops to the floor:: sort of picture. =D great work!
lorelai 2008/4/23 - 14:10:1

(9862) (link) Oekaki by diezombiedie, total drawing time 9 : 20 : 7

diezombiedie 2008/3/28 - 15:0:30
Hah, I need to draw here more often.

It's a mermaid. :]

C&C is loved. :]

[And I worked on this for like 3 hours. Not 9, haha.]
maemay 2008/3/29 - 8:10:38
hey i think i know you from another oekaki sight. Your pretty good.
gleeful1 2008/3/30 - 15:54:48
wow her hair... it really looks like she it underwater!
diezombiedie 2008/3/30 - 15:59:57
(the MOB perhaps?)

Thanks. :]
jakusama 2008/4/1 - 17:23:39
I like the underwater feel to it. I am quite impressed by how you did the skintones under water. You kept the skin tones similar to each other, but with blue tints. Very neat. And I wish my hair was like that. (I want purple eyes!)
lorelai 2008/4/23 - 14:10:27
<3 <3 <3 water + girls = WINNER!!!

(9861) (link) Oekaki by astronautical, total drawing time 0 : 25 : 36

astronautical 2008/3/27 - 21:35:48
What can I say? I got bored.
I think I might make a series of these, if theres enough interest. It's been a few years since I've properly flexed my satirical anime muscles. I just love making fun of this stuff.
Also, in case anyone was wondering what the hell is up with that girl/boy's make-up: SOME JAPANESE CHICKS ACTUALLY DO THAT TO THEMSELVES I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING.

Done with my eternally crappy track/ball mouse.
jakusama 2008/4/1 - 17:25:34
Do you really have 271 other reasons? I really like anime, so I don't think I quite understand. And what makeup are you talking about? It's an interesting series, anyway, but as you can tell a lot of talented artists perfer the anime-type style, so just be aware that if youre too... um... maybe insensitive, you might offend people. You're certainly entitled to your opinion, and the art seems interesting. I'm just not sure that I quite understand the message. :) (Of course anime doesn't work in real life, silly. That's why it's a cartoon. :) )

(9859) (link) Oekaki by selankatt, total drawing time 2 : 16 : 59

selankatt 2008/3/21 - 17:46:20
just a little drawing of what i'd like to be doing instead of being at school.
maemay 2008/3/22 - 7:9:14
I'm gonig to guess your in college. i love the shinyness to it.
jakusama 2008/3/23 - 20:30:4
Oh man. I had Break this past week, and I totally did lots of *that.* It was amazing, but I am SO not ready to head back tomorrow. Don't make me go! I love the sunniness of it. It's awesome.
gleeful1 2008/3/30 - 15:55:49
gasp is she smoking?? haha i love the cool feel to this!
lorelai 2008/4/23 - 14:13:13
WHOA! old school member alert!! welcome back!!!

(9858) (link) Oekaki by tayley-chan, total drawing time 6 : 6 : 25

tayley-chan 2008/3/19 - 17:42:45
I live on the easternmost peninsula of the easternmost province of Canada. It's a rocky little island that gets some pretty intense weather, and it's at around this time of year, when spring should REALLY be trying to show up by now, that winter shows us her psycho side and does a little something like this. :p
bananarana 2008/3/19 - 21:5:22
LOL! oh my gosh, that's so hilarious, I can't stop laughing hahahaa!
maemay 2008/3/20 - 7:28:43
I love it , dpecially the colours. Your style kind of reminds me of blackcataurore.
astronautical 2008/3/20 - 17:10:45
This is fantastic! It's nice to know there's another Newfie on this board.

The only critique I can think to give is that her eyes are a little too far apart, and that the proportions of her leg giving the bootstomp are slightly unequal to her other leg.
Otherwise, this is a masterful piece of oekaki.
jakusama 2008/3/23 - 20:4:55
Hahaha. I love this! (I love all your stuff.) THe shading rocks, and the mood of it just makes me laugh. (I like the canines, too.) It sort of reminds me of a female Hatsuharu from Fruits Basket when he's in his psycho Black form.
gleeful1 2008/3/30 - 15:57:4
winter... really is crAAAzy! your shading is smooth as alwaysss *____*
lorelai 2008/4/23 - 14:13:46
you are so freaking fantastic tayley-chan XD

(9857) (link) Oekaki by ellinora2, total drawing time 0 : 59 : 8

ellinora2 2008/3/17 - 11:48:16
Well its a girl in the moonlight with almost no colors! I hate the backround but im really bad at them so i guess it couldn't be helped! Se yah...! O.o - ARRHG
kira 2008/3/17 - 16:10:57
dont forget about ur layers option.. it will take off the pressure of backgrounds alot.. keep drawing and playing with the tools offered! youll see your skills just get better..:)
jakusama 2008/3/23 - 20:6:31
Yeah, I second the layers thought. They're AMAZING. You can do a sketchy layer, and then a trace layer, and then a color layer,and make any of them go away at any time. She's really cute though, keep practicing! :) I see lots of talent!

(9856) (link) Oekaki by purrdy, total drawing time 1 : 51 : 11

purrdy 2008/3/16 - 17:13:29
Yay. Orbs of light. I did something similar to this the other day but the orbs were blue. HmmmMmm.
jakusama 2008/3/23 - 20:7:29
Oh purrdy! It's good to see you seem to be hanging around this time. I like your work. I like the orange too, and I want one of those. *points to the lovely piece of flesh* I like the shiny things.
gleeful1 2008/3/30 - 15:57:34
he looks... so sad =( makes me want to pat him on his back =)
purrdy 2008/3/30 - 18:17:6
Meh.. he'll be alright. He's just having a moment. =P

(9855) (link) Oekaki by ellinora2, total drawing time 1 : 9 : 12

ellinora2 2008/3/16 - 12:58:16
Green eyed girl...! :P
astronautical 2008/3/16 - 16:32:56
As much as I try to respect every style of drawing, including anime, this is a little too...awkward for me to let go without giving a little constructive criticism.
Firstly, I suggest making the eyes a little less rectangular next time you draw them, because human eyes are usually more rounded, even when drawing in an anime style.

Other than that, I just think you need a lot of practice.
The potential is definitely there, but I don't think this picture shows it as well as it could.
ellinora2 2008/3/17 - 10:34:0
thank you but this wasent ment to be very serius its absolutely not my real drawing style! Pardon my bad spelling! O.o
jakusama 2008/3/23 - 20:9:30
I think she's cute! And since you didn't specifically ask for criticism, I can't really give any. But because it's just a fun piece, there isn't really much to crit, you know? I actually like the eyes. I think they're adorable. I like the green. It's pretty spiffy.

(9854) (link) Oekaki by maemay, total drawing time 7 : 45 : 5

maemay 2008/3/15 - 16:25:30
astronautical 2008/3/16 - 16:23:46
I really love the concept, but I think you need to work on your human (or rather, mermaid) anatomy. The hands and arms, for starters, are a little out of whack (a bit too masculine for a creature known to be feminine), and the folds of skin around her abdomen and breasts are a little...awkward. Also, her head is a tad small.

But otherwise, it's a decent drawing.
larstar 2008/3/17 - 12:41:27
I like the tail bit at the bottom :)... I think I recognise your style from another oekaki board...
jakusama 2008/3/23 - 20:14:45
astronautical, please remember that unless crits are asked for, it's really rather rude to give them. Try and give only compliments unless the artist asks for crits, too. :) Those things you said, too, could be the style. That being said, eyes are always my favorite part of a picture. I think they deliver all the emotion of the picture in one dramatic blow. And I really like these eyes. They're pretty neat. Keep practicing, can't wait to see more!
gleeful1 2008/3/30 - 15:59:24
haha boobs! her expression really draws u in.. she's a mermaid with attitude! =)
lorelai 2008/4/23 - 14:14:10
::mouth hangs open:: =D~

(9853) (link) Oekaki by kira, total drawing time 0 : 41 : 48

kira 2008/3/15 - 12:51:12
gotta get the itch to draw out.. not tattooing anymore ..:(
purrdy 2008/3/16 - 16:56:40
Wow. Love those colors. The background makes her green eyes pop! This is beautiful.
jakusama 2008/3/23 - 20:15:34
Eyes are crazy cool. Love them! And the colors are just awesome, and you can make blue skin a new fashion statement!

(9852) (link) Oekaki by astronautical, total drawing time 0 : 50 : 58

astronautical 2008/3/14 - 18:21:50
Due to an intense boredom that existed within me at such a level previously thought impossible by the scientific world, I got the irrepressible urge to draw Bowser as a human.
It turned out pretty well, but I let a few things out accidentally, but dat okay.

(lulz he looks like my ex-boyfriend)
Drawn with my eternally crappy track/ball mouse.
kira 2008/3/15 - 10:44:12
great idea.. i think the outline is hilarious.! i +fav it!
bananarana 2008/3/16 - 12:52:34
I can totally see it. This is so awesome.
jakusama 2008/3/23 - 20:17:41
Ha! I saw this before I read your description and I'm thinking "I know this guy..." and yeah, it totally fits! I like the scratchy outline on this (which is unusual; I'm a fan of smoothness mostly) because it really adds to the style. I dig it, I dig it. Turned out nicely, good job! (And I like the outline in the background and the crown on the shirt.)

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