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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(2505) (link) Oekaki by my_war_88, total drawing time 2 : 39 : 19

my_war_88 2006/3/16 - 21:16:3
c&c please
monique 2006/3/16 - 21:53:46
his waist it a bit too skinny, but I do like the colors!
They scream: action!
bananarana 2006/3/24 - 0:52:15
I'm sorry to say that I don't know your style, but with this picture, I think bolder lines for the outline would have been FANTASTIC with the vibrant colors. And maybe if some of the sketchiness was cleaned up too. X3 Seeing this makes me think WHOOOOSH! XD
mika-kun 2006/3/27 - 13:34:51
I actually like the skinny waist.....it gives him a comic style superhero look, I could totally see this guy either fighting against or with Spidey, Superman and the Silver Surfer.....
my_war_88 2006/3/28 - 12:1:19
yeah i was tring to go for the whole anime action type of thing with this. and skinny waist are part of my drawing style so please stop telling me about them. and the only reason i didnt clean up the lines better on this is because of my arthitis. i was surprised i did as much as i did with this. any way thats it. and keep the comments coming or suffer foamys squirrelly wrath!!!

(2504) (link) Oekaki by quentara47, total drawing time 2 : 17 : 53

quentara47 2006/3/12 - 14:34:22

This picture is inspired by Terry Pratchett's "Reaper Man". It was hard work but I think it turned out great. Comments please!
lorelai 2006/3/12 - 17:13:12
Totally love it. That ink spilling out of the pen is teh perfect.
jakusama 2006/3/12 - 18:24:48
This is really really neat! I really like the ornate letter D and the lighting on the image is really cool too.
snoopywar 2006/3/12 - 23:11:9
I really like the details here. :D
This is very well done. ^^
blumeaniandglove 2006/3/12 - 23:12:25
that's a very believeable book. Looks wonderful
phil 2006/3/13 - 19:40:16
i see wood grain! i see ink i see awsome lighting effects and the Writing well...wat can i say..i dunno what to say i love it ^_^ especially the D and the little skull! this reaks of effort *sniffs it*
bananarana 2006/3/15 - 16:20:1
Yes yes, Reaper Man! <33Pratchett!<33 Glad you remembered the serifs; a lot of Death pictures I see just have him writing in caps which is only slightly right. :< XD<3
mika-kun 2006/3/27 - 13:35:55
You 'think' it turned out great!?
I 'know' it did.....:)

(2503) (link) Oekaki by phil, total drawing time 2 : 45 : 0

phil 2006/3/6 - 20:37:26
~Come and take my breath away

ive fallen in love wiv the air brush tool while drawing this pic...was bored wiv my normal style so thats why i havent posted in a while.
I think this worked out well so polished room it goes hope thats alright everyone ^_^
lorelai 2006/3/12 - 17:12:39
Great job Phil! I love how much detail went into it, as well as that lock of hair on the right. *hearts* I dunno if I would have made it so large though - I think you are downplaying your own meticulous detail by spreading it over such a large canvas. :o
snoopywar 2006/3/12 - 23:11:49
Her nose. I really like her nose.
The pupils are awesome too.
I like the way her lips are so shiney. O.o
bananarana 2006/3/15 - 16:21:32
Ditto what the two previous to me said! :OOO I love the shading. X3 <3 Blues and violets, yum yum!
meeshy 2006/3/21 - 4:38:17
I'm hypnotized by the eyes.
ryoanna 2006/4/2 - 15:51:6
wow this is awesome! luv the eyes:-)

(incomplete) (link) Oekaki by dark-angel, total drawing time 9 : 2 : 1

dark-angel 2006/3/4 - 19:44:33
C&C Welcome. I spent a lot of time fidling with this but I'm finally done. the star in the background isn't the light sorce but some ppl may get confused with that. I like it there though. Tell your preference wether or not I should get rid of it. A little (ok a lot of) help needed on the shading for the sighth. Can someone help me with the lighting on that please. Oh and if anyone is looking at the animation blea drew a guidline for me to use in blue but I am proud to say I zeroed it and didn't use it. She did however clean up the lines for my legs once and added that knee mark. Other than that I did this myself. Ok talking too much sorry. Please leave comments. ^_^
dark-angel 2006/3/4 - 21:49:53
I got rid of the lighting on the sighth because the lighting just made it look funny but please tell me how to do the lighting on it if you know.
dekutree64 2006/3/5 - 17:12:20
First of all I must say that I really like this. Nice outfit design, and overall mood. There are just a couple of things that are distracting. I don't mean to be overly picky, I just want the picture to be as good as it can be ;_;

First is her head is kind of skewed looking. Try pasting it in a drawing program and flipping it horizontally if you can't see it.
Maybe shift her whole jaw to the left a bit (so it lines up with her nose/mouth/ear) to fix it. Or shift the top of her head to the right, depending on how you want her neck to be bent.

Second, her left hand (the one near the big blade) looks kind of uncomfortable... Try straightening the tip of her thumb out some so it overlaps the other fingers a bit.

For the scythe in low lighting like that, there'd probably just be a small gleam on each blade, wherever the light source reflects off of it and to the camera (maybe about 1/3 of the way along the blades, from the handle).

Good luck^^
dark-angel 2006/3/5 - 18:5:43
Thanks so much for the coment. I see what you mean on the head and I'll struggle to see if I can fix it. The figer position I'll try to fix but i may have to have bleau fix it for me since hands (especially thumbs) are my downfall. Thank you so much and I'll get to work on fixing it right away.
dark-angel 2006/3/5 - 19:0:27
There I fixed the thumb to the best of my ability. I also fixed the light, I hope that's what you meant and the jaw line. I'll stare at it for another couple hours thinkning on how to fix it more. Thanks for your advice it really helped!
phil 2006/3/6 - 20:42:35
i really love the detail u have put into those wings there amazing love the darkness to and the sky
her jaw looks fine to me is inline wiv the ear so i like it nice work
bananarana 2006/3/15 - 16:30:37
Those feathers are WOAAAAHHHHH! Talk about detail! I love the darkness of this piece so much! <3

I'd say something about the scythe to help you out, but unfortunately I sux at anything that involves metal. TT^TT I think the only crit I have is that she looks a little off-balance; perhaps folding her left (our right) leg inwards at the knee would make her seem more balanced? (see cruddy skeletons below for an example of what I mean)
o> o>
/ \ to --> / \
\ \
\ /
bananarana 2006/3/15 - 16:32:11
boo, the little figurines died. </3 1 space limit

(2499) (link) Oekaki by agent-pocky, total drawing time 5 : 19 : 17

agent-pocky 2006/2/26 - 1:8:21
Inspired by this book I read, called Drowning Anna. I read had trouble makion her look like she was actually getting wet... any advice on how to do that would be great. :D

And the timer's off.... I spent a few hours on it, but I also left and forgot this was still up. :p
lorelai 2006/4/3 - 18:52:20
That's a really tough thing to do! I actually think she does look wet, but the water doens't really seem like water, but hopefully you'll get a few other opinions too. One way to make water more liquid-like is to make it clearer - and the waves are so choppy, it looks like she's in the middle of the ocean (but clearly she's standing on the bottom).

(moved) (link) Oekaki by my_war_88, total drawing time 4 : 23 : 28

my_war_88 2006/2/23 - 20:11:17
of course my hands have to start killing me when i start to get into an idea >.< work on it tomorrow...i hope...
my_war_88 2006/2/24 - 19:50:16
ilike how this is turning out ^.^ time to eat
my_war_88 2006/2/24 - 20:47:29
damn hands are killing me!!! so i'll finish this some other time...tomorrow maybe....what you guys think?
snoopywar 2006/2/24 - 20:48:48
It looks awesome so far. :D
my_war_88 2006/2/25 - 22:33:11
mwuahahahahaha.....when this is finished it should be moved to polished or better ...please....
my_war_88 2006/2/26 - 10:48:15
after hours of painful drawing it is finished!!!!!! can i have this moved to polished?
snoopywar 2006/2/27 - 0:9:49
It looks gruesome!!
In a good way. =)
my_war_88 2006/2/28 - 19:41:46
thanks for the move ^.^

(2497) (link) Oekaki by coconut, total drawing time 4 : 8 : 6

coconut 2006/2/21 - 16:0:41
hi! ^___^ i don't know what she's pointing to, lol :D
p_b 2006/2/21 - 18:17:56
this is really cute :) i love the combination of cell shading and water color for the face :D
phil 2006/2/21 - 19:48:31
hi :)
i like her shoes and that thing on her arm :) i think she pointing at the comments:)
snoopywar 2006/2/21 - 21:36:5
She has such a lovely face!
And I also like the ribbons on her stockings. :)
dekutree64 2006/2/22 - 2:53:18
Such cuteness, and awesome shading/color tones. I like the flowery pattern too. I think her neck is a bit wide for her shoulders though, but it's not too noticable.

This makes me want to draw again. I've been so lazy >_<
lavalizard 2006/2/22 - 4:47:24
Kya, such a cute character^_^. Those are some whopper sandals she has on. I love the pose, and the beads and pattern on her scarf thing are cool.
Lovely picture:-)
lorelai 2006/2/23 - 0:48:0
Look mah! ANTS!
tarlinqua 2006/2/26 - 12:18:8
Aw I like her smile :3. And your character design is wicked =D; I love her dress ^^.

(2496) (link) Oekaki by spazzyzombie, total drawing time 2 : 19 : 18

spazzyzombie 2006/2/18 - 15:45:42
ummm... yeah.

blumeaniandglove 2006/2/18 - 16:12:53
holy crap, those patterns are awesome. They catually make the space seem huge, but not empty. Greatly greatly.
phil 2006/2/18 - 21:42:40
i like her hair and the simpleness of this pic but it came out very effective
kaira 2006/2/18 - 22:31:7
The bg is absolutely wonderful. *fawns over it*
xdarkx 2006/2/19 - 1:37:28
O__O *stares @ the background*
wow... very stylish
snoopywar 2006/2/21 - 21:37:13
Awesome background!!! :D
And the girl is extremely pretty. :)
lorelai 2006/2/23 - 0:47:45
holy wowness, are you really teh same person as the person who did the art posted earlier? this is so amazing!!

(2495) (link) Oekaki by phil, total drawing time 1 : 49 : 57

phil 2006/2/14 - 14:50:19
bleau 2006/2/14 - 21:43:2
And I quote "It looks like a bad acid trip" thus sayeth my mom.
It's awesome though, I love that tree. and the bird growin outta the head

twinkledraak 2006/2/15 - 13:0:6
hihi coool :D!! It looks surealistic i like it :)!!!
mika-kun 2006/2/17 - 1:59:27
Wierd, wierd, wierd........and extremely cool!

(2494) (link) Oekaki by bleau, total drawing time 2 : 55 : 24

bleau 2006/2/13 - 19:2:20
Fun fun fun.
This is the least amount of time a picture has taken me in months and months.
p_b 2006/2/13 - 20:44:26
omg all of your pictures are SOCOOL *freaks out*
paultheodore 2006/2/15 - 17:37:23
this is awesome! great colors. Love the duck...
phil 2006/2/15 - 22:55:29
hehehe all i can say is erm wierd? amde me laff tho so u get a + for that
cinder303 2006/2/16 - 22:4:42
I am insanely jealous of your colour, and style :D It's adorable! :D
mika-kun 2006/2/17 - 2:0:53
Gotta hand it to ya! you have a completely kick-a** style......it should so be in a book!
lorelai 2006/2/23 - 0:47:5
ahahahahah! XD
mitsu 2006/2/25 - 18:36:53
Heckyes! This is stylin' like a... well, it's durn awesome. My favorite part? The sine-wave-esque highlights on her hair. :3

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