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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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Kathy 2003/2/28 - 0:2:23
This took too long ^_^; It does look kinda fun, though, doesn't it? I want to ride a turtle T_T
Silent Mooby *Meli* 2003/2/28 - 3:11:45
HOLY STINKY MONKEY BUTTS! o_O; That is so awesome! I can tell you put a lot of time into this oekaki ^_^ My comp would have probably crashed along the way...or I'd lose my connection >_>;; That bacground is just gorgeous! I can't even do that kind of bg in photoshop/painter =_=; *jealousy* At first I thought it was Nerrid from Golden Sun XD Great work!
Draco_Plato 2003/2/28 - 4:36:27
Wow, I'm in awe. Just wow.
Dormando 2003/2/28 - 5:41:41
Ahh, kathy! This rules!!!
k.sama 2003/2/28 - 6:46:50
holy bejeezis! O_O it doesnt even look that oekakkied anymore! wow, its just.. wow @_@
'Jack' 2003/2/28 - 8:17:1
It's tooo perfect..everything is wonderfully drawn...the turtle....girl....i LOVE how you did the water...like i said....it's too perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish i could do something like that...
kitty 2003/2/28 - 14:1:38
cuuuute! i love the colors!! XD
Aya Dragonsheart 2003/2/28 - 14:32:26
KAWWII!!! that is so wonderfully done! your blending is just amazing! ^^ *loves loves*
treespirit 2003/2/28 - 15:12:14
this is amazing..wow, i wish i could create something like this its gorgeous.
padalyn 2003/2/28 - 15:39:45
...can i put this as my computer backround? there is no higher praise that i can give ;P
Kathy 2003/2/28 - 21:10:31
~!! Thanks so much for your encouragement everyone!

And I would be honored if you wanted to use this computer bg, padalyn ^___^!
Chokora 2003/2/28 - 21:34:32
:O *just... stares in awe* This pic is so detailed, the water, the turtle... So pretty *_*
'Jack' 2003/2/28 - 21:42:49
is it ok if i post it on my site? i'll post that you drew this...and have the link to this site & yours...
Kathy 2003/2/28 - 23:31:17
'Jack': Sure! Wow, I'm so happy you like it enough to want to T_T! Thankyee~
kaira 2003/10/4 - 23:4:54
omg!! It's sooo kyute!!! And that water is beautiful!!! *sigh* I will never figure out how to draw water....

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Kathy 2003/3/1 - 5:20:2
Yes, another pic...I feel like I'm spamming the board ^_^; Sorry~

This was fun to draw, though. And I just realised she has only one wing. Oops!
Catri 2003/3/1 - 6:3:25
OMG!!! This is beautiful! Hey the one wing rocks! The colors, stance, everything is just gorgeous. Rock on Kathy! ~shuffles off and is inspired~
'Jack' 2003/3/1 - 9:7:41
OMG, this is GOOD! No wait, EXCELLENT!!!! How can you do that!?! You got talent!!!! I love how you did the shading and thw whole background...i wish i could do that..XD
chrislagace 2003/3/1 - 9:26:51
wow. *_* the wings are awsome. and the hair is really nice too.^_^
k.sama 2003/3/1 - 9:47:43
wow, you just keep poppin these out, huh. @_@ this is beautiful, the wing looks so col an unusual, i love the background too.
Ace 2003/3/1 - 9:51:8
Really nice, Kathy. You draw so beautiful. :) ACE out!

padalyn 2003/3/1 - 11:56:2
its beautiful-cant say anymore-in shock at the niceness
Shin-chan 2003/3/1 - 14:40:54
I really like your work
the colours are so soft, and your line is not black! gives it a all new look! ^_^
Hannah 2003/3/1 - 14:50:59

hitotsu 2003/3/1 - 16:11:44
i love the movement in this pic ^o^ the colours are great, and her tatoos are so cool! the sky is neat too, and i love the shading X3
Padder 2003/3/1 - 20:1:57
hmmyeah. this IS good. love the arms.

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Marine 2003/2/25 - 7:16:27
Hi!I'm new this room^^
This pic is Godess.

padalyn 2003/2/25 - 7:33:4
thats really pretty! she looks like...shes up in the clouds or something!
treespirit 2003/2/25 - 14:24:44
wow amazing...it looks so detailed...i enjoy the colors
Ranran 2003/2/25 - 23:28:56
Omg!!! This is so beautiful!!! I love the colours u used and its just like o_O
Draco_Plato 2003/2/26 - 18:59:29
Gorgeous, I love your style.
Aya Dragonsheart 2003/2/27 - 4:1:43
wow that looks so pwetty 0_0 i loves it!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by , total drawing time

Raksha 2003/2/15 - 22:44:41
T-T I had appx six heart-attacks in five seconds. Why? Cause I kept accidentalyy deleting my pic, and thank goodness for that little thing that popped up saying that I could reapply my doodle. *passes out*
treespirit 2003/2/16 - 0:41:16
that is so lovely it really is great
amazing colors and the way you used them
Rak 2003/2/16 - 13:38:51
Thanks treespirit. *smile*
Draco_Plato 2003/2/16 - 15:38:34
Pretty, I love your colors. And the wings are so good. Wow, and the BG is just...wow. Your style reminds me of Chibi old school CLAMP (back when they still tried~ X and MKR being from that time).
padalyn 2003/2/16 - 22:51:48
that pic...is so awsome...would you mind terribly if i downloaded it as a backround for my computer? pretty pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez? i love the colours!
Enshoku 2003/2/17 - 2:32:19
The background is wonderful! The chibi person is so cute too!
Becky 2003/2/17 - 3:31:32
This is so cute! I love her outfit and the colors you used.
Raksha 2003/2/17 - 9:45:12
Sure you may download it, but I must have recofnition, okay?
*smiiile* XD
padalyn 2003/2/17 - 14:46:38
thank you thank you thank you! it looks so pretty on my comfuter! ...i'll tell everyone that i did it, not, you did it *but i wish i did*
EmmyLou 2003/2/18 - 0:44:11
OH! WOW! I love this XD It reminds me of MKR, the Girl in the begining whom sadly passed away... something with a 'P' anywho, Nice blend of colors. The shadings make this picture the most wonderful, I mean look at the shading on those wings and how bright the dress is... This is amazing.. I am completely in 'awe'!!!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by , total drawing time

doodlebug 2003/2/12 - 23:41:29
hehe... dunno if jellyfish day is still going on, but i thought it was a cute idea. ^^ this is my first completed oekaki, done with a mouse... tiz alright, i guess.
sylver_dream 2003/2/13 - 0:26:32
Awww! This looks so cute and soo real too! I wish I could draw and color that good.
EmmyLou 2003/2/13 - 1:29:20
WOWO! I am in shock! This is sooooo awesome! YAY!
Mishie 2003/2/13 - 3:2:39
Whoa! That is toooo cute! The coloring is so smooth. ^_^ Great job, indeed!!
Silent Mooby *Meli* 2003/2/13 - 5:8:24
OMG, that is so frickin' CUTE! I love how you managed to capture the transparency of the jellyfish! SO CUTE! *steals it*
Megs 2003/2/13 - 7:10:54
Awwww~~~~~~~~ That is so adorable!!! *squees much* Amazing job!!~~~ ^__^!
treespirit 2003/2/13 - 10:30:34
whoa YAY! This is a super cool awesome jellyfish day pic. Dah..I really want ti have a web pge and just put up everyone's jellyfish day pics. That would be so cool! I can't believe how 3-dimaensional you made this look. Oh yes...and great use of complimentary colors. ^_^ I love complimentary colors. Hehe.
Button 2003/2/13 - 14:57:23
this is just too cute!!! *speechless*
padalyn 2003/2/13 - 15:14:23
that is so absolutly awsome that there is barely a catagory to put it in! i think you need a trophy for this masterpiece!
hannah 2003/2/13 - 16:51:56
oh ye gods. extremely freaking cute.
kaira 2003/10/4 - 23:6:33
Awwww... so cute!! ^_^

(moved) (link) Oekaki by , total drawing time

Megs 2003/2/12 - 4:12:44
Happy (very) Belated Birthday Kou~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!

padalyn 2003/2/12 - 8:39:35
thats really, really, REALLY good!
treespirit 2003/2/12 - 11:36:24
i love your pictures with this style...i looks so amazing...and I still love the colors you use hehe ^_^
Raksha 2003/2/12 - 15:5:2
^_^ WAIIIII!!!! That's so damn good! hat is a beautiful piece you should be very proud of! It RAWKS!
Button 2003/2/12 - 17:15:48
this is soo cool! i love the numbers and writing in the background. how do you have the patience for something like this? =)
Maggie Sue 2003/2/12 - 19:30:24
yeah *really wants Megs's talent* this is amazing... It's very tranquil because of the expression, and at the same time almost melancholy(spell?)... very cool.
Button 2003/2/12 - 20:8:30
i just thought of something and had to say it: doesn't the background kinda look like the matrix?
Maggie Sue 2003/2/12 - 21:45:6
heh, the Matrix has you, Button... it kinda does with all the text and numbers...
EmmyLou 2003/2/13 - 1:5:19
I LOVE IT MEGS! The profile is awesome, and anything that reminds me of the Matrix, as Button and Maggie pointed out, is a great thing! May 15th everyone!!!
Button 2003/2/13 - 10:37:4
yup yup, i can't wait to see the second one (matrix reloaded? i think that's what its called) i will be spending may 15 at the movies!
ViVa 2003/2/13 - 17:25:40
This ;ppls awesome! I love the background ^^ hehe.. it looks so symbol-ish... The thingon the forehead looks like some music rotated notes swapped around.
amantha 2003/2/13 - 18:33:45
Wow, I am just here to look at a friend's work, but I had to stop to say this is amazing. I don't know how you guys do it, but all this stuff is very cool.

(moved) (link) Oekaki by , total drawing time

Raksha 2003/2/10 - 18:56:48
padalyn 2003/2/10 - 19:38:36
the jellyfish is great!i like the expressions on it and the boy ;)
treespirit 2003/2/10 - 19:40:35
hey now....XD this is great!! Ish sho cute too! awwww love the expressions. I love the way you draw jellyfish...and you drew this ones tenticle thingies hanging down and going over his(or her?) arms. :D And I love the way you drew the person..the pose, the perspective...but most of all I love the persons little bottom. It's soo cute. Hehehe.
Rak 2003/2/10 - 19:47:25
Gah, it was supposed to look like Kyou from Fruits Basket... ^^ but thanks for the compliments!
Mogily 2003/2/10 - 20:2:53
Hee. That's so cute ^__^ Those expressions are priceless~ :D
Mishie 2003/2/10 - 20:14:3
Happy Jellyfish day to you, too! ^____^ This is soooo cute, I really like the jellyfish!
Crow 2003/2/10 - 20:37:21
*glomps* Kawaii! :) Meesa lubs it much! Kyonkichi (Ayame's nickname for Kyou) is uber kawaii and it does look like him! *huggles*
Chokora 2003/2/10 - 20:47:37
Waaaaah it's *adorable*!! I love teh way you drew their expressions, and i like the 'background' XD The colors are really nice to the eye, too :P And Kyou! Kyouuu~! XD!!! I love him :P You should've probably drawn his bracelet, though, it would've made him more... 'recognizable' :P
Draco_Plato 2003/2/10 - 21:7:11
Oh my gosh, that's so cute. I love the coloring on this. Hah, I knew it was Kyo!! Maybe cause I've been watching it over and over (I love that show, ah Shigure rocks!!!) And the Jellyfish is awesome, my fave so far ^^
Button 2003/2/10 - 21:16:28
this is soo cute!! i love the jellyfish and the kid!! i have never watched that show though.
i love how you drew the jellyfish's tentacles and yep he's got a cute lil' butt!
Rak O.o 2003/2/10 - 21:20:26
GAH! I can't beleive I forgot the bracelet! T-T
hitotsu 2003/2/10 - 22:44:1
kawaii!! their expressions are just TOO CUTE X3
Silent Mooby *Meli* 2003/2/11 - 4:16:25
OMG, that is so cute @_@ *steals jellyfish...and the cute boy* XD
Solcress 2003/2/11 - 4:32:54
omgggggg sooo cute i love jelly fish day T___T
it would be kick arse if everyone gets one of these jelly fish caps and wear them on jelly fish day and eat jelly fish for lunch ;)

Rak 2003/2/11 - 9:48:25
*steals jellyfish 'n Kyou back from Mooby* XD Danke!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by , total drawing time

Maggie Sue 2003/2/11 - 22:43:14
Yeah, I call it "Obsession" done with a mouse... I really like my guitar, heh... my hand really hurts. Don't know how long it took, but my butt's starting to go numb... *smiles to herself*
sylver_dream 2003/2/11 - 23:48:24
Wow this is really good.You are so talented, I can't even draw a stick figure with my mouse aargggg.
Well keep up the great work ok! =)
Chokora 2003/2/12 - 0:22:54
A mouse? You're insane. :P Seriously. XP! Anyway, I love the red, and the colors are so smooth :D
treespirit 2003/2/12 - 0:28:7
YAY more monochromatic red work...I like this very much. it's beautiful...i love how realistic it is
Maggie Sue (again) 2003/2/12 - 0:34:1
Omg... it kinda looks short... oh well. I'm not insane, I've just never had enough spare cash to buy a tablet...heh.
padalyn 2003/2/12 - 8:37:15
thats beautiful, seriosl, there isnt anything bad about it, its just...just....ahhhhhhhhhhh *my brain is going on overdrive because of its goodness*
Button 2003/2/12 - 17:13:51
EmmyLou 2003/2/13 - 0:47:47
Maggie Sue! I bow before you! :-D
kaira 2003/10/4 - 23:8:7
oooo... kaira sees a hand... pretty hand... *stares* ^_^

(moved) (link) Oekaki by , total drawing time

Laura 2003/2/1 - 23:19:58
This took quite a bit of time. The ref I used can be found here: [link]
Enjoy ^_^
Button 2003/2/1 - 23:23:3
Your art is just so beautiful! I love it. I was on the board when you submitted it, but I couldn't see your comment at first. I knew it was you that had drawn this right away!
this looks exactly like her. beautifully done!
sarah 2003/2/1 - 23:48:51
So pretty!
I hate Arwen but this is... pretty... No other way to describe it. ^__^
Becky 2003/2/2 - 0:42:18
Awesome!! Your so good at realisic pictures. I love this. looks just like her. =)
pif 2003/2/2 - 3:52:55
O_O woah.... just.. woah..... totally beautiful!
Maggie Sue 2003/2/2 - 4:14:16
*loves Arwen* this is so cool! I'm mostly impressed with how you fit it on such a tiny canvas and still had all that detail.
Betelgeuse 2003/2/2 - 4:14:26
ahhh, so pretty. loooove the colors..
MilkShake 2003/2/2 - 10:48:14
*is speechless*
hitotsu 2003/2/2 - 11:39:39
so pwetty *o* looks just like here X3
Michiru 2003/2/2 - 14:28:7
SUGOI!!! sugoisugoisugoi! I -LOVE- Liv Tyler. She's so awesome....and she's Arwen =D You did really well! I was going to something just like this of Legolas but I havent found a picture of him that I really want to do. Wonderful shading *.* You are now my favorite artist here. =D
hannah 2003/2/2 - 14:47:0
laura... really... this is amazing. i envy.

(but might i ask, where are the hobbitses? the hobbitses??? ;_;)
Chokora 2003/2/2 - 23:39:50
Waaah pretty! *_* It looks exactly like the real pic!
EmmyLou 2003/2/3 - 0:46:20
Arwen is the best.. this is so pretty!
legolasbowking 2004/1/25 - 0:7:56
I dont like your choice of characters (Frodo Arwen) but you make them look so good!!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by , total drawing time

Screaming_Marshmellow 2003/1/31 - 2:53:51
GWAH!!! HOW LONG'S IT BEEN!!!! MY GAWD!!! I MISSED YOU GUYS!!!!!!!! @_X!!! (haha people 'member moi??? ^^;; hehe) c&c welcome!
mini shinigami 2003/1/31 - 5:17:33
i remember!!! great pic. i like the gray outlines. ^_^
Amethyst Citrine 2003/1/31 - 7:50:10
The hair looks great, and the expression's so cute. The eyes are gorgeous. *_* - Amy.
hitotsu 2003/1/31 - 10:25:46
EEE!!! i remember u X3 hehehe..ur art is always so good *o*! i really like the softness of this pic. I think the grey outlines really make a difference ^~ kekeke
treespirit 2003/1/31 - 10:28:25
of course you are remembered ^_^...i adore your style <nods> yep yep....this is so cool looking....I like the hair and the nose and the mouth...ok...scratch all that....i shall sum it up by saying I like the whole thing! Awesome colors.
pif 2003/1/31 - 11:7:35
TUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKY!!! *tackle* awsome art, as always. her nose is so cute!!
Button 2003/1/31 - 11:8:5
yeah, i remember you! this is great. i really like how you drew her face. this is really cute!
Betelgeuse 2003/1/31 - 21:52:51
eeeee, hi! where have you been, dammit?! :D beautiful pic. love the eyes, and nose! the coloring too ^_^
Kath 2003/2/1 - 14:39:54
Eeh! Marshmellow! Hi! She's so cute, I love her expression.
watermelon 2004/11/17 - 0:6:2
omg, she is soo cute! and here hair is so shiiiny :D

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