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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(128) (link) Oekaki by selankatt, total drawing time 1 : 1 : 18

selankatt 2004/1/18 - 17:18:6
To Insomniel: because the picture of your boy with the big nose turned me into a fangirl, for just one second. :P
(but I still <3 him)
coleslaw 2004/1/18 - 19:13:56
if i draw a picture that turns you into a fangirl, will you draw me a picture? :D

awesome job, i love yoru style! great hand, i love the heart :D awesome writing and shading and hair! awesome job ♥
selankatt 2004/1/18 - 19:26:25
Of course I will. :3
insomniel 2004/1/22 - 15:11:57
aaaaaah, your version is the hotness! what did i do to deserve such hotness? thanks so much, i will treasure it forever! *feels special*

(127) (link) Oekaki by casper, total drawing time 0 : 57 : 33

casper 2004/1/18 - 0:38:21
For Mon,
You requested :)
Well technically I asked for a request from you but whatever.
kodocha 2004/1/18 - 9:12:4
Awwww. Thats really cute.
coleslaw 2004/1/18 - 11:47:42
omg, that is so awesome! great care bear, i love your handwriting! awesome job, this is truly cool! :D and you even obeyed the rule of 45 minutes! geez, you are like my idol XD
casper 2004/1/18 - 18:2:17
lol, WOW coleslaw likes it! Thanks :D

I love your work coleslaw, always looks so nice. I I've saved a lot of them on my computer...lol
coleslaw 2004/1/18 - 19:16:59
i'm honored, thanks so much! this picture is truly so cute ♥

(moved) (link) Oekaki by twinkledraak, total drawing time 0 : 37 : 47

twinkledraak 2004/1/13 - 8:6:6
Mifune a character from me & bluekatt :)!
I hope everbody likes her ;)!
She is a kitty :3...mew...:D


*Wel it's a gift for bluekatt but, he isn't member from taco so i hope its fine that i put it into this room XD*
nakisa 2004/1/13 - 13:1:48
Hey, Sorry I had to move this, whether the person's at TACo or not, it's a gift at the end of the day :) Very cute character non-the-less ^_^
selankatt 2004/1/13 - 13:19:31
45 minute minimum on gifts, please. :O But it's already been moved so I won't bother.

I like the shirt! reminds me of that fabric that changes color under the light.
twinkledraak 2004/1/13 - 13:29:29
Thank you fort you comments and jes you are both are right. I,m sorri..-_-! Was somewhere else with my thoughts today..x_X * we got a flooding in the cellar today because it rains so much lately -__-*
mika-kun 2004/1/13 - 18:36:41
Hiya Simone, love the Chun-li hair, it goes strangely well with cat ears...... and just incase you wondering....yep Mika's back! *hugs*
twinkledraak 2004/1/14 - 4:31:16
Cool mika is back :D!
hug for you ;)

(125) (link) Oekaki by redstorm, total drawing time 4 : 12 : 58

redstorm 2004/1/10 - 21:56:54
Meep. Well, I tried fer ya... And it's been how long since I've did one of these? Looks like ReD has to put oil in those ol' gears of his because his skills are all rusty... X3;;;
Well, anyway, this be fer my dear friend Coleslaw... Happy belated birthday! *tackle huggles* :3
And ye can't say I didn't try, because I just did. XD *scampers off*
kodocha 2004/1/10 - 22:6:9
I love the fluffy-ness of the ears! It so cool!
monkeyman 2004/1/11 - 15:31:38
grear coloring job!! i like the face
tarren 2004/1/11 - 17:35:1
thats so cute ^^ *steals the ears*
kaira 2004/1/11 - 21:53:11
FLOOFIENESS!!! ^_^ *pokes the ears* ^_^
coleslaw 2004/1/12 - 14:26:23
ay !! this is awesome!!!!!!!!! omg, thanks sooo much ^_^ i totally wasn't expecting htis, even though i requested it!!!!!!! LOL!! thanks sooo much, i love it ^_^ aww, the little person is so cute ^_^

(moved) (link) Oekaki by coleslaw, total drawing time 0 : 9 : 23

coleslaw 2004/1/10 - 20:23:34
i actually had to refresh this 10 minutes into it, i started another picture but my internet froze and i had to refresh and it's a looong story, but i promise this took the time limit! this is to demo-demo, because i know that mime/clowns are her favorites XDD
lorelai 2004/1/10 - 21:14:5
i'm moving this to the gift room okay :DDD also remember there's a 45 minute minimum for gift room (or at least an appearance of 45 min of effort! XD)
demo-demo 2004/1/10 - 21:49:28
AAAAACKK!! *hides from it*

ohhh, coleslaw, you evil evil thing you!! using your skills for the forces of evil!!

just kidding. :D it's cute! i want to poke it's big nose. *poke*
coleslaw 2004/1/12 - 14:28:29
thanks, lorelai ^_^ just trying to keep that 45 min time limit in mind for this picture ^_^

Demo-Demo, i'm so glad you liked it! XD lol, i thought it was funny that you specifically listed that as your fear/dislike, i had to draw this XDD alright, i'm glad i got that out of my system ^_^ ♥
embo 2004/1/12 - 23:1:3
;heart& i want little hearts too! >:O
coleslaw 2004/1/14 - 15:38:19
& heart ; :D
coleslaw 2004/1/14 - 15:39:36
* & hearts ;

♥ :D
embo 2004/1/31 - 20:49:53
♥ hehehe

(123) (link) Oekaki by padalyn, total drawing time 3 : 18 : 49

padalyn 2004/1/7 - 21:41:19
to me friend 0706
embo 2004/1/10 - 17:12:2
DUCT TAPE SHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and crazy crazy curls :O :O :O


<3 <3 <3

>:D emoticon lovemaking <:O
coleslaw 2004/1/12 - 14:29:27

<:O C:< <--- altered emoticon lovemaking

coleslaw 2004/1/12 - 14:30:16
sorry, hit enter too soon XDD great job, the wings are superb!!! you have reeally cool handwriting, and i love the curls XD

<:O C:<

(122) (link) Oekaki by hanna, total drawing time 1 : 24 : 24

hanna 2004/1/1 - 13:24:30
Happy new year TACo!! Take off like 45 minutes because i ate and did stuff (x This is gonna be such a great year =D hanna will graduate, turn 18, and go to college! yay! lol.

monkeyman 2004/1/1 - 17:29:21
ah great job on the moon, i like it. and also i like the tonage use!
monkeyman 2004/1/1 - 17:30:34
haha i just notice the 2004 in the bg!
embo 2004/1/1 - 17:35:49
ahhh!! the star idea is so cool! what cute lineart :D i think everything looks lovely, but the hair could have used some more shading.

*eats moon* :3 purrty
casper 2004/1/1 - 21:57:1
Cool, I wouldn't have noticed the 2004 in the background if someone didn't mention it.

(121) (link) Oekaki by sweater-morph, total drawing time 2 : 22 : 58

sweater-morph 2003/12/31 - 22:28:55
Its Clara!! For Erin!!
stardust 2004/1/1 - 1:35:44
ee! *squeals* it looks jus like her! Ur better at her hair then i am! (luf the dress! Very Chobit-e XD) thank you thank you thank you! *death huggles* WHEEEEEE! =3
monkeyman 2004/1/1 - 12:54:16
haha great job. i luv it. great job on the face and ears. i like the hair too. GREAT job!!!

(120) (link) Oekaki by hitotsu, total drawing time 1 : 16 : 26

hitotsu 2003/12/30 - 19:6:26
Take off 30 minutes. I had dinner and watched tv ^^;;

anyways, for COLESLAW XD~! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! I haven't the time lately to draw much, which is you're getting this now x___x and really sorry for the suckage of this pic. Especially the head T_T; ugh...*ashamed*
monkeyman 2003/12/30 - 19:14:10
suckage!?! yah right!! thats awesome, i love it!! the bg is so vibrant, and i REALLY like the style. your pics are great!
im jealouse!
hitotsu 2003/12/30 - 19:15:27
*wants to put a paperbag over her head* ugh! so big and messed up ><; I will eventually draw you a much better version of her...
gleeful1 2003/12/30 - 19:32:33
o_O great character design! XD nice handwriting too! you may think this sucks, but i bet everybody else in TACo thinks this is super awesome. ur pic puts my b-day pic for coleslaw to shame. ><
kodocha 2003/12/31 - 10:8:36
Wow! THIS IS WONDERFUL! I love it!!
coleslaw 2004/1/1 - 15:30:38
woah! holy crap, i didn't think i'd get any bday pics, let alone the great ones i got from you guys ^_^;; thanks so much! this is sooo cool, i love it and you have great handwriting XD wow, that's really cool..!! thanks sooo much!
hitotsu 2004/1/2 - 10:39:18
coleslaw: you're very welcome ^^ i tried to redraw her (because that head STILL bothers me) but it just gets worse and worse....gomen T_T;

(119) (link) Oekaki by casper, total drawing time 0 : 54 : 47

casper 2003/12/27 - 22:8:9
hanna 2003/12/29 - 21:3:2
u i don't think u kno me, but i like spongebob! hehe this is cute!! :o)
cherber 2003/12/30 - 8:30:44
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea...? That's great! Really good drawing of spongebob! Nice stuff!
blue_bubbles 2004/1/17 - 23:30:44

(moved) (link) Oekaki by gleeful1, total drawing time 2 : 27 : 44

gleeful1 2003/12/27 - 17:7:40
!!!happy b-cay coleslaw!!! hope u likes X]
coleslaw 2003/12/27 - 19:5:29
YAY! good birthday for me TuT thanks so much!! i really like the eye shadow :D :D :D thanks so much!
embo 2003/12/27 - 20:1:56
*moves to gift room* This is so awesome cath! I absolutely adore your shading and the color scheme is so stylish! great job! :D
gleeful1 2003/12/28 - 22:38:37
oops, sorry for that! ^^' well, i'm glad that u guys liked it!
ketsuki 2003/12/29 - 19:22:18
Wow, nice!~ I can never draw bodies right...but u do it well!~
monkeyman 2003/12/29 - 20:39:0
i like the hair and the contrasts of the lights and darks.
cherber 2003/12/30 - 8:29:50
I love the shape and the cool background! Colours are great!

(118) (link) Oekaki by kiwi, total drawing time 27 : 29 : 24

kiwi 2003/12/27 - 15:52:42
Hihi! I know it's a bit late, but this is my holiday pic for everyone at TACo and all fruits basket fanatics too! (I hope this can stay in the gift room...) heh ... anyway, enjoy! (i started this yesterday then forgot about it so don't mind the timer ^^;)
sakura 2003/12/27 - 16:26:31
Wow.. O.O Hot. :3 Hehehe Happy holidays! I love the fuzzy towel and his hair and everything!
ironicmonkeyy 2003/12/27 - 17:25:54
EEEEE! KYOU!!!! ^____^
ketsuki 2003/12/29 - 19:24:45
KYOU KYOU!~ *squeals* So luverly...:) Yes happy holidays indeed!~ *stares at pretty coloured skin and fluffy towel...YUM!
monkeyman 2003/12/29 - 20:39:40
great job on the ear! i wish i could do ears!
cherber 2003/12/30 - 8:28:58
Eeep! Fanservice! What a cutie patootie! Great skintones and highlights too!
kaira 2004/1/9 - 0:43:27
*stares* ....*flying tackle glomp* muwahahahahahaha... ^_^

(117) (link) Oekaki by demo-demo, total drawing time 1 : 20 : 6

demo-demo 2003/12/27 - 11:37:58
happy birthday, coleslaw-sama!!! *tackles*

so, old lady, when do you get your dentures fitted? *grins*

hope your fifteenth year will be your best!
demo-demo 2003/12/27 - 11:46:12
oh, er, and she's sitting on a chair. ^_^;;;
coleslaw 2003/12/27 - 12:5:13
eeeeeeeeeeeee!! thanks so much!! i love this! great perspective on the arms, i like the tummy >:3 i reeeallly love the hair, great job on everything and thanks soooooo much TuT
coleslaw 2003/12/27 - 12:6:7
and woah.. did you call me -sama o_O :D
demo-demo 2003/12/27 - 13:48:37
indeed! *tackles* you are coleslaw-sama. i've always looked up to your art. ^_^
demo-demo 2003/12/27 - 15:4:34
not to mention that you're 4 months older than me. XD 4 months and a day.
cherber 2003/12/30 - 8:27:51
Ilove the highlights on the hair! Nice stuff!

(116) (link) Oekaki by monkeyman, total drawing time 2 : 31 : 55

monkeyman 2003/12/26 - 23:41:21
for coleslaw...i saw that its her b-day tomorrow.
Happy 15!!! and a merry new year!!!
all solids can be fun but you lose some of the effects doing so. C&C very helpful and welcome!
demo-demo 2003/12/27 - 11:39:11
ah, this is beautiful!! i'm sure coleslaw will luff it.

i love her hair. =^_^= *gnaws on the pink-ness*
coleslaw 2003/12/27 - 12:4:31
meep!! thanks so much!!! i love it, hehehe :3 i love the crowd and everything is just so great :D thanks soooooo much!! i'm so happy TuT
cherber 2003/12/29 - 19:17:27
Wow! That's great! Ilove colour and shading on the clothes! Cute pic, and great background!

(114) (link) Oekaki by lorelai, total drawing time 0 : 1 : 36

lorelai 2003/12/26 - 1:33:56
There are some RULE REVISIONS for the Gift Room that all users need to read - click on RULES (top menu) to read them, or click Updates 12/25/03 (sub-top menu) to question/comment in the Oekaki forum regarding the new rules.

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