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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(moved) (link) Oekaki by ksama, total drawing time 1 : 32 : 3

ksama 2003/4/13 - 19:19:51
whoo! nice new boards! ^_^ and yes.. she's supposed to be holding pocky o.o;;
sakura 2003/4/13 - 21:46:27
CUTE!! I luffs pocky tooons! I luffs yer piccy! totally cool!
sfresh 2003/4/14 - 0:3:29
so cute! i just love this one. the pink hair goes well with the green shirt ^__^
draco_plato 2003/4/14 - 0:6:59
Wow, I just love the clean'ness of it all. And those hands rock. Oh and the simple coloring is just great. Wow, I love this pic.
evil-yuffie 2003/4/14 - 7:30:58
That is so cute! And arm warmers rock!!
milkshake 2003/4/15 - 15:28:2
wow, this rules, I love your style.
enshoku 2003/4/15 - 22:43:2
This is so cool. I like the shading. Muwahaha cool headphones. ^_^
chicken21 2003/4/16 - 23:30:23
thats a good pic i hope your proud
dakkichan 2003/4/17 - 8:24:1
Woah, her hair is so sheen, so shiny. The lineart is so neat!
kodocha 2003/6/17 - 10:16:3
watermelon 2004/11/17 - 0:0:30
that is soo goooood! and i really want that top!! :D

(moved) (link) Oekaki by , total drawing time

Becky 2003/4/1 - 0:10:50
Guess who's back!! For some reason I couldn't ever load this site for the longest time, but I tried it today and it worked! so I drew a little demon boy for enjoyment =)
bbp 2003/4/1 - 1:6:38
becky...i fall in love with all your oekakis @_@
insomniel 2003/4/1 - 3:53:29
so lovely... great job with all the details!
excalibur 2003/4/1 - 8:25:49
..I love this :) I dont know why but its awsome...O_O
treespirit 2003/4/1 - 11:37:7
BECKY!!! great to see your work and be able to comment on it...i cant comment on the ones i see at oekaki central...blah on that
this ones so cool! great colors and shading.....love the ears and the hair and the pose...and the texture on the wings
great background too! heck, i love it all
yuffie 2003/4/1 - 12:35:29
Wow that's amazing!!
Sandra 2003/4/1 - 12:59:29
woooaa, this looks like it took a long time! i love the textured wings!
Hannah 2003/4/1 - 16:10:24
the coloring = gawgeous. gawgeous-est gawgeous in the history of ever.
catzoid 2003/4/1 - 18:48:20
*dies from her own drool*
Draco_Plato 2003/4/2 - 2:56:42
This is so awesome. What smooth colors and outlining. Wow....wow
twinkledraak 2003/4/2 - 14:34:44
wow...O.O....really cool!! I love it ^^
Innocent Dreamer 2003/4/2 - 19:15:6
OOOooo! The wings are very nicely done...perdy! ^^
Innocent Dreamer 2003/4/2 - 19:15:10
OOOooo! The wings are very nicely done...perdy! ^^
EmmyLou 2003/4/3 - 4:32:29
YAY!!!! BECKY IS BACK!!! I missed you Becky! YAY!
Tukuyomi 2003/4/3 - 23:55:50
That is some outstanding shading/lighting! For some reason it reminds me of Sora from Kingdom Hearts, though... maybe im broken. ^^ Lovely picture!
spriggan_us 2003/8/3 - 19:37:16
SWEEEET!!!!excellent coloring top notch!!!
spriggan_us 2003/8/3 - 19:37:21
SWEEEET!!!!excellent coloring top notch!!!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by , total drawing time

Tukuyomi 2003/3/23 - 2:55:43
Um... yeah... ^^;
It took too long.
Nakisa 2003/3/23 - 6:45:32
OMG! that is sooooooooooooo awsome!!
I love the clothes she's wearing and the kewl lil tatoo thingi on her arm!
The blood looks really realistic too! ^-^
Draco_Plato 2003/3/23 - 7:46:39
Wow, this is really really good. I love the colors and the thin outlines. And those are great blood splats!
treespirit 2003/3/23 - 9:47:3
oh wow! O_O That is incredible. I love the shading on the skin. The black eyes are so cool looking, and the horns and the wings are GREAT! I like the marking on her arm as well as the bandage thingie. I like how you put all those colors in it. Great piece. XD
Shin-chan 2003/3/23 - 10:41:31
I love this, it's very beautiful...well...maybe beautiful is not the word but, I like it!!!
catzoid 2003/3/23 - 13:5:9
FANTASTIC! *drools*
Enshoku 2003/3/23 - 16:14:18
Wow, this is so nice. I love the coloring and the blood. Blood is cool... yes...
crys 2003/3/23 - 20:55:0
OOO...EEE>>>AHHHH..this ocks eerything!omg its preeeeeetttyy!i!i!i!....i wish i looked like that..>.<

Hannah 2003/3/25 - 16:31:33
oh god. *envious* amazing coloring. she's so cute, ehehe :D
Katzy 2003/3/28 - 0:33:40
*mouth drops open and stays like that* O.O "B-..... b-.... w-... egh-.... "
dormando 2003/9/22 - 19:16:39
Testing comments :)

Quickly running out of privreq bugs.
dormando 2003/9/22 - 19:18:46
Testing comments :)

Quickly running out of privreq bugs.

(moved) (link) Oekaki by sunshine03, total drawing time 2 : 52 : 41

sunshine03 2003/7/30 - 18:20:10
It feels odd to be doing a Johnny Depp pic after seeing the *drool* to die for Orlando Bloom one... hope ming can measure up! *gulp*^^ Hey, what can I say, Johnny Depp is my favourite XD. but I got too lazy to put in the gun and sword.
sunshine03 2003/7/30 - 18:21:21
oops! I was trying to post this in the polished room. :S how do u move it????
mishie 2003/7/30 - 18:24:59
Omg..This is just so amazing. I'm speechless.
mikazukineko 2003/7/30 - 18:53:16
Whoa!!!!!!!!!!! *speechless*
charlie 2003/7/30 - 19:3:1
OOOOOOO MY GOSH!!! IM DIEING! i love this sooooooooooooo MUCH!!! Johnny Depp is my FAVORITE. SO HOT. man i was going to do a pic of him after seeing orlando bloom cuz my lov for Mr. Depp. I lov u I love this. (im so dramatic) >^.^<
majickbunny 2003/7/30 - 19:7:24
AHH! I love him as a pirate, so rugged and manly *huggels*
malubunny 2003/7/30 - 19:37:59
seriously holy crap! that's like....omg! *toches screen*it's so reall! omg! and only ONLY 2 HOURS~!# ur lik,e magic! O_O! i envy ur talent! everything so so AHHH! i'm seirosuly stunned.. congrats
tarren 2003/7/30 - 21:2:44
O.O I love Johnny Depp!!!!!!! ^^ I have that poster!! It's in my roomYAY *drool* Looks so much like him!
mitsu 2003/7/30 - 22:11:48
Holy macaroni and cheese, batman! It's so beautiful! ;_; <-my eyes tearing from the awesomeness-overload ^^
criss 2003/7/30 - 22:12:11
*in complete and utter awe* *touches picture* *feels flesh*
mogily 2003/7/30 - 23:41:1
This is an -oekaki-? o_o *dies* It's so beautiful *__* just like a real photo~~~~
...I NEED to see this movie o__o *dies again*
casper 2003/7/31 - 1:6:35
celestialchild 2003/7/31 - 1:30:27
Damn... great shading. I did that bandana!
rubyfang 2003/7/31 - 1:47:50
O.O This belongs in polished. Now.
*stares some more*
This is incredible realism (and good taste in subject matter, too ^_^).
draco_plato 2003/7/31 - 3:56:30
Ah!! He's so cool!!! It looks exactly like him!!! You're great!!
gleeful1 2003/7/31 - 11:57:13
when i was scrolling through the doodle room, i thought i was in the polished b/c it was sooooo superbly well-drawn! my gosh! u did this without a reference???????!!!!!!! everything is sooooo incredibly detailed! i like how u made him sorta fade into the blackness and i esp. like how u drew and shaded the bandana - awesomeness!!!!
sunshine03 2003/7/31 - 16:29:29
w/out reference? Eek, heck no, I'd have died! o.0 lol, wow, thank u all... *blush*
enshoku 2003/7/31 - 20:18:34
*drool* o_o
coleslaw 2003/7/31 - 20:57:28
oh my effing goodness (can i say effing? o_O) this is the most gorgeous thing i've ever seen in my lifetime. johnny depp is so gorgeous in that movie.. WAY sexier than orlando (in that movie) woah. i just want to vacantly stare at this forever. that's so beautiful. congrats on giving him lips w/o making him femine. that's pretty difficult ^_^ unreal, i've never seen such a teriffic picture. that's truly phenominal. i can't stop looking at it. it's gorgeous... omg. i can't believe this isn't a photo!! job WELL done!
hitotsu 2003/7/31 - 22:0:13
whoo! this looks like a real photograph o_o;; sugoii....*is envious of ur talent*
chokora 2003/8/1 - 1:33:2
Oh. My. God. O_____O It's the overly droolable million-mascara/eyeliner-layered Johnny Depp! And I could've sworn this was a real picture... or an oil painting... Even the ribbon thing is so detailed... This is wonderful, really. *continues to stare in awe* This is NOT an oekaki. x_X
bebun 2003/8/1 - 2:20:36
wow! great lighting!

kodocha 2003/8/1 - 8:9:56
Oh Johnny Depp.................. ^_^ *kiss*
beexserk 2003/8/1 - 15:1:13
naty 2003/8/2 - 2:8:25
*jaw drops* *blinks* This MUST be a photo!! You are great!! i agree! Johny Depp is manly!! XD Very Very VERY Remarkable! I'm in sheer respect! 0o0
shiningpebble 2003/8/2 - 11:5:57
wow this looks exactly like him. i love your shading. its soooooo good.......drools XD...
sakura 2003/8/8 - 18:42:21
GAWD it's just so good, so realistic... -dies from hotness-
nikkis 2003/9/30 - 7:35:17
OH...my...GOD! What a beautiful picture! *don't know what to say* It's....amazing, really.

And Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow is sooo hot! He must be the sexiest person alive ^^
kaira 2003/10/4 - 22:55:57
ahhhhhhh!!! It's sooooo beautiful!!! *glomps* ^_^
ironicmonkeyy 2004/1/1 - 16:35:38
legolasbowking 2004/1/25 - 10:23:41
It doesnt look exactly like him but it does look terribly realistic!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by , total drawing time

Sandra 2003/3/31 - 12:48:24
treespirit 2003/3/31 - 13:7:51
wow <jaw drops>.......O_O wow..i am just in awe....'o' the background...those lips those eyes @_@ hun, this is AMAZING!!! i cant stop saying "WOW" simply lovely
Mitsu 2003/3/31 - 14:33:23
^o^ Gorgeous!!!
Arrr, the glitteriness is absolutely fabulous, dahling >P
Kagome 2003/3/31 - 18:16:50
kyahh!...soo beautiful!...so realistic! i love the sparklee-ness too!..*twinkly-twinkly*
Cessy 2003/3/31 - 19:0:22
Oooh, this is SO pretty! Just wow! It looks so realistic, great job on the colors especially!
hitotsu 2003/3/31 - 20:18:37
SANDRA! havent sen ur art here is so long T_T this is so pwetty..looks kinda like realism..her lip is just amazing too *o*
Hannah 2003/4/1 - 16:14:12
saaaandraaaaaaaaaaa! :D & where have you been? *shakes finger at YOU* because your art is beyond awesome & i have missed it a lot. i think this is my favorite i have seen from you.
catzoid 2003/4/1 - 18:50:31
I love it! It's all real but not...>^..^<
bbp 2003/4/1 - 19:28:8
amazing O_O
Tukuyomi 2003/4/3 - 23:51:41
Woah.... I love the sparkly~shinyness!!!!
beexserk 2003/5/28 - 19:56:20
beexserk 2003/5/28 - 19:56:39
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH!! WOAH! WOAH! woah my gosh you are too good .\/. *jealous*
ellie 2003/6/16 - 2:15:42
I know this is an older pic, but it's SO BEAUTIFUL, I HAVE to comment. I love the light to it - it's just GORGEOUS!!
kaira 2003/10/4 - 22:57:1
OMG it's soooo beautiful... I love the eyes... they're like... shinny ^_^
watermelon 2004/11/17 - 0:1:57
i feel so calm when i look at it :D

(moved) (link) Oekaki by , total drawing time

Betelgeuse 2003/3/21 - 17:22:55
I present to you a fruity-looking guy for your amusal!
bbp 2003/3/21 - 17:23:4
BETEL!! hes hot!
hitotsu 2003/3/21 - 17:34:34
woot..i love his shirt. The fabric is drawn so well, and his eyes *o* sugoi! and ur colouring is amazing..and a plus on ur bg too XD
pif 2003/3/21 - 19:14:16
i adore the coloring. awsome oekaki!
Betelgeuse 2003/3/21 - 19:43:38
amusal??? i kept looking at that and thinking... "what the hell is wrong with that word?" and then i realized--it, in fact, is not a word! i meant amusement. *slinks off*
Screaming_Marshmellow 2003/3/21 - 22:7:23
crys 2003/3/21 - 22:13:49
i love this!..i need a webbie site that teahces you how to draw..geeze..i need soo much practice..and also a tabbbielet that works..cuz i do it in mouse..>.<..well great job!!!loveded it loveded it..i agreee...he is cute!
Shin-chan 2003/3/21 - 22:55:30
this is really cute ^_^ *waves at the guy*
MilkShake 2003/3/22 - 4:43:44
this is so cool, I love that hand, it looks so hand like! well, yes, I guess that's what you were going for....>.<
Laine 2003/3/22 - 21:15:50
Awesome! He looks just like that guy from the Monkey Island games - er.. but I forget his namte ^^;; Nice background too.
Betelgeuse 2003/3/22 - 21:32:38
Ahh, Laine you're right! He looks like Guybrush Threepwood!! (I loooove Monkey Island *_*)
Betelgeuse 2003/3/22 - 21:33:25
Oh, and thanks for all the comments ^_^;;
seven 2003/3/23 - 0:23:37
'tis a hand.......i luff hand.
*chops it off and quietly sneaks away*
Chokora 2003/3/23 - 2:48:54
Wow, the pic is small, but.... SO MUCH DETAIL! The background is just awesome, the skin is so smooth, and that shirt is just so cool XD

(moved) (link) Oekaki by , total drawing time

Screaming_Marshmellow 2003/3/19 - 0:41:0
woo ^_^ this on goes with my other one yip yip
Chokora 2003/3/19 - 2:7:58
I know I've probably said this a bilion times already, but your pics scare me. XP Still, they're gorgeous. I love your way of coloring *_*
bbp 2003/3/19 - 3:21:59
wow.. torture beyond torture..your pics blow my mind
bbp 2003/3/19 - 3:22:16
in a good way of course
hitotsu 2003/3/19 - 6:53:36
ah..sm! ur art is always so good *o* this one ish sorta scary, but either way its still very cool ^^ torture isnt good tho >_>;;;
hitotsu 2003/3/19 - 7:0:11
hehehe, and i get how this relates to ur pic below...this girl is the thing the person is controlling right?
Screaming_Marshmellow 2003/3/19 - 13:2:49
yoopa. something like that ^_^;
Hannah 2003/3/19 - 14:32:43
you = extremely rockful.
crys 2003/3/19 - 20:49:58
i just love this!!!!...geeze compared to urs and mine..urs rock!!!!!..i love how u can just take anything and make it look coolioes!!!!..well yea leep up the good drawings!!!(she needs a shirt)lol
Shin-chan 2003/3/20 - 0:1:58
kekekek XD
this is really cool!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by , total drawing time

Tukuyomi 2003/3/20 - 20:48:14
Well, I like this one more than the last... again, sorry for the nudity. I don't know whats with me today, i usually draw people with clothes, i swear!
Amethyst Citrine 2003/3/20 - 20:59:28
WOWhat's shading's great, and the mermaid's so beautiful!! Even the bubbles are gorgeous! I love the shading under her breasts, and those cool orange markings rock! And the hair is soooo pretty! I really really really like the silhouette of the mermaid in the background, and I wuv it when people draw mermaids' ears like that! Awesomeness! *_* :D - Amy.
Amethyst Citrine 2003/3/20 - 21:0:26
WOWhat's = WOW, That ...^^; - Amy.
Hannah 2003/3/20 - 21:4:26
ahh, everything is gawgeous. especially the bubbles.
catzoid 2003/3/20 - 21:24:42
*sucks in breath* by the stars...that is fantastic! how on earth did you do those bubbles?!?!? *worships you*
chrislagace 2003/3/20 - 22:35:9
wow i never thought i would think a girl with blue skin was attractive. *_* very nice. I like those orange things on her skin. ^_^
Draco_Plato 2003/3/20 - 23:2:45
She is sexy, ah I just love the skin. And the hair and the BG, this pic rocks!!
Squirtle 2003/3/21 - 1:16:8
Tukuyomi-chan!!!! I remember yee from long ago!! Welcome back^^ I haven't been drawing enough lately but as you see I still pop out of the shadows now and then^^ wonderfull pic~!! those bubbles are hypnotic...0.o
Tukuyomi 2003/3/21 - 10:16:11
Squirtle! Yay! There is some of the old crowd here... feeling more like home every minute. ^_^
Lorelai 2003/3/21 - 11:43:39
*clings to beautiful mermaid* ToT!!! May have permission to put this in my site's mermaid gallery? ToT
hitotsu 2003/3/21 - 17:39:28
cool mermaid. I love the hair, and the tatoos on her body *o* and the bubbles are awesome! how'd u manage to make them so cool o_o;;?
Tukuyomi 2003/3/21 - 20:54:19
Everyone's asking 'bout the bubbles... its just re-masking with progresively lighter shades. I'd never tried it 'til i came back here yesterday, and i kinda like it.
Shin-chan 2003/3/21 - 22:54:33
aaah how beautiful this is ^_^
padalyn 2003/3/22 - 9:56:10
this is beautiful!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by , total drawing time

BobbiChan 2003/3/13 - 20:52:53
I guess this is an anime self portriat or something. Bleh... spent forever on it. Heh. =)
papillon eyes 2003/3/13 - 21:15:23
the hilighting and shading are wonderful.
Baka Milphy 2003/3/13 - 21:24:10
WOW! awesome coloring! Great job!^0^
Chokora 2003/3/13 - 21:40:23
Wow, the coloring is so smooth... how do you DO that? x_X;;
Draco_Plato 2003/3/13 - 23:9:50
your coloring skills rock. I love the highlights and shadowing ecspecially. So good.
BobbiChan 2003/3/13 - 23:33:25

Smooth shading? I use the ShadeOff tool under where it says watercolor, solid, text etc... I'm planning on writing an Oekaki tutorial at my new art site when I get around to making it. ^^
treespirit 2003/3/14 - 9:21:51
love the shading ^_^
such pretty hair
Aya Dragonsheart 2003/3/14 - 19:48:36
muahahahah more shiny! yah!!!!
boobs look a bit out there... the wrinkles make the shirt look really tight on her.
Enshoku 2003/3/14 - 21:25:49
Really really nice shading here! I love the hair. *_*
padalyn 2003/3/15 - 18:5:2
the shading is really nice ^^
BobbiChan 2003/3/15 - 21:28:51
Hmm... now that I look at it, her boobs look a lil lopsided. =\
Amethyst Citrine 2003/3/15 - 23:7:15
wwwwwwwWWWWWWwwwwooooOOOoowwWWWwww.... SHINY!!! That hair is lookin' good!!! And the sin! And the eyes! And the shirt!!! Woooowww!!! - Amy.
Kaira 2003/3/28 - 15:25:26
It's SHINY!!!! *stares* ^_^

(moved) (link) Oekaki by , total drawing time

kiriko 2003/3/20 - 17:59:42
colors are awkward ^^;;; anyway, if anyone remembers me here, this is for you ;p
Delirium 2003/3/20 - 18:0:42
I don't remember you.. cause... e.e; I just got here!! But this ish cute!! I be envee-ish...
Betelgeuse 2003/3/20 - 18:11:38
This is fantastic! Love the face, particularly the nose and mouth ^_^
Hannah 2003/3/20 - 18:41:59
i like the colors. & the lines... *envious*
Tukuyomi 2003/3/20 - 18:51:44
Cute! Love the cat eyes.
Screaming_Marshmellow 2003/3/20 - 19:0:2
BWA!!! I REMEMBER YOU AND THIS IS AWESOME ^o^ woop woop!! te he i love this the style is so friggin' cute @.@
pif 2003/3/20 - 19:33:31
so do i ^_^
gah you have no idea how much a adore that face... it's really fab @_@ your style makes me want to draw like that o_o
bbp 2003/3/20 - 20:9:16
*bows down to anyone that can use watercolors properly*
hitotsu 2003/3/20 - 20:22:50
kiriko! havent seen ur art in a while T_T ur lineart is so cool, and i love ur colouring/shading XD
Chokora 2003/3/20 - 21:28:53
Wow! This is really pretty *___* I love your style :D I love the hair and especially the paws *^^* I like the lips and the eyes too :D
chrislagace 2003/3/20 - 22:39:19
yay claws. ^_^ The shading on the skin is really good. ^_^

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