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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(4747) (link) Oekaki by odyssey, total drawing time 1 : 0 : 5

odyssey 2007/11/13 - 18:31:30
this XXXX program crashed...I couldn't see any updates. The image just froze. *sigh* Okay, ZEN...it happened. Here is my sketch. I'm more comfortable with the layers and it's usage. I actually almost 'like' my tablet. I'll wait a day before another DRAW or DIE!!!
lorelai 2007/11/14 - 15:2:54
I think I see some improvement... =D at least, it seems to show that your lines are becoming more easy to you. More suggestions:

- draw a man next time
- zoom in on one body part and REALLY hammer at the details
- use ONLY black and white as your colors, and do not use outlines (i.e. paint in blocks).

lorelai 2007/11/14 - 15:3:7
by suggestions i meant suggested exercises :)

(4746) (link) Oekaki by odyssey, total drawing time 0 : 34 : 29

odyssey 2007/11/11 - 16:50:49
an attempt to represent glass and liquid's light-refracting properties. I had no refernce except the Shiseido bottle in my hand. the mirror and ledge isn't real...I don't have a ledge. I wanted sunlight to stream in from the right...I wanted highlights from the right/read of the sketch. the ledge top...purple...wasn't intentional. I wanted a contrasting colour, easier to see. Mix feeling about this... atleast I learned something, right? DRAW or DIE!
lorelai 2007/11/12 - 17:51:54
a few suggestions:

1. avoid writing all over your sketches...notes are good, of course, but don't write all over the actual art!

2. use said reference pic, don't just talk about it :)

3. drawing in vast quanitities in itself isn't going to get you anywhere very fast. As admirable as your "draw or die" approach is, the best way to improve is to listen to to feedback given to you and to act upon them. :)
odyssey 2007/11/13 - 1:56:28
Thanks and sorry, I won't do more than 1 a day. I got too carried away. I'll keep down the scribbles on the pic.

(4745) (link) Oekaki by odyssey, total drawing time 0 : 24 : 2

odyssey 2007/11/9 - 21:13:40
Again, still practicing the shading-with-colour thing.

Why am I posint my 'junk'? I ask meself. I thought about it. I need to put my ego on public display. I need to confess and proclaim my goals...it's an acknowledgement that I do have hopes and dreams.

If I didn't do this, all my goals will be kept a personal, dirty, dark secret....... no one will hold me to my goals. 'If no one knows, I'm not obligated to take action'...if no one knows, I don't risk my ego...I don't need to try, I don't have to compete, I won't ever risk embarassment if I don't make it. I would 'save face'. F##K 'saving face'!

I'm F###ing American (with Chinese orgin)...one of them risk taking M.F. American! XP (Or...I'm a Japanese or Mongolian warrior XD)

I have nothing to loose, TRY or DIE. Off to Sugoi Con next week. DRAW or DIE!!!
lorelai 2007/11/12 - 17:48:22
this is the second time I've had to ask you to please only post 1 picture per room per day. Please mind the rules and avoid room flooding :( thank you.

(4744) (link) Oekaki by odyssey, total drawing time 0 : 24 : 18

odyssey 2007/11/9 - 20:29:26
Previous sketch, I'd experimented with LAYERS...it felt like photoshop, almost. I'd tried to play with more colours. I'd tried to play with texture. THIS sketch, I wanted to play with shades...attempted to create more depth by using colours instead of my cross-hatching (what I'm use to).

Also, I wrote vertically...'straight up'. It felt funny, extremely. I felt I had more control over forming of letters when I didn't rotate the tablet...counter intuituve...as if it was paper. DRAW or DIE!
sabii 2007/11/10 - 4:39:35
i like this one
lorelai 2007/11/12 - 17:53:51
This is a very nice sketch! I'd be interested in seeing more of your works that experiment with shading. There is more to do than just throwing on some variance in tone - i'd recommend you look at a few references and really figure out where the body catches light and shadow, and WHY. :)

(4743) (link) Oekaki by odyssey, total drawing time 0 : 53 : 48

odyssey 2007/11/8 - 21:3:2
Testing some of the features... My right hand isn't hurting as much. Again, 'a sketch a day' must be done, regardless of obsticles. DRAW or DIE!

(4742) (link) Oekaki by odyssey, total drawing time 0 : 9 : 9

odyssey 2007/11/7 - 22:17:35
Last sketch for the night...with my bummed right hand. Not quite a Frank Miller homage. I saw a version of this picture on a business card (for a salon...shampoo, colouring, etc) and was intrigues by it's simplicity. ...I'm not sure if I could keep a '1-drawing-a-day' with my throbbing right thumb... No, excuse, right? DRAW or DIE! XD
sankyu 2007/11/8 - 9:24:36
I admire your determination
odyssey 2007/11/9 - 20:33:33
Thanks; but, it's fake. Determination comes and goes. It's not 'natural' enough...IT 'isn't there' like breathing or blinking. I'm trying to get myself acustom with the feeling of 'throwing all-under-heaven' at a goal. I'll let you know when I've obtain Zen-hood...when determination 'comes naturally'. EAT Pad Thai or DIE!

(4740) (link) Oekaki by elolinon, total drawing time 1 : 41 : 4

elolinon 2007/11/7 - 9:14:25
Doodling around and experimenting with colours. Didn't turn out as I wanted, though... but I still like it for some reason. Water ftw ^^
lorelai 2007/11/7 - 10:4:13
you really have the start of something here! I think I also see what you're seeing - some parts came together better than others - but definitely very nice altogether :)
golden 2007/11/7 - 10:53:45
it's amazing cause I can actually see that this piece is yours only from the thumbnail :)

(4739) (link) Oekaki by odyssey, total drawing time 0 : 28 : 48

odyssey 2007/11/6 - 20:50:20
Born to ride? Not this picture. Misjudge space and left out the motorbike. Don't smoke, challenging to draw hands holding a cig. Ran out of space for the helmet under the left elbow.

Draw or Die!
senobdec 2007/11/7 - 16:51:59
Um... perhaps drawing a framework of what you intend migth be useful for you. Also, try modifying your brushstroke size/thickness, it makes certain jobs much easier.

(4738) (link) Oekaki by odyssey, total drawing time 0 : 13 : 35

odyssey 2007/11/5 - 22:8:38
This sketch serves three (3, THREE, tri, ?) purpose:
1, the "stop your f###ing whining" reason. For some time, I owned a tablet...for a long time, I hated it. Regardless of what people say, it is NOT exactly natural as paper. It is close. I can't rotate it -and- the monitor.

1a, I hate it; hoever, there are so many people who are GOOD with a tablet...they managed to OVERCOME that annoyance. 1b, There are so many people who do not own one, they can't afford one, nor (the worse) their parents believe in them enough to invest in a tablet. 1b.1, A greater tragedy: they don't have access to manga, cons nor art books! .....I still may/will whine about the tablet; but, I must practice.....and take advantage of having one when so many others don't have one. It's offensive to those people who never had the chance to enjoy art and manga...I must draw for myself and for others.

2, Some time ago, I'd decided to try to do "a-sketch-a-day". I became complacent with how good my art is...it is actually good...that I sat on my @ss (and complained about this tablet) while others are getting the breaks that were ment for me (arrogant? no, I'm not...not when people see my real physical art).

Breaks? Opprotunities? Luck? For me... it's partly timing and place. Many people are in the right place & the right time. Many mores actually made their luck. they put themselves in the right place at the right time.

I must take a lesson from them...make my own opprotunity.

3, Lastly, the "if you're so smart, why aren't you rich?" attitude. It's related to the above...but in a more direct, more cynical, more brutal, more honest way.

If I'm so good at art, why am I not famous... I ask myself. Honest...brutal...directly confronting myself.

This is where I re-start my path towrds doing what I want instead of doing what I believed others want of me.

This shall be my story
lorelai 2007/11/7 - 0:12:48
As you seem to someone who appreciates honesty....I will say that I do urge you to find and enjoy the path that your artwork takes you on. The most important thing is that it makes you happy to do it.

That said, I disagree with almost everything you wrote above. :P But that's just me.

Your art is promising, but it needs a lot of work, expansion, and growth. It throws me for a loop a bit when people say stuff like "if i'm so good, why aren't I famous" but I accept it may simply because I never felt comfortable praising my own artwork.

I sincerely wish you the best in your endeavors to better yourself (and NOT with just manga/anime/convention influences, please!!) and to expand your horizons.
senobdec 2007/11/7 - 16:50:37
lorelai, I think that's what odyssey meant - though in a rather odd, round-a-bout way.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself, realize your potentials, your likes and dislikes, and pursue something you find worthwhile, something that satisfies you on emotional and intellectual levels.

Just have fun, I guess.
odyssey 2007/11/7 - 17:21:4
thanks for the encouragement. I must continue my journey and the best way to do that is 'one foot in front of the other' or 'one line after the other'. No more excuses from myself; just draw or die. XD

(moved) (link) Oekaki by zuvelioke, total drawing time 0 : 31 : 2

zuvelioke 2007/11/3 - 14:15:56

(4737) (link) Oekaki by odyssey, total drawing time 0 : 24 : 39

odyssey 2007/11/2 - 23:41:58
just a test on a friend's notbeook... i'm at the reactor con in c hicago....

(completed) (link) Oekaki by xhewasnt--x, total drawing time 1 : 5 : 45

xhewasnt--x 2007/11/2 - 22:40:6
not finished, but please critique?
xhewasnt--x 2007/11/3 - 1:35:38
lorelai 2007/11/4 - 15:8:34
Aww, that's too bad :( I peeked at the animation though, and you might have more luck if you vary your brush width!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by zuvelioke, total drawing time 0 : 11 : 58

zuvelioke 2007/11/1 - 5:3:43
sankyu 2007/11/1 - 9:10:12
Im sorry but you have to read the rules, only one oekaki allowed per room per day. Its only to keep the place tidy, thankyou.

(moved) (link) Oekaki by zuvelioke, total drawing time 0 : 15 : 35

zuvelioke 2007/11/1 - 4:32:18
First try

(4735) (link) Oekaki by odyssey, total drawing time 0 : 9 : 10

odyssey 2007/10/31 - 21:15:40
I feel more comfortable with the tablet... still, one skill does not translate well: hand writing. I swear, I have great handwriting. I can't slant the 'paper'.

This is the 4th attempt at practice. It's the crappiest of the 4...the system didn't save the previous work.

Happy Halloween and stuff.
sankyu 2007/11/1 - 9:12:36
Thanks, and nice lines, very stylish :D
embo 2007/11/2 - 5:41:51
I agree with seno, the lines are what are interesting. the white combined with writing makes me think I am looking at your sketchbook. how pertinent! aha
senobdec 2007/11/5 - 12:46:32
I actually don't recall commenting on this. Neat. It looks like a doodle on a message pad :D.
odyssey 2007/11/9 - 21:16:10
Thanks. Most of my art is like this. Everything is in pencil... and that's 'finish', to me. I must evolve to the next leve and learn all I can.

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