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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(9922) (link) Oekaki by kokiriesper, total drawing time 3 : 44 : 34

kokiriesper 2008/8/3 - 16:28:24
Sokka's impression of Ozai: "eeehh bleeehhhh wweeeehhh"

I used referenced from screen shots...been wanting to draw this for a while. Gosh I'm so glad this is still here...I accidentally navigated to a different page when I was pressing the Undo button...thank goodness this is still here! Criticism is welcome...think there's a whole bunch of stuff wrong with the anatomy.
dangirl13 2008/8/3 - 19:1:53
I love this picture. You adapted the character very well into your own style. I love the way you shaded and the texture you gave to the hair. The only thing that is a problem with this picture is the ear looks like it's a little low on the head. But it's not too noticeable. All and all it's a beautiful representation on one of my favorite characters.
jakusama 2008/8/10 - 14:14:14
Haha I love the expression, and the lighting and shading is ridiculously awesome. It's really quite awesome.
lorelai 2008/9/11 - 14:11:26
having finally started watching Avatar...this is AWESOME!!!!!

(9921) (link) Oekaki by purrdy, total drawing time 3 : 56 : 55

purrdy 2008/7/30 - 19:15:14
Abarai Renji. Yum
jakusama 2008/7/31 - 19:47:51
Tasty! I want one! I love the hair. So soft. I want to pet it. Somehow, I don't think my hand would stay attached if I did, though.

(9920) (link) Oekaki by jennybets, total drawing time 0 : 28 : 30

jennybets 2008/7/30 - 15:33:13
I just got my new drawing pad in the mail today. My brand new chiuahua puppy, Paco bit the cord in half on my old one. Anyway, I needed to try it out, but I wasn't feeling very artistic or inspired, so here is what I ended up with.
jakusama 2008/7/30 - 18:50:31
How neat! I like the eyes and lips. Congratulations on a new drawing pad. Yay! Can't wait for your "inspired" works!

(9919) (link) Oekaki by satanpie, total drawing time 1 : 51 : 24

satanpie 2008/7/29 - 17:39:30
It says a bad word, so if that's not okay then uh.. sorry.
sankyu 2008/7/30 - 6:47:33
It's cool, and you won't. Go get em
jakusama 2008/7/30 - 9:21:41
Your shading is so soft! I really love the soft light on the glasses. The smile makes me grin, as well, and the lips rock. Very soft and pretty picture! :)
embo 2008/7/30 - 10:59:23
oh! this is so cute! I love the the lips and the eyes.
blumeaniandglove 2008/8/12 - 20:58:50

i love those eyes.

well done

(9918) (link) Oekaki by digital87, total drawing time 5 : 38 : 35

digital87 2008/7/28 - 1:46:56
Not accurate timer; it didn't take five and a half hours!
jakusama 2008/7/30 - 9:16:9
I really like the sketchy-shading aspect of this. It's pretty neat. The colors are really complimenting, too. I like it. :)

(9917) (link) Oekaki by jakusama, total drawing time 1 : 52 : 43

jakusama 2008/7/26 - 15:33:55
Mmm. Foreshortening hates me. I tried, but I think I failed. Anywho, I'm around and alive. Yay I made a picture. Lineart still kills me. That's why we practice, right? Oh, and any crits are welcome. <3
dekutree64 2008/7/26 - 17:35:49
Yah, foreshortening is tricky. This actually looks about right though, and the lineart is not bad either. At least you can draw curves in a single stroke. With me it's more like scritcha-scritcha-scritcha back and forth until it's a giant black blob, and then go back and carve out the actual shape with the eraser. Takes forever :p

The only thing that looks odd to me is that her rib cage seems to be caved in... But the pretty hair makes up for it :)

I think I'll draw another something tonight. But first I must get out and exercise
purrdy 2008/7/30 - 19:36:53
Ooo! Love that hand. Foreshortening is hard. >.< Just keep practicing. <3

(9916) (link) Oekaki by satanpie, total drawing time 1 : 32 : 38

satanpie 2008/7/23 - 20:34:40
jakusama 2008/7/26 - 13:29:39
Tasty. Where can I get one?

I dunno why, but I really, really like the lips. The shape, the slightly-parted-ness, all of your shading is beautiful and smooth. Very pretty. And I love the hair. And the eyes. Eyes are incredible. I almost wish they were more open so we could see more of them, but then it wouldn't go with the rest of the picture. <3
purrdy 2008/7/30 - 19:37:44
Beautiful colors and shading. Love those eyes.

(9915) (link) Oekaki by satanpie, total drawing time 3 : 18 : 56

satanpie 2008/7/23 - 18:34:7
jakusama 2008/7/26 - 13:32:2
How fun! He looks like he's having a good time. Or he just caused a lot of trouble. Love the shades!

(9914) (link) Oekaki by kaira, total drawing time 1 : 33 : 47

kaira 2008/7/22 - 2:49:29
La di da~

And this is what listening to girly music gets me--pink. >_< Anywho, random picture of a girl's back (with a bg I absolutely despise).

C&C is welcome!
jakusama 2008/7/26 - 13:31:12
I love how painty the picture looks. It's actually really, really neat, and I kind of like the background, actually. And the hair. I wish my hair did that. The color palette was beautifully chosen; very easy on the eyes.

(9913) (link) Oekaki by dekutree64, total drawing time 5 : 27 : 41

dekutree64 2008/7/19 - 4:14:51
Greetings TACO! I haven't drawn anything in ages. Good to see a few familiar faces still doodling around here :)

I just couldn't contain my joy for Slayers Revolution. Spontaneous revival of my favorite series of all time, and it's actually good. So I decided to draw these two, because a) they look cute together, and b) I read an adorable fanfic pairing them.
jakusama 2008/7/19 - 23:24:39
Hooray! Good to see you again! Love this. Their expressions are adorable, and I've always loved your style. Your shading is awesome, as usual.
jakusama 2008/7/26 - 21:10:16
For the record, I dig your scritcha-scritcha-scritcha. It's a really nifty style.

(9912) (link) Oekaki by mark_the_third, total drawing time 0 : 37 : 24

mark_the_third 2008/7/17 - 22:58:27
meh. bored. finally got back on taco. forgot how fun it gets.
jakusama 2008/7/19 - 23:25:9
Hehe that kind of looks like where I live. The Arizona monsoons are rolling in. I like the lightning.
mark_the_third 2008/7/20 - 17:42:30
ooh. you live in Arizona? i lived there until i was about 13. yeah. it was hot. and thank you kindly for the comment.

(9911) (link) Oekaki by sonzaikami, total drawing time 0 : 9 : 13

sonzaikami 2008/7/17 - 2:18:27
hey new here finish later

jakusama 2008/7/19 - 23:25:47
Welcome! I like the start. It kind of reminds me of Mulan from the Disney movie.

(9910) (link) Oekaki by frosty_glow, total drawing time 0 : 50 : 2

frosty_glow 2008/7/14 - 17:50:37
this is for my boyfriend, Jose who has made a similar picture.
jakusama 2008/7/19 - 23:26:15
Aww it's cute. I like the suit. :)

(9909) (link) Oekaki by purrdy, total drawing time 0 : 57 : 2

purrdy 2008/7/13 - 20:44:46
Concocted from boredom at work. Yar.
frosty_glow 2008/7/14 - 17:51:36
the hair looks very soft and silky
jakusama 2008/7/19 - 23:27:3
Wow. the hair. I love the hair and the eyes. They're fabulous. The hair has sort of an ethereal glow to it. I love the eyes, too. The soft cyan glow.

(9908) (link) Oekaki by mika, total drawing time 6 : 20 : 53

mika 2008/7/13 - 3:22:23
Abschaumkind im Rückblick.
mika 2008/7/13 - 3:31:53
Forgot to pick room.....DOH!
Stick it in the Sketch corner.....cheers!
golden 2008/7/13 - 3:32:26
Great picture as always mika. It's beautifully smooth. That eye and the blob in front of it makes it look like a dog to me, but maybe that's just me xD
kelli 2008/7/13 - 17:8:15
Holy Cow Batman, it's Mika! I thought you didn't draw here anymore (not that we're not all thrilled to see ya) =) Good to have ya back *does a happy dance*

*clears throat* aaaaanyway... I'm diggin' the eye-focal point. it really pulls you in since it's an identifiable element in the drawing... the rest is sort of eerie (or at least for me it is) because I cant really tell what's happening because of how you abstracted the image... yet you put in just enough detail to keep me guessing (is it a cyborg? was there some sort of accident? is it good? is it evil?)
As always, quite the interesting image... and way to use a full value range *drools*

embo 2008/7/19 - 22:45:44
hello :D
I found a birthday card you sent me a while back!
see you've still got quite a bit of craft left in ya
jakusama 2008/7/19 - 23:28:27
MikaMikaMika!! Hooray! I love your ability to shade. It's so dynamic, and refreshing at the same time. Very cool, and I really hope you hang around and doodle some more. :D

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