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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(moved) (link) Oekaki by mitsu, total drawing time 0 : 50 : 8

mitsu 2003/7/6 - 14:21:11
Northern observatory
gleeful1 2003/7/6 - 14:25:17
WOW!!! u are just GREAT w/ bgs!!! FABULOUS WORK ON THIS!!! *_*
embo 2003/7/6 - 14:44:40
O____O wow....REALLY COOL! it looks very painted...reminds me of van gogh for some reason. man i wish kansas had clouds like this!! awesome!
demo-demo 2003/7/6 - 14:47:29
we have clouds like that in michigan sometimes. this is soooo purdy!! T_T *can't do backgrounds to save her ass* beautiful!
ksama 2003/7/6 - 14:59:5
wow, so purple o.o
treespirit 2003/7/7 - 12:26:30
oh wow 'o' I really love this one. This is another one I would like to have a poster of. So beautiful.
lorelai 2003/7/8 - 13:45:42
Beautiful T_T we need more art like this!
alex 2003/7/9 - 11:13:17
that's gorgeous! the clouds are AWESOME!!! the feel is great! I wish I was there!!
lili 2005/1/31 - 9:3:10
*Slaps Face* WOW! Pretty colours! They just sorta blend in with each other! SO prettyyyyyyyyy! GO! GO! GO! ^o^

(moved) (link) Oekaki by mitsu, total drawing time 1 : 1 : 26

mitsu 2003/7/3 - 0:27:26
Master of the universe.
I'm actually quite pleased with this (surprise!) ^^
mitsu 2003/7/3 - 0:34:4
dang, I just realized he's got a tumor on his forehead XD
amethyst-citrine 2003/7/3 - 2:59:9
Woooo ,creepy-ish.... I really like the rainbow hair and the star, and the background is gorgeous, although I'm slightly disturbed by the chin. :] The face is prettiful. - Amy.
treespirit 2003/7/3 - 10:44:28
oooooh the background and the lightning type things are soooooooooooo cool.......the face has great shading but its a little scary there in the middle of no where
mitsu 2003/7/3 - 12:51:31
I guess it's too hard to see his "body"... >_<
Should've made it more clear, but I wanted it to blend in with the background.
embo 2003/7/3 - 15:53:10
well i can see his body fine! you ppl must be dehydrated XD i think that little star is beautiful...it reminds me of the tonberries in FF7 LOL anyways the bg close to his head looks AWESOME! but of course this is in all great! :)
naty 2003/7/3 - 16:46:38
treespirit 2003/7/3 - 20:36:32
thank you embo, but im not dehydrated :p
i see the curve of the back just thats it
treespirit 2003/7/3 - 20:38:33
i wasnt meaning to be critical...just silly ^_^ sowwy
ps...i like the star at the tip of the hair
enshoku 2003/7/3 - 21:15:59
Interesting. XD At first I thought it was a floating head but now I see the outline of the back. Reminds me of something from Sandman. :3
embo 2003/7/4 - 22:0:25
lol dont worry about it--i was being silly too :)

(moved) (link) Oekaki by tayley-chan, total drawing time 2 : 24 : 0

tayley-chan 2003/6/30 - 1:9:37
My hand. It cramps. T^T

But it was worth it. Ain't they a cute pair? ^-^ Perrigen is part dragon, she can sprout wings when it suits her. As for Lunpa, don't ask what she is, because I don't know. ^^' Either way, they're a match made in heaven.
.... or elsewhere.... *cough* ... *whistles innocently*
dompo 2003/7/1 - 7:6:44
Awesome stuff~!^_^!
treespirit 2003/7/1 - 11:6:29
pretty shading...i love how you make it so smooth and how you make the area where muscles are stand out a bit
sakura 2003/7/1 - 17:49:41
I envy your skills @_@ such nice, crisp lines!! It's so...WOW!
gleeful1 2003/7/2 - 11:51:34
again... those lines are just... *_*
coolcharacters!!! the bg roxers!!!!! \(^.^)/
amethyst-citrine 2003/7/3 - 3:10:20
Woooowww, so clean, and look at the colors!!! Acid trip!!! WEEEEE!!! Very prettiful, indeed!!!! I like the shirt on the one on the right... and the shading!!! GAAAHH!!! AWESOME! :D - Amy.
embo 2003/7/3 - 16:51:17
AHHHH SO CUTE!!! *morphs into radish and does radish dance* the one on the left is so cuuuuuute that its....ILLEGAL!!! *hooglies* bizzy buzzy fun and fuzzy hehehehe

(moved) (link) Oekaki by sandra, total drawing time 7 : 52 : 14

sandra 2003/6/19 - 1:54:53
guess the famous painter? heh... no, it didn't take as long as it says. i haven't been here a while, hey everyone! ^__^
lain 2003/6/19 - 2:52:4
very good color tones, u are very good
good job \o/
dompo 2003/6/19 - 7:7:56
OMG!This must have taken you ages!really,really awesome art! ^_^
x_ael 2003/6/19 - 9:14:50
Is it Kandinski?
Oh my... I studied it this year and I cna't actually say who is it.

Well anyway, great pic!
sandra 2003/6/19 - 13:25:11
no, not kandinsky! hm, i just realized how flat her arm looks.
mitsu 2003/6/19 - 15:42:8
Wicked cool! XD
love the pattern on her clothes :3
treespirit 2003/6/19 - 19:54:55
my boyfriend and i cheated and looked it up online XD....Piet Mondrian :p
i love the way you did this.....the shading is awesome
gleeful1 2003/6/22 - 19:38:39
this is so realistic! EXCELLENT!!!
enshoku 2003/6/22 - 22:33:43
You need to come here more often. XD I really like your work. I want a dress like that. =D
alex 2003/7/11 - 0:16:51
Great pic!! I looks like it was really painted!! That's cool would you did the dress! The whole overall feel is just wonderful.

(moved) (link) Oekaki by nai, total drawing time 5 : 2 : 48

nai 2003/6/27 - 7:39:36
umm.. it's about 4am right now--should probably go to bed. mind is wrapped up around prom right now (eeek! i graduate next year!! man i'm old). inspired by aurore.
tayley-chan 2003/6/27 - 10:25:5
This is beautiful! The details are amazing. O.O *stares* so so lovely... O.O
treespirit 2003/6/27 - 14:25:34
yeah wow, this is really amazing
i love it so much
i love the line art...the pose...the coloring...the hair style the dress
altogether it's a wonderful piece
nicely done
kiwi 2003/6/27 - 15:20:14
WOW!!!! This really does look like aurore's art! I love how you drew her hair and all of the details on the dress must have taken forever to do!!! Her eyes are such a prettiful green colour too! (I like green) anyway, Her necklace is neat too and the background looks really COOL! It looks like you actually painted it or something! wai....so prettiful...
embo 2003/6/27 - 19:19:15
HOLY SH** this is SOOO BEAUTIFUL!! the pose is soo cool and the cornrows O___O i mean, COME ON! not many people do corn rows on oekaki and yours look so good!! i absolutely LOVE the dress!! i want one!! hahaha...you are so good with solids and the bg looks cool! heheh i really like aurore too..this does remind me of her art. *squee* me lub dis!
demo-demo 2003/6/27 - 20:14:53
ahhh... i shall never be able to compete with this. i would ask you to teach me since my style SUCKS, but that would be rude. i aplaude (sp?) your work.
bakamilphy 2003/6/27 - 21:23:35
Really wonderful solids!! Great detail too!! Wow!^0^
nai 2003/6/27 - 23:12:41
thankyou everyone! as for my style--i don't really have a set style, maybe solids most. but i just practice a lot by studying other artists. i'm just a mini groupy consisting of me.
x_ael 2003/6/28 - 9:1:15
This is really beautifull, keep up the godwork!
(I want more, mooore!) XD
eryn 2003/6/28 - 9:48:56
I graduated last night!!! ^_^ Prom is fun. And this is an awesome picture. Awesome linework, and the dress is great. ^_^
gleeful1 2003/6/28 - 12:47:0
gosh! u are like..... the QUEEN of solids!!! it seems to me that her hands are a tad small tho, but who cares?! this is just AWESOME!!! ^_~
mitsu 2003/6/29 - 14:8:43
Love the hair ^o^
This is so pretty! (Although there seems to be something funky with the left arm (our left)... not that it lessens the overall loveliness of the pic! ^_^

ayako 2003/6/29 - 23:21:33
so... pretty! *stunned to death*

(moved) (link) Oekaki by x_ael, total drawing time 1 : 33 : 52

x_ael 2003/6/5 - 14:27:32
OOOOOOOOoooooooooooo at last I've finished!
This one was so haaaaaaaard!
Well, she's a demon.

Feel free to crit!!
dompo 2003/6/5 - 17:14:39
Ooh-artistically twisted-i like ^_^!
embo 2003/6/5 - 18:20:59
Wow...O_O you pulled off the body really well........did you use a reference or something??? its so hard to do a hmmmm whats the word....well lets just say you dont see that pose everyday and you did it so detailed too....this is REALLY amazing and the color scheme is like...super mad rad. heh, yeah. the tattered wings are great and it just feels like there's this strong energy surging from her sadness. great job dude O_o
crys 2003/6/5 - 18:35:3
o wow...the detail is just too much for words..not ina bad way tho..this is awsome..i love the colors

x_ael 2003/6/5 - 19:10:22
Thanx sooooo much! :B

I didn't use any model to draw her, but er... u know a draw a lot and a'm not that young!
Oekakiing is so entertaning!!!

If u like I'll continue!!! XD
naty 2003/6/6 - 1:9:50
The colours are so warm! that's one kick butt wing i must say! the hands are too good! so many good pics in one day! whee! and i just saw Nemo, which is a great movie! i'm so happy! *sobs* SO happy!
alex 2003/6/6 - 2:18:45
whoa! That's on the EDGE!! This is so cool! You can just feel her being made from molten lava!! I adore those wings and and... well EVERYTHING!!!
treespirit 2003/6/6 - 12:3:26
oh my gosh, i love this....those colors XD mmm so warm
This shows so much emotion, I love it.
moogle 2003/6/6 - 20:57:19
this is great! I love the colors
rydia 2003/6/7 - 19:27:48
Ahhhh! This is so beautiful. Your coloring is just amazing ^__^ and the body! She looks so tortured. The wings are also really really cool. The frayed ends are perfect.
gleeful1 2003/6/7 - 21:57:44
:o oh my! the lighting is so well done and the wings are AWESOME!!!!!
lorelai 2003/6/9 - 5:16:55
freaking awesome!!!...the colors are amazing!!
nakisa 2003/6/9 - 15:33:51
*blinks* >_<
...*double blinks* ...wha??!?
This is so amazingly awsome!! The colouring is absolutely bee-yow-tee-f00! Heh, I bet your hand killed after this ;) Worth it though, loving mood setting in this ^_^ ahhh! x mens coming on!! *runs*
(GREAT work!)
x_ael 2003/6/9 - 17:16:5
Woaaaaaa you're all sooo kind!!!!
enshoku 2003/6/9 - 21:5:39
Very nicely detailed. ^_^ I love those wings.

(moved) (link) Oekaki by noa, total drawing time 1 : 4 : 17

noa 2003/6/14 - 20:19:50
theres a lot of crows and ravens near my place... although this looks kind of like a pudgy robin painted black LOL my mom told me they're around when something bad is about to happen or if someone dies...and we live right next to a seniors home...kind of depressing. NE ways, plz don't laugh at my sad attempt at trees :3
enshoku 2003/6/14 - 20:34:49
The detail is just amazing! I think your trees are pretty nice actually. Ravens hang around my place too. I live near a scary old farmhouse. XD
eryn 2003/6/14 - 20:44:25
*stammers* Hommina hommina.......
Beatiful. The details with the colors is just... astounding. O.O
embo 2003/6/14 - 20:52:21
wow thats the most beautiful raven i have ever seen! i love the shininess....*pets cool-looking bird*
dompo 2003/6/14 - 20:52:58
OMG!0_o Thats AWESOME!I love how you did the shading for the feathers ^_^!!!!
tayley-chan 2003/6/14 - 23:0:53
I applaud your mighty patience for doing such fine highlight detail on the feathers. I also send condolences to your hand, which must be cramping up something fierce... unless you're a mutant... Which is cool, really... I just don't meet many, y'know... and... yeah... um...



YOING!! *runs away*
bebun 2003/6/15 - 3:0:44
This is beautiful. I love the highlights.
jabberwocky 2003/6/15 - 16:17:27
Wow. That's amazing. SO realistic. Woah.
naty 2003/6/15 - 17:21:35
MAN!!!! THaT's a Sw33T 3v1L B1RD!!!! the feathers are soo detailed!!! dood its so beautiful! ^///^!!!!
alex 2003/6/15 - 23:39:53
geez that's incrediable!! He looks so cool!! the feathers just pop out at you! He was a very calm silent presence about him... and I thing the trees are great! so there :-P Keep it up!!!
ryosen 2003/6/16 - 10:0:5
awesome!!!!!!! im speechless! ur amazing!
gleeful1 2003/6/16 - 15:1:23
u only did this in an hour?!!!! gosh! the details are so... so... *_*

(moved) (link) Oekaki by emme, total drawing time 1 : 22 : 39

emme 2003/5/5 - 23:47:0
hello TACo people! ^_^ This new board set up is great! I've got to come back more often.
insomniel 2003/5/6 - 1:33:59
oh my gosh, this is so pretty. i love the detail of the lace! yes, i hope you do more oekaki here!
emmylou 2003/5/6 - 2:35:0
Goodness this is Beautiful!
sakura 2003/5/6 - 7:37:51
WOW! The lace and hair is wonderful! I love the lips and the eyes just make you want to stare at them for hours! Very niesh. ^^
draco_plato 2003/5/6 - 7:40:57
prettiness. I love how you colored the skin and the detail you put into the lace. I don't have the patience for that TT. Oh and I love the black. Black is good, black is great.
nakisa 2003/5/6 - 13:13:3
Woah.. the detail on that lace... Bet that took you ages : Worth the while though! I e.s.p like the part of the lace that kinda looks like a spiders web (on her chest). The shading is a bee-yow-ti and i just adore that cute lil nose ^_^
alex 2003/5/6 - 13:43:53
Whoa!.. I love how the black blends into everything, and she just stands out like "LOOK AT ME!!!" She beautiful! and that lace is awesome!!
hannah 2003/5/6 - 15:34:37
emme! oh yes, you have to come back more often, because your art is awesome. mmmm, detail. very pretty.
enshoku 2003/5/6 - 23:38:34
She really stands out. The clothes are so neat! Her eyes are so beautiful too.
mogily 2003/5/8 - 19:44:42
YEE~!!! EMME! You haven't drawn here for like AGES! X3 This is so wonderful, such detail and beautiful coloring~! You must stay and do moooore~~!!!! ToT
po_nacht 2003/5/16 - 2:34:19
woah!! she looks like Death from the Sandman comics!!! beautiful work!!
beexserk 2003/5/31 - 18:56:56
LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfit... nononono i love EVERYTHING SOOO GOOD

(moved) (link) Oekaki by kitsy, total drawing time 2 : 40 : 39

kitsy 2003/4/22 - 13:19:38
"Nanako Matsushima ~ Paris no Ichinichi"

Image drawn from March's "MORE" magazine article. ([link]

Time to sleep! X_X
treespirit 2003/4/22 - 13:31:40
wow that is truly amazing 'o' great detail
chrislagace 2003/4/22 - 14:24:21
holy smokes this is good kitsune *_* i want to steal all your talent. wahahahaha
enshoku 2003/4/22 - 14:30:14
It only took you 2 hours? This looks like it takes over 5 hours. @_@ This is so cool. I love your style. *o*
gleeful1 2003/4/22 - 16:28:38
*gasp* :o i like how u drew the girl very vividly and the background kinda blurry. nice job!!!!!
padalyn 2003/4/22 - 20:54:43
insomniel 2003/4/22 - 21:5:22
wow, this is so gorgeous... i love the details and lighting. how do you people do this on oekaki never fails to amaze me.
mitsu 2003/4/22 - 21:9:5
super! >D I love the coloring, especially of the girl and the white objects in front of her :)
udodance 2003/4/22 - 23:33:47

That is so amazing......I am so stunned. You definitely have a future in this.

Not many people can carry off the eyes...but yours have great detail. Even the background, blurry and stylish, has detail in being blurry.

The whole face gives the picture an amazing emotion and mood.

I can't express enough how much I like this piece of art. You definitely had a muse by your side on this one!!!!
bandersnatchsm 2003/4/23 - 1:21:22
Beautiful as allways Kitsune, I'll be chacking in here regularly now, hope to see more!
dormando 2003/4/23 - 3:0:27
Rockin', kitsy!
leah-chan 2003/4/23 - 16:32:7
woah, so pretty!! I looove!! *__*
mogily 2003/4/23 - 18:33:11
....It's beautiful ;_;
casper 2003/4/24 - 0:4:5
i have ONE thing to say....wow....*speechless*
milkshake 2003/4/24 - 6:41:36
wow!! *_* omg omg omg this is awesome! it's so soft and the lighting is great! draw more!!
alex 2003/5/1 - 18:6:49
THIS IS TOO GOOD FOR WORDS!!!!! IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
beexserk 2003/5/31 - 21:8:49
beexserk 2003/5/31 - 23:46:7
i cannot express my love for this oekaki! you DEFINITELY have a future in this, like someone said. you DEFINETLY DEFINETLY do.. i love this picture so much.. just so much.. i have to use it as my computer backround or something... soo good.
kaiomi 2003/6/3 - 4:32:21
It's sooooo realistic. Wow...lighting and shading is amazing...

(moved) (link) Oekaki by artisticenigma, total drawing time 1 : 6 : 31

artisticenigma 2003/5/2 - 20:10:49
I really don't know where this image came from. I guess, after a day of studying for finals, the stress made me delusional ;) But I like the way it turned out. Perhaps I'll turn it into a more detailed pic in Photoshop.
insomniel 2003/5/2 - 21:3:4
awesome! i love the lighting and the detail of the leaves and grass.
treespirit 2003/5/2 - 21:27:4
O_O OH MY GOSH!!! I want a poster of this!!!! Seriously! It's sooo beautiful. I am so impressed. I LOVE it! XD XD XD i can't put to words how much i love this <sigh> it makes me feel like going out in the woods and enjoying nature
enshoku 2003/5/2 - 22:19:30
That's awesome. I love the lighting and the feel of it.
sandra 2003/5/2 - 22:20:58
*curses the person who invented finals*
whoa, this is amazing! luv the color especially. *turns color of piccie with jealousy*
artanis 2003/5/3 - 1:4:36
that is so awesome!!!! I love the feel of it... and the treeeeeee... you can never tell that my trees are trees... * is jealous* great picture^^
draco_plato 2003/5/3 - 11:24:36
Oh wow, oh wow! This is so good!! I love the lighting and the boy and ...and everything!!
mitsu 2003/5/3 - 11:29:12
cooooool! very atmospheric :D~~~
catzoid 2003/5/3 - 13:8:37
Ok I don't even know what to say other than I'm insanely jealous!!!
screaming_marshmellow 2003/5/3 - 15:9:51
this is really damn cool... @_@ i like it a lot a lot....its one of those pics... that has a lot of detail... without being very detailed... anyone get what i'm saying? y'know... like when u actually examine it its not really.. but on a whole it looks amazing. ^^
kiwi 2003/5/3 - 16:15:56
WAIII!!!! PRETTIFUL!!!!! I love the fact that it's green!!! since green's my fav. colour...anyway, I love all of the detail that's in the background!! wah...it looks so great! I love the effet of all of the greenery around the person...guy...thing (gomen ne) but ya! I say it looks amazing the way it is now, and there's no need for you to touch it up! I loves it so much!!...so prettiful... ^o^
jack 2003/5/4 - 1:5:50
omg i love the greenish feel to this! Me likes forests and this is a-w-e-s-o-m-e! =D
emmylou 2003/5/4 - 4:27:48
AHHH! Since DnD is on my brain right now this sooo reminds me of the Wood Elves! YAY!
maina 2003/5/4 - 11:2:0
There is such a magical mood in this particular drawing! I'm in love!
kaiomi 2003/5/4 - 20:23:6
GREEEN!!! I love green! *glomps pic* Kay don't mind me. Beautiful picture!
solcress 2003/5/5 - 6:25:26
omg !@%#$^@!@ omg (lol im soo bad at expressing my self :P ) this is like @#$^@ wwwowwwwww lakdjf asdfasldf keeeeep it up :P
sakura 2003/5/5 - 7:44:3
Eep! It's so beeoootiful!
nakisa 2003/5/5 - 13:34:12
I absolutely adore the colouring of this! It looks so mystical. I love the effect you've done on that persons pants too, looks kinda watery in a way - I look forward to seeing more art of yours ^__^
emme 2003/5/5 - 23:54:3
ah, this is wonderfully original and thought provoking. Love it!
solcress 2003/5/6 - 4:27:52
lol i can't get sick of this piccccc *lubs the pic abit more* >.< $%^%@#$
alex 2003/5/6 - 14:8:34
That is TOO awesome!!! The colors are so bright and brillent!!! It screams at you!!! Those trees are amazing and the mystical magical feel is a plus for me!!!! XD!! GREEN RULES!!!!!
cath 2003/5/6 - 21:33:20
wow... this looks more like a real painting than an oekaki, I mean you have a subject, symbolism, you chose a color and played with the tones... does anyone get what I mean??? This is high quality stuff!!!!!!!! I WANT it!!!!!
squirtle 2003/5/7 - 0:38:15
Wow the misterious magical atmosphere!! you've captured what woods like these are like where it seems that the only color you see at first is just green.... Dude its good.....
um... is the guy peeing on the tree or just leaning on it? =^-^=

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