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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(moved) (link) Oekaki by jabberwocky, total drawing time 1 : 36 : 12

jabberwocky 2003/8/13 - 21:3:41
Er. Yeah. Well, I'm not sure if this is Harry Potter fanart or not. It's kinda from a fic a friend wrote for me, but I sorta stopped with that line of thinking a while back, and I've done other things similar to this before ... so I'm not sure. But I sure had fun with the colouring. I hate drawing wings.
shin-chan 2003/8/13 - 21:7:8
wouah o_o
now there's no words to describe how GOOD this is!!!
your colouring is so dark and soft, I love it! XD
kodocha 2003/8/13 - 21:18:9
embo 2003/8/13 - 21:29:3
LMAO @ kodocha....HEY i was wondering where you died at! i love your characters...they are all so creative and your bg are of equal coolness, lol. i've never seen an angel look so evil before! ahah GREAT JOB! :o)
enshoku 2003/8/13 - 22:47:18
WOW! o_o The colors are great....
hitotsu 2003/8/13 - 22:47:34
well, fanart or not, this kicks arse XD! ur style is so cool, and i just love the designs in the background and in her dress. nice shading on the face too XD!
padalyn 2003/8/14 - 0:5:14
omg *worship worship* your back!! i like the moon in the bg and the half sun thing on her right arm. XD
ayadragonsheart 2003/8/14 - 0:28:33
0_0 wow..... this is totaly amazing! I just love how you've done this! the colors complement so well... *envies*
draco_plato 2003/8/14 - 1:26:6
*claps* Wow!! Not HP but very, very cool. I'm in awe of your colors, and the char design. Wowness, wow....
dompo 2003/8/14 - 5:19:40
It's great to see your work again!^_^ Your colouring techinque's very,very soft yet gothic...I really like that!^_^
sakura 2003/8/14 - 6:53:35
I agree with Dompo...The light lineart, the soft colouring. That's just too cool! The background is well done...and..and...ENVY! -envy- XD The wings are beautiful too.
mikazukineko 2003/8/14 - 12:37:11
I've never seen your earlier work, and I sure have lost out there, as this is excellent!
coleslaw 2003/8/14 - 14:16:14
wow!!! this is my favorite!!!!!!! i LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! can i save? pleease? i ador the coloring, it's perfect ^_^
jabberwocky 2003/8/14 - 14:17:27
Sure you can save :D
jtjin 2003/8/14 - 18:43:59
i love the coloring, it doesn't seem like an oekaki at all ^.^ so nice and soft


(moved) (link) Oekaki by sandra, total drawing time 3 : 28 : 44

sandra 2003/8/11 - 1:1:2
divine inspiration
ayadragonsheart 2003/8/11 - 2:22:46
wow 0_0 thats so koolies! it just hits me in such a funny way though. I really love it ^^
dompo 2003/8/11 - 5:43:0
KOOL!^_^!Fantastic concept 0_o!
coleslaw 2003/8/11 - 6:47:7
WOAH!!! i ♥ it!! AWESOME, wonderful face and shading and EVERYTHING is just so nice!
milkshake 2003/8/11 - 11:3:39
*_* great shading, this is awesome.
mitsu 2003/8/11 - 13:31:1
Sweet mother of mystery.... how do you do it?!?! These things just keep gettin' better and better! I love everything about this!!!!!!! :D~~~~~~~~~~
embo 2003/8/11 - 19:33:17
divine amazingness :P
padalyn 2003/8/11 - 19:36:31
oooo i like this! its just so imaginativly cool!!! c0000l
sakura 2003/8/11 - 21:36:36
So unique and beuatiful.
kodocha 2003/8/11 - 22:44:19
draco_plato 2003/8/11 - 23:50:48
Coooooooooooooooool..... I love the orb thingy in it's head *nods* And the hand is making me jealous.
broadway 2003/8/13 - 7:11:49
it must be divine, for when I saw this I instinctively said, "hhooly gawd almightyy.." This is just amazing.. looks like a magic card, if'n anyone knows wut the hek i'm tokkin about..
jabberwocky 2003/8/13 - 21:10:50
Wow. *jaw drops* THE HAND. THE HAND. The mad jewlies. Woah.
enshoku 2003/8/13 - 22:44:23
O_O I just got to say... awesome.
hitotsu 2003/8/13 - 23:4:19
u always have the coolest ideas XD! and by far the most interesting (and i mean that in a good way). and ur talent is equally great *0* im envious


(moved) (link) Oekaki by mogily, total drawing time 1 : 9 : 5

mogily 2003/7/30 - 23:26:6
I wasn't in the best of moods, so I oekakied and this was the result :B guess who it is (supposed to be)~ XD (his hair didn't turn out well though ~_~;;)
draco_plato 2003/7/31 - 3:44:18
Woah...that's so life like...very cool.
gleeful1 2003/7/31 - 12:12:53
hummmm...... my guess would be........ tidus from ffx??? lol, i'm really bad at guessing games. anyways, the shading is really great and those LIPS!!!!!! i could NEVER draw lips - or anything else in this pic as well as u did!!!!! i applaud u and the way u color so superbly!!! XD
winterhart 2003/7/31 - 14:14:24
Gackt. I think it's Gackt.

Lovely lips, though :D
mishie 2003/7/31 - 14:57:40
It looks like Gackt, but this reminds me more of Tidus. Great job on the eyes and the lips..*__* The lips *smooch!*
mikazukineko 2003/7/31 - 15:37:39
No idea who he is, but brilliant piccy all the same!
mogily 2003/7/31 - 17:29:21
Yeah, It's supposed to be Gackt ^^; but he can double for Tidus~ XD
enshoku 2003/7/31 - 20:14:57
o_o he looks so touchable... Great job as always. =3
hitotsu 2003/7/31 - 21:57:54
hehehe..my thoughts were the same. I thought possibly gackt, but would make a really realistic tidus XD! i think the eyes and lip are awesome *0* the shading is nicely done too ^~
bebun 2003/8/1 - 2:20:0
wow!! really really niiiiicce!!
midnighttailmon 2003/8/1 - 19:3:20
Yeah. Nice pic. Gackt rules. =3 he was all I could think about when I saw this pic... course, I'm obsessed. -_-; great pic. I wuv the eyes and the shading and the lips and... *rambles on*
ayadragonsheart 2003/8/3 - 16:10:28
*swoons* you did such a loverlies job on gakt.... *sniffs* i just love the eyes and lips.
michiruokami 2003/8/15 - 14:18:7
If it's Gackt-kun then you did a wonderful job. If it's Tidus then you still did a wonderful job because Tidus is modeled off of Gackt-kun.

(moved) (link) Oekaki by artisticenigma, total drawing time 2 : 33 : 29

artisticenigma 2003/7/27 - 20:23:28
No of course it's not an obsession. *smiles innocently* A certain photo of this young man ([link] and a recent movie, shall we say, inspired this effort. I know it's not a 100% likeness, but I think it is kinda close. Enjoy ^_____^
artisticenigma 2003/7/27 - 20:30:10
I tried the link to the photo in my previous post and it didn't work because it included one of the parentheses with it. So here it is by its self: [link]
tarren 2003/7/27 - 21:25:52
AAAAAAAAAAHH *is also an orlando junkie!*

*glomp, steal* I love this
jayee 2003/7/27 - 21:34:20
omg its soo good! it looks jsut like the pic..! =)
naty 2003/7/27 - 22:58:51
OMG! *dies* You ARE GOD! *squeaks uncontrollably* He is to die for! *dies again* XDDDD
enshoku 2003/7/27 - 23:25:6
Dear god! O_O He's so real.... ::poke poke::
amethyst-citrine 2003/7/28 - 0:17:25
rubyfang 2003/7/28 - 1:51:43
Incredible realism. *drools* This is an awesome pic.
pif 2003/7/28 - 2:18:36
@_@ orlando bloom is so gorgeous. i've yet to see the movie still so i feel bad. i'm missing out on him AND johnny depp!! could you do one of him next? pleaase? ^____^???? i'll do a trade with you or something!
bebun 2003/7/28 - 3:44:45
oh yah, you did this hottie real good!
coleslaw 2003/7/28 - 10:49:28
how do you people do that?!?!! it looks EXACTLY like him!! perfect!!
mikazukineko 2003/7/28 - 12:28:3
WOW! WOW! he's sooooo hot and sexy and ooooozing with gorgeousness *feints on floor and dies, goes to heaven and comes back as his underwear!*
OK maybe not! but it is an excellent pic.
(who is he by the way?)
coleslaw 2003/7/28 - 12:52:10
orlando bloom..... he's legolas in Lord of the rings ^_^
mikazukineko 2003/7/28 - 13:3:44
oh! thanx.....being a bloke (UK), guy (USA) I take no notice of other guys/blokes........honest!
mikazukineko 2003/7/28 - 13:11:15
Hehehe, thought Orlando Bloom was a character or something!
alex 2003/7/28 - 14:28:54
Oh wow that's excellent. You did a wonderful job at coloring him!!! The skin tones are perfect!! IT LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM!!!
sakura 2003/7/28 - 14:40:23
Holy moley....So real lookin! Orlando Bloom -drools-
charlie 2003/7/28 - 20:2:39
WOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!! im totally amazed. i was just gonna look around here and not draw or notin but i have to say this is GREAT GREAT GREAT! hes so hot BUT i like Jounny Depp more!>^.^<
padalyn 2003/7/29 - 1:57:24
*drops dead* he's gorgeus! (sp?) so life like and and *faints* i love orlando bloom *i love!!!*
mogily 2003/7/30 - 23:36:46
You own my soul~~~ *_*
gleeful1 2003/7/31 - 11:37:59
when i came upon this pic, i thought it was a REAL photograph! the details are so fine and his EYES are exceptionally well done!!!! *stares* *o*
legolasbowking 2004/1/25 - 10:25:39
Dorsnt look exactly like him but he does play Legolas.

(moved) (link) Oekaki by mikazukineko, total drawing time 0 : 0 : 59

mikazukineko 2003/7/30 - 14:42:12
Mind you don't get ash on the carpet!
casper 2003/7/31 - 1:12:26
pretty dragon thing :) i'm the year of the dragon
draco_plato 2003/7/31 - 3:50:57
*claps* Yay! Impressive!! I love it!! Cool details!
gleeful1 2003/7/31 - 12:33:37
O_O my dad is the year of the dragon! this is awesome! u should have posted this in the doodle room ^_^
padalyn 2003/7/31 - 18:54:45
i'm a dragon too! man, why is this in the doodle room? i would be jumping around praising myself if i could do this
lorelai 2003/8/1 - 9:41:39
I moved to Polished Room. this is pretty darn cool :D
mikazukineko 2003/8/1 - 13:42:16
Thank you so much, I will have to do a better one some time, and do's this count against my 0 posts in the polished room!?
coleslaw 2003/8/1 - 13:58:19
WOAH! that's awesome!!!! (i was born in the year of the dragon, too ^_^;) GREAT job!
charlie 2003/8/2 - 11:48:6
very cool! only 50 min? woulda taken me 2 days. JK. i love it! >^.^<

(moved) (link) Oekaki by amethyst-citrine, total drawing time 3 : 13 : 11

amethyst-citrine 2003/7/22 - 13:42:55
Man, I was gonna do more, but it's storming like mad around here. Hands up if you think this looks like Catherine Zeta-Jones. O.o - Amy.
alex 2003/7/22 - 13:52:57
OMG THAT HAIR IS GORGOUS!!! The shinyness!!! and I love the tones in the skin!! I don't know what else to said it's so good... She's a lovey woman well drawn and um.. did I mention lovey?!??! WONDERFUL PICTURE!!!
mogily 2003/7/22 - 14:33:18
o_o *jaw drop* This. Is. GORGEOUS. The clean lines, the skin tones, the pretty colors, THE HAIR..... it's so... PERFECT!~~~ Wonderful job~~~
sakura 2003/7/22 - 15:30:40
O.O <--my first reaction...wow...the hair is beautiful!! You can practically see all the strands of hair, and the shading is so well done on the skin! The background is pretty too! -gazes in awe-
pif 2003/7/22 - 15:43:20
O_O woah..... just........... woah this is so beautiful, especially the hair.
chibimegami 2003/7/22 - 19:37:22
o.o.... *stare* this is soo amazing! wow.... *wishes she could shade like that* you are sooo good! i love how the eyes and the lips are realistic and the hair is gorgeous!! great job!!
casper 2003/7/23 - 2:53:0
...WOAH the hair!
embo 2003/7/23 - 19:54:6
;____; i always know its you. ;___;
coleslaw 2003/7/24 - 7:56:2
wow!!! WOW!! that's awesome! i love the lips, and the hair.. wow.
gleeful1 2003/7/24 - 13:56:46
that HAIR... when i first saw this pic, i immediately leaned very close to the comp. monitor to look at all the details in her hair - seriously. *is hurled away by the stunning details*
naty 2003/7/25 - 0:58:10
it glitters! EEP! it shines! double EEP! definately Uber cool!!! *thumbs up* :]
kaira 2003/7/25 - 3:32:29
Oooo... pretty hair!!! ^_^
mikazukineko 2003/7/26 - 16:2:46
Nah, yours is way prettier than CZJ.

(moved) (link) Oekaki by mikazukineko, total drawing time 0 : 51 : 32

mikazukineko 2003/7/16 - 8:50:59
Last one of these i'm doing for a while (or ever)
'cos it sent me mad, yes me mad, me gone pokey in the bonky head, yes gone pokey in the bonky head me, poke my bonky head yes.
embo 2003/7/16 - 9:37:17
OMG O____________O CRAZY
mikazukineko 2003/7/16 - 12:11:32
By last one I mean these line thingys, not oekaki, next one will be a normal (?) piccy.
gleeful1 2003/7/16 - 12:49:42
did did u do this - how did u even start this??!! this is so detailed and........... *gets dizzy from the detail*
jayee 2003/7/16 - 16:3:40
thats so nice! how did you do this?
embo 2003/7/16 - 18:45:15
mikazukineko 2003/7/16 - 18:52:23
Actually it's extremely easy.
alex 2003/7/16 - 19:59:22
That's not telling us!!! Quick embo! Give me a turnip!!! Must know!!! The detailness is so awesome!!!
embo 2003/7/17 - 6:59:42
*equips everyone with big bulky turnips* NOW TELL US DAMN YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!! *goes into attack mode* >:O
kodocha 2003/7/17 - 13:8:49
*grabs 40 turnips* FIRREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *THROWS A CUCUMBER*
embo 2003/7/17 - 13:45:26
lorelai 2003/7/18 - 8:43:32
Maybe easy to do with tricks? yes. Maybe under an hour? yes. Fricking impressive enough to go in the Polished Room? yesssssssssssssssssss.
embo 2003/7/20 - 20:17:15
so THIS is where the picture went....i want mika back ;_____;

(moved) (link) Oekaki by bakamilphy, total drawing time 4 : 54 : 8

bakamilphy 2003/7/19 - 1:23:19
Whoa, I dont have any Idea where this came from...^0^ er, anyway, it didnt take like 5 hours, it took like 3... I dont know why, Im usualy a lot faster than that!~o^; I hope its polished, I actualy really like how it turned out, I wanted to make the shading simpler then usual, and I wanted to try old-photo colors on this one, I dunno ^0^ That was strange..*-~
nickowolf 2003/7/19 - 1:28:36
Great pic! The wings are my favorite. And the bandages are also quite awesome. I really like the old, faded look of this pic.
naty 2003/7/19 - 2:42:55
Man how did you get the colors so perfect!!??
It's as if it's from the samurai age or sumthing!
very nice milphy, extremely well done to every detail! =D
ayako 2003/7/19 - 5:8:47
ooo, beautifully cute =D
x_ael 2003/7/19 - 7:59:45
Yeah this is for sure the best oekaki you've ever done!
(or almost the one I luv the best)
tayley-chan 2003/7/19 - 8:19:47
Ooooooh! Swank. ^-^

Has anyone else noticed that we seem to be beating up angels a lot on this board lately? ^-^ Heh. Poor little guys.
alex 2003/7/19 - 9:49:24
Don't worry! The angels can take it! They're strong! YEAH!!! COOL PIC!!!! The colors are just so ..RIGHT!! The wings are ultra cool and I love that pose! Great pic!!
hitotsu 2003/7/19 - 9:50:2
hehehe..sugoi! i love this lots ^^ u definately created the" old photo" look *.*! ur style is just so darn cute too XD
malubunny 2003/7/19 - 10:10:52
WOW! i don't know where to start by saying how perfect this pic is! WOW! AHHH! the pose holds alot of emotion and the battered wings and the bandages explain why and stuff! i love everything u did with this! YAY!
jayee 2003/7/19 - 13:39:56
you did a good job with the old picture coloring lol, i like the bandages and the hair =)
mikazukineko 2003/7/19 - 14:32:58
AWWWWW!!!!! Another angel bites the dust, and another Baka Milphy classic.
mitsu 2003/7/19 - 14:47:10
woot I love the colors! ^_^
Well done, as usual!
sakura 2003/7/19 - 18:20:18
o.o Wow...that totally rocks my world. That's awesome Milphy! I love the shading...and the bandages. It's so beautiful!!
enshoku 2003/7/19 - 21:30:51
Awesome. @_@ This so blows my mind.
gleeful1 2003/7/19 - 23:8:51
OMG OMFG!!!! :O !!!!!!!!!!!!
okay.... i'm okay.........
i absolutely LUV this pic!!!! out of ALL the great pics that u have drawn, this is my favorite!! OUTSTANDING WORK!!! *O*
coleslaw 2003/7/20 - 9:9:5
wow, you're really improving! i LOVE the wings, and the shading is TERRIFFIC, and the hair!!! it's wonderful.... i love it! i want to save it.. may i? :)
bakamilphy 2003/7/20 - 11:55:39
Sure, if you really want to^-^;
kiwi 2003/7/20 - 16:59:22
WAIIIIII-ness!!!!!! Tis so cool tis so cool tis so cool tis so cool tis so cool!!!!! How on earth do you draw/colour/shade/highlight so well!?!?!?!?!?!? This looks absolutely amazing!! I love her wings and the background has a really nice affect to it too. Poor person, she's hurt! *gives huggles* But AGH!! can you teach me to be good with solids eh? m(_ _)m ... please?
mangakajs 2003/7/20 - 17:35:9
o0o0oo00! i like i like!!! nice effect on the coloring!!
amethyst-citrine 2003/7/22 - 14:46:59
WOW! You must feel really loved! :D The pose is great, and it's so cute and smooth and just awesome! GREAT JOB!!! - Amy.

(moved) (link) Oekaki by sandra, total drawing time 1 : 36 : 30

sandra 2003/7/13 - 20:21:41
sun goddess?
hannah 2003/7/13 - 21:4:24
aMAZING shading & colors.
draco_plato 2003/7/13 - 22:19:15
Woah...this is so unique looking. Yep, I think Sun Goddess as well. Reminds me of Africa...very pretty.
treespirit 2003/7/13 - 22:32:19
beautiful...i love the movement of the hair with the lines and shines in it ^_^
embo 2003/7/13 - 22:38:41
OMG! i really really REALLY like this! she's so ethnic looking...and the monochrome yellow is brilliant!! simple bg, yet so effective! the dress the hair the face.....wow this is GREAT!! *__*
naty 2003/7/13 - 22:42:58
it's so, YELLOW!! She's made of GOLD! Sandra you rock!
mitsu 2003/7/13 - 23:38:52
*_* Holy guacamole!
That is insanely awesome!!! woooooot
It looks banana-flavoured! XD
nickowolf 2003/7/13 - 23:46:33
The colors.... they call for me.... *drool*

I love the hair!
gleeful1 2003/7/14 - 0:2:20
nice work of colors!! looks SO cool!!!! my gosh - i think that motion in her hair is well drawn out! ^_^
coleslaw 2003/7/15 - 8:28:25
wow!! that's SO well done! GREAT face, GREAT dress, Great figure, Great hair, Great background, really, really super cool! it's awesome, you're the coolest ^_^ i could never pull off a yellow outline ^_~
melville 2003/7/15 - 13:16:54
I love how you did her hair. It's so cool, i can almost feel the breeze coming through my monitor. :)
jack 2003/7/15 - 17:38:51
I love this...the bg is soo good and colors are just wonderful!
enshoku 2003/7/15 - 19:25:13
I love your pics Sandra. ^_^ This is so cool, esp. the dress and bg.
nakisa 2003/7/16 - 10:38:36
this is *so* pretty! I love the line-art and how you make everything look so sharp (e.g the hair) ^_^
I love the background too! awsome job :D
hitotsu 2003/7/16 - 18:46:22
i havent seen ur art in a long time ^^~! i love ur art so much! hehehehe...ur colouring ish very cool X3 hope to see mroe of ur work again ^~
x_ael 2003/7/17 - 6:2:53
Oh Sandra I luv everything u do!!!!
Big fan :3

(moved) (link) Oekaki by mishie, total drawing time 1 : 38 : 30

mishie 2003/7/30 - 20:16:0
I really don't like being away for so long. ToT I miss out on a lot of stuff, but I missed you guys! Anyhoo. ^_^ This is a picture of my pretty friend..>< I got lazy on her hand though.
mitsu 2003/7/30 - 22:13:24
Gorgeous colors... so good I can almost taste it. ^______^ Her lips are especially wondertastic.
coleslaw 2003/7/30 - 22:28:0
wow... that's awesome.. that's so cool!!! GREAT job, it looks so real :)
catzoid 2003/7/30 - 22:59:10
Her pouty lips are so cool...! And her smokey, wing-shaped, eyeshadow...
mogily 2003/7/30 - 23:28:20
Awesome job. I love the lips and eyeshadow as well~~ :3
draco_plato 2003/7/31 - 3:47:24
Mishie!!!!!!! She's so pretty @@. I love the colors too. Yay!
gleeful1 2003/7/31 - 12:3:10
i luuuv this pic!!!! the colors are so very awesome and the shading is first-rate in my mind!! i also like angle u drew her from. *notices lips and eyes* OMG OMG!!! \(*.*)/
charlie 2003/7/31 - 12:51:57
wow this is really pretty i LOVE how the u did the watercolor all like that. it makesit unique.>^.^<

konflikti 2003/7/31 - 13:0:4
You did awesome job pulling out expression like this ^__^ Great shading too ^__^
mikazukineko 2003/7/31 - 15:35:10
Cool pic, she looks like she's adjusting her webcam.
sunshine03 2003/7/31 - 16:12:53
wow, I luv it! ^^ It's got a really soft feel. *notices lips and eyes too* beeaautiful... it makes up for the hand :D.
enshoku 2003/7/31 - 20:16:55
Great expression there Mishie! Love the coloring.
hitotsu 2003/7/31 - 21:59:37
woosh! mishie art! lol..havent seen ur art around here in a while T_T this is awesome! indeed, ur friend is very pretty ^_^ lol...i love the shading! ur artwork is always coolies XD
dompo 2003/8/1 - 7:31:15
Yay,mishie~!^_^ You've improved soooo much~!@_@;;

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