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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(moved) (link) Oekaki by caym, total drawing time 2 : 50 : 35

caym 2003/8/31 - 12:16:34
cessy 2003/8/31 - 13:8:47
Soooo... smooooooth *runs hand over computer screen* Oooooh. Great coloring and shading, and great job at making those lines so very clean o.o
midnighttailmon 2003/8/31 - 14:23:7
ooh. very nice. smooth lines and colouring... the way the fingers are pointed makes it look like she (it's a girl, right? Cuz to me it looks like it could go either way. o.o; ) has claws... heh =3
embo 2003/8/31 - 17:31:46
O____O this has such a unique and defined style. i especially love the way you drew the face...simple lines, but the coloring is very nicely done and that SPADE THINGY!! WOAAAAH
gleeful1 2003/9/1 - 15:57:25

the coloring is superb~~~
tim_kai 2003/10/6 - 9:35:12
This looks a lot like something out of Aeon Flux. . .

(moved) (link) Oekaki by jenzee, total drawing time 0 : 40 : 28

jenzee 2003/9/18 - 3:33:42
ooh man... I got all confused with the layers and then the layers started doing WEIRD THINGS when I tried to put watercolour over it... LMAO I suck at this AHHAHAHA XD Anyway, this is dedicated to treespirit :) Thank you for the gift~~~~;_;! There isn't anything special about mine like yours, but I wanted to make *something* for ye! :)
coleslaw 2003/9/18 - 6:21:52
oh, it's so pretty... you made pink work.. i don't like pink, but it looks so pritty! hmm... *evil plan* maybe i should.... spontaneously *cough o_O* draw you something... if i'm going to get something like this in turn.. XD yesss.... yeeeessss.... eeexcellent *maniacal finger twiddle* mar har har.... bwa ha ha... nyuk nyuk nyuk.... and... various other evil cackles.... *scampers quickly away*
padalyn 2003/9/18 - 7:58:51
how come everyone is doing all these awsome landscapes and stuff??? why arn't i??? o wait im lazy, i forgot XD this is awsome, i know what you mean about the layers i get so mixed up with them, but this turned out well
treespirit 2003/9/18 - 9:20:35
That was really sweet of you. :D This is beautiful. I love how you did the sky! I think the wispy clouds are my favorite! I also love the plants in the foreground. Thanks so much. ^_^ <loves the colors...especially the yellow/white/green in the clouds>
cessy 2003/9/18 - 20:22:23
This pic makes me feel all calm... (that might also be caused by the amount of cake I just ate, but STILL!) and yeah, I love how the, erm, I don't know the english word for it, but those grass things! yeah, are like, more detailed, and the background is all blurry. Looks like a photograph~ :D Coooool.
embo 2003/9/18 - 20:48:16
oh WOW this is SUCH a bveautiful landscape!! black over bright sunset colors always turn out so cool, hehehe. i really like how the sky is slanted, and GREAT job! :D :D :D
ayadragonsheart 2003/9/18 - 21:18:36
*sighs* i get all nostalgic over sunrises. i'm really glad this turned out for you! tis very pretty!
hitotsu 2003/9/19 - 11:11:47
^_^ this is really nice! i love the sky a lot, and just the landscape-ish idea is really cool XD
gleeful1 2003/9/20 - 16:21:53
wow. i like the water effent and the sky looks lovely. so nice and calm....

(moved) (link) Oekaki by jenzee, total drawing time 1 : 30 : 56

jenzee 2003/8/21 - 2:11:54
Okay! SECOND TRY!!!! This time I got to finish it :). This is the longest Oekaki i've ever done in my life X_X (though I've done like.....5 in my life XD) It's an Anbu girl from Naruto (I kind of made her up, she doesn't appear in the manga/anime BUT OH WELL XD The character design sorta/kinda follows the Naruto character design).... And ummmm yes... I <3 Anbu!!! XD Heheeh this was fun :)
ayadragonsheart 2003/8/21 - 2:34:18
oh wow that is lovely! i hope you do more i'm really liken your style so far!
kinako 2003/8/21 - 2:50:8
wow... wow... WOWW!!! *O* *is amazed* ....THATS GREAT!! ooh, the colours, the shading, the pose, it all rocks!!! XDDD!!! is that a hunter-nin? like haku? mmm... this whole pic is great!! awesome job!!!!!!
jabberwocky 2003/8/21 - 3:48:54
That is so amazingly neat. *oggles*
laurie-kay 2003/8/21 - 4:47:21
EEEEE!!!! This is so beautiful!!!!! Yay! Lotsa naurto! Its the best anime! !!! !!! Yay!
sakura 2003/8/21 - 6:54:33
Great porportions, great hands, great profile, great everything. -saves,scurries- So envious.. -shakes fist...happily- XD
shin-chan 2003/8/21 - 8:15:9
this is awsome and I agree...very true that it follows the Naruto style, with the clothes and the katana and stuff...
I really love the mask and her face is so pwetty :3
kodocha 2003/8/21 - 9:4:51
BEAUTIFUL! Except I didn't wanna know that now i know who killed Zazuba.....
jenzee 2003/8/21 - 14:43:6
Kodocha: It's not the person who killed Zabuza :P. LIke I said, " It's an Anbu girl from Naruto (I kind of made her up, she doesn't appear in the manga/anime BUT OH WELL XD" in my description, this ISN'T a spoiler. Whoever it is that killed Zabuza is called a Haku not an Anbu :p. I'll let you get to the story, but chiiiilllllllllllllllllllllllllll XD. Glad you like!
ayako 2003/8/21 - 15:8:36
Haha, Haku is his name, not an occupation. XD Pretty.
jenzee 2003/8/21 - 15:52:28
lol Ayako, I noticed the stupid "a" I stuck in the sentence later, when it was too late to correct it XD. I meant to type "Is not Haku" XD TY thooo~~~~ Oh, Kinkako, she's an Anbu (Jounin-level assassins/guards), so not like Haku (I think they have different types of masks? I dunno, they don't talk about any other hunter-nin as far as I know....).
kodocha 2003/8/21 - 16:22:10
Yeah well it has the weirdo mask......
purple-panther 2003/8/21 - 16:31:2
*choke* its beautiful!
this only took u 1 and a half hours??
geez! ur a quik drawer!
*must save!*
coleslaw 2003/8/21 - 20:13:59
wow, i love your style... draw more and allow me to be inspired (i'm STILL in the WORST artistic slump ever T____T)
insomniel 2003/8/21 - 20:20:15
i love naruto! and this is gorgeous. i really love your style, both CG and lineart - very elegant.
padalyn 2003/8/22 - 0:33:3
*stares* *becomes glued to computer* you are AWSOME! this 'kaki was DEFINATLY worth the effort!
evil-yuffie 2003/8/22 - 12:22:26
OMG wow O_O She reminds me of Kunimitsu from Tekken.
jenzee 2003/8/22 - 19:5:18
coleslaw: T_T!!! We all have our times TTTT (I had one for like....a year last year XD)

Kunimitsu!!!! I totally love KunimitsuuuU!!! XDDD *does a happy dance* She's more or less the same type of warrior I guess....just different settings XD?
charlie 2003/8/23 - 14:28:7
OMG do i ever wish i could draw like this!!!!!!! im not used to the tablet! *envy* argh. i luvs luvs luvs it. >^.^<
gleeful1 2003/8/23 - 20:2:53
too awesome!! the hair is esp. well done and the skin is perfect. WOW!!!!
amethyst-citrine 2004/1/27 - 17:46:59

(moved) (link) Oekaki by cessy, total drawing time 1 : 38 : 36

cessy 2003/8/31 - 12:14:19
Hooooly crap, I never thought I'd finish this! o_x Final Fantasy music makes me calmer tho, that's probably why I actually was able to finish it! XD; Anywho. I tell you right now that the idea/costume was from a picture I saw last night, dunno where, so it's not completely original, sorry! Still. Aiyee. My second time sending stuff to the polished room, methinks. XD;
coleslaw 2003/8/31 - 12:44:29
omg!!! i love you cessy!!!! this is sooo excelente, mi amigo!!! squeee!!! you're one of my favoritests!!!!!! T__T
twinkledraak 2003/8/31 - 12:58:36
wow beautifull O.O

draco_plato 2003/8/31 - 13:3:55
WOW~~ *Dies*
kodocha 2003/8/31 - 14:36:26
kodocha 2003/8/31 - 16:42:42
may i save this?
embo 2003/8/31 - 16:45:23

omfg YOU ROCK!!!!! i feel like i just had CESSY talent turned up FULL BLAST on me!!!! O____O i love it i love it i LOVE IT!!! the bg is like super amazing spiffy and the outfit is so awesome with its cool shadows and everything and yeah ;___; cessy is my idol ;___;
crys 2003/8/31 - 16:53:9
omg cessy..that funking<(lol) rocks..i love it..one of my many favorites...but of corse all ur pics are my favorites.....the hair is awsome..and the cloths..and the coloring...and..and..and..and...its tloo good for words
padalyn 2003/8/31 - 19:37:6
holy shit! *saves*
lorelai 2003/9/1 - 9:58:11
Bad Padalyn, no swearing!... *looks at picture* HOLY )@#$(*!#@)(%

>_> <_< O_O! heehee! it's lovely cessy!!
gleeful1 2003/9/1 - 16:1:38
okay, *trying really hard to keep from hyperventalating* okay........ THIS KICKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!! cessy, it really is something to wonder at. i'm serious, u should consider a job in the art department.
naty 2003/9/1 - 18:46:21
MOTHER OF PEARL! if i only had a handful of your talent i'd be set! :D gorgeous colors, outfit, wings, face, etc.!!! Many praises!
cessy 2003/9/2 - 14:59:28
Actually, I started my first day in Art Fundamentals today at College, next year I'll be able to get into Animation and Graphic Arts :D; And yes, embo, we ALL love the boobies! (I cheated and used the oval tool to make them! hee! they looked lopsided when I drew them freehand :D;;;)
sakura 2003/9/2 - 16:58:50
Beautiful!! Magnificint! So beautiful! Kinda reminds me of KOS-MOS. ^_^ but this is wonderful!
evil-yuffie 2003/9/2 - 18:42:18
She looks innocent but with a dark side... yeah ^_^ Love the lips! Go cessy go go!! Ooh cessy, I bought the first DVD of Hellsing, love it!!! It's soo great and Alucard is shmexy... must draw pics of him!! I love the hair in this pic, and the clothes r0x0r! *cough* enough leet...
amethyst-citrine 2004/1/27 - 17:47:15
Ahhhhh you rock so much! - Amy.

(moved) (link) Oekaki by shin-chan, total drawing time 1 : 31 : 59

shin-chan 2003/8/16 - 20:6:48
humm...pretty ^_^
purple-panther 2003/8/16 - 20:53:41
wow! kewl! that must've been hard 2 draw cuz of the angle its at! u must hav a cramped neck frum having 2 to tilt ur head to c it right side up wile u wer drawing!
vry pretty dress she has on! they look like such a romantic couple!
jabberwocky 2003/8/16 - 21:0:38
Eeeh! They are SO cool looking!
ayadragonsheart 2003/8/16 - 22:38:36
eh!! What a neat angling!! i wish i had her dress! ACK!!! >_< must have dress now.... needle and thread call to me...... great im in for another bloody thumb epidemic! ^_____^ oh well.... just gotta have that dress! great job!
mogily 2003/8/16 - 22:55:16
Ah, such detail *_* wonderful job, I love that dress o_o
naty 2003/8/17 - 1:10:21
They're dancing! What a sweet pic! Love that dude's hair for some reason..the curtains are a nice touch to this ball room! the whole perspective impresses me beyond words!
jack 2003/8/17 - 2:34:18
wa~ that's soo good...i love the angle of this pic and the details are awesome!
seraphicenchantress 2003/8/17 - 9:21:58
Ack! Awwww, that's cool and cute and sweet! Her dress is absolutely fabulous, and the angling is a cool effect. Woohoo! The End.
charlie 2003/8/17 - 11:43:34
neat!!!!! how did u ever get the angle all perfect?? well it is very pretty!! >^.^<
enshoku 2003/8/17 - 12:5:28
Awesome stuff Shin-chan!!! I love their outfits. *_*
shin-chan 2003/8/17 - 12:31:59
the angle? why's the angle so fantastic?!?! loll
the heads are in the right angle, and once you do the dress, its actually pretty easy :
padalyn 2003/8/17 - 14:16:37
woah... its like when your in those rooms where furniture and stuff is nailed to the celing and it gives you the impression that your on the celing. awsomness!
treespirit 2003/8/18 - 13:19:22
love the angle.....and her gown is very pretty!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by coleslaw, total drawing time 3 : 55 : 17

coleslaw 2003/8/30 - 17:53:52
time= minus 30-45 min for various reasons

i saw the phrase "pillow talk" used in some girly girl magazine and have been DYING to draw this ever since ^_^;;
kodocha 2003/8/30 - 19:55:27
cute! I love how they all have different pillow cases. what's the blue and pink one saying? That's so cool!
starrbroken 2003/8/30 - 20:6:3
LOL, that is way cute and funny. I love the concept. The pillow's expressions are great. The background is really cool, too, I love how you thought of the different things to put on the shelf. One thing- there's a "p" missing in inspiring! ^_~;;
coleslaw 2003/8/30 - 20:17:56
erm... oops XD thanks for pointing that out...! XD
embo 2003/8/30 - 20:34:27
EEK!!! cute!!! love love love! the book case in the back looks really nice O___O and the idea is awehahahahahasome XDDD
moogles 2003/8/30 - 21:10:27
heh, this is so cute/funny, I love the background! and the pillows ^^ Nice job.
casper 2003/8/31 - 3:12:13
wow! i love it! lol...i wish i got ideas like this...
cessy 2003/8/31 - 12:38:43
LOL!! And I thought I was the only one who thought up weird stuff like this! XD Hee, this pic looks great! (I like the blue/pink pillow, because of the pink!) great attention to detail, aiyee! o_x
twinkledraak 2003/8/31 - 12:58:56
very funny indeed ^^

milkshake 2003/8/31 - 15:55:14
lol, that's great
padalyn 2003/8/31 - 19:37:57
coleslaw 2003/9/1 - 12:13:2
Thanks so much for comments!! wooo hooooo!!! XD
ayako 2003/9/1 - 15:30:23
... ::chortle:: This is the bestest pic EVER!
gleeful1 2003/9/1 - 16:2:23
ah!! that's halarious!! XD XD
alex 2003/10/6 - 0:4:55
HA! That's so cute!! Drawn cool too!!
casper 2003/12/28 - 0:55:13
AAAHHH I just spent like an hour searching the polished room for this one to show my friend! Congrats on having it moved to the hall of fame

(moved) (link) Oekaki by doodlebug, total drawing time 3 : 23 : 34

doodlebug 2003/8/18 - 22:6:33
Woah... that compressed really weirdly. O.o Oh well. Haven't oekakid for a while, so I thought I'd try some realism. Argh, I still haven't figured out the tools at all. >_> Cookie for whoever guesses who this is! (not that it's very difficult)

Oekaki #3
criss 2003/8/18 - 22:27:31
AH! How can tell who it is, it's just an eye! lol.....uh...*says the first name that comes to mind* Johnny Depp. o_o
spiritfire24 2003/8/18 - 22:59:56
uh.. Carrie Ann Moss, or whatever her name is? (Trinity matrix person)
laurie-kay 2003/8/18 - 23:9:46
Dr Seusse!!!!!!! Does anyone know what he really looks like? Ignore my odd, unnecessary rantings...^_^;; this pic is awesome ^o^ better realism than I could ever do!
treespirit 2003/8/19 - 12:28:17
oooooooh very nice....i like it very much
doodlebug 2003/8/19 - 14:59:28
Nuuu. :P C'mon! It's a guy, and he's sort of well-known for his very bloo eyes. Thanks for kind comments too~
hannah 2003/8/19 - 17:49:38
elijah wood? mmmmm, frodo.

anyway, i like it.
konflikti 2003/8/20 - 1:15:51
Orlando Bloom ^__^ Awesome realism!
jabberwocky 2003/8/20 - 12:58:51
Elijah Wood. Once you said Blue Eyes, the rest of the pouty Hobbit pictures came into my head. :-P. But he is a very pretty looking Elijah.
doodlebug 2003/8/20 - 16:42:58
*gives cookies to hannah and jabberwocky* =3
legolasbowking 2004/1/18 - 22:30:12
I dont really like elijah but this eye is amazing!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by ayadragonsheart, total drawing time na

ayadragonsheart 2003/8/11 - 2:19:17
my cod! you have no idea how much trouble this pic gave me... XP it finaly did somewhat of what i was going for... i keep having to run away from it periodically to even begin making it turn out decent....ugh.... -_- and i just relized what i forgot even though i stared at it for 30mins before hand to make sure i didn't...... *continues to rant*
sakura 2003/8/11 - 7:18:22
AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!! WHAT'S IT DOING IN THE TEST ROOM? ARE J00 CRAAAAZEEEE? THIS IS SOOO FLIPPIN GOOD!! TwT -shakes fist- That is so coooool ;_; Move it to the polished! Move it to the polished!
padalyn 2003/8/11 - 11:9:30
*stares* holey- WHYis this in the test room?!?? you are a masterpeice maker, and this is in the TEST room?!!? *goes off raving*
*sniff* its so pretty! i wuv the colours
treespirit 2003/8/11 - 11:22:9
OMG.....<jaw drops> 'o'.....i adore this picture.
your work is so amazing, i hope you know that
coleslaw 2003/8/11 - 14:56:53
WOAH!!!! that's phenominal... i would have never had that idea, and if i did, i certainly wouldn't have been silly enought to put it in the test room!!! are you crazy?? even if they were stick figures, i'd put them in the polished room cuz it's such a friggin cool idea!!!!!! (can i say that? XD) i ♥ this soooo much!!! i heart it!!!! it's wonderful!! the lady seems to have a booby that's not in her shirt o.o; XD awesome job!!! i love it!! great work... wow.
hijiri_sho 2003/8/11 - 15:15:56
Dear gods...O_O
Picture aside, I've never seen a timer that said 'na'.
*stares at both*
beexserk 2003/8/11 - 16:54:15
SO FLIPPING AMAZING- this should go in the favorites room that doesnt exist right now. o. my. goodness. the idea kicks ass and how you drew it is just AMAZING. the colors, shading, the water, the expressions, the hair- so unbelieveably amazing. just amazing. have you considered a career in this? sheesh
charlie 2003/8/11 - 19:4:28
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMG!!!!!!! what the HELL is this doing in the test room!!!!!!!! YYYYYYYY!!!!????? its sooooooooooooooooo gorgeous!. ZOWIE! i loooooooooooooooooov this! lov it lov it lov it!!!!!!!!! 0.0 sooooo pretty. *goes on and on about how pretty this is* and i lov the underwater and everything. >^.^< (lov it)
embo 2003/8/11 - 19:42:52

i wont say anything about the picture because its beyond words :)
draco_plato 2003/8/11 - 23:58:44
*gawks at it...* omg.....what pretty colors. AYA!!!! You're back!! *wipes a tear away* I love you!! And this is not a test room pic by any means *glares, glares, glares* Move to polished! *sigh* It looks like a poster, I am so envious.
viva 2003/8/12 - 7:21:10
er.. i dont think u need to move it to polished. It's kinda full of comments as it is! =P
ayadragonsheart 2003/8/12 - 17:5:24
*blinks* man i was really tired that night i was sure i put this in the doodle room took me forever to refind.... ^^;;; i think the reason the timer says na is because i worked on it periodically over a night and day thats about 24 hours and it still turned out ify... i forgot the line on the sleeve.
mikazukineko 2003/8/12 - 17:6:29
What the hell is this doing on 'Test', I wish that other page was open for the Favourites 'cos this sure as hell should be the 1st one in it!!!!!
purple-panther 2003/8/12 - 17:15:38
EEEEK! OMG! r u crazy!!!!!! put this in the polished room now!!!!
naty 2003/8/12 - 22:21:49
Dear god that's just beautifully stunning! the whole pic just dances in mine eyes. Why
would anyone in their right mind send this to test? I'd die happy if i could do something
like this. ;) A+++ Job!
shin-chan 2003/8/13 - 21:11:32
*falls off chair* YARG!!!! O________O
this is absolutely FANTASTIQUE!!!! the colour, the water...!!!
humm... *turns head* the guy is on the other side man ^^; must have been really difficult to draw that!

Je lève mon chapeau! This is really awsome ^_^
enshoku 2003/8/13 - 22:45:2
You improved greatly! Wow.... this is just great....
hitotsu 2003/8/13 - 23:1:59
*0* this is awesome! holy **** XD! i'd have to say that all the time and trouble was worth it, because this is just...agh.."my jaw is stuck on the floor" good XD!
gleeful1 2003/8/15 - 13:10:10
okay, all i have to say about this pic is that... THIS IS OUT OF THIS WORLD AND YOU ARE AN EXTRODINARY ARTIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by spiritfire24, total drawing time 1 : 17 : 10

spiritfire24 2003/8/15 - 16:33:17
my hand is kinda numb.
I like how this turned out, I normally don't have the patience to do something like this.
purple-panther 2003/8/15 - 16:56:59
wow! neat! the notbook looks real! thats kinda wut my desk looks like at skool! im always doodling in my notebook!
padalyn 2003/8/15 - 17:11:50
omg! ...have you been stalking me?? lo thats exactly like my notebooks, exept my writings really really really sloppy (which is weird for a girl, but what the heck) i love this XD greatly done
artanis 2003/8/15 - 20:58:44
biology, how exciting ^.~
This looks SO much like my school notes!!!
O.O..... is some one reading a magazine instead of their textbook? XD
enshoku 2003/8/15 - 21:0:27
It looks so real! =D wow, my notebook looks like that too!
ayadragonsheart 2003/8/15 - 23:40:36
i love the realism of this pic! you even included a scratched out sketch! that just total wowness!!!! XD~
naty 2003/8/16 - 0:23:21
woaj!! that's a picture of my notebook!! O.O you stalk me?? LOL. yeah but this is miraculous!! =O
shin-chan 2003/8/16 - 6:36:57
what an interesting idea! ^_^ and its so well done! (looks like MY note books lololl)
lorelai 2003/8/16 - 12:0:30
WOW. that's pretty cool!! I had to move your other two black and white oekakis to the doodle room tho - the purpose of the two rooms is to put the big stuff here, and the <1 hour stuff in the D-Room :)
spiritfire24 2003/8/16 - 12:47:29
I figured they'd be moved. ^___^ perfectly alright.

mikazukineko 2003/8/16 - 16:35:46
Fantastic! awesome! great! and other such words!
jabberwocky 2003/8/16 - 21:1:36
*oggles* that's AMAZING. Wow.
mogily 2003/8/16 - 22:58:56
Oh, how cool! ^^ *attempts to read some of the writing* Echidnas... glucose.... anaerobic...?? o_o; Still very awesome XD *loves*
spiritfire24 2003/8/16 - 23:38:56
nah, the word at the top is Mitochondria

and, now that I look at the pic, I copied the diagram wrong there, anaerobic is on there twice.. oops ^__^ oh well, I highly doubt anyone would use that, it'd be kinda creepy if they did. ^___^
jack 2003/8/17 - 2:36:20
wow! that's one of the most uniquests pic i have ever seen..i love the notebook feel
draco_plato 2003/8/17 - 3:0:16
Woah, I so did not look at this closely before. That is just the coolest idea. I am in awe. How creative.
tim_kai 2003/10/2 - 22:49:42
I just noticed that the Magazine has a shiney look to it. Like it is actually a magazine. 0_0

This must have been hard on the ol' wrist. . .
gleeful1 2003/11/5 - 20:0:13
yeah... kind of LATE to be commenting on this pic, but oh well!! ahem!
i really think this is a neat idea! very accurately done- esp. that shine on the book!! i dunno.... that SHINE just gets to me... XD wow, and u only spent an hour on this! excellent job ^_^

(moved) (link) Oekaki by mitsu, total drawing time 1 : 28 : 13

mitsu 2003/8/8 - 20:3:35
Hope this is okay for "polished". :D
Yes, I'm aware the lighting is a bit inconsistent. ^^
padalyn 2003/8/8 - 20:42:21
of course its ok!!!!!!!!!!
blue 2003/8/8 - 21:50:56
that is sooooo good!!!! she is so pretty and i LOVE the waves and the dress... her hair is so natural looking and her arm looks real! i like the veil... this is soo polished! i like how it's in black n white
dompo 2003/8/9 - 2:51:45
I bow down to ur skills 0_o *bows*
ayadragonsheart 2003/8/9 - 3:20:32
I really love your realism! I have a hard time with it so don't worry! =^,^=
charlie 2003/8/9 - 10:45:39
WOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!! looks reall!!!!!!!! ZOWIE! geeze its sooooooo good!!!!!!!! im so jealous! >=P jk. >^.^< muah!!! lov it lov it lov it
nickowolf 2003/8/9 - 12:39:11
This just.... rocks. I love it! The shading is completely the ace!
mikazukineko 2003/8/9 - 13:4:36
OK!?, OK!? Jeez this is definately more than ok, it's awesome!
embo 2003/8/10 - 4:15:48
so where did you take this photograph at? XP
artanis 2003/8/10 - 20:55:3
O.O wow.
sandra 2003/8/10 - 21:30:2
*gurgle* *melt*
milkshake 2003/8/11 - 11:15:25
*_* awesome! *is speachless*
treespirit 2003/8/11 - 11:25:14
love the details
amazing work
purple-panther 2003/8/11 - 21:15:3
ooo! vry pretty! i looks realistic!
jabberwocky 2003/8/13 - 21:12:40
I am quite sure you had absolutely NOTHING to worry about. *in awe*
gleeful1 2003/8/15 - 12:50:30
*spits out sprite* OMG! this is really detailed. i almost thought i was seeing a real photo!
life2death2begining 2003/9/27 - 22:0:21
omg this is liek the best i've ever seen please give me some tips on how to draw liek this on the comp becasue i've just started using the comp to draw
chalada 2003/12/17 - 23:37:9
w...o...w... for a second i thought this was a REAL picture that was taken with a camera! i still don't understand how people can draw so well on a computer.

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