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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(2752) (link) Oekaki by hikage_onna, total drawing time 21 : 29 : 31

hikage_onna 2009/4/13 - 8:28:39
Katara... I guess? My first oekaki in a reaaally long time. The timer's way off: I left the program running for quite a while when I went to do other stuff.

Done with 80% mouse, 20% tablet (at the very end, after I went out and bought one :D).

Avatar and all its characters belong to Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko.
snoopywar 2009/4/13 - 16:34:58
No offense, but this doesn't really look like Katara... xD;
She's way too light skinned.

But it is a beautiful oekaki. (:
hikage_onna 2009/4/13 - 19:57:33
No offense taken! XD I agree, she is too light-skinned, but I'm still trying to get used to creating colors with the RGB. Everytime I tried to mix a darker skin color, it would come out dirty looking, so I gave up after a while.
jakusama 2009/5/16 - 15:25:24
She's really pretty - whoever she is. I absolutely LOVE the hair and the eyes. Oh my god the eyes are so pretty. They're such a striking color and they pop... the lips are beautiful too. Very, very pretty.
phil 2009/8/26 - 18:15:51
took me a while but her hair looks like the water bender from avatar! eRm her name was... doesnt matter look at her eyes 0.o woo
ateepee 2009/11/11 - 13:57:36
Utterly gorgeous!

(2751) (link) Oekaki by klumbsykay, total drawing time 2 : 53 : 12

klumbsykay 2009/4/4 - 1:43:7
hopefully this wont be lost wheni upload.

The tablet has returnded!
blacklight 2009/4/6 - 23:39:44
This lady is really cute, and I love her blie reflecting hair, and pouty lips.
jakusama 2009/5/16 - 15:26:13
Hooray! The upload didn't eat it. Absolutely digging the hair. love the eclectic use of patterns, too. Very cool, very pretty. (Really love the hair.)
phil 2009/8/24 - 17:40:29
love it all its so escentric
ateepee 2009/11/11 - 14:0:2
Excellent colours!

(2750) (link) Oekaki by quentara47, total drawing time 2 : 59 : 18

quentara47 2009/2/17 - 22:49:38
it started out as a dancer and then I just got a bit emo...
mika 2009/3/4 - 9:23:28
It reminds me of something you'ld see in a picture frame on an old writing table in the background of Silent Hill.......and I love Silent Hill style trappings so it's a good thing indeed.
jakusama 2009/5/16 - 15:27:9
I can see how this might have started out as a dancer, but I really love the finished product. I like the feel of it, and I love the ghost/spirit asking her to dance. And I want her dress. :D
dorothyblu 2009/8/18 - 22:34:51
you're ready to illustrate comic books or better

(2749) (link) Oekaki by bleau, total drawing time 4 : 47 : 36

bleau 2009/2/6 - 12:29:19
This is Tinkerbell. she is my boyfriends cat. shes a vicious little thing. i think shes got some of the devil in her.
very nice change doing a loose drawing. lots of fun fur, got to be scribbly and stuff. tired of being so precise drawing my ladies and everything.
kelli 2009/2/6 - 17:59:39
aww you'd never know she was part-devil with how you depicted her. She looks adorable. And I rather like this style change...it has a bit of a painterly feel to it I think.
d ^_^ b (thumbs up)
snoopywar 2009/2/7 - 7:21:29
She looks like she could pass for a cloud. Hahaha. (:
umi-chan 2009/2/9 - 21:58:26
ahhhhh! i love this. mostly because i'm a huge cat person lol. i love how you coloured the kitty, it looks like i could just cuddle it! and the sky is pretty awsome too. ^^
blacklight 2009/2/11 - 18:20:30
ohh she's so cute. I think it looks like a very sweet cat, if you didn't mention her evilness. She looks nice and peaceful like taking a cat nap.
quentara47 2009/2/18 - 8:26:40
Kitty dreams of world domination!
mika 2009/3/4 - 9:50:36
*Checks artist's name*
Why isn't this picture weird?

Hmmm I'll just have to settle for great then.....

.........skies kinda weird ;P
jakusama 2009/5/16 - 15:28:59
Awwww there's no WAY there could be a devil in her! She's too sweet and adorable. I love how I can see traces of your style in this piece, but at the same time, it's completely new. I really love it, and I love the way you did the fur. She's really quite cute... ;)
dorothyblu 2009/6/23 - 2:35:7
hee hee, she looks like this cat named Munchpoop my sister had, ha; wonderful painting

(2748) (link) Oekaki by keraha, total drawing time 3 : 42 : 37

keraha 2009/1/30 - 23:53:39
Inspired by the MCR video for Desolation Row.
snoopywar 2009/1/31 - 14:6:47
Those faces are brilliant.
I love how minimal it is in color.
mika 2009/2/1 - 8:17:29
You've caught that 'look, we're all mean and moody and therefore everything we say is profound' look perfectly.

.......and why in these mean and moody band photo's does one always have a 'Hey I just thought.......one more level in Barbie's horse riding adventures and I can play Bratz slumber party on my PS1 before bedtime' grin on his face?
blacklight 2009/2/2 - 22:9:40
oh my gosh! I knew those paces looked familiar!
I love Ray Toro's expression haha. And frank just looks like he's having a giggly good time.
jakusama 2009/5/16 - 15:30:49
Haha since I live under a rock I have no idea who this is, but that's totally my own fault, but I love the light in this. I like how just the faces are lit up and everything just has hints of an afterglow. Very very cool
dorothyblu 2009/6/23 - 2:37:34
beautiful rembrandt effect(the physicians)

(2747) (link) Oekaki by blumeaniandglove, total drawing time 2 : 44 : 11

blumeaniandglove 2009/1/21 - 0:31:15
"Oh look winslow, is that the infamous lazy background?"
"by jove Marland, I believe you're right!!"


it's my friend Mark. He doesn't realize what a stud he really is. Ha!

Comments will be loved!
blacklight 2009/1/21 - 14:42:48
oh cool! he is cute, but I like most guys who have cats so long as their not creepy.
snoopywar 2009/1/22 - 11:29:32
This is adorable.

Love your style always, Blu.
artanis 2009/1/24 - 2:35:38
ohh i really like this. especially his cat!! and his lips. so cute x]
mika 2009/2/1 - 8:3:40
He looks like that bod out of Oasis......Liam or the other one -better watch out as he'll flip the cat off and break the windows in a minute.
jakusama 2009/5/16 - 15:32:24
Awww I am really attracted to the shading on the blue jeans. Is that weird? Maybe. :p I love the cat too, and I like how the light splays the shadows behind them. The kitty just looks like it wants to be held. *Wants*

(2746) (link) Oekaki by angie, total drawing time 0 : 0 : 0

angie 2008/12/16 - 18:36:36
I hate phones... But now I can make bras!! w00t!!
blacklight 2008/12/17 - 8:31:29
oh nice! this is so cute, I love the soft coloring, and how you draw curly hair.
jakusama 2008/12/18 - 14:26:55
That's so damned cool. I'm serious. I love the way you draw hair, and the bra is so cute. Panties next? :p Love her bed and the shoes (massive love for the shoes) and the shading is so soft, but strong enough to make it visible. You have such a pretty style. <3
angie 2008/12/18 - 16:32:17
thank you so much =)
gleeful1 2008/12/20 - 2:29:34
SEXY. i would expect to find this bra in a victoria's secret store ^^ she looks so pampered. great color for her lipstick! for some reason, her heels remind me of dorothy's super red shoes in the wizard of oz =)
cretin 2008/12/20 - 7:59:46
I love the soft shading on her skin and the pillows. :)
golden 2008/12/20 - 16:12:43
If you ever started an underwear line, I would buy everything. That bra is gorgeous.
angie 2008/12/21 - 11:0:7
when i open for business I'll let you know ;)
mika 2008/12/22 - 22:42:6
(reads book on how to comment without mentioning her bra)

.......errrrr...lemmesee....ooooh.....Awesome bra I want one.........eeeeeeeeeeeek!

Comment fail!
artanis 2009/1/24 - 2:37:40
hehe mika :D
well i'm a girl and i'll just go ahead and say that her boobies are gorgeous xD
this really is a beautiful picture, i love the delicacy of her bra, hair, and lips... those shoes are so cute too!! the light coloring is wonderful.
dorothyblu 2009/9/11 - 0:22:15
yeah, I used to draw all these pinup girl type pictures and beautiful women in beautiful evening gowns, and gorgeous underwear and négligée's sitting at their dressing tables; and women in red outfits with fur trim, and I used to give them all as greeting cards at Christmas time. Too much work, all in ink by hand, and done in watercolor. Now you can do all that work on the computer, and ink doesn't run, or smear or smudge, and the watercolor doesn't wrinkle the paper! Ha ha ha ha! Technology has won at last! I can't sell any of my greeting cards at all, because nobody is buying them now, and the market a shot, but I don't really care because America is just not an art place; Americans HATE ART. They absolutely hate it, and they hate artists. So I don't really care. It's just fun doing it for myself.BEAUTIFUL picture! Gorgeous. Keep it up! We all love it.

(2745) (link) Oekaki by piffle, total drawing time 2 : 1 : 46

piffle 2008/11/18 - 21:50:22
While researching an art history paper on Degas and Toulouse I came across some really amazing Japanese woodblock prints. I've become a bit obsessed with them.. @_@'
piffle 2008/11/18 - 21:55:13
AHHH I forgot to color her comb!!
golden 2008/11/20 - 9:41:22
Ah it's beautiful! I always admire people who color with textures. They make this picture so much more interesting without making it too cluttered.
The colors are so eye-catching. I love all the details you've managed to put in, like the flowers and her hair. And eh, basically everything else in it.
jakusama 2008/11/21 - 18:58:13
Wow. I LOVE the beautiful, vibrant colors. To do so many textures takes a unique eye - if they aren't done exactly right, they end up clashing or looking overly crowded. The softness, the blending, it's so perfect. You don't really notice the textures unless you look right at them, which to me, is perfect. Love the color green, too.
lorelai 2008/12/4 - 10:41:26
She's soooo pretty. and i love the use of tones!!!
I see the comb! =D
gleeful1 2008/12/20 - 2:31:19
oooh nice! i think you did the folds quite well - they're thin and detailsed. haha very interesting choice of colors for the kimono! green ftw.
chrislagace 2009/1/20 - 16:33:3
hi brit i didnt know you were still around ^^ how have you been? and great pic and use of textures. hit me up on the fb sometime ok?
artanis 2009/1/24 - 2:41:36
sooooo pretty, i love this!!!
i think my favorites are the flowers in her hair and the obi. especially the obi. ^.^
phil 2009/7/19 - 15:31:36
i love it specially the skinny style
dorothyblu 2010/10/13 - 2:17:27
Extremely beautiful work.And I do not blame you for becoming obsessed about Japanese design and art;they are some of the best artists in the world.They designed this software,we use,and it's better than flakey Adobe Illustrator.Really!!Easy to use. Versatile.Tsk. Yes,I wish I could see more Japanese design and art myself,I love it. (these textures you used,loook great.)

Sigh. WHY do we not have the Japanese,all come to America,live here,and help educate us to all their design and art making?All the crafts?It would be worth it,to let them all live here,and come here,cause their country is very tiny and crowded.Maybe they do not want to come here.But there must be "explorers" and "colonists"there.They would be very good people for the country,and make it a lot better.I really do think that.

Yes,I do admire Japanese art and design myself,great picture,Beautiful. :)

(incomplete) (link) Oekaki by diezombiedie, total drawing time 5 : 44 : 26

diezombiedie 2008/11/13 - 20:58:30
I always forget about this board, and it's really a shame as it's filled with amazing artists!

This is my honorary little sister, Charlotte. I used a reference picture, but I don't want to put it on the internet, as she's not my child. xD

C&C is greatly appreciated. And it's still saved on board if you catch any major mistakes. :]
golden 2008/11/14 - 6:19:16
Oh yes you're posting more awesome art!
Her eye is amazing. You've really catched the translucent feeling without losing the depth. And I won't even start on her nose. I love the nose. And the composition is great too.
Critique.. I don't know. Her ear feels a little flat in comparison to the rest of the picture, but that's all I can think of.
diezombiedie 2008/11/15 - 14:17:10
Thank you :]

I worked some more on the ear. I'll probably come back and work on it a bit more.
piffle 2008/11/18 - 21:57:3
I'm in love with her lips and the braid! I have a hard time doing individual strands of hair on oekaki, soooo kudos on the hair, it's gorgeous!
jakusama 2008/11/21 - 19:1:20
Holy crap. I.... have her expression right now. I... wow. Where to begin? Eyes, maybe. Fabulous, beautiful, they look completely real like a photograph, love the lightspot reflection... absolutely stunning. Second, the lips are ridiculously amazing, the color and the shading, the texture... the nose is flawless, the hair strands are so beautiful, the individual textures.... I even love the ear! The overall shading is so smooth and life-like... and her expression is perfect. It's not just that her eyes are wide or her lips are parted, the expression really covers the whole face. Her entire face is reacting, not just parts. The picture is really, really pretty, I'm still in awe... Wow.
izzi-ink 2008/11/26 - 15:3:6
oh, wow, zombie.

it's amazing!
lorelai 2008/12/4 - 10:41:47
dude that's fantastic. i love the lips and the nose and the eyes and EVERYTHING!
gleeful1 2008/12/20 - 2:34:12
her.... LIPS..... *__________________* they look so real at i could lightly poke them.
great picture overall really!
diezombiedie 2008/12/22 - 14:57:11
Thanks everyone. :]
mika 2008/12/22 - 22:50:44
Aw c'mon....no photos!, it's an art-site for gods sake.

ateepee 2009/11/11 - 14:2:47

(2743) (link) Oekaki by golden, total drawing time 2 : 5 : 40

golden 2008/10/17 - 6:20:15
Oh, cellshading. Long time no see, old friend. I would like to work more with cellshading.. too bad oekaki is the only place where I can do it properly.
There should be portable oekakis, really. Just imagine the possibilities.
solcress 2008/10/17 - 10:17:1
beautiful! the perspective and the composition is so eye catching and the colors are just amazing, they just work soo well together - how do you come up with such a nice palette?
jakusama 2008/10/18 - 11:26:51
Love it! It's so complex and yet just a simple subject - one person. But firstly, her body position is rather complex and would be difficult (for me, anyway) at a normal camera angle, and you went and moved the camera, too. I love the loose-ness of her shirt, it looks really comfortable and I want one like that. And I totally am in love with the hair. It's absolutely beautiful. Masterfully executed, dear. <3
angie 2008/10/18 - 18:8:45
ooo, the pose is well done, I love her hair colour and the beautiful highlights <3
artanis 2008/10/21 - 18:21:13
gorgeous!! the colors are really fantastic... i especially love the brown-purple of the shirt. :]
elolinon 2008/10/23 - 13:42:19
Woah, amazing as usual! You and cellshading are one, hahah :) You always come up with such nice colour combinations ( Well, red hair goes with everything, doesn't it? Except for pink shirts xD) Anyway, I like how the red stands out, vivid, from the rest. Blue-ish skin midtone = absolutely gorgerous.

That perspective tend to be difficult, but it looks totally believeable here !
golden 2008/10/24 - 11:4:1
solcress - I think of one color first that I would like to include. Then I randomly pick other colors that might go with it xD
elolinon - Pink shirts and bright yellow shirts looks horrible with redheads. Oh and green is hard to pull off as well, just because red hair and green something else is SO overdone D:
mika 2008/10/25 - 1:5:9
There's not one bit of this pic I could fault, it oozes excellence by the bucket load, refreshingly cool!
artanis 2008/10/28 - 9:38:51
side note, if there was portable oekaki, all my teachers would observe a distinct shift in my seating to the very back of the class... :D
piffle 2008/11/18 - 21:58:40
I wish my hair was that color, it's beautiful!
The only thing i don't really understand is the 2 separate light sources.. one in front, and one behind her. maybe I'm just crazy, though :D
lorelai 2008/12/4 - 10:42:4
squeeeee i've always loved the way you color!!
senobdec 2008/12/8 - 18:42:41
Hot damn... that's really awesome. :D.
gleeful1 2008/12/20 - 2:36:12
dang. the ANGLE is what really impresses me. you should be reallllllllly proud of this pture. fabulousss ^.^

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