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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(182) (link) Oekaki by kelli, total drawing time 2 : 10 : 4

kelli 2004/5/11 - 17:30:56
This is for Jellybean. I hope ya like it.
coleslaw 2004/5/11 - 20:26:51
it's beautiful!! they look furry because of the colors you used. it's wondeful! :)
jellybean 2004/5/12 - 0:47:48
OMG! THANK YOU! WOW! yay! i love it! *saves* waow. so pwettyfull. I love it!!!! So pretty! YAY! thank you!
jellybean 2004/5/12 - 0:49:21
geez im so redundant when im happy...
kaira 2004/5/12 - 2:59:55
Wow... they look so real... *tries to eat one* ...unfortunately, they aren't -_- But I wish they were!!! The peach (one of them is a peach, right?) looks nice and soft... They all look nice and soft... ^_^ Good colors. Nice pic. ^_^
kelli 2004/5/12 - 7:10:48
I'm glad you all like it. And yes the one at the far right is a peach. I was afraid that people wouldn't be able to tell that it was, but apparently you can, so I'm glad..... ^_^
mitsu 2004/5/13 - 17:46:12
Foooood! *bites screen* The muted colors are very pretty and soothing... :)
toasterfrog67 2004/5/13 - 18:30:17
Wow. what else is there to say? You've got a real gift for fruits.

(179) (link) Oekaki by rikanu_chan, total drawing time 1 : 17 : 7

rikanu_chan 2004/5/1 - 11:36:58
This is fer Ri-su. A few days ago, I found a picture in the "Test Room", and it caught my attention. I thought it was so cute and purdy, so I decided to re-draw that person. So here it is! :D I hope j00 like, Ri-su!
draco_plato 2004/5/1 - 14:2:17
That's so cool!
frosty_glow 2004/5/3 - 22:43:0
wow, this is really nice, i love it!
coleslaw 2004/5/6 - 15:2:8
so pretty, i love it! <3 great eyes and awesome body!!
ri-su 2004/5/8 - 0:12:42
aaaw thankyou!!! that is so so so cool!
is it the girl with the world? i love it, its so cool, and i love the highlights and shading and i love everything about it. ^^ thankyou
ri-su 2004/5/8 - 0:16:41
erk. sorri i took so long to see this. i just havent been in this section of the site --_--
rikanu_chan 2004/5/8 - 15:26:2
Aww, s'okay! Yes, this is the girl with the world. I thought it was so cute, I had to draw. I'm glad that you like it. :D
jellybean 2004/5/9 - 23:23:23
wow! i found the pic ri-su made and saw yours! its like artanis' take on jasmine! same thing, two different styles! what a concept...

*stares* May 1st? wow...this room is sloow.
coleslaw 2004/5/11 - 20:26:23
i can't find that picture.. i dont know where it is :O
jellybean 2004/5/12 - 0:48:7
go to search in test room

coleslaw 2004/5/14 - 19:58:54
i did, i don't see it. could you link to it maybe?

(177) (link) Oekaki by rakiru, total drawing time 2 : 46 : 50

rakiru 2004/4/29 - 1:46:43
^^ Hammie loves Mao too. WHOOT (WHOAT)!! o.o PHatness...and PHlabbyness just loves Mao. ^-^ So does Bennyyy. Anyway, t'is for you!!
mao 2004/4/29 - 1:50:32
WAAAAHHHHHH. OMG. BEST. OEKAKI. EVEEEEER. XD thank you SOOOO much, hammie!! <333 i love you to deeeeeeeath!! *squishes ben* i'll draw you your concubines soon, i promise. XD
laurie-kay 2004/4/30 - 18:36:34
O___O amazing...just...amazing...I want a hoodie like that...
pie 2004/5/1 - 12:26:0
The cat luffs him <3 Nice job on the hands, I can never draw hands.
coleslaw 2004/5/3 - 18:40:2
OMFG. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SO GOOD?!?! your art is always perfect. WHYYYY!!!!!!? this is way too cool. go away, ok?? no, don't go away. i love your art, though, seriously! :eyes fall out of head:

(176) (link) Oekaki by tick, total drawing time 0 : 56 : 26

tick 2004/4/25 - 18:23:47
For Fifithepirate.
Tick with Merky.Tick is really human(no,vampire) but shapeshifts often into a Liat(pronounced "Lat").Sooo she's chillin' on a rock and decides to freak him out somewhat.
..It's not every day a huge gray animal starts hitting on you,y'know.

(I'm sorry it looks like a lump of potatoes.)
fifithepirate 2004/4/25 - 20:49:30
*clings to picture* hahaha, WOOOOH this is AWESOME! I AM AWED! @.@ *stares in awe* crud, you draw him better than i do. *fist shakey*
oh you KNOW he wants her. you can see it in his.. ..eye.
haha, this is sweeet. im in love. i shall marry it *puts arm around picture*
hehe, we should RP them fer shizzle sometime. they can hijack icecream trucks.

i loff yooh, mee ticky :3
tick 2004/4/25 - 21:21:39
I mailed you via devart.
HOW freaky is it that they both just happen to be shapeshifters and stuff?
(I'm working on another picture,but I'll email it to you,since it's not on oekaki...)
kiwi 2004/5/7 - 18:41:13
geez, whenever I see this I start to giggle! *hehehehehehe* I love his expression! and the idea is just ...so...*gigglegiggle* wai, I wish I could think up funny stuff like this...very cute indeed X)

(moved) (link) Oekaki by cherber, total drawing time 0 : 40 : 53

cherber 2004/4/23 - 6:31:49
Those rather obscene looking fuzzy things are meant to be kiwi fruit. A kiwi fruit laying chicken is looking at the "fruit" of her labour.... For Naty, who put this image in my head.
cherber 2004/4/23 - 6:32:26
Whoa! Sorry, can someone move this to the gift room please?
skee 2004/4/23 - 10:11:11
OMG that chiken is awsome!!!!!!!!!*chick chick chick* i raise chickens that is so awsome!
nakisa 2004/4/23 - 11:34:33
Gift room 'kakis are ment to be 45mins long, so this is in the right room already ^-^ I love the colouring! ^^
jellybean 2004/4/23 - 23:1:51
how was it moved back?
happywaterbottle 2004/4/23 - 23:48:29
by magic 'o'
haaa me tired... never mind me ^^'
nakisa 2004/4/24 - 8:53:23
Hmmm... Another mod must have moved it >.<;
I was going to leave it what with it being in the right room in the first place... but never mind, eh? There's no point me moving it, tis disrespectful to 'throw' peoples work around (in my opinion). But I still love the colouring on this ^-^
naty 2004/4/25 - 15:50:51
O MY GOOSH! XD I love it! Thank you! This is better than i imagined! :D Awesome coloring and the kiwis rock! *hugs* *saves* :)) Heart the chicken! <3
kiwi 2004/5/7 - 18:43:7
wah!!! my kiwis!! lol, I love the chicken! It's so cute, I wanna pick it up and cuddle it and avoid being pecked in the eye by it ^_^; I love how you made the featherie texture on it's wings, and the funny pink things on it's head and under it's beak are...funny and pink! I love the shading and colours too ^_^ aw... cute chicken...

(174) (link) Oekaki by korn_girl, total drawing time 0 : 45 : 23

korn_girl 2004/4/18 - 2:31:49
TO: Sara
From: Me!
hope you likes it!!! we miss you up there!!! :P
no_one_loves_me 2004/4/18 - 2:36:12
*sobs* STOP REMINDNG ME OF MY MISERY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Anyway....Sara likes a lot! Thank you!!! ^_^ Sara needs to get a shirt thing or dress thing whatever that thing is like that...sara likes the happy thingy thing thing somthing I don't know what I'm talking about :[......
no_one_loves_me 2004/4/18 - 2:42:28
Hey ya know we have the same number of comments so I'm posting this extra one so I can have 1 more then you! HA! Well this won't last due to the fact that you're here more then I am lol

(173) (link) Oekaki by syzygy, total drawing time 1 : 14 : 42

syzygy 2004/4/15 - 3:1:33
I know its not very good, buts its for Bunny (animation!) and I know you get it XD I used layers for the first time! wai!
pie 2004/4/16 - 13:59:41
I just realized the background is a tennis ball! At least, I think it is ^^; Thats neat! It actually looks like she's trying to hit the ball, and not just holding a racket, so I like it.
jakusama 2004/5/7 - 21:29:27
;.; *sniffle* I want one. IM THE DERN ONE THAT PLAYS TENNIS!! -.- Does Bunny play tennis? If so, my apologies, I did not know that. Excellent work, love.
syzygy 2004/5/7 - 21:36:22
lolol... We got together one Saturday to play.. it wasnt that good, but you know.. ^^;; I need to find me a sport that will get me in shape.

(172) (link) Oekaki by saturnraven, total drawing time 2 : 58 : 47

saturnraven 2004/4/14 - 22:19:55
I like everything except for the way Kit turned out..(the guy). Well, heres for Loggy and Matt ^^
syzygy 2004/4/14 - 22:23:47
I love it!
Let me repeat! I love it!!! XD Youre so talented! I love it! I love it!!!! I cant say it enough! XDXDXD I love it!!! *explode*
kougra_girl 2004/4/14 - 23:46:28
awww thats so cute!! very nice! the guy turned out fine! i like how each is in a different postion; front, side, and 3-quarter view! lol. i like the eyes and nice job on the clothes ^.^ the bg is neat too!

(171) (link) Oekaki by skee, total drawing time 0 : 57 : 53

skee 2004/4/13 - 23:1:4
There^_^ Demo-Demo these are for you!!!Now i cant wait for Kakashi!!! lol like it says i didnt knwo what disinge u wanted to si drew 3 types!!!! Let me know if you want anthing else!
demo-demo 2004/4/15 - 11:28:0
ah, yes dude, score!! i could so work with this. <3 thank you so much, i have a reason to go to homecoming next year now!! :D

i shall draw you your gift over the weekend. :D and it shall be bee-yoo-tee-ful
skee 2004/4/15 - 22:58:43
HEHE im happy! i cant wait! hehe i just got done beatin up my sister SHE STARTED IT!
rikanu_chan 2004/4/16 - 14:19:35
Aww! Those are so cuuute! I like teh first one..Its so pretty. n_n

(170) (link) Oekaki by laurie-kay, total drawing time 6 : 10 : 30

laurie-kay 2004/4/11 - 1:28:8
For Allison!!! Happy 15th birthday! I'm giving you my favourite character from INVU, Siho Lee. He's yours, do what you want with him, just don't torture him too much -^^-

I've been trying to finish this since Wednesday x_x but the program kept messing up. So here it is, finally finished. Hope you enjoy ^.^ C&C welcome!
shleigh 2004/4/11 - 2:5:37
O.O oooooh...baby.....too bad he's owned *walks off to pout*
midnighttailmon 2004/4/12 - 7:23:38
Ufufu. >3 Thank you. Thank you -very- much. *grabs him and runs off cackling maniacally*

(169) (link) Oekaki by blue_berry, total drawing time 1 : 2 : 5

blue_berry 2004/4/6 - 16:15:35
Timer is off, i had to eat dinner.I worked hard on this pic. And this pic is to Blue_berrry_ even though u stoled my name,ur a good friend! C&C r always welcome!
blue_berry 2004/4/6 - 16:23:28
i forgot 2 say that in my history class,we r learning about this group of people and their motto is " keep the peace not the police!" so i just had to draw a pic of it!
kougra_girl 2004/4/6 - 21:49:48
thats so cute!! i luv the hair and bg! very nice! nice job on the hair too! ^.^

(166) (link) Oekaki by milkshake, total drawing time 1 : 58 : 17

milkshake 2004/4/3 - 12:47:15
one 'evil spork master elf' as requested. okay, so it doesn't really look like an elf, but the hood is covering it's ears ^^;;
applesauce 2004/4/3 - 13:14:39
OMG IT'S SO GOOD! YAY! THANKS! I forgot all about this! OMG *saves* Now I will draw you a picture ^_____^
eldaoquelleelda 2005/7/25 - 20:34:5
-giggles- Spork master! I saw the sporks before I read the comment and wondered if you were going nuts...I like it..a lot!

(165) (link) Oekaki by coffee-bean, total drawing time 2 : 41 : 46

coffee-bean 2004/4/2 - 15:50:49
For Milkshake ^^

Sorry it took so long :P
milkshake 2004/4/2 - 15:54:13
geeeeee, thankies. I want hair like that!
Omg, there's a top hat *dances*

(164) (link) Oekaki by saffira, total drawing time 2 : 12 : 29

saffira 2004/3/27 - 22:2:59
An avatar art for Gaia ^_^
kodocha 2004/3/28 - 9:10:36
Gaia=love! I draw avatars too!
happywaterbottle 2004/3/28 - 15:3:30
Rawr! ^^' hehe, nice pic! i like the shading and the little duck slippers lol!
kougra_girl 2004/3/28 - 15:54:25
meeeoow! foxy guy! XD i luv his tail and his ears and his goggle things. and his gloves! ooh he looks so sweet!
coleslaw 2004/3/31 - 18:24:44
awesome, duck slippers! cool! great shading, awesome job! :)
yuki 2004/4/6 - 1:20:41
Cool! I draw gaia avatars too! ^^ what's ur username?
hijiri_sho 2004/4/10 - 9:57:54
*paws at the chickie slippers*...*thinks*
*paws at the guy*

(163) (link) Oekaki by mika-kun, total drawing time 1 : 38 : 37

mika-kun 2004/3/27 - 13:7:16
Inspired by, and for, Embo!
happywaterbottle 2004/3/27 - 18:38:54
Aah... Oooh... Soo nice... reflexion...*faints*
hanna 2004/3/27 - 20:4:22
WOW mika-kakaka! that's really awesome! Love the reflection effect and the kind of space-y ness of it =P
embo 2004/3/28 - 11:11:45
OH MY GOD! when in the hell did i inspire THAT?? it looks absolutely amazng O____________O jezeus its so beautiful and i love it so much and now i want to cry because im never gonna be able to make something equally as beautiful for you.


thank you.
coleslaw 2004/3/31 - 18:23:58
this is truly awesome. perfect reflection, perfect light spot stuff, perfect earth. i love how you drew clouds and wind patterns, and you perhaps got a little correolus (yes, i know, spelled horribly wrong) effect going on XD awesome!! i really really love it, it's awesomely creative! grat hair, too :D
padalyn 2004/4/7 - 20:57:45
...wow *stunnedness*
kiwi 2004/4/9 - 19:52:23
woah! super reflection earthieness effect! Mucho coolness on this pic! I lov how her face is in the shadows like that, and her relfection looks awesome! coolness!

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