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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(9942) (link) Oekaki by jennybets, total drawing time 2 : 31 : 35

jennybets 2008/9/13 - 16:7:0
more practice for me with hair and skin...
blumeaniandglove 2008/9/13 - 22:4:19
pretty :)
I wish my hair did that.
she looks angry though.

artanis 2008/9/13 - 23:29:24
definitely very pretty, i love how wild her hair is, and her lips
jakusama 2008/9/14 - 17:3:20
Wow! I love the skin shading, and the hair is to die for. I love the billowy-ness of it, and the detail to hair strands is really neat. I'm always a big fan of the eyes, so naturally, I like those too. And the blush and the lips. I like the whole dang thing! :D
jennybets 2008/9/14 - 19:58:9
wow. thanks for the awesome comments!!
mika 2008/9/17 - 8:42:42
Great style and wild wild hair....luv it!
elolinon 2008/9/22 - 5:36:20
I like how her hair is all... wirly! :)
p_b 2008/9/30 - 22:44:49
whoa she had awesome hair
:( I always wanted curly hair

(9941) (link) Oekaki by artanis, total drawing time 1 : 1 : 51

artanis 2008/9/11 - 17:56:31
you'd laugh
if i told you my dream
artanis 2008/9/11 - 18:14:41
and i don't understand
where any of this comes from
i feel like i'm holding my head
dreaming you to let me go
and i don't understand
why i'm not going under
i want you to hold my hand
and not let go
i just want to be inside
for once not looking out
close my eyes
in the middle of the night
and know what it's all about\\
blumeaniandglove 2008/9/13 - 15:38:56
this is gorgeous.

i love those eyes
jennybets 2008/9/14 - 19:59:37
This is so cool. I love that little smile and the swinging necklace/crystal? She actually reminds me of a good friend I had in high school. Looked a lot like her!
artanis 2008/9/15 - 8:43:54
yeah, it's a glass crescent moon inside a silver circle. this picture is chock full of hidden symbolism :] and thanks <3
golden 2008/9/15 - 11:50:25
Definitely lovely :) I love the simpleness.
jakusama 2008/9/16 - 13:59:24
I love the softness of this. The eyes are amazing, and I love the way the picture's set up; where everything is in the image. The white background adds to it. And I'm just plain jealous of your ability to draw eyes, honestly. So pretty...
mika 2008/9/17 - 8:36:2
As a fan of monochromatic art I should like this.......

And I do!

Gorgeous art, gorgeous girl.....what more could you ask for?....:)
artanis 2008/9/22 - 22:30:22
thanks <3
p_b 2008/9/30 - 22:46:43
Aww she's so cute :) I really like your realistic but still cartoony kind of style it's always been some of my favorite stuff to look at
embo 2008/11/15 - 6:40:36
cute face, awesome shading

(9940) (link) Oekaki by jennybets, total drawing time 0 : 44 : 48

jennybets 2008/9/6 - 12:5:46
I hadn't drawn in so long, and I really wanted to, but couldn't get inspired. I drew this from my daughter's placemat because it was sitting right here in front of me. Got the ol' drawing juices flowin so I'm happy!
artanis 2008/9/11 - 17:57:13
very cute!! :)
jakusama 2008/9/16 - 14:0:2
Haha! Nice! That looks really good. Like, maybe if you draw for the show or something. Nice job!

(9939) (link) Oekaki by russianruler, total drawing time 0 : 9 : 44

russianruler 2008/9/4 - 17:23:5
an anime portrait of my friend tops my record of 10:15 and actualy looks like my friend hes a death metal guitarist
russianruler 2008/9/4 - 17:23:34
ahhh plz mov wrong bord suposed to be in sketches srry!
artanis 2008/9/11 - 17:59:15
neat, i really like the guitar
jakusama 2008/9/16 - 14:1:47
Woo! This is kind of a neat effect. I love the sketchiness of it, and the way the color sort of bleeds out. It's rather neat.
russianruler 2008/9/17 - 12:11:25

(9938) (link) Oekaki by russianruler, total drawing time 0 : 49 : 3

russianruler 2008/9/4 - 17:8:5
Paul Bunyan..Caricature, well i wanted to Finnish him but i got to lazy, ill put this on this bord because im not familiar with any other Bord, like pics like this where r they supposed to go,

for wonderful tuts and tutorials visit my page ivanspic.ucoz.com !!!!!
artanis 2008/9/13 - 9:18:33
hehe, this is kinda weird. i love the lower half of him, it looks like he's a merry dancing skeleton, lol.
jakusama 2008/9/16 - 14:3:35
Wow! I love the glowing effect. It's rather bizarre, but it's kind of appealing in that way. The skeleton at the bottom adds an interesting contrast texture to the shading on the face. Spiffy!
russianruler 2008/9/17 - 12:11:12

(9937) (link) Oekaki by jakusama, total drawing time 4 : 42 : 35

jakusama 2008/9/3 - 23:16:33
Grr. Lost my oekaki. It just... blip. I hit submit right as my laptop decided to disconnect from the internet. Completely gone. Gah.

This was going to be a quicky, but then I found something very therapuetic in drawing a very angry angel foxie. (My persona) And now I feel better.
artanis 2008/9/11 - 18:0:1
aw, that sucks. soo frustrating. cute fox ears :)

(9936) (link) Oekaki by elolinon, total drawing time 0 : 44 : 49

elolinon 2008/9/2 - 9:20:5
As usual, LONG TIME since last one! I did this one to show everyone that I'm alive*. I've just got a great lot of things to do that are not oekaki. I just realised, as all other times I've done oekaki after a long pause, that nothing really beats it! Waterbrush tool drool ... I don't know whether it's nostalgy or something else, but i often drop in here just to see how everyone's doing. I will do for a long time forward, too. I want to dedicate this picture to my partner in crime/oekaki golden who I suspect suffer from something similar to what I've been blabbering about. xP Good oekakeing, folks!

*breathing, all happy and shiny! :D
elolinon 2008/9/2 - 9:26:30

Why are there only bad hair days? And my spelling is getting worse xD REALIZE. Phew. That's it. No worries.
jakusama 2008/9/2 - 21:6:1
haha! I love it! I love the texture of the hair and I love the definition of the skin and facial contours. Beautiful, as is all your work, and I love the expression and the words. It's true! Where are the good hair days? :p
golden 2008/9/3 - 9:0:17
xD Thank you. At least it's drawing that makes you too busy for drawing, me on the other hand... Let's just say my motivation has dropped below zero long time ago.
This is definitely good hair day! It's nice to see a drawing from you again ^^ And I agree, watercolor tool = <3
elolinon 2008/9/3 - 12:53:13
Yeah, that's one good thing. I try to keep the balance, it would be the horror if I lost motivation, because it feels like drawing is all I've got... I hope you get your motivation back sometime! :) Gather inspiration from the world around you *wise* I've not yet found a tool in any other software that can match the awesomeness of the water brush! : D Guess I'll have to stick with oekaki for a while...
golden 2008/9/10 - 12:47:25
Oh, it's not that I don't get inspiration.. I just never find time to do anything with it, thanks to The-place-which-must-not-be-named. It all just ends up in the margins of my notebooks, or other people's books for that matter. I guess it's better than nothing xD
lorelai 2008/9/11 - 14:12:24
::chews on the wonderfulness of the picture
artanis 2008/9/11 - 18:0:42
elolinon 2008/9/17 - 0:21:44
Haha thanks ^^ Yeah, that's absolutely better than nothing! And everyone gets some nice scribbling in their notebooks, too xD I tend to fill mine with drawings before they're filled with text...
mika 2008/9/17 - 8:40:10
This pic is just awesome on soooo many levels........but my god!...that hair is the awesomest awesome of them all :D

(9935) (link) Oekaki by starrbroken, total drawing time 0 : 23 : 4

starrbroken 2008/9/1 - 17:20:56
gawd that was hard. done with my laptop touchpad.. and my very sore finger.
jakusama 2008/9/2 - 21:6:51
That's... awesome for a touchpad. I'm sorry about your finger, but I love the highlighting in the hair, and I'm just impressed it was a touchpad. I dig the sketchiness of it, too.
artanis 2008/9/11 - 18:1:28
supercute, i love the colors. that really is amazing with a touchpad. i can hardly make letters.

(9934) (link) Oekaki by jakusama, total drawing time 2 : 57 : 17

jakusama 2008/8/26 - 22:39:55
Accretion Disk

I had way too much fun with the hair.
izzi-ink 2008/8/30 - 20:17:50
the background is extremely creative,
and the movement of the hair is amazing :)
russianruler 2008/9/4 - 17:10:10
whoop!!! shiny i like it like the halo too and the background but u need to work on ur proportions
there is a tutorial that will help u on my web page www.ivanspic.ucoz.com it will be in the tutorial section under the green category labeled proportions kk
artanis 2008/9/11 - 18:2:23
this is gorgeous :)
i love the feeling of movement, swirling...

(9933) (link) Oekaki by izzi-ink, total drawing time 2 : 11 : 51

izzi-ink 2008/8/26 - 13:52:47
first post here :D
i hope he (yes, HE) is up to standards.
if not, maybe move...?

c&&c is welcome, of course^^
jakusama 2008/8/28 - 21:44:59
Welcome! This looks great! I like the expression, and the background is absolutely gorgeous.

If you want some tips I would make his hair a little more dynamic. Add some soft, thin lines through it, like with the airbrush, to show how it flows. Maybe use a little more shading. Also, even in anime eyes, the part around the eye is white, not skin-colored, so you might want to not make that skin colored. Your anatomy is remarkable (I can't ever draw men) I would like to see some more dyamic shading; sharper contrasts, more wrinkles, but that's my preference. Overall, it's quite a lovely piece of work. You have a knack for smooth lines, which is quite nice.
izzi-ink 2008/8/30 - 19:24:33
thanks, jakusama^^

lol, i've been trying to practice on the hair and shading, since those are the things i feel i need to work on the most, too :)
anyway, thanks again for the kind critique^^
artanis 2008/9/11 - 18:5:43
such pretty colors :)
you have lovely shading, don't be afraid to make it darker!

(9932) (link) Oekaki by kuroi, total drawing time 0 : 11 : 43

kuroi 2008/8/20 - 1:31:37
I am soooooo happy!! My MacBook didn't work with my Wacom and today I found the driver to resolve this problem and IT WORKS!!! I just had to test it immediately ^__^
Silly me ;-)
golden 2008/8/27 - 8:33:27
Haha aw that's the cutest thing ever.
A Macbook and a Wacom? Man, I'm envious :(
jakusama 2008/8/28 - 21:45:34
Awwww! I can relate to that. My tablet PC has been crashing a lot lately. Maybe it's fixed. Very cute picture!!
lorelai 2008/9/11 - 14:12:40
i love the joy radiating from the face :) <3
artanis 2008/9/11 - 18:6:17
hehehe, sooooo cute x3

(9931) (link) Oekaki by kaypiob, total drawing time 7 : 0 : 36

kaypiob 2008/8/14 - 22:33:53
Way tired of looking at this, so I give up!
jakusama 2008/8/28 - 21:48:26
Haha. I think this is neat. Sometimes I feel like I'm one of those sometimes.
artanis 2008/9/11 - 18:7:2
wow, that's awesome. i love how evenly spaced it all is. you are a perspective master. :3

(9930) (link) Oekaki by ellinora2, total drawing time 0 : 24 : 10

ellinora2 2008/8/14 - 14:43:33
Ok... its an Angel drawing spunch-bob ^^ enjoy feel free to C.C !!!!!!!(!mouse drawer!)!!!!!!!
blumeaniandglove 2008/8/14 - 23:53:24
I also have only a mouse to draw with.
I feel your pain (but i haven't known anything different, so it's okay.)

It looks good.
I wish there were more color though.

jakusama 2008/8/28 - 21:48:53
Aww, she's cute. I really like the sketchiness of it. :)
artanis 2008/9/11 - 18:7:46
very sweet :)
i would love some more colors too!

(9929) (link) Oekaki by jakusama, total drawing time 5 : 4 : 29

jakusama 2008/8/13 - 21:25:7
Meh. Didn't turn out quite like I wanted.
Her name is Destiny. "Look for the girl with the moon in her hair and the stars in her eyes. You can't miss her."
Ah well. I kind of gave up on this. Crits are welcome. (Especially the nose. I hate her facial structure, but I didn't know how to fix it.)
ellinora2 2008/8/14 - 14:52:31
Her eyes are up too high and everything above the mouth should be pressed forward do u see my point? ok sorry for the crits i love the colors, i almost never colour my oekakis :P anywho keep it up and someday u will succeed !! yey (^.-) hope to see u soon ! Kisses! (sorry for the bad spelling) :P
kokiriesper 2008/8/14 - 19:20:46
The composition is pretty cool, it looks like something out of manga. The colors are nice too. And the legs are really good. As for crits, when you draw a head, the eyes are supposed to be equidistant from the top to the bottom of the head. And if you want more facial structure, try to not have her hair stick to her face. Hope it helps. Keep it up!
artanis 2008/9/11 - 18:10:30
first of all, this is gorgeous. i want her dress so, so bad!!! and her little expression on the right is very sweet. but oh my god, noses drive me crazy!! they're so tricky to draw. i think hers might be a little bit long (i aaaalways draw noses too long), but her facial structure looks great otherwise. :)

(9928) (link) Oekaki by purrdy, total drawing time 1 : 3 : 1

purrdy 2008/8/13 - 18:14:47
Random blue haired girl. =D
jakusama 2008/8/13 - 20:49:14
SCAR! No, wait, nevermind. I love the eyes and the hair, your shading is always so smooth and soft and flawless, and your lineart, I love the way it tapers off, like pen strokes. Anyway, enough of my rambling; I dig the lighting - the weird little blue fuzzies... whatever they are. They're awesome.
lorelai 2008/9/11 - 14:13:4
i dig that hair!
artanis 2008/9/11 - 18:11:8
very pretty, looks like underwater...

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